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  1. woah... this place is still here.
  2. Love the trilogy. Hopefully they don't mess up a fourth if its done.
  3. this always blows my mind. I love this game.
  4. Is Batman Beyond worth picking up? It's just random stories from Batmans past right?

  5. that sucks, sad i never got to see him perform.
  6. My Pull List Batman and Robin Captain America Avengers New Avengers Secret Avengers Thor Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man Nova Invincible The Walking Dead Haunt Anyone else reading Batman Beyond right now? Use to love the cartoon and this book is really good.
  7. This show is gonna be so good! (I hope)
  8. xbox- MaxTorch add me if you wanna get down on SSF4 will be playing medal of honor and CoD Black Ops when they come out too.
  9. This game looks so good but won't be getting it since i suck so bad at it in online play.