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  1. I've been talking to my ex lately who lives across the country. She's in a pretty fragile place right now (dad died, went through a pretty bad drugs and alcohol phase and is in AA now). She asked if she can come visit me next weekend and i said yes. She bought her plane ticket and everything. Meanwhile i've been hanging out with a coworker. I've been trying to be really careful around her because i didn't want to start drama at work or anything. Anyway, we went out this friday and she made a move on me so i went with it. We saw each other all day yesterday and today she sent me a text saying "want to take a nap later and take my clothes off?" (not relevant to the story but pretty awesome). I really like this girl but i did already make plans to see my ex next weekend(plans were made before anything happened between me and the coworker). I'm pretty sure my ex bought a plane ticket with every intention to get down. I'm not exclusive with anyone right now but i can see myself getting serious with my coworker. my question is: Do i tell either one about the situation? If i tell the coworker, i might fuck everything up between us and work might get pretty awkward plus we're not exclusive but i still feel like a bit of a scumbag. If i tell my ex that we can't do anything i'm worried it'll fuck her up and she'll relapse or something. I'm thinking about just hanging out with my ex and trying to hold off on sex by telling her that she lives across the country and it wouldn't be a good idea to do anything that might make either one of us feel attached but at the same time, i don't want her to think moving back to california will give "us" a chance. also, i took 2 days off from work to hang out with my ex. i already told my coworker that i'm going camping when she asked what i'm doing. sidenote: my coworker is already looking for another job and i tried holding off on doing anything until she finds one but when she made a move i went with it because, friendzone.
  2. We hired a hot girl with no experience over a dude with crazy eyebrows AND 20 years experience in the exact field he'd be covering so if it were up to my coworkers and my boss, I'd say go with boob letter. Also I'm going on a date with her this Friday! (she's quitting for another job haha)
  3. Seriously, even if being a decent human being and protecting strangers on the road doesn't interest you, at least be a good friend and don't let your buddy get a dui just because you want to sleep in your own bed. I remember you posting stuff about csuf so i think you live near me. You guys could have seriously injured me or even worse, that guy with the McFishFillet avatar! Glad you guys got home safe though
  4. I was apathyofthought (haha). I've been consistently making one post per week for the last ten years
  5. I was apathyofthought (haha). I've been consistently making one post per week for the last ten years
  6. samurai --> LPCVD process engineer i actually don't remember ever wanting to be anything realistic when i grew up. this is weird.
  7. Didn't they do this with Dr. Who? It's a completely different type of show but they brought that back didn't they? I've only watched the first season and a few episodes of the second season and think it sucks but I know a ton of people like that show so I'm probably missing something Idk man, idk
  8. my favorites are "what are you guys talking about?!" and "slow down! i'm trying to be your friend!"
  9. And if you want the customers price to always be a whole number, use the roundup function on excel. I'm not at a computer to test it out but it should be pretty simple if you just search for roundup on excel help. Ex:45/.95 = 47.37. If you use the roundup function on another column, it'll give you 48
  10. Jack3d is to working out as adderall is to studying.
  11. My old chem partner was from Croatia. Apparently sometime in the summer they have a huge island hopping party where people will open up their homes to you and are generally just awesome. This was almost 10 years ago though so I'm shaky on the details but yeah, you should get in on that. That's all I have to contribute. Have fun!
  12. The counting minutes thing is stupid; does she think she's a babysitter? BUT you can't really criticize a teacher for strictly adhering to her syllabus. Why do you deserve special breaks when other people don't?
  13. I have a few pairs of button up jeans and i pretty much always walk around with my fly down because fuck that.
  14. It will still be fun. I went alone last year. Immediately after setting up camp, my neighbors told me "you're our friend now, come hang out." and offered me mushrooms. Everyone was really cool/friendly you'll have a good time.
  15. I need 2 for weekend one as well if anyone wants to help out some random guy from the Internet! My friends probably won't want to pay too much over face value but we can give you beer at the festival if you want! Cheap, shitty beer!