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  1. Not a bad attempt at all hcmg. Yeah, I am the 3rd from the left in the very back row (holding up a setlist) Thanks for mentioning the photographer Chris. Definitely going to be my FB cover photo for a while. Thanks again everyone too. Can't wait for the reunion. =)
  2. Your move Batman*
  3. It's been a while since I've stopped by here, but I'm glad I was able to sneak in there with the rest of you. Great night and better people.
  4. Dustin Kensrue - Please Come Home San Diego Secret Show: Song 1 of 4 Dustin Kensrue - Of Crows and Crowns San Diego Secret Show: Song 2 of 4 Dustin Kensrue - Consider the Ravens San Diego Secret Show: Song 3 of 4 Dustin Kensrue - Down There by the Train San Diego Secret Show: Song 4 of 4
  5. That's exactly right. Here is a picture for confirmation. https://p.twimg.com/...RzVCAAARwe7.jpg (twitter.com/@Ey3con)
  6. Chris, that's my hand in your picture dude haha
  7. What songs did you get on video?
  8. Amazing! Please tell me you or someone else got To Awake on video?!?
  9. I'm on a 1000+ win streak if any of you want to get in on this magic. GT = iEy3con
  10. So many great things to say about this past weekend. Like a lot of you said already, the layout was very good and the parking was not a problem like last year. Aside from all the great music and such, hanging out with FOA and all his amazing friends really put the weekend over the top for me. So thankful Russell, seriously man. Thank you and I can't wait for next year! OutKast / Daft Punk / Radiohead
  11. +1 to Trent for winning the Golden Globe for the Social Network score. I really hope he wins the Academy Award.
  12. Coachella 2020
  13. Oh boy. Yeah, I'm going.
  14. Coachella!

    1. DangerPaul


      Yeah! See you there!

    2. Mixhail
    3. Ey3con


      Yes! It would be awesome to meet some of you there this year. =)

  15. NBA

    What do you guys think, here are my All-Star Teams. West Starters PG - Chris Paul SG - Kobe Bryant SF - Kevin Durant PF - Dirk Nowitzki C - Pau Gasol Bench G - Deron Williams G - Russell Westbrook G - Manu Ginobili F - Rudy Gay F - Blake Griffin F - Kevin Love C/F - Tim Duncan/LaMarcus Aldridge The East is tougher after the starters, particularly with their bench forwards/centers.