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  1. what's up, broooosssss!!!!!! edit: i don't really own first impressions...... my life is in the shitter right now
  2. 304SS TUBING, WELDED AND DRAWN, HARD TEMPER, COMMERCIAL TOLERANCES AND FINISH, 3/16" (.188") +.004/-.002" OD x .020"±10% AVERAGE WALL, 5' R/L I'm bored at work already :/
  3. reddit!
  4. got mah nose pierced: (i look dead in this picture)
  5. "My main character is a Dunmer who specializes in archery, one-handed weapons, and conjuration. Right now she's in Elven armor and using I think mostly glass weapons and bows (and conjured weapons). She lives in Markarth and is in the Companions." D:
  6. i don't come 'round these parts too often no more
  7. i haven't listened to thrice in a million years and just don't keep track of them anymore... the last album i heard was the artist in the ambulance!!!! (of thrice's albums)
  8. i ran into adam on saturday night. we talked about how i didn't know about the thrice farewell tour. then i let him get back to his night cause he was probably off somewhere neat! and i was drinking a 40 in the park with my bros.... so that was fun....! heeeeyy adam!
  9. i just typed up a bunch of random crap and i just don't know. i grew up in the burbs. 30 min south of boston. some parts i like, some parts i don't. i think i would like a rural setting the best, but i need a beach near me. i do love the city, but i've never really lived in one. i like being able to walk, bike, or take public transit anywhere. and walking outside and being able to buy some bomb ass food or anything, really. but that bomb ass food's gonna be expensive. and so is rent. i'm an incredibly cheap person and even if i made enough money to support that kind of living, i couldn't justify it to myself. maybe someday i'll find a place in a city that i like that's not a ridiculous amount of money to live. but that's never going to happen!!! haha... anyway... i love nature and solitude, so i think i would be happiest in a rural area. one thing i hate about the city is the noise! holy crap. i want to wake up to birds chirping. i mean, going places with friends is great, and there are tons of cool things to do in the city. but i like being alone with my books most of the time. i still live with my parents, soooo it'll be interesting to see where i go after i graduate college!!
  10. Welcome to Boston!!
  11. Yeah, JET is really competitive and being really skilled in the language will hurt your chances. Though JET definitely seems like the most legit program, there are still some horror stories. Housing problems, not great working conditions, etc. I think the experiences vary a ton, but just be aware that it's not a perfect program.
  12. fuckin picross DS. that shit never gets old.
  13. Is your argument that being transgender or transsexual is immoral because it goes against the biological sex that god gave a person? So, you don't regard gender identity as legitimate unless it matches their biological sex, correct? To change your body would be to go against what god gave you and assigned you as at birth? I'm kind of interested in what your stance is on people who are born intersexed or with androgynous genitalia. Almost every culture forces parents of intersexed infants to choose male or female. Do you think that practice is immoral also, since we change the bodies that god gave them?
  14. I was 14, too!! OMG and I'm 24 now.... Holy crap, this is my 10th year on theboreds. wtf. wtf. WAIT! Nope. It was 2003... I was 15. Still pretty ridiculous. Congrats, though!!! Awesome job!! And holy crap, Shauna! He is so freaking cute!! Anyway..... I haven't slept in almost 40 hours :( This is what I like to call my Thesis Box: Soooo.... that's what I'm doing in my 24th year.....
  15. "i'm in a really bad state." "which one, nebraska? jkjk, what's wrong??" "i broke up with my boyfriend and cut myself." EMILY'S BAD AT TIMING JOKES.