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  1. Bored at work (heyo!)
  2. hahaha those are amazing. Also, i've been perusing stills.
  3. ^that's probably one of my fav episodes actually. Just them two in the lab talking it out. I didn't think it was filler at all, as some have said. It's fantastic.
  4. I'm kind of hoping for season 5 to get more simple, if that makes sense. Each of the previous seasons has gotten bigger in scope (ssn 1 and 2: cooking out of van, trying to sell... season 3, working in a state of the art lab ... season 4 mexico cartel is involved) that I think to dial it down to the bare bones character stuff and keep it real time or as close to it as they can, would be very cool. Walt is the bad guy now. But deep down I think we all want him to win (just as he said he did) because we've seen him from the beginning. Or not... I don't think anybody hates walt at this point... can they push him even further where we actually root for his demise?
  5. Walt Jr. is going to eat breakfast. That's all I'm predicting for tonight's ep.
  6. I'd love it if in the finale on sunday they jumped the shark and had hank and walt team up on hank's gimp mobile (that will surely come into play) fist pumping to eye of the tiger as they cocked their weapons ready to take down gus
  7. I want a spinoff series between Walt and Tyrus. Walt: Does the laundry have to be dirty? *laugh track* Tyrus: No. *laugh track uproar* Gus: (shrugging from out of nowhere) "That's so Tyrus!" *wild applause* Also, when is the Jane bomb going to drop? This show leaves no subplot or stone unturned... I feel at some point it has to come out that Walt let Jane die. Mike knows about the OD, but not that Walt saw it and did nothing.
  8. Really well done, nice to see an intelligent, adult drama out during this time of the year.
  9. <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  10. This was very weird and very violent. I didn't like Kick-Ass or Defendor, so I'm not sure why I was hoping to like this. Ellen Page was great though... I usually find her drab and boring in every role she's in, but she's very lively and fun here.
  11. there can be, stop being 12 years old
  12. Very stylish and lots and lots of snappy dialogue... but there's nothing much else there. I didn't like it.