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  1. Mixhail added a post in a topic American Ninja Warrior   

    Someone finally beat it guys.
    I've been posting about this show for 10 years and someone actually beat it. This is insane. This is the Lost finale all over again for me. Never thought I'd see it happen.
    Props to you Jesus Lookalike, Isaac Caldiero. You are the great athlete in American history.
    Meanwhile Geoff Britton is just as awesome (because he has forearms like Popeye) but somehow he got jack squat for being the first American Ninja Warrior. Wow.
  2. Mixhail added a post in a topic Mr. Robot (USA)   

    i definitely shit. 
    Dammit, this show won't come back til like Fall of next year. 
  3. Mixhail added a post in a topic NFL 2010-11...and 12.   

    ^ Cue the 1000 word treatise about how Pats fans were right all along.
    God I don't care. But it does make Fantasy Football a lot more interesting now, since so many people have waited to have drafts this weekend. 
  4. Mixhail added a post in a topic Mr. Robot (USA)   

    Well the finale was anti-climactic, since they just up and time-jumped 2 days and told us matter of factually that yup, Elliot and Tyrell executed the plan to perfection. At least they set the stage for season 2 really well. Now we will get to see what happens in Fight Club after they succeed in taking down the credit card companies.
    Am I crazy for thinking the best scene was Elliot meeting Tyrell's wife? It was just so bizarre despite how basic the conversation was.
    BTW I hope that its Shayla at the door and he just starts imagining her as someone who can help get his mind together
  5. Mixhail added a post in a topic Hannibal   

    Those closing 10 minutes were completely perfect. Super badass fight scene, featuring Hannibal and Will murdering together; the oddly endearing and romantic hug and fall; and Gillian Anderson's heaving boobage, all ready to eat her own leg. Seriously can't think of a better ending. Which is even more awesome because I thought the episode was kinda weaksauce leading up to it (the way they let Hannibal escape was super convoluted and dumb). 
    I am content with the show not coming back (it did get tiring to watch at points this season), but I would be stoked if it did return. I really wanna see the Silence of the Lambs play out, but I think that would be season 5, not 4.
  6. Mixhail added a post in a topic Hannibal   

    ^ Thursday or Saturday? 
    I've loved this season. Everytime Hannibal gets to converse with Dolarhyde, its awesome.
  7. Mixhail added a post in a topic Mr. Robot (USA)   

    ^ aka the Makonnen's...
    ... I'll see myself out.

    Godbless you. Now I love her even more and hope she achieves untold amounts of riches and success.
  8. Mixhail added a post in a topic NFL 2010-11...and 12.   

    ^ I'll allow it. 
    Poor poor Jordy. Oh well, at least they have Devante Adams waiting in the wings to breakout. Thank god they re-signed Cobb too. Also nice timing with them drafting Ty Montgomery (he was dope at Stanford). Plus they have Jeff Janis, who is basically another version of Jordy, albeit shittier.
    Anyway, I'm gonna delay this Boreds fantasy draft another week to see if we can get more teams. C'mon you guys, joiiiiiiiiiiiin.
  9. Mixhail added a post in a topic Mr. Robot (USA)   

    I think I still miss Shayla
  10. Mixhail added a post in a topic The Official Movie You Just Watched Thread   

    Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation
    (Thought I wrote about it in here last week, oh well). Super Solid movie. I never gave a shit about the MI franchise before, but went because the reviews were solid here. Great stunt work all around, and the girl in it should become a big time breakout star after.
    Straight Outta Compton
    Saw it last night, and it was way awesome. It has obvious flaws -- its one big Ice Cube wankfest in a way, plus the guy they got to play Suge Knight kinda sucks and isn't intimidating at all -- but they did a great job at showing the innate charisma each of the main 3 NWA dudes possessed, and how each of them were products of a crazy fucking environment and time period. I was worried it'd be an elaborate white washing, black & white version of their past too, but they did a great job of showing how fucked up they used to be. I was also surprised that they made Jerry Heller such a nuanced character. It's also pretty damn funny. Didn't expect to see an elaborate origin story behind the "Bye Felicia" throwaway line from Friday, or Ice Cube literally saying "Man, this shit is funny!" outloud while writing the script for Friday. I hope the guy they got to play Easy E blows up after this too, he was probably the most solid actor, with Ice Cube's kid giving the 2nd best performance. 
    I don't think this movie will win awards, but it's definitely gonna be something I watch over and over again on cable.
  11. Mixhail added a post in a topic Mr. Robot (USA)   

    Yup last night's episode was good. No twists, just solid character development and Elliot catching up with the audience (aka another split personality of his) and a solid reference to Fight Club (but its not even the end of the story, just the episode, that's the best part).
    I like how Tyrell's life went completely down the shitter and now he's all in with Elliot, whatever that means. I also dig how we have both a protagonist we can't trust, with an antagonist we can't trust, working together to change the world, and with no hint at what could possibly happen in the wake of it. Finale should be solid. I'm bummed it's already gonna be over because it's been a hell of a week long love affair for me.
  12. Mixhail added a post in a topic NFL 2010-11...and 12.   

    ^ I'm definitely on the same boat, don't worry. If we get to 10, we're good. DK still hasn't signed up. We'd just need 3 more.
  13. Mixhail added a post in a topic NFL 2010-11...and 12.   

    Sooooooooooooooooo we still got spots in our Boreds Fantasy League. Still gonna do that $50 buy in, which we can all send in on draft day. Who is interested? C'mon Atila and Fellside and Chris Benoit and HpH. 
    Draft is scheduled for Sunday August 30 at 7 PM PST
  14. Mixhail added a post in a topic 2015 music   

    Gotdamn she is smoking hot in that video. She's got like a Rachel Leigh Cook vibe here. She probably shouldn't have engaged with those dumb 4Chan trolls in another crusade against how horribly misogynistic the internet can be, but fuck anyone who posts on 4Chan anyway. She's the shit.
    So far the two new songs (this and "Never Ending Circles") are pretty good, but don't blow my mind. I kinda wanted more guitar on their next album and that's not happening on either. Also both these songs sound exactly like something Genesis made. Whatevs, they're probably my favorite band out there now, so I'm sure the new album will be good regardless.
    As for other music I'm digging, I actually suck and got really really into the Paramore album from 2 years ago. I never listen to the radio, so I definitely missed out on when "Ain't It Fun" got huge, but fuck that song is amazing. The rest of the album is actually great from top to bottom too. Just goes to show you that those two brothers who quit the band and threw all that shade at Hayley and the other two were holding them back. This album just fucking owned their asses.
    Oh and the 2nd new song from The Wonder Years is good.
    Deafheaven released a new song today from their new album, which is probably only 2nd to Chrvches on my list of most anticipated of the year.
  15. Mixhail added a post in a topic Random Thoughts   

    ^ Yeah sorry about your loss Morgan (and for the late reply). That whole write up was beautiful though.  BTW don't be a stranger yo, if you're ever around Orange County again, hit me up and I'll buy ya a beer.
    In other news, I never ended up moving to Fresno because my boss switched my project at the last second. So I've been hanging in the San Marcos/Carlsbad/Oceanside/Vista area lately. Its pretty damn nice out here, just sucks that I've had to live like a nomad. I really wanna go full adult and get my own place or whatever and I freaking can't because apparently I'm supposedly going to Fresno sometime within the next few months (or it might be later in 2016).