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  1. For the guys that joined the Bar Down League.... I have created a facebook group for the league so guys can schedule games, post who they are looking to trade, etc. DAS LINK!
  2. Yeah thats exactly it. Its basically a dynasty with other GM's. You play the number of games set by the league, then the Commish advances to the next set and all games not played are then simmed. If you match up against a human opponent you play each other.
  3. Camera technology has come a long way, it isn't like they shoved one of these up some broad: It's only a matter of time before they do though!
  4. Whoa... This place does exist! I am back bitches! All I want to do is score goals
  5. yo Cricket & Streaker... we should rip some games sometime soon. This game is so epic
  6. Or just get better internet
  7. Guy, that sounds good. I don't plan on doing much... just picking up Star Wars on Blu ray. WHAT! DON'T FUCKING JUDGE ME! COME AT ME BRO!
  8. LOL thats great!
  9. Im so tempted.. but work would be awful tmrw if I did
  10. Johnny Rockets!
  11. Hopefully she has 99 in cooking
  12. SO much better now that more people are on +, hopefully they don't pack it full of shit like Facebook did
  13. This thread is like crack to me. I don't want to read it but I HAVE to! haha.. Damn I need to get into this beta
  14. I like it because there aren't any fucking stupid games or anything
  15. Stamkos High Res NHL 12