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  2. Vheissu > TBEITBN > Air > Beggars > Water > TAITA > Illusion of Safety > Major/Minor > Earth > Fire > IC
  3. Yeah, the melody and way he sings in the Wake Up verses sounds very similar to Doublespeak.
  4. Hurricane is just a great starter; it sets the tone perfectly and they try a few things that come off. I went back and listened to Major/Minor - after listening to the new one all day, the production on M/M sounds like a complete mess. Words in the Water is still great.
  5. Listening to 'Whistleblower' by itself; it's not a bad song. Just for whatever reason when I listen to the album in full I want to skip it.
  6. Brutal.
  7. I think I generally like this album, it's better than Major/Minor, but it's not their best. It's actually kind of exhausting to listen to because there is no Circles-type song to break it all up. After a few more listens, I think the first and last songs are the best. Hurricane is just a straight up good Thrice song. Death From Above, The Window and Stay with Me hit hard for me too. The 3 songs that they released prior to album release hit a lot harder when listening to the album in full, too. Only song I could really do without is Whistleblower which annoys the fark out of me. It's strange that M/M is probably their worst album post-Vheissu but Words in the Water is their best song they have done in the last 10 or so years. Agreed with the above that Anthology is a meh song. I thought it was meh when If first heard it and it's still maybe the most middling thing they've ever done. I don't get why people rate it so high. Disarmed is 2nd on that album.
  8. Wake Up is the least Thrice-sounding song Thrice has ever made? Though it kinda reminds me of Doublespeak a bit Whistleblower kinda sucks. It's a downer after the rest of the album, it kills my eardrums and not in a good way.
  9. I love the shit out of Hurricane. That's a terrific opener. Lots of dynamics. I have to agree with you though asp - I like when Thrice get a bit mellower.
  10. 100% agreed. I never go back to the Fire EP, but find myself going back to the Water/Air one. Disappointing they took the Fire influence into this album but not the ones that are actually good.
  11. 10/10 best Nickelback album i've ever heard
  12. Cheers aspy
  13. link pls thanks
  14. Apparently it's leaked but haven't seen it. I'm kinda happy it hasn't leaked far in advance, though. Thrice is the only band where I actually wait until the actual release.
  15. The beginning got me hyped because it sounded like an Air song After going back and listening to everything again, I reckon the Alchemy Index is their most interesting work. Vheissu maybe the most cohesive. Rest are real up and down - I don't go back to many songs on Beggars and only go back to Words in the Water/Disarmed on M/M