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  1. Since January I got my self together and made some long term and short term goals. I focused real hard and got myself a cush union gig washing dishes thats real easy and pays high. I also rent out 3 rooms in my house and that covers the bills and all my groceries etc. It's been really interesting entering back into the work environment after literally exploring the canals of inner space for almost 3 years. I'm sure there has to be some other integrated-multiple-personality types like me who had similar experiences here. What's it been like?
  2. starbucks just made the double shot bigger around here. its twice the size.

  3. But I mean things are just drastically different for me. Like I don't have any of my past normal behavior towards women. I don't really lust after or pine over any girl no matter what interactions we might have or even if I know I can get the pussy. I don't really get depressed for long periods like I did for most of my life, like I lost 700$ when I dropped my wallet on a pay day like a moron. It hurt but by the end of work that night I was just prepping myself mentally for 2 weeks without pocket money or savings.
  4. alright man sorry for being defensive
  5. Perfect example I am cool with everybody from work, chill with a few people, and got 2 close friends I get into shit with in 2 months. The managers love me and I am trusted with keys (the first dish washer, everybody jokes about it saying im a snitch or something to get in good with the chefs and bar managers lol). I am a normal person with ups and downs man why you gotta be a douche when I just like complimented you.
  6. It has nothing to do with "losing my shit" or however you were wording it kinda borderline rude. I guess you never experienced ego death or anything because it's pretty hard to take a 9-5 serious when you become truly one with your nervous system and sensory perception, and take that knowledge back as wisdom to be retained in a clear mind. One time I shroomed solo after work and it was so beautiful that I got confident enough to not go back to a shitty and evil job cold calling old people for donations and preying on their weaknesses for commission. I didn't spent 8 months in the danger zone to have that thought. That was one night of booms and regular meditation before and after it throughout the week. I don't know why you couldn't just say you werent familiar with what I asked you? Then to make this huge claim with next to no data to substantiate it. Some people can't reintergrate into society after just getting fired or dumped let alone a spirit quest and purposefully distancing myself from any popularity and social image I had going around my home town since I got back from Europe. Anyways I forgive you but that was lame, and offered nothing to discuss except me son'ing you
  7. Did you ever experience issues with reintegration after a trip or did you return to your roles and games without much thought on it?
  8. Yes you are exactly what I am talking about. Your a guerrilla spiritualist. Love it.
  9. LMAO! this was a good one. no in restaurants, hotels, travel boats, sports centers, you name it can have unions for their employees. What is your union comprised of? All kitchen staff? I honestly didn't know that was unionized. The entire hotel and restaurant in the walking distance are all under 1 union
  10. This is shiny pokemon rare right here. A discussion about the Illuminati where no one has called them the Illuminati nor stated that the Illuminati intends to rule the earth in a "NWO". Kudos for you two being very knowledgeable on the subject guys. I am really curious what the future of mystery schools is and moreso what's gonna happen to the chaos magick scene in the near future. Shit's stale and got no stronghold anywhere. Too grassroots. Can't believe I am saying this, but certain things need more centralization.
  11. Joe Rogan Experience Joe Diaz's Church of What's Happening Now Duncan Trussell Family Hour Cult of Black Phillip
  12. dad was in prison since i was 4. mom was fucked up. lived basically alone with various cousins etc in a big house my whole life with summer or winters occasionally with my mom at our familys house. otherwise i was just a fucking loner doing my thang from a young age operating the washing machine making eggos. starting drinking/smoking/drugs in 6th grade. by 8th grade i took a straight edge break until summer after Jr year in high school. graduated high school in 2007 with the school and township dropping terroristic threats charges moved from a very wealthy suburb to Philadelphia for 8 months, was making great money frauding the Wakovia Center's VIP box ice cream sundae cart and selling beats saved that fraud/illegal beat money (i didn't own a lot of the samples etc nor did i ever copyright anything) and moved to Italy in 2008. denmark 2009-2011 where i was getting paid to go to school. i was in the local newspaper pretty often for being a local celebrity (total alcoholic in a place that celebrated alcoholism; think Bert Kreischer's The Machine story from Russia). in denmark i was engaged for a year to a beautiful estonian model. then a buddy from home hung himself and i couldnt make it back home for him. my girl was real supportive and i left her and denmark behind me. came home. my mom had finally got off 40 years of drug addiction and couldnt walk from tons of damage to her thighs from dope and what not (putting tons of stomach weight on legs in folded positions she couldn't feel were asleep etc etc). i hated her until then and hadnt talked to her for years but i decided to kick everyone out her house and help her out. my dog, Sarge, a dalmation was the man...well anyways I got him when I was in 5th grade. Im 25 and just put him down this past February. He waited a long time for me to come back, and no one had cut his nails in about 2 years or taken care of his fleas. He had no hair below the waist, and could barely walk from his nails. Our last year together I spent an hour for every minute I wasted not being the best brother for my boy Sarge. And that really helped me drop the hate for my mom and start loving her. And then my dad. And now I am saving up money to visit him and my grand parents next august. And this monday I am taking my disabled mom shopping! online! lol. I plug in my big flat screen in her room and hook my pc up to it like when I put movies on for her in HD, but were gonna go through all my favorite websites and buy her a whole bunch of birthday presents she wants. I am really sincere about getting my fucking life together and being a good person. I know this part might sound boring to you but if you ever want some good stories feel free to ask about any part of that history
  13. aw come on man thats not nice dont be like that man. where you at now in life? i am just starting to get some space to think about what to do with mine without being worried all the time or hungry
  14. I only make 10 an hour. But i have a set schedule every week and can get as close to 40 hours a week as I want when I close since I'm the last one out the kitchen Don't go crazy thinking I am making 1000 a week lol. I just am very comfortable and have about 1000$ a month to either save or spend as I want. It's what a lot of people my age (25) can have with a normal adult job, but me being a grown man child doesn't like the whole thing. I am really capable too but like I just can't stand it. I kinda would give up anything in life NOT to work some ridiculous random adult job like everyone I know making as much as me :/ Im not ashamed but like it's a knock on my lifestyle for "average" people especially girls at this age. I also can't imagine what kinda girl would want to be with a dishwasher as well? I used to be with pretty girls often, especially when I was living in Europe. At work the girls are the type of girls I would have no problem with, but theres a stigma with me being the lowest position and people are shocked I dress nice (this has nothing to do with my money now that I am working, I have had the same 20 or so button down shirts for like 4-6 years) and cut my own hair and talk polite. Every other dish washer these people know are from Camden (worst city in America) or hispanic and not typically educated or wise enough to almost not be pretentious (almost). Idk man. I just feel like drugs can be really beneficial transformative tools if used properly and with intent.. and the patient doesn't succumb to the nihilism of the come down period. but if you even use the drugs to prepare yourself for getting off them you can get new coping mechanisms so even that tail leads back to the mouth. anyone here ever read any Robert Anton Wilson?
  15. LMAO! this was a good one. no in restaurants, hotels, travel boats, sports centers, you name it can have unions for their employees.
  16. No i mean like has any one else kinda willingly had a drug addiction and not just self destructed?
  17. accidently posts in the wrong forum. SMFH how you guys been man, i need a new cul de sac on the web and need to regress into my teenage years.
  18. Wow I dont know if anyone is still around, but I was on this board from 03 freshman year until 08 when I moved out after graduating. I was banned for always arguing with RiseAgainst. Man. I rediscovered Thrice lately. Finally caught up on Major/Minor. And the memories are just flooding back. Wondered if anyone's still around? Lol Legolas, Joe reza III, Rana, so many OGs.
  19. Wow this is crazy. How has everyone been?