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  1. One last thought. You guys are super over the moon queer about acoustic guitars. It's a great instrument, but I don't think I remember Sparks ever using one. Get over your SufJAN Tweebvins BS!!! And, if you want to hear acoustic guitars at least pop on Tommy or something. Singer songwriter/singer songwriter. There's enough John Gayer to go around for everyone. Good Nite and GOD BLESS!!!!!
  2. I"M BORED by the BOREDS. I Bid you a farewell. Good luck in all your endeavors.
  3. Um. I'm somebody who makes a lot more money than you do and by writing classic songs 7 days a week. 52 weeks a year. I need not prove my elite credibility. My platinum card in my back pocket has my name on it. Hourglass sounds like a 2 Pac track, yo. Not Cyndie Lauper. But, I wish it did. Ruffled feathers are the best kind. I love stuffing em' into my pillow before bed to then rest my head upon my puffy monstrosity for a sound sleep.
  4. To all the children posting on this message board about B L O C K S, 1. Who ever said that old song "Time After Time" is a jackass. It's actually Cindy Lauper's biggest hit ever and one of the most classic songs ever written. Learn something. 2. I don't think the singer is selling out by any means. If anything this production and song writing is some of the most classic stuff I've heard out of this guy. 3. I don't know what you people listen to, but it would seem to me that you don't listen to very much. It seems as if you put your ears in a wooden box and locked it up. All you're hearing are wood vibrations. 4. I'm not some kind of pop guy who digs Blocks for the wrong reason. FYI This need not apply to the seemingly intelligent people on this thread, but to the obviously uneducated, you know who you are and you know nothing. I'll bet my left pinky toe and right thumb that I know more and have more a seasoned tongue to the tastes of all music than you ever will. Sorry if that "time after time song" ha isn't your cup. Perhaps, you could pop on Suicide's self title record, maybe Bitches Brew, perhaps 36 Chambers, Johnny Thunders?, wait I know Mozart. Nah, I think you might prefer Peter Gabriel, perhaps Jesus And Mary Chain, maybe Exile on Mainstreet by the Rolling Stones. No, you'd probably prefer White Light White Heat by the Velvs or Fleetwood Mac's Tusk. Actually, you probably wouldn't because your stuck to far up some other shitty bands speaker noise ass to recognize a good artist or song for that matter when you hear one. You should check out the new Die Antwoord Record that came out today, it's right up your alley. By the way, I LOVE B E Y O N C E. B LO C K S....great song, great sound, great writing. You can't deny something that is just good. It need not be compared to it's predecessors for Hourglass has it's own place in time like all other greats songs do. THANK YOU!!!! 4. Game Over. I hear Boy Sets Fire might be re uniting. GO get your tix.