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  1. A pick has the same value no matter how many other picks you have. That kind of thinking is how guys like Antoine Walker made in excess of $100 million in their career and his net worth is now less than 300k. You have to be judicious no matter how much you think you have, because if you're not then in reality you have nothing.
  2. I remember once upon a time when Brian Hoyer was worth two first round picks... It'll be #lolBrowns if they trade for Brock, who is a cautionary tale of backup QBs being overvalued, and then proceed to trade a first plus the pick for taking on Brock's dead weight for Jimmy G. If they give up the #12 pick and another high pick for a backup QB that is indefensible. They are set up to flip the franchise over the next two years and they're throwing it away on a guy they're gonna either have to pay big in a year or he sucks and they waste two impact draft picks.
  3. Wow! That's all.
  4. Gotta love Manziel's dig at Merril Hoge, you may hate Manziel, but Hoge is a douche.
  5. I'm a big fan of Witten, he's tough as shit (played half a season with a broken jaw), is a great possession receiver, but there's no way he gets in the HOF on the first ballot unless it's just an incredibly weak year for candidates. He'll get in, but not first ballot. Had he actually scored more than 4 TDs on average per season he'd be first ballot, but he did everything well but score TDs, which is why I think the comparison to Gronk in that respect is ridiculous.
  6. Have hopes, but serious doubts. He's really talented, but had a bad attitude at A&M and fumbled too much. Can't hurt to give him a shot, because the potential is there.
  7. I don't think it's bad rationale to say I'd rather have Staubach be the face of my franchise over Brady. Staubach delayed the start of his football career for five years to serve in the Navy, volunteered to go to Vietnam, went to the same number of Super Bowls in his 10 year career as Brady did in his first 10 years, retired and turned a business into $600 million, his total story is way more impressive than Brady's, at least to me. As far as all time lists, that hasn't been my style since I graduated high school, certainly doubt it happened in the last five years. Considering any top 10 QB list I would've made in the last 5 years would have definitely included Payton Manning, and searches for Manning don't return any such list I'd say you're full of shit. You may be recalling my preference for Manning over Brady that still exists. Brady comes off as sleazy and cocky, and I just don't like his smugness.
  8. Cassidy, do you get some level of self worth or validation by calling me dumb, because you've done it in three consecutive posts. I get that you don't get much of that in your real life, but the fact that I disagree with you about Brady doesn't mean I'm stupid.
  9. Greg Hardy should be in jail. I hope he's not dumb enough to take the NFL to court, and if he does I hope he loses. It's insane that he's not in jail, and Sam Hurd gets 15 years.
  10. what a dumbass. It's like what the Texans owner said. Yeah, if the Cowboys had a player half as good as Brady was in their franchise history, maybe you would be defending him this much too? the Pats MAY have tampered with the balls, but it's unknown...but we KNOW the league tampered with the evidence at every step, withheld key information, and leaked/controlled information to their liking. It's a fucking mess and an overblown story. The more it went on, the more you realized how in the right Brady was. And that sucks for fans that hate Brady to admit, but the league did the impossible and made people that hate them root for them against Goodell. It's not really what the Texans owner said. The main point is that you don't accept punishment for crimes you don't commit. The Patriots did. I don't think the NFL handled the punishment or investigation correctly, but that doesn't exclude me from believing that Brady wanted and ultimately had footballs tampered with. That doesn't make me a dumbass. I'm not in a criminal court, my standards for coming to conclusions is not the same. If Brady was on trial I wouldn't find him guilty, the evidence isn't there, but I would be more sure than not that he was complicit in tampering with footballs. And the Cowboys have a player in their history who deserves far more reverence than Brady: Roger Staubach. Better player? No. But given the choice for a figure for a franchise I'd take Staubach over Brady without hesitation. Where's the body? Where are the pictures. All we have is a report from an individual whose credibility cannot be verified. She wont even appear in public to back up their falsw claims. There's no evidence to validate that a merciless beating occurred. An appeal must be granted.
  11. Cassidy, Brady cheated. He's not obligated to hand over his phone, but the point he's making is that your jizz inducer is shady. Brady won, because there's no hard evidence that he cheated, but a five year old can figure out that he did by context clues. -The inflation level of a football is based upon the QBs preference. -The balls were under inflated. -He destroyed his phone and then offered to provide names of everyone he corresponded with leaving the NFL to attempt to invade the privacy of everyone that Brady spoke to, like that's going to be perceived well. -The Patriots willingly and quickly accepted punishment for the under inflated footballs. That to me says there was knowledge and intent to break the rules, there's no fucking way Jerry Jones would have accepted that punishment if no wrong doing occurred and Bob Kraft didn't even dispute the punishment. I don't think Brady should've been suspended for four games, and I wish he hadn't been. Then he could've accepted his fine and it would be another (justly earned) blemish on his career. He's a shady player that's part of a shady franchise. You can reply to my post, but your rationale is likely to have zero affect on my stance. After that can you just accept victory, ignore any appeal by the NFL (that they will certainly lose), and move on to the actual season. Another request is that you stop trying to analyze EVERYTHING, because you consistently misstep in your analysis and it results in a thread of someone calling you out, and you either continuing to argue the point and ultimately backtracking, or you backtracking in the post that immediately follows. There's shit you know about the NFL and shit you don't and you try to encompass it all.
  12. Confused about how Gen Smith getting his jaw broken by a teammate has anything to do with the Cowboys? Jerry hasn't been running the team for the last ~3 years from a personnell standpoint, it's been his son Stephen in tandem with the scouting department. He's also been doing a pretty damn good job. I guess Texans gonna Texans.
  13. Don't get the "legacy" argument. Everyone knows Brady cheated, it's obvious. They can argue science and BS all they want, but anyone who has passed 7th grade math knows they intentionally deflated those footballs. Brady's legacy is that he's a great quarterback who played for a franchise that did whatever it took to win inside, or outside the rules. "Spygate" solidified that legacy, and "deflategate" just backed up what we already knew. The Patriots are shady, Belichick is the king of shady and every player that was a significant part of his teams has been baptized with that same reputation. There's piss in that holy water, and they only care if it's proven by a court, even if we all know the truth.
  14. NBA

    Divide said contract by 1.5ish and that's it's value, it's actually a little lower than that. Come home to Texas Deandre, you know you want to.