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  1. Hey guys. I found this.
  2. So. What's up. I posted here a couple months ago. I should do so more. I mean, I've been posting with you fucks since 2002. This winter is boring. Today, I had a coughing fit live on C-SPAN. My stupid roommates cat is trying to eat my leftovers. I should go to bed, but I like having beer.
  3. sup yall
  4. Fuck, my team is so shitty. I need another league.
  5. yo
  6. MLB

    Nobody can hit at Safeco, and the Yankees know they aren't getting power or a high average (even though he is almost .300 on the road). They are getting a guy who can field better than Andruw Jones or Raul Ibanez and has speed on the base paths (when he gets on base. but he will get on a lot more in Yankee Stadium than in Safeco).
  7. MLB

    I am still in shock about yesterday. Sucks so bad. It makes sense on both ends. Ichiro should go to make room for our young guys, but I wanted nothing more than for Ichiro to play every MLB game in a Mariners uniform. Feels weird, but I will probably root for the Yankees in the post season so Ichiro could get a ring.
  8. I didn't know Klosterman was a newspaper reporter, but I disagree with him. I was a crime reporter for a medium-large corporate-owned daily and could identify with so much of the fifth season of The Wire. My only problem was that it was so obvious Simon had a bone to pick with the Sun/Tribune. But, I guess I have a bone to pick with the corporate owner of my last paper. That said, the layoff scene? The meeting when I was laid off was almost word for word like that. I dreamed of having an editor like Gus, and my best editor was a lot like him in a lot of ways. I guess the only unrealistic thing is I have never encountered anyone like Scott Templeton. Reporters like that aren't common, but then again, there's Jayson Blair. I loved 90 percent of the stuff about newspapering in the fifth season. It was embellished, but so much of it resonated with me. On an old version of the Boreds blogs (and maybe earlier in this thread?) I used specific stories I wrote that paralled to the Wire, but I'm too lazy to find them. Anyway, I love Breaking Bad. It isn't close to The Wire for me, but still my favorite show running.
  9. They were fucking awesome when I saw them in DC on Monday. Such a fun show. Been wanting to see them for like 11 years. OFF! was a fun opener too. Dudes are so old.
  10. looking sharp as fuck bro middle In the fake glasses
  11. God damn, cheapest seats for a small venue here are $114. Sold out so fast.
  12. hahaha. fuck. i keep hoping few people would remember that. most awkward morning of my life.
  13. Sup y'all, haven't been here in a few months. Weird. Life is weird.
  14. I'd be willing to throw in a bit. I go off and on, but I like to stay in touch here and read some of the discussions. Are vBulletin and ipb the only options? I don't know anything about hosting forums. But if it has to die, there's still the Facebook page and we could make like a subreddit or something.