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  1. NBA

    The most tired topic in sports: Whether the Thunder should have traded James Harden.
  2. NBA

    Kyrie might be one of the smoothest players I've ever watched.
  3. NBA

    My problem with Rose has always been his defense and his efficiency. He's fine in the regular season, but when it comes to the playoffs his efficiency falls a lot. If you bully him in the paint and put long athletic dudes on him he forces shit. At some point you have to read the defense and kick out from the paint. Defensively, all I'm going to say is go back and watch the way he plays. I'm not sure I've seen Rose bend his knees and get in a defensive stance once. I've always been a critic of Westbrook too. I like point guards like CP3 that control the flow of a game. But Westbrook is doing shit right now that not many could. BTW, Westbrook has had a ton of injuries. Multiple knee injuries that he has come back from without losing anything. I get the impression from watching Rose that his problem is all mental.
  4. NBA

    Pacers had the best record in the NBA in Feb. I don't know how that is possible. Is this the year Vogel wins coach of the year? He has deserved it for years and this year might be his best coaching job by far. Well, Rose was always incredibly overrated because he was flashy. Westbrook has his faults but he has almost always played a more complete game than Rose.
  5. I hope they don't draft a running back. I'm fine with the current depth chart once Richardson is cut. Draft linemen and then you don't have to worry about running backs. I don't see anyway they get rid of Mathis. He might be old, but in the world of football sitting out a year late in your career isn't really a death sentence. He was an absolute beast in 2013. He fits this sort of defense perfectly and we desperately need pass rushers. As far as Suh, I'd rather see the Colts pick up a linebacker, safety, or linemen. How often do big free agent signings actually work out?
  6. I'm annoyed that the Colts aren't resigning Reggie Wayne. Definitely my favorite Colt of all-time. Just sign him for some low amount of money and let him retire a Colt, you bastards.
  7. NBA

    So right now Indiana and OKC are the 8th seeds. The first round is setting up to be pretty fun if Durant and Paul George both get healthy. I don't think the Pacers could beat Atlanta, but I do think OKC could beat the warriors especially with their recent trade for Kanter. Warriors/OKC would be a fascinating.
  8. http://deadspin.com/this-is-the-best-angle-yet-of-malcolm-butlers-incredibl-1683583281?utm_campaign=socialflow_deadspin_facebook&utm_source=deadspin_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow Damn, that motherfucker knew almost instantly what the playcall was. Crazy. Makes me have serious respect for the amount of film work these dudes put in. BTW, I don't know whether I've grown up as a person or I just don't care anymore, but watching the Patriots win a Super Bowl did not bother me at all. Nice, I'll chalk it up as personal growth.
  9. Manning is having the same problems that have always plagued him. He tries to use timing routes in the playoffs and they just don't work because people play just a little harder AND actively jam the receivers. It's the reason NE always killed the Colts and Seattle smashed the Broncos last year. Sad Peyton will probably only get one Super Bowl, but it sure is nice to be on this side of a Manning failure.
  10. Laron Landry is embarrassing as a football player. The only thing he can do right is take steroids.
  11. Luck is the most confusing player I've ever actively followed. He's amazing 90% of the time and brain dead the other 10%. Example: He settles for a 3 yard gain on a flea flicker, but fucking launches 30 yard throws into four defenders.
  12. Every single time they ask Mike Carey for his opinion on a call the reverse happens. It is hilarious.
  13. NBA

    I've only watched the Mavs like twice so far but I feel like they could go pretty far because there are no real amazing defensive teams to get in their way. They also have a well constructed team and a great coach. They desperately need some perimeter defense, though. For some dumb reason your offense stopped going through Dirk. Only possible logical explanations to be honest.
  14. NBA

    Not one player from last years starting line up is playing tonight for Indiana. The only one that has all season is Hibbert. Frank Vogel is working magic with this team when all I want them to do is tank.
  15. NBA

    i havent watched a second of jets football since the chargers beat them 31-0. monday through friday i leave for work at 6am and don't get home until 6pm. after work i just paint and make beats while my girl lays down next to me reading james baldwin or looking at pinterest. on weekends i go the gym, come home for lunch/netflix and then go to the studio to make more music + explain to my rapper friends why they won't be successful. i really just don't have time for joyless hobbies like jets football or posting on theboreds with the 7 other people who check in once a week. in short, if you're not getting your shane fix, check me on IG @iamthecenteroftheuniverse also, check my man Hannibal King's new shit check my man Remy Banks' new shit check my homegirl Steph Costello's artwork peace what is your opinion on jason kidd as a coach? i really don't want to see him as a good coach because he seems like such a shit head, but the Bucks have been sort of impressive lately. that might be more to do with mayo eating less donuts and brandon knight emerging as one of the most underrated players in basketball, though.