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  1. Mixhail added a post in a topic True Detective (HBO series)   

    ^ LOL "Incredible?" It was fucking impossible to follow along with. Hell you admitted it yourself that you had to read about it all on Reddit to figure it out. They dumped EVERYTHING all at once, and I had no fucking clue who was who (because its not like the show bothered to flesh out the side characters much before hand). The fact that Burris was the main killer was obvious for like 3 weeks now, but aside from that confirmation, what the hell was with everything that went down with Paul? I still have no idea who that black guy was, or why Miguel betrayed him. 
    That episode was the equivalent of rushing to finish your essay in class before time was up. You throw all the information you know out there, and just pray it somehow sticks and sounds about right. I've never seen a more convoluted episode of TV ever. Yeah the action was cool, but I feel nauseated from all the twists and turns. God forbid they revealed some of that info earlier in other episodes.
  2. Mixhail added a post in a topic Hannibal   

    I am so stoked about the Red Dragon storyline already. I watched the movie last night for the first time in years, and I forgot how good it was (and how weaksauce Anthony Hopkins's performance was in comparison to the other movies).
  3. Mixhail added a post in a topic NFL 2010-11...and 12.   

    Sooooooo Boredies, I'm starting up a Boreds Fantasy League. Sucks that we didn't do one last year, but I asked a few guys (DK, Adam, Cassidy, Ignition, DrWonowski) via Facebook and they're all down. This time around though, we're gonna play for Money. I'm thinking I will just set up a Venmo account that we can pay dues into. $50 from 12 teams seems reasonable yeah? 
    So yeah, if you wanna play, just message me. I think we have 6 slots left, and priority should probably go to those who have played in the Boreds league before. The rules are going to be simplified this go around (no keepers, none of the extra stats besides bonus points and .5 PPR) so as to finally get Marty into fantasy. Now we can finally put his wealth of Football knowledge to the test!
  4. Mixhail added a post in a topic The Official Movie You Just Watched Thread   

    7 Days in Hell
    Probably the funniest thing I've seen this year. It gets better on every subsequent viewing, which is a good thing because it is random as fuck on your first go around. But wow, its insanely quotable, and I love how each day is basically a new skit. This might be Andy Samberg's best work, and Jon Snow is surprisingly adapt at comedy. I can't decide which side character was better: Will Forte, Michael Sheen, Fred Armisen, Karen Gilliam, and David Copperfield are all great in this. Go check it out ASAP if you haven't, its only 45 minutes long and its the perfect send up of HBO Sports/ESPN 30:30 Documentaries.
    Ex Machina
    Pretty good movie, but I was kinda disappointed by it. Everyone kept telling me it was all philosophical/deep as fuck, but it was more psychological, specifically in regards to how people objectify other people to get what they want. So that might have thrown me off a bit. The acting is all top notch, and Oscar Isaac effin' kills it as the macho boss with a God complex. That Alicia Vikander girl should blow up after this: she's like a fusion of Emilia Clarke and Natalie Portman. She has to pull off a bunch of different emotions and mannerisms in an unnatural way, plus she has to make you want to bang a robot, so props to her for pulling that off.
    The ending was kinda dumb, just because it was predictable. At least it wasn't an extended horror movie chase scene like Alex Garland's other movies (fucking Sunshine ugh). The movie ultimately is alot like Her, but with a much more pessimistic tone. Props to it for being a smart, well made movie, but I don't know if I'd ever watch it again (in a way it kinda reminds me of Chronicle in that facet).
    Not great, but it's pretty good for something with a seemingly really dumb concept. If it wasn't for Paul Rudd's charisma or the fact that they made the movie a comedy, then it would have sucked hard. The killed it with the casting in this: Rudd isn't even the best part, freaking Michael Pena is (now where's my Latino Superhero, Marvel?). I'm also glad they casted Freckles from Lost, because she'll kill it in Marvel movies in the future. On the downside, the movie is edited kinda weird (and it would have been better if Edgar Wright made it) and Peter Russo from House of Cards has probably the weakest motivation for a villain ever. They also kinda suck at explaining why Michael Douglas or Freckles couldn't be Ant-Man in the first place (I know there's a good reason in the comics, but its not explained well here). But yeah, I didn't give 2 fucks about Ant-Man before this, and now I'm excited to see him (and the Wasp) in the future.
    Also I started watching Spy online, and it was actually really really funny, but it cut out on me 40 minutes in. So I'll get back to y'all on that.
  5. Mixhail added a post in a topic Random Thoughts   

    Hey aren't there Boredies from Australia on here? My little brother (he used to post here under Absintheparty66 or something) is stationed with the Marines over in Darwin, but he's on vacation over in Melbourne right now and is looking to party it up with people. He told me he thought there were Boredies from there, so he wanted me to ask on his behalf. He's a good kid, so message me if you wanna rage it up with a random American and I can connect y'all.
  6. Mixhail added a post in a topic the Revenant   

    God dammit this is going to be awesome. And yet I just read that they haven't even finished the ending yet and its way over budget? Oh boy.
  7. Mixhail added a post in a topic MMA   

    anyone have a link to where I can watch a replay of the fights? I heard that it was the best card ever. 
  8. Mixhail added a post in a topic 2015 music   

    There's a new Caspian single out for their forthcoming album Dust and Disquiet, out on September 25. Its great of course because they are the best post-rock band around now.
  9. Mixhail added a post in a topic True Detective (HBO series)   

    ^ I think that post focused on Vernon too much when they are definitely pulling alot from the big Bell corruption case a couple years back, plus stuff about the City of Industry (which I live right next to and has always fascinated me since one family runs it). Really wish I could get a membership into these exclusive city governments now :/
  10. Mixhail added a post in a topic True Detective (HBO series)   

    I think the show is getting better, and that's all thanks to Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams, who I think are bringing it now. Plus they finally let Tim Riggins smile for half a second, and gave him some (man) meatier plot, so maybe he'll turn it around soon. But wow is Vince Vaughn wrong for this show. His fight scene was cool, but dude does not have the range for basically everything else. And it seems like his hot redhead wife does nothing but sit around, looking kinda seductive and mopey. 
    At least the dream sequence that opened the episode was really cool. I want more of that. 
  11. Mixhail added a post in a topic Hannibal   

    ^ Boo this man.
  12. Mixhail added a post in a topic 2015 music   

    Why is no one talking about the new Tallest Man on Earth album? Its great. A little repetitive on the 2nd half, but it feels like his most complete album yet. Usually I skip half the songs on his albums, but I dig everything here.
  13. Mixhail added a post in a topic Random Thoughts   

    ^ Yeah everyone is pushing me to buy a freaking house in a couple of months already. Which is freaking me out because A) I don't know shit about property management because I've never had money before and B ) I don't know how attached I am to Fresno yet. I went up there last week for work already, and it was just hot as fuck. Plus I didn't get to see any of the good parts like in North Fresno; just all the poor sections by the 99 that are getting bulldozed for the Rail. Of course, everyone tells me to just rent out a house then if I move, which sounds smart but like a lot of work, so hmm.
  14. Mixhail added a post in a topic Best Podcasts   

    ^ So now that I have a real job that I have to commute an hour in traffic for, I gotta check out more podcasts. The Filmdrunk Frotcast is obviously my favorite, but they only have it once a week. I've been listening to the Deadcast one and its boring because its just the 2 guys (who aren't even in the same room). My friend always tries to get me into the Joe Rogan one, but its too far out there for me. What the hell would I like the most Marty, give me recommendations. I'm not a big Bill Burr or Marc Maron fan, so those are out. Same goes for Opie and Anthony. I dig the movies/tv and sports oriented ones the most.
  15. Mixhail added a post in a topic Hannibal   

    I finally get into this show... AND THEY FUCKING CANCEL IT A WEEK LATER AHHHHH
    Sounds like it could find a new home soon though. I'm just mad because I look like an idiot for spreading the gospel about it so hard the last couple of days. 
    BTW I'm on Episode 8 of Season 2... almost caught up. It just gets better and better too. My only criticism is that sometimes its kinda funny how formal and classy everyone talks all the time. Like its a 1950s thriller or something. No one talks like these people in real life. It flies 100% of the time when Hannibal spouts of his shit, but thats because he's freaking Hannibal. Its funny whenever Will or Jack Crawford start spouting off philosophical stuff. Doesn't bring the show down for me, its just amusing i think.