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  1. Okay, so my situation again (I'm not a troll). She ignored my texts so I didn't try to talk anymore. I assumed she chose her asshole BF over me and I forgot about her. Yesterday, after 5 days without communication, she texted me and asked for forgiveness. I told her to explain herself. She said she needed to break up with her BF and she couldn't talk to me at the same time because it would've been too hard. I bitched about her just fucking telling me that instead of ignoring me and having me think about her choosing him over me all weekend and only kissing myself on New Years. She said sorry sorry sorry sorry and claims they're broken up and that she told him he needed to move out. What to do>? I'm thinking hardly talk to her until he's out of there. I believe her when she says they're broken up but he's still there so they might as well be dating. Thoughts?
  2. Well, I wanted to see her on New Years so I tried talking to her and after a few responses that talked of how busy work was she's MIA. Told her to text or call and she didn't. So, River, your plan has come to fruition. Silence! In regards to AC: not that easy with this one.
  3. I've liked this girl for like 3-4 years. She's been in my group of friends for that long and always had one friend like her or she was dating another. Recently we figured out we've liked each other from the beginning and began talking a lot. She's dated my friend for a while, lives with him, but he cheats on her constantly and she knows this. I treat her nice, say all the right things, and she claims she'll leave him before her lease is up. Obviously I'm jealous of him but they're dating so I let it be. They still hooked up, I got mad because I seemed to be the emotional kickstand to their awful relationship whereas he was the physical. We talked more and I gave her a deadline of Xmas break (this was weeks before). Shit happened, she got out of that deadline, whatever. I came home for break, slept over her place while he was gone, we hooked up and now I gave her until the 1st after she told me how much they'd hooked up (after she wiggled out of the xmas deadline, I gave her to the 10th). Tis 4 days till the 1st. They're back together after spending xmas vacation apart and we have spoken much less than ever before. Here come the questions: Should I continue to initiate conversations each day or wait (as I have been) for her to start conversations (which she hasn't been recently)? Would my texts further my cause or lessen it at this point? Should I let her be and trust her to break up with him without my pressing (I feel like I've pressed enough)? If the date passes, should I forget about her or keep talking to her? If she does break up with him but doesn't attempt to spend New Years with me, is this a bad sign? Thanks boys and girls.