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  1. What are your guys thought on "settling" for someone who is not everything you want in a significant other, versus waiting for the "perfect" person? For example, I dont want to date someone who smokes....Say I meet a guy with all of the qualities I want in a man, but he smokes. Do I settle for this person, or continue searching for someone who doesnt? This isnt exactly a situation I am in, but lately Im wondering if Im being too picky, or should hold out for what I think I deserve. Just curious on other peoples thoughts about this kind of thing.
  2. Speedyy06
  3. Definitely just be straight forward and ask her to go for drinks or something. And over text is fine.
  4. Not hungover on a Sunday? What IS this strange feeling....
  5. Speaking of puppy mills....One of my dogs was rescued from a puppy mill before we adopted her from the SPCA. So she was one of the mother dogs there, and lived a terrible terrible life, just kept alive to keep having babies. You could hardley even touch her when we first got her because she was so afraid of everything, and shes come a LONG way in the 4 or 5 years we've owned her but shes still messed up, and scared of a lot of things. Her nails still grow upwards due to living in a wire crate that forced them to start growing up like that. So sad. I cant even begin to imagine how people can treat animals like that.
  6. ^What he said. Plus a recue dog will probably have all its shots and things up to date, and that shit is expensive in a new puppy. And puppies are a LOT of work.
  7. I do janitorial work at a sawmill and it suites me just great. Go to work basically anytime I want in the evenings, and clean lunchrooms, offices, bathrooms, ect. Also do house cleaning on the side which is good money. Only problem is, im only part time. Im thinking a 9-5 desk job might be better for me money wise, but I enjoy cleaning and at least its a bit of excersise.
  8. Hello!
  9. Definitely montages of people falling. 100%. Also, dogs with their heads out the window, I get a laugh everytime I see this, even though I see it a lot.
  10. I would have hooked up with Phil if he still had his moustache, but, since he doesn't, no dice....
  11. I will do all of the above. See ya tomorrow Phil!!
  12. I get to hang out with Phil on Wednesday. BE JEALOUS!!!!
  13. Definitely car. Rent is like throwing money away, especially if you have somewhere else to live. A car is a great investment.
  14. I feel like I havent slept in a week. Its 2pm, and I havent even gotten out of bed yet. I would marry whoever feels like bringing me a food delivery right now...
  15. A lot of shit I didnt need to be reminded of....Hahahaha. But seriously, so much old funny stuff.