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  1. God damn Red Wedding. It was done perfectly despite not being a word for word copy from the book. I'm sure a bunch of you who haven't read the books know that Robb's wife was handled differently in the TV show than she was in the book. In the books his wife never even makes it to the wedding, Robb keeps her at Riverrun. I was wondering why they made the changes that they did to Robb's wife and it all made sense last night. Someone at HBO is a fucking psychopath and thought that the Red Wedding wasn't brutal enough so they petitioned to have prenatal murder added. I cried like a bitch this morning when I watched it despite knowing it was going to happen. I knew it was going to happen this episode a few weeks before the season started when they released the names of the episodes for 1, 2, and 9. I've been waiting in anticipation ever since then and I thought they did that scene almost as true to the book as they could have.
  2. I thought the finale was great. Creed singing at the end was fantastic, Mohs kidnapping Angela was hilarious, and Dwight describing his "subordinates" was the best of all the ending interviews. I feel like they misused Steve Carrell though. If he was only going to have a small role (which he did) I feel like his only line should have been "That's what she said." But they added that second line about him being happy that his "children" grew up and married each other and how that was every parent's dream, which is a weird thing to say, even for Michael. Since they did use him for more than one line I don't understand why he wouldn't have gone to the panel and after party. And why wouldn't he bring Holly and their kids? It just seemed like Steve Carrell was just forced in for the sake of him returning for the finale. WHICH IS FINE....but give him the smallest role possible. His second line just really threw me off during an otherwise terrific episode. Ohh, but the little bit about him and his family phone plan was awesome and totally Michael Scott.
  3. That new song/video is pretty good. I enjoyed the old/new drummer's dumbass drumming faces.
  4. Ohh shit! The back of the middle person is where the bowl is. Turns out it's a human centisteamroller.
  5. It doesn't look like you could pack anything in there. Am I missing something? It just looks like an opening rather than a bowl.
  6. The second episode was great. Do you guys think Hank figured out that Walt was a drug lord when he heard that story about Gus? His face seemed like he pieced it together but there was no dialogue about it. Also, Mike is a bad ass.
  7. BP'd? I don't give any kinds of shits.
  8. Do you think you could make this? But with an actual bowl so it would be possible to smoke out of? Seriously, why make a pipe like this an not have a bowl? It doesn't look like you could even use it as a pipe. Show this guy up and make a better one and give it to me for free?
  9. Very jealous. Do you know if this song happened to make the next album?
  10. I've been reading A Dance With Dragons very slow. Hopefully I'll be done next week, I really want to join in on the conversations but I refuse to read this thread.
  11. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK This shit is so good. I just finished Storm of Swords an hour ago and immediately bought Feast for Crows. I would love to participate in this thread more but I am fucking terrified to open any spoilers. I'll be done the fifth book within two weeks though.