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  1. Review of the initial episode from the A.V. Club below. They gave it a B, but mentioned that its still the best new network drama of the season. http://www.avclub.com/articles/pilot,103005/ Review from Uproxx http://www.uproxx.com/tv/2013/09/agents-s-h-e-l-d-sticks-close-earth-pilot/ Lots of haterade in those comments, but I don’t see an overall consensus as to what most people really expected. You’re not gonna get super top notch Special Effects or Superhero battles on a network show. Game of Thrones has great effects because since they only have 10 episodes a year, they have more room in the budget per episode to do crazy ish. And its not like anything in the episode was flat out BAD, like in pilots for shows like Under the Dome or The Event. I gave it a B+. Off the bat, Coulson is better than ever. I liked that Skye chick alot, mostly because she had the Whedon dialogue down already and she’s SUPER hot (I also read that she’s only 21, half Chinese and was a pop star in China for awhile WTF). Also I’ve never heard of the phrase “token conspiracy theoriest/groupie before.” Everyone else seems to follow a type or just acts as a character straight from Firefly, but there’s enough hints at backstory for each that they should sufficiently flesh em all out later on. I can’t think of one Drama with a large ensemble cast that OFF THE BAT gave us well rounded, shaded characters (shows like Justified and Breaking Bad did, but they have much smaller casts and are on cable). Otherwise the pilot had some solid action, some pretty funny moments and had a nice unexpected moral lesson at the end that basically spelled out what the show’s really all about. Also I <3 Robin Scherbatsky and am excited to see her on the show next season full time. I thought Maria Hill was supposed to be a cold bitch (or at least that's what I thought was going on in the Civil War comic I heard so much about), so I'm cool with her being kinda snippy and nurturing with Whedon's input. I'm glad that we're finally getting a legit TV show about living in a world with Superheroes and I think Whedon and his crew will do it justice. Plus it will be pretty cool if the stuff the SHIELD guys work toward solving all season eventually affects the plotlines of The Avengers or other Marvel movies. If it gets good enough to eventually warrant cameos from the major stars of The Avengers, then I think the show will be an even bigger success. Anyway it got huge ratings off the bat, so it should be safe for awhile. http://www.uproxx.com/tv/2013/09/marvels-agents-shield-lit-nielsen-ratings/
  2. I honest to God did not know the Boreds still existed until Morgan told me so last night, so hola again people! Hope everyone's been doing well and kept themselves out of prison or from catching a crippling drug addiction. New Thrice album is good, nothing mindblowing though. Gets an 8/10 for me and I like it more than Major/Minor. Yes, "Hurricane" and "Salt and Shadow" are the best. I will argue that "Whistleblower" is 3rd best. "Black Honey" and "Death from Above" have grown on me, but man I am not digging the new political Dustin. Maybe its because I work in BIG GOVERNMENT now, but he writes like a college freshman still. "Paper Tigers" is more nuanced than "Death from Above", don't know what that says about the band's progression 13 years later (also holy shit, Riley is 40 now!). I still miss the old riffage from the Thrice, or the maximalism/electronic side we started to see in Vheissu, but I'm happy they are still writing solid anthems. Went to the show at the Shrine last night. I was stoked that Thrice could pull that large of a crowd still. That said, I think it was made up of people thinking it was another reunion/throwback show ala Taking Back Sunday and the Used, with the band only playing their early hits. Whatevs, I'm always entertained by the fan diversity at these shows. I will apologize for my dumb drunk friend who was the stereotypical "Play Deadbolt/TAITA!!!" yelling guy. I still do think he has a valid point though, because those songs really are leaps and bounds better than their newer stuff. The set list was really hit or miss. I expected this after seeing them last year. They start off really strong, but then the middle DRAAAAGS with their slower stuff, and then they kill it with their final flurry of intense, heavy tracks. "Hurricane" was easily the best of the new songs. The others did blend together, and though I like "The Long Defeat", I think I might like it less now because it was pretty boring live. Should have gone with "Whistleblower" dammit! I will also agree with some of you who ask why they still play "Silhouette" and "Daedelus"... they are repetitive and take up space that could be better used for songs like "Atlantic" or something from the Water album (which they played none of dammit). I just read that they played "Backdraft" and I didn't even realize it, but that song sucks and any other track off of Fire would have been better. On the plus side, I was super stoked that they played "For Miles" and "Of Dust and Nations" (I feel like you only get one or the other at shows in the last 5 years). The biggest surprise was "In Years To Come" which is a fucking awesome track, and the one song I think inspired every shitty Screamo act that existed during the 2000s (just read the lyrics, I like em but man they can easily be considered pretty over the top and corny). No "Stare at the Sun" was whatever, but I do love me some "Deadbolt" no matter if I've heard it at 12 different shows, so I was a bit bummed that they didn't play it. Pretty funny to hear all the comments from random frustrated fans about that though. Overall, it was a solid show, but it's going to rank in the middle of the pack of the many Thrice shows I've seen over the years (the TAITA release show at the Glass House in Pomona will always be on top, with the "Final" show at the Observatory my 2nd fav). I know alot of casual fans were left frustrated that they didn't play alot of their hits, but I saw that coming a mile away. Their catalog is just too large and diverse now to satisfy everyone, so you just gotta be happy that they played 5 of 6 of "YOUR" songs at the very least (for me that was "Hurricane", "Cold Cash", "The Earth Will Shake", "For Miles", "The Sky is Falling" (which actually isn't that good now) and "In Years to Come").
  3. http://www.g4tv.com/videos/54864/american-ninja-warrior-finale-tonight-at-98c-on-nbc/ Guys, I think I make a thread about this show like every year, but you all should watch because its the coolest thing ever. Tonight, the 10 American competitors whittled down over the last few weeks on the reality show airing on G4 will attempt to defeat Mt. Midoryama in Japan. 2600 athletes over 26 seasons (13 years) have tried their hand at it, and only 3 people have beaten it (a crab fisherman, a regular fisherman and a shoe salesman no less). The finale is airing for the first time ever on NBC, meaning it should have its biggest audience ever and hopefully it will make this show a yearly phenomenon. The big news is that 6 time veteran Brian Orosco finished 11th last night in boot camp and won't be participating with the other guys. This might be OK though since he may have peaked as a competitor, as he just can't get past the early obstacles on the 3rd stage. The American contingent is also missing stud Levi Meeuwenberg, who on his first try made it farther than any other competitor a couple years back and may be the best athlete around. The other athletes left are all pretty damn good. David Campbell, Brett Stefensen, Paul Kashmir, and Travis Furlanic -- all of whom made it to at least the 2nd stage last time-- look to be the favorites to beat it all, while newcomer Ryan Stratis (big dude from the Army) may have the upper body strength to conquer the 3rd stage if he gets there. I hope you all check it out, cause it should be a pretty intense 2 hours. If someone actually beats it all, one of these average joes will be rewarded with a $500,000 sponsorship deal with K-Swiss, so that's pretty sweet.
  4. Someone finally beat it guys. I've been posting about this show for 10 years and someone actually beat it. This is insane. This is the Lost finale all over again for me. Never thought I'd see it happen. Props to you Jesus Lookalike, Isaac Caldiero. You are the great athlete in American history. Meanwhile Geoff Britton is just as awesome (because he has forearms like Popeye) but somehow he got jack squat for being the first American Ninja Warrior. Wow. http://deadspin.com/someone-finally-completed-american-ninja-warriors-final-1730712623
  5. i definitely shit. Dammit, this show won't come back til like Fall of next year.
  6. ^ Cue the 1000 word treatise about how Pats fans were right all along. God I don't care. But it does make Fantasy Football a lot more interesting now, since so many people have waited to have drafts this weekend.
  7. Well the finale was anti-climactic, since they just up and time-jumped 2 days and told us matter of factually that yup, Elliot and Tyrell executed the plan to perfection. At least they set the stage for season 2 really well. Now we will get to see what happens in Fight Club after they succeed in taking down the credit card companies. Am I crazy for thinking the best scene was Elliot meeting Tyrell's wife? It was just so bizarre despite how basic the conversation was. BTW I hope that its Shayla at the door and he just starts imagining her as someone who can help get his mind together
  8. Those closing 10 minutes were completely perfect. Super badass fight scene, featuring Hannibal and Will murdering together; the oddly endearing and romantic hug and fall; and Gillian Anderson's heaving boobage, all ready to eat her own leg. Seriously can't think of a better ending. Which is even more awesome because I thought the episode was kinda weaksauce leading up to it (the way they let Hannibal escape was super convoluted and dumb). I am content with the show not coming back (it did get tiring to watch at points this season), but I would be stoked if it did return. I really wanna see the Silence of the Lambs play out, but I think that would be season 5, not 4.
  9. ^ Thursday or Saturday? I've loved this season. Everytime Hannibal gets to converse with Dolarhyde, its awesome.
  10. ^ aka the Makonnen's... ... I'll see myself out. SAY GOODBYE TO THESE! Because it's the last time, Michael... NSFW Hidden Content Godbless you. Now I love her even more and hope she achieves untold amounts of riches and success.
  11. ^ I'll allow it. Poor poor Jordy. Oh well, at least they have Devante Adams waiting in the wings to breakout. Thank god they re-signed Cobb too. Also nice timing with them drafting Ty Montgomery (he was dope at Stanford). Plus they have Jeff Janis, who is basically another version of Jordy, albeit shittier. Anyway, I'm gonna delay this Boreds fantasy draft another week to see if we can get more teams. C'mon you guys, joiiiiiiiiiiiin.
  12. I think I still miss Shayla
  13. Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation (Thought I wrote about it in here last week, oh well). Super Solid movie. I never gave a shit about the MI franchise before, but went because the reviews were solid here. Great stunt work all around, and the girl in it should become a big time breakout star after. B+ Straight Outta Compton Saw it last night, and it was way awesome. It has obvious flaws -- its one big Ice Cube wankfest in a way, plus the guy they got to play Suge Knight kinda sucks and isn't intimidating at all -- but they did a great job at showing the innate charisma each of the main 3 NWA dudes possessed, and how each of them were products of a crazy fucking environment and time period. I was worried it'd be an elaborate white washing, black & white version of their past too, but they did a great job of showing how fucked up they used to be. I was also surprised that they made Jerry Heller such a nuanced character. It's also pretty damn funny. Didn't expect to see an elaborate origin story behind the "Bye Felicia" throwaway line from Friday, or Ice Cube literally saying "Man, this shit is funny!" outloud while writing the script for Friday. I hope the guy they got to play Easy E blows up after this too, he was probably the most solid actor, with Ice Cube's kid giving the 2nd best performance. I don't think this movie will win awards, but it's definitely gonna be something I watch over and over again on cable. A-/B+
  14. Yup last night's episode was good. No twists, just solid character development and Elliot catching up with the audience (aka another split personality of his) and a solid reference to Fight Club (but its not even the end of the story, just the episode, that's the best part). I like how Tyrell's life went completely down the shitter and now he's all in with Elliot, whatever that means. I also dig how we have both a protagonist we can't trust, with an antagonist we can't trust, working together to change the world, and with no hint at what could possibly happen in the wake of it. Finale should be solid. I'm bummed it's already gonna be over because it's been a hell of a week long love affair for me.
  15. ^ I'm definitely on the same boat, don't worry. If we get to 10, we're good. DK still hasn't signed up. We'd just need 3 more.
  16. Sooooooooooooooooo we still got spots in our Boreds Fantasy League. Still gonna do that $50 buy in, which we can all send in on draft day. Who is interested? C'mon Atila and Fellside and Chris Benoit and HpH. Draft is scheduled for Sunday August 30 at 7 PM PST
  17. Gotdamn she is smoking hot in that video. She's got like a Rachel Leigh Cook vibe here. She probably shouldn't have engaged with those dumb 4Chan trolls in another crusade against how horribly misogynistic the internet can be, but fuck anyone who posts on 4Chan anyway. She's the shit. So far the two new songs (this and "Never Ending Circles") are pretty good, but don't blow my mind. I kinda wanted more guitar on their next album and that's not happening on either. Also both these songs sound exactly like something Genesis made. Whatevs, they're probably my favorite band out there now, so I'm sure the new album will be good regardless. As for other music I'm digging, I actually suck and got really really into the Paramore album from 2 years ago. I never listen to the radio, so I definitely missed out on when "Ain't It Fun" got huge, but fuck that song is amazing. The rest of the album is actually great from top to bottom too. Just goes to show you that those two brothers who quit the band and threw all that shade at Hayley and the other two were holding them back. This album just fucking owned their asses. Oh and the 2nd new song from The Wonder Years is good. Deafheaven released a new song today from their new album, which is probably only 2nd to Chrvches on my list of most anticipated of the year. http://pitchfork.com/reviews/tracks/17629-deafheaven-brought-to-the-water/
  18. ^ Yeah sorry about your loss Morgan (and for the late reply). That whole write up was beautiful though. BTW don't be a stranger yo, if you're ever around Orange County again, hit me up and I'll buy ya a beer. In other news, I never ended up moving to Fresno because my boss switched my project at the last second. So I've been hanging in the San Marcos/Carlsbad/Oceanside/Vista area lately. Its pretty damn nice out here, just sucks that I've had to live like a nomad. I really wanna go full adult and get my own place or whatever and I freaking can't because apparently I'm supposedly going to Fresno sometime within the next few months (or it might be later in 2016).
  19. I could have sworn I wrote up a whole thing in here about how much the finale sucked too, but whatevs. I just thought it was funny how they filmed that train station shootout at the new ARCTIC station in Anaheim, across from the Honda Center where I used to work, and kinda down the street from where I am now in Santa Ana. STOP STALKING ME TRUE DETECTIVE. LOL at how the central mystery over the killing turned out to be boring as fuck, and just led to an exploration about the most convoluted secret rich people conspiracy ever. Oh andI can't believe people didn't predict Ray getting shot up and killed in that forest, and subsequently treated it like it was a brilliant move. All you had to do was remember the cool dream sequence in episode 3 to know that he was going to inevitably go out like that. It was just hilarious how contrived it all ended up to be, because he was out scott free, but had to do the stereotypical "Gaze at my dumb kid one last time" thing. And the gut punch with his stupid memo not getting uploaded was just funny. Season 2 took itself way too seriously, and I enjoyed hate watching it. But now that I realized I could have spent the entire time watching Mr. Robot instead, I get mad at myself for wasting my life doing so.
  20. Well I'm all caught up on this and its safe to say that its my favorite new show of the year, and the best show of the summer (even beating Hannibal, which has been on fire the last few weeks). Now I'm on a mission to get my friends watching before the season ends next week. Just gotta get them to look past the stupid stupid (albeit memorable) title. I am so damn happy that Rami Malek finally has something great to do now. Dude has been an underrated actor ever since The Pacific, and now he found the perfect role where he can be both charismatic and weird. Props to the show for getting us so invested in the secondary characters so quickly too. By episode 3 I was super worried about all of em, especially Shayla (and I am now going to become a Frankie Shaw fan for life). And the dude who plays Tyrell is great too. He's the perfect mix of Patrick Bateman and Pete Campbell. I know we still have 2 episodes left to go, but I really do think this is going to be our next Breaking Bad. Its so damn smart and has so much potential to get even better. Hell, episode 6 "Brave Traveler" may have been the best episode of a TV Drama this year (beating out "Five-O" from Better Call Saul). and it actually might just be considered a separate standalone episode that barely has to do with the bigger picture of the show.
  21. ^ Congrats Detroit Fans, some dudes on a random Pats message board have given you their blessing on your Abdullah pick. You may officially commence being excited now.
  22. Its bad that I want to more fucked up preseason injuries to happen so that we can finally stop talking about this stupid Ballghazi issue. Poor Arian Foster. Just like Stephen Jackson on that shitty Falcons Hard Knocks, now we get to see how he goes down in a week's time. The Texans have nothing going for them now, so they might as well let JJ Watt play running back or tight end all the time.
  23. We got a new Boreds league folks, but this time around we're gonna do a $50 buy in. We got 6 people signed up so far, so join in. https://yho.com/nfl?l=420163&k=ee5e0e77d6a69f0b&ikey=86da7477131379be
  24. Spy Pretty fucking funny. Its a lot smarter than the shitty trailers would lead you to believe too (I didn't know Paul Feig from Freaks and Geeks fame had directed this beforehand). Its a quality send up of action movies and a really good feminist flick in a year full of strong feminist action movies (Mad Max, Ex Machina). I think Jason Statham's overly cocky character is the best part of the movie, but Rose Byrne also does a great job in it too (now I really need to finally check out Neighbors, since she was also funny in Get Him to the Greek too). B+ Robocop I've been staying in shitty motels for work lately, so I've basically just watched whatevers been on the HBO channels, and I watched this from start to finish for the first time since I was a kid. I cannot get over how freaking amazing this movie was. It is brilliant on so many different levels, and its scary how so many of the movie's worrisome themes are true today (privatizing government, militarization of the police, globalization affecting economies everywhere, the ridiculous media etc). Its also a freaking awesome action movie. I forgot how cool the death scene was at the end beginning of the movie where the evil exec accidentally kills another with his robot. Seriously, if you haven't watched Robocop in a long time, I say watch it now and be prepared to be blown away again. Sucks that the sequels are garbage though. A The Drop Pretty good movie for how simple the story is. Tom Hardy basically plays Sean William Scott from Goon as a gangster. Dude comes off as dimwitted, yet kind, but also hides a secret darkness about him. James Gandolfini actually plays against type here as a gangster who turns out to be a big pussy in over his head. But the main reason for checking this out would be the adorable fucking dog that sets everything into motion. Tom Hardy + Cute Dog = Wet Panties everywhere. The movie does get kinda cliche'd and features way too many shots of Bob gazing off into the distance all sullen like, but whatevs. Anyway, the ending is actually really really good, even though the big event it builds up to is actually kinda small scale. All I know is after watching this, I think Tom Hardy may be the most charismatic actor around these days, and I'd watch any movie that requires him to be physical. B+ Inside Out Saw it Saturday night. It was good, but overrated. I have no idea how people consider it up there with Up, Ratatouille , Toy Story 3 and Wall-E. I give it props for having a very creative storyline (albeit one that was pretty convoluted and seemingly pulled out of its ass as it went along ala Inception), but it wasn't that funny and I didn't get that emotional watching it (besides the part with Bing Bong, who steals the show and will make you cry). I guess it does a good job of teaching kids why being sad can be a good things at times, and that it helps with empathy or some shit. Whatevs. B I also saw Mad Max again, and it was fucking even better the second time around. This is probably because I saw The Road Warrior in the time since then ,and have come to understand that Max is actually a supporting force of nature in each of his movies (he's never the main focus of the plot). I have elevated my initial rating of an A- to an A, and I will be pissed if it doesn't get a Best Picture nomination come the Oscars next year.
  25. ^ LOL "Incredible?" It was fucking impossible to follow along with. Hell you admitted it yourself that you had to read about it all on Reddit to figure it out. They dumped EVERYTHING all at once, and I had no fucking clue who was who (because its not like the show bothered to flesh out the side characters much before hand). The fact that Burris was the main killer was obvious for like 3 weeks now, but aside from that confirmation, what the hell was with everything that went down with Paul? I still have no idea who that black guy was, or why Miguel betrayed him. That episode was the equivalent of rushing to finish your essay in class before time was up. You throw all the information you know out there, and just pray it somehow sticks and sounds about right. I've never seen a more convoluted episode of TV ever. Yeah the action was cool, but I feel nauseated from all the twists and turns. God forbid they revealed some of that info earlier in other episodes.