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  1. Need wardrobe advice. What color tie goes with brown shoes, brown belt, grey pants, and a blue shirt?
  2. Shoulda boinked her when you had the chance.
  3. Should I go with Eli Manning or RG3 this week?
  4. The only boots people (girls) wear in California are Uggs.
  5. Making the switch from black dress shoes to brown shoes and now I realize my closet is severely lacking in light colored dress shirts.
  6. What vagina were they able to fit a camera through? Octomom's?
  7. That whole legit job and legit money shit probably works better when you're 40 and women are desperate to settle down and start pooping out babbies. Right now, girls want to have fun.
  8. This is a definite possibility. I'll be in the area and have never seen The Album Leaf live before.
  9. How many shootings have there been this summer? This is ridiculous. My Facebook EXPLODES with gun debates on a weekly basis now. I almost wish everyone would go back to posting pictures of their food.
  10. You've never had twitching muscles before? They're pretty normal and usually triggered by stress or anxiety. If you get them A LOT it might mean some sort of nutrient deficiency or Isaac Syndrome. Safest way to approach this is to definitely go get yourself checked for AIDS.
  11. I disagree. I think to believe that the future of humans resides only on Earth is to put all of your eggs in one basket. The future is the stars. Maybe I watch too much BSG and Star Trek but I don't think the technology we see on TV is completely out of our reach. Think of all the breakthroughs and rapid pace of innovation we have accomplished in the past half century. If we could live for another 500 years I'm sure our minds would be blown. Resources on this planet are finite. Yes, we should probably conserve what we have and not pollute it but it's going to take a globalized effort and that is far from happening. I don't believe our quest for colonization of space would lead us to leave this planet in ruins. The opposite in fact. The more we learn about Mars and why it is the way it is the more we can learn how to prevent it. I also believe a joint space program would unify the countries and efficiently utilize the resources we have. And to repeat what the Deadly Rythym said, we are spending pennies on our space program and look at what we are accomplishing. Imagine if we spent more.
  12. A waste of money? The whole project over the last 10 years probably cost around 2 billion USD. That does seem like a lot at first, but consider all the engineers, scientists, machinists, ect., are all paid because of this. All that money is going towards American jobs, employing highly skilled scientists to develop cutting edge technology for us. NASA's annual budget is about .5% of our national budget. It costs more to have Air Conditioning in the tents in Iraq than the entire budget of NASA. So even if you disregard the small amount of government funding in comparison to other Departments, the scientific knowledge that will be gained from this rover will be studied for decades. Studying the geology of martian rocks and soil, looking for proof of liquid water once existing, potentially finding motherfucking alien life (even if it's just microbes, it would be one of the most important discoveries in the history of mankind). All these things it does will help us eventually begin human exploration and eventual colonization. Not sure how any of that is a waste of money. The knowledge gained from the rover could drastically change how we think about Mars. The future of the human race resides in the stars, to simply ignore it would be a travesty. If anything, there isn't enough money being put towards NASA and it's programs. I'll add to this a little... Scientists believe Mars was once a lush planet like Earth and want to find out why it became the barren wasteland it is today. There is water locked up in the polar ice caps and possibly underground. A lot of technology we use today was developed while trying to reach for the stars and a lot more will come of it. Remote robotics is a big thing right now and to land a giant RC car on another planet is amazing. Also, exploration is never a bad thing. Should Columbus have never sailed across the ocean? Should Lewis and Clark not travel to the Pacific Ocean? We can't just sit around fucking up our planet and not think of a plan B.
  13. Mixhail, is Kid Cudi really on your list?
  14. I don't know if you're serious or not.
  15. I'm eating spring rolls for lunch. I hope they were made with pro gay hands.