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  1. i thought my bike had been stolen (turns out someone had just picked it up and chucked it into a nearby bush; my friend found it the next day) so i had started researching for a new one. now i want one anyway, but it's just not justifiable. damn.
  2. i started it on normal circle needles, no magic loop, then switched to dpns when i got to the top of the hat and the circular cable was stretching the stitches out too much. knitting hats on circulars is nice because you don't have to purl anything to get stockinette. it's not as hard as it seems!

  3. Wow go you!!! Dropping stitches is one of my worst knitting fears, because I'm oblivious enough to not notice. I still need to learn how to knit hats, I can only crochet them, and knit hats are so pretty! Do you use dpns or the magic loop method? I tried magic loop but got frustrated. Just got some dpns from my Grandma though, so that's the next thing to try!

  4. alex is on fire. lol.
  5. oh my god, i have to share this with someone and you're the only other knitter i know.

    i'm making a hat for my best friend out of solid black yarn and, after realizing it was going to be too short, i had to frog 8 ROWS of stitches. and somehow i managed not to drop a single one! i don't think i breathed the entire time haha. YAAY for small victories!

    hope you'r...

  6. oh very nice! i haven't been knitting much lately either, but i plan on making a few hats while i'm home for winter break. hopefully i won't mess things up too badly

  7. yep, that's the right place :) to give rep, look at the bottom right of a post and hit either the plus or the minus.

    i've been well, not knitting as much as i've wanted to lately, but i just started my first shawl! we'll see how it goes. i've already had to frog more stitches than i care to admit, so i don't know if i'm off to a good start hahaha....

  8. i'm still trying to figure out the whole new boreds thing so i hope this is an appropriate place to leave a message (i can't figure out rep?), but yes! it is indeed california knitting and throwing heavy things alex :)

    i hope all is well with you!

  9. i had finals last week and got my course grades back a few days ago, 3 A-s. fuck yeah.
  10. my best friend is having surgery today, and i worry too much.
  11. i'm already feeling the effects of the shitty diet i've been enjoying since i've been home for the past 4 days. i'm actually looking forward to working out again tomorrow morning. my coach sent us a workout to do thanksgiving day that i just laughed at, so i'm going to do that in addition to tomorrow's actual workout. should be fuuun.
  12. what's up, boreds. i've been home for thanksgiving for a few days and in my endless exploring of the internet remembered this place.