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  1. I agree, I say we sell this URL and split the proceeds with anyone who has at least 29 posts. This says it's worth over 3 grand
  2. I agree neither songs I've heard so far were that great lyrically. But I like the direction they are going in musically compared to Major/Minor. This song kinda reminds me of Brand New.
  3. Wait did Eddie say he was working at a coffee shop? haha what happened to his gig in Angels and Airwaves?
  4. I thought it was pretty solid and one of the better singles they've put out. I like how it's catchier and heavier than the stuff on Major/Minor. One thing that sucked was the lyrics though. Pretty boring and straightforward. Maybe I'm just scarred after hearing Dustin's worship music. Haha yeah I heard that too, he must be rebelling against Mars Hill!
  5. I saw on Riley's Twitter that he's married now. Good for him, I've heard him say he's been wanting to settle down for awhile now. I'm glad Dustin left that church. They always seemed sketchy.
  6. Even though this place is pretty much dead (no pun intended), figured I make a thread, I haven't seen Facebook blow up like this since Michael Jackson. Usually celebrity deaths don't really affect me, but I'm actually legitimately sad
  7. At least they did the extended outro.
  8. Yeah I thought the same thing, especially the acoustic version. Has the same chord progression and rhythm. I just won't be able to get into his new band at all. I could tolerate the religious lyrics in Thrice, but this is too much. To make things more awkward the Breckenridge bros have been replaced by another set of brothers... "Brothers Phil and Lee Neujahr comprise the rhythm section of The Modern Post, playing the bass and the drums, respectively. "
  9. Thanks Riley for making music as long as you have. I've been listening since around 2004 and Thrice is one of the few bands that I still listen to from then and will continue to listen to. It's hard to believe that was 8 years ago, and it really makes you realize how time fucking flies and we're all getting old. I remember the first Thrice song I heard was Identity Crisis and I was floored. I was 14/15 at the time and have never heard anything like it. My taste in music at the time sucked, and I can honestly say that was the turning point that lead me into so much other good music. Not only that, but as you guys changed your sound over the years it made me realize to not judge a song by what genre it is or how popular/underground it is or if it's the flavor of the week. When Vheissu first came out it wasn't what I expected, but listening to it today and judging it solely based on the music itself, it's fucking great. Thanks to you guys my taste in music is so much more diversified from everything to punk, hip-hop, trance, post-rock, pop, dubstep, indie, folk and whatever else I like. I know for most of us that post here that is common, but you'd be surprised how narrow minded a lot of people are when it comes to music. I'm glad you guys stayed true to yourselves and didn't give into the "scene" (it would really suck if you guys were still playing IOS Part 50) or give in to your old label and go mainstream (it would be cool to hear a hit song from Thrice on the radio but it would be forced.) I'll still be looking forward to if/when you guys reunite and make some new music. Definitely will check out the project with Ed too. I'm curious to see what style and direction you guys will go and if it will be instrumental. Anyway thanks again it's been real.
  10. I'll be at the Philly show too. Don't feel bad I've seen Thrice alone too. It's not 2003 so no one listens to this shit anymore hah. I'm dragging my girlfriend to go along this time.
  11. haha I was thinking the unsolved mysteries theme song before i opened the spoilers.
  12. Hasn't Riley ever seen Rent? It's 525,600 minutes. I don't know where he got that number from.
  13. I wish he was more specific. How exactly is this supposed sub-race going to destroy a supposed superior race? In what sense? Genetically? We are being taxed to death to pay for non-white's kids, jobs that support families are being systematically eliminated while whites face intense discrimination in hiring, firing and promotion. The relentless immigration drives up the cost of living, while it hammers down wages for everyone who is a native born American, regardless of race. Whites don't get all these social benefits reserved for everyone else, we have to raise our kids on what is not taken away by taxes. Therefore if we can't afford kids, we don't have them unlike nonpwhites who have them hither and yon then leave them to the taxpayer to pay for. Then there is the massive numbers of empty headed white females who shack up with blacks, and white men are not going to raise a black man's kids. Sorry, it might be racist, but it's the truth. It's bad enough dealing with another man's kids even if they are white thanks to the courts turning white men and women against each other. All of this is being done as a systermatic, slow motion genocide campaign against us on the part of Zionist and Supremacist Jews and their traitorous white accomplices, which merely requires making it very difficult to impossible for whites to find mates, marry and form families. The result is the same as rounding them up, then shooting them and burying them in pits the way the Jews massacred my grandmother's people after the Bolshevik revolution. Moreover, blacks rape 36,000 white women every year, and that is the reported offenses whereas very few if any black women are raped by white offenders. The actual number of rapes is much higher across the board, regardless of the race of both the perp and the victim.This you can see for yourself at the FBI website on crime statisitics. That is genocide, then there is the fact that whites are much more likely to be assaulted, or killed by blacks than the reverse. Black on white murders are blacked out in the newsmedia, and we know full well there is a very high rate of them against our people commited by blacks. The fact blacks do not condemn atrocities such as the O.J. Simpson killing, the Knoxville Horror and the Wichita Massacre convinces whites that blacks approve of and condone black on white violence and thus they are our enemies. The fact blacks refuse to convict other blacks for killing or otherwise committing violent crimes against us incites racial hatred towards blacks among whites, that is a fact. Then there is the relentless mocking and demonization of us in the media. That is designed to turn white women and men against each other, and it's working. You have no idea how white men seethe with anger when they see white women on the arms of blacks, we by and large control our anger but do not for a moment think it's not there. The relentless attacks on our culture, heritage, symbols, and customs, as well as our history. I like most whites just want to live in peace, among others like myself in a place where I am not an alien without rights. However, the Zionist Jews do not want us to live in peace, they do not want any of us alive at all. Non-whites beware, a growing number of us are very angry at how we are being dispossessed in the land our ancestors built, and you ignore that at your own peril. Not all whites are the same, some of us are your worst nightmare because in battle we are blue eyed devils when forced to fight in a corner. I am a Slav, and we have no racial guilt, nor do we like non-whites because they always come as hostile invaders bent on killing us off. Making an implacable and vengeful enemy of us is a very stupid thing to do, but that is what blacks are doing. The backlash is coming and it's not going to be pretty for anyone, except for the genocidal Jews who would love to see whites and blacks killing each other while they sit back and laugh. O RLY?
  14. This is Blackstar isn't it?