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  1. why?
  2. Any of the Bourbon County variants in particular are what I'm looking for. My friend especially needs Backyard Rye (also Cherry and Bramble, but those are OoP) to complete his entire collection of variants. That should be ballin'. He makes INCREDIBLE homebrew (seriously, better than anything you can buy in a store/online IMO) and has a solid cellar. And loves to trade. Just let me know! Much appreciated. In other news...a very generous pal brought me some Cantillon Rose de Gambrinus (750ml) and a Prairie BOMB! last night. Stoked about those. We had a pretty sweet tasting, consisting of a homebrewed coconut porter (second to none, most developed coconut flavor I've had in any beer, coconut flakes at bottling), a homebrewed imperial vanilla oatmeal milk stout, Almanac Heirloom Pumpkin Baleywine (HOLY), North Coast Class of '88, Lost Abbey Deliverance, Hardywood BARREL AGED GBS (....DAMN), Terrapin/BFM Barley Ryne 2011, and a New Holland Night Tripper 2013. Much fun.
  3. Do any beer nerds still post here? I wanna trade/buy some stuff. Looking for Bourbon County variants, in particular. I know Jason had easy access for a while...I know someone looking for Backyard and Cherry Rye, to have the entire set. I'm always looking for pretty much anything cool. If anyone wants to send me a list, please do.
  4. hey could you repost the music video of that "hard rock" band you put up maybe a couple of years back the one where the breakdown is like REALITY IS REAALLLL that shit was fucking crucial
  5. i beamed with pride when i saw mention of flabjacks AND the car crash i then realized that i am a gaylord
  6. Gonna be really disappointed if no one gets down with this.
  7. Unfortunately only one EP ever got released, but it's cool. No Drum and Bass in the Jazz Room: That file also contains an S/T EP from another group called Clever Girl, out of the US. They're pretty cool, too. The person who posted it was obviously confused.
  8. andrew said earthless. dig. and so i watch you from afar - all hail bright futures was great. snarky puppy - family dinner vol. 1 is instant legendary status and a dvd every musician/music lover should see touche amore, yes. deafheaven, russian circles. yeah. sargent house love. thank you scientist - maps of non-existent places is an awesome album, though the coheed-ish singer took a sec to dig jon gomm - secrets nobody keeps is a brilliant album. passionflower is beautiful. ttng - is also terrific if the new owls album (yes, they've done another) made it out, that'd be on here for sure. new QOTSA...fuck yeah. of course. colin stetson - new history warfare vol. 3: to see more light...not much i can say about this guy except that he is an absolute master of his instrument and composes some of the most beautiful pieces through an unorthodox approach. everyone should know this dude. mylets - retcon dude is awesome consider the source - fuck it! we'll do it love volume 2 awesome live album, insanely talented band rubblebucket is fucking rad, so they deserve a mention. save charlie was great, though an EP. chelsea wolfe - pain is beauty daft punk - random access memories is a fucking tremendous album, i'll say it for everyone terrified of the bandwagon i know i've missed lots, but it's fucking late and i'm tired.
  9. Dat bass clarinet. Dem vocal overtones. Dat Greek chick doing a samba/bossa tune in French. Don't say I never did anything for you.
  11. still on the cutting edge, i see.
  12. I knew what you meant. I was just being a cunt.
  13. There is no title track on Infinity. lols. I dug that album. We can pretend Listing isn't a thing. OMNI is fun, too. But again, some songs are not my faves.