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  1. After being on this earth for 28 years, I finally have a girlfriend! :wub:
  2. I kind of went on a hiatus with the gym and went back today.... I started feeling really cold, things got bright, and then I lost my vision.. like completely black. I just had a blood test and I'm not diabetic.. anyone ever experience that? I was doing lower back lifts so I could see the blood to my head being fucked up... I also have a cold so my breathing wasn't right. It was scary. I feel fine now.
  3. No new post since November 19th... this place is dead RIP.
  4. Man, I love playing blackjack. I started going to the Horseshoe Casino in Indiana. Up 475 bucks. I'm gonna be going weekly now. Yes I know I will probably loose it.
  5. can you hook it up
  6. My parents visited me and all they could be is negative. I don't really like them... they put a roof over my head growing up but aside from that, suck. My negativity stems from them.
  7. fine.
  8. aww
  9. aww yee
  10. I'm still stoked about my new place, I moved in over labor day weekend.. I found an apartment in a great location for 725 a month about 2 months back and couldn't wait to move in. I was expecting to pay 1000+ a month to live on my own so this is bad ass. I can walk in my underwear without shame.
  11. daaaaaaaaaaamn.
  12. Gomez jumped the sharks.
  13. Just buy a used Corolla.
  14. Will this end the Botch meme we had going on and be replaced with Norma Jean ripped off Thrice? Doesn't sound as good so probably not.