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  1. I'll start, A Living Dance Upon Dead Minds
  2. Rest In Peace
  3. This is perhaps more tragic and confusing than Michael Jackson's death. The target was most obviously children.
  4. Life doesn't offer roll-over minutes . . .
  5. Well I have no clue how the CIA operates, or what they think of their agents, but the value of a CIA agent being alive is significantly more improtant than the value of an infantry soldier, at least the way I perceive it. I mean there are a variety of reasons why I believe this is true, partly because if those are all the members of the CIA who have died since its creation, it is very obvious that infantry men that served in Iraq and gave their lives to this county could very easily outnumber those stars. Perhaps I am looking at it the wrong way, but that's the way it seems, that they would put the less valuable people in more vulnerable positions.
  6. Rest In Peace.
  7. Every soul in this world, when they have entered life, they have all inherited the same fate, and that is the death of their physical body. Death, I believe, is the ultimate reminder of the value of a person to the world. It is, for example, very easy to compare millions of people who are casualties of a war, to say, the death of a famous celebrity, and notice a sharp contrast to how much homage is paid to who they were. The type of attention also plays a significant role, more, is not always better in some instances. Perhaps the value of a person is increased if the event of someone's death is only public to those who would best appreciate it, or rather, to only of those who have something to say about the person defunct. I invite you all, to come in, and meditate, on the value of your own deaths, and how many people would mourn you, how many life's you have touched, how memorable you have become. If you died today, what would your funeral look like? I suppose most people avoid the certainty of death and focus on the good things in life. And when this inevitable event happens in their lives, they may act completely surprised and confused and may be forced to integrate this fact as a reality. A certain understanding of their life experience begins to grow in a very special dimension of their being. This is the dimension of death. Now, how do we begin to understand the value of death itself in the world at large? It is very obvious that there are forces out there that seek the death of others. Are these forms of manipulation of values? Are they simple spring cleaning or resource management? Are they evolutionary vanguard movements? Are they casualties of another struggle? You are invited to consider the role of martyrs, soldiers, politicians, religious figures and anybody who participates as an active force in this special dimension, and try to give an opinion on the matter. What is the value of Death?
  8. When you eat chicken you eat flesh.