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  1. The only reason I ever still come here is for music, comedy, and podcast recommendations. Some of you have great taste! Here's one for anyone who still visits here. Really solid jazz-influenced electronic pop.
  2. Identity Crisis through Artist is basically an entirely different band. I liked and listened to them the most during the early years (especially IC and IOS), but it's not a style of music I care about or listen to anymore, so their post-Artist stuff wins out for that reason alone. I don't listen to much rock anymore in general, Thrice is one of the few. I agree with Cassidy that they got pigeonholed and became a band that wasn't cool to like, so they were never taken seriously or treated fairly. I think the band has too much baggage to become big, even though I think the music is mostly solid. There's no reason a song like Hurricane shouldn't become big. It's a legitimately great song.
  3. I remember them playing In Years to Come during the Dashboard tour as well.
  4. Well, aside from Silhouette (why do people like this song?), Treading Paper* (booooo to this corny-ass song and the album it came from) and Daedalus* (booo to this melodramatic, cringe-inducing song. "Oh gods, why is this happening to me..." get the fuck out of here Dustin), the show was GREAT. - The new songs sounded really good. I wish they played Hurricane twice. Wish they played more songs of the new album in general. - Wood and Wire was beautiful. The Vheissu and Artist songs were on point. - **In Years To Come** (I was hoping for A Living Dance, but this was a welcomed surprise). - I keep hoping they'll play the version of Cold Cash they played in Japan (with the extended outro) again. Don't think they ever will. - Anthology was good (stop ruining this song for me DK gosh), but I wish they subbed it out for something from another album. - Two fights broke out behind me, and I was right by the idiot chorus screaming for Deadbolt during and in between every fucking song, so I was so, SO satisfied that they didn't play Deadbolt. Womp. - It looked like they were possibly open to a second encore because the stage lights were still on, but people started leaving, so. As for overall rankings: Vheissu > Beggars > Alchemy Index = To Be Everywhere > Illusion = Artist > Identity Crisis >>>>>>>> Major/Minor I don't know anyone who listens to or likes Thrice (atila you don't count), so I get my Thrice talk out of my system here. * These actually sounded great live, I just don't like them.
  5. That's funny. I don't really care about Smash or Melee, but whenever I watch I'll almost always pull for HungryBox because I like watching his Jigglypuff, and seeing the air footsies. I don't understand why/how Melee is so big still though. The execution barrier is insane, and it's the same 3 or 4 characters over and over.
  6. Hurricane - 11/10. Possibly my favorite Thrice song. Blood on the Sand - 7.5/10. Warmed up to it. The Window - 7.5/10 Wake Up - 3/10. No. The Long Defeat - 7.5-8/10 Seneca - pointless Black Honey - 7/10 Stay With Me - 8/10. Not feeling the lyrics, but the rest is good. Death From Above - 7/10 Whistleblower - 8/10 Salt and Shadow - 8.5/10 Overall a hundred times better than Major/Minor. Hurricane carries the album, but there are some good tracks, and I like the lyrical themes.
  7. Hurricane is so good I can't even handle it. Re: M/M, I don't get the love for Disarmed. Far and away the most boring album closer they've had, and one of their most dry, uninteresting songs. I think I've made it to the end of that song a full two times. Anthology I like because I tend to enjoy Thrice's love songs, I appreciated the self-references, and I like songs where Teppei shines (that's why I dig Cataracts).
  8. Haven't listened to the whole album yet, but I listened to Hurricane. I have not been this moved by a Thrice song in a long, long time. It's already in my top 5 Thrice songs, easily. Even if the rest of the album is complete garbage (which it isn't), I'm at peace because that song is just that good. I already like this album more than Major/Minor. Major/Minor has "Call It In The Air" on it. -10. I've been unpopular in favoring Beggars between the two (Because it shows much more range? Because I love "All The World is Mad"?), but Vheissu is the masterpiece. I think "Anthology" is meh. Seconded, except for Anthology. It's one of the three songs on the album that I like.
  9. Ehhh. I don't know what it is that isn't clicking for me with these songs. I'm all in with the message in each of them so far, and I like Dustin taking the lyrics in a political direction. A+ for that. But I don't think I care for him as a vocalist anymore. Or maybe I don't like the style of rock they're playing. People seem to be high on this song, but I don't see it. Probably my least favorite of the three that have been released. Sounds like a mix between the Fire album (weakest of the Alchemy Index) and Major/Minor (barf). Black Honey is okay (really great instrumentally, and the last minute is nice) despite sounding very Major/Minor. Blood On the Sand grew on me the most. Also whoever said Black Honey sounds like Brand New -- spot on. If you subbed in Jesse's vocals, it would fit right in on The Devil and God. Most excited to hear Hurricane. Already know I'm going to love that one.
  10. The two new songs are aight. I like political Thrice, so I like that the new songs are both political. Blood in the Sand - didn't enjoy until I listened with good speakers. Black Honey - I like in spite of Dustin and the chorus (dig the guitar work, but Teppei's part isn't high enough in the mix). But I like the message in both songs. That and, I'll take any of this over Major/Minor, which is BY FAR my least favorite album of theirs. Never grew on me, and actually got worse the more I listened to it. If I had to rank them, that album is definitely dead last, by a lot.
  11. So that song in the background that we got a small clip of before. Sounding pretty alright. Not gonna lie. Also, even though I have mixed feelings about Dustin, the guys in this band are really likable people.
  12. That's awesome, I would definitely take you up on that offer. My plans were for mid-spring of this year, but based on everything people have been telling me about the country, I can see myself planning a followup visit as soon as my return flight touches down. So I might do the recon work this time around. I'll PM you my contact info.
  13. Dustin's Jesus Christ cover - Eh. The way he sings is so affected and dramatic. Not sure if I care for his voice anymore. Teaser - Sounds promising. Kind of bleak.
  14. Thanks for the tip. Ilocos looks pretty fantastic. That's weird about the yelling, I heard there were a lot of immigrant communities in the Philippines. Not White, but I can pass, so I'll brace myself. El Nido and Coron were also recommended to me, which are South of Manilla, so gonna try to see as much as I can.
  15. Yes! And kare kare. Stuff is so good. Neighbors leave the doors and windows open at night when they cook and it always smells amazing. I'm actually thinking of visiting the Philippines this year, so if you have any suggestions I'm open.