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  1. Pediatrician by day, Missionary by night. Now I'm married with my first baby (boy) and trying to get our first home business going. We sell clothes. Meh. Continually wonder if I'm settling for mediocrity in life rather than going balls to the wall and seizing opportunities. Marriage and kids are the biggest challenge to individuality that I never imagined. Loving them with my life makes it harder and yet easier. Now it makes perfect sense to me why old people get so damn sentimental about life.
  2. I turned the corner with Thrice's stuff after Vheissu and grew out of my "ONLY METAL-ISH" phase. Also a lot less angry nowadays. p.s.
  3. I never knew just how how right older people were when they told teenage me "Life goes by faster the older that you get".
  4. Well I did almost get eaten by a crocodile in Thailand whilst taking a leak off a river house at midnight. It's a long story.
  5. Mein negros! We live!
  6. Hmmm...I'm using Google Chrome as the browser, hosting from should work(?). Yup, the feel is familiar. I'm enjoying how much movement and awareness the game requires right off the bat.
  7. Hi, I came here for the meat bulbs?
  8. Also best Song of Storms cover. BESTEST.
  9. Rejoice, achievement whores. Rejoice. Increase the size of your stash by spending gold. (that's what she said?) Already noticed some nice touches: -The music is perfect. -The voice acting is decent, and I've even heard some voice actors they used back in Diablo 1. -No more clickclickclick on gold. Just walk over it, receive monies.
  10. SPOILERS AHEAD, AND BEYOND THAT, HERE BE DRAGONS Login screen! Hurr durr, barbarian strong zombietiem The barbarian uses a Fury Generation/Spend system. Basically, half of the abilities are free of cost (some have cooldowns) and they build Fury, which you can spend for bigger, badder abilities. I can't wait to see this one in PvP. Let the Mortal Kombat jokes begin. A longer cooldown ability that should make D2 fans quite happy:
  11. Mmmm, hater tears.
  12. Got a beta invite. I shall provide pictures and thoughts.
  13. FUS RO DAH
  14. ANOTHER WANDERER, HERE TO LICK MY FATHER'S BOOTS. GOOD JOB. I have never wanted to murder a child before...wait, there's also Little Lamplight in Fallout 3. Thanks, Bethesda.