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  1. The most important post in boreds history.
  2. Once and Future Band's first LP comes out Jan. 27. Fans of funky prog (think early Yes) should check em out. Lecherous Gaze has a new album coming out in February. Should be a real shredder.
  3. Went and saw Ali Wong just a few weeks after her special came out, and she killed with an entire new hour. Really looking forward to more material from her. Saw Louie CK the day Trump was elected. Half expected him to do an entire set on that, but only made one joke about the atmosphere in Dallas being a lot different than that in New York. Pretty sure the material he did was older, and recorded at a previous date, but the special hasn't come out yet. Beyond excited for the next Burr special. Scheduling issues have made him one of the few a-list, national touring comedians I haven't seen live. Gotta fix that in 2017.
  4. It takes so much to get me to go to the movies now. I have the worst luck with people talking / texting, and it really takes me out of the experience. That being said, I'm stoked for Arrival. Managed to avoid all the trailers and spoilers. Just gotta make it two more days!
  5. Joy just released a new album. Another great record coming out of the crazy San Diego psych scene. ZZ Top / Radio Moscow.
  6. Yeah. I'll send over the demos for my 7". What's a good email?
  7. Good to know. I play weird fuzzed out garage psych, so there's charm in the mistakes and shitty quality. I think you guys definitely made the right choice getting it done professionally. I'll be sure and buy a copy once the whole thing is out.
  8. From an audio quality standpoint, this sounds really good. I've been messing around with home recording the past year, and can only dream about any of my stuff turning out like this. If you don't mind me asking, what did you guys have to pay for studio time, mixing and mastering? Some friends of mine just recorded an EP at the studio the drummer from This Will Destroy You owns, and they had to pay out the ass.
  9. I've been a pretty regular smoker for about 8 years, and I've had two experiences like that. Both times it was really strong weed, and I hadn't smoked in about a month prior to it happening. Basically, the dispensary weed is no fucking joke. If you don't have a tolerance built up, more than a few hits can give you almost edible effects. A slowed perception of time is one of the biggest side effects, so a big dose your your system just amplifies the effect.
  10. Most foreigners I saw were Korean, and they were primarily around the college in Baguio. I'll be spending a month split between Candon and Cazon City either late this year or early next year. Daniel (Think his old name on here was To What End? or CbJfartnugget or something) is around Manila a good bit for work. Be happy to do some recon work for you if there are spots you're interested in, or meet up if we happen to be there at the same time.
  11. To get the most out of it, find someone from there to kinda play host and show you around. Also, get the hell out of Manila. There are some nice touristy parts, but it's mostly heartbreaking poverty, trash piled up 5 feet on the side of the road and a lot of street crime. I've spent the most time in Ilocos, which is the norther half of the West Coast of the main island. Every little region will have it's own language and specialized food, but if you pick up some key words and phrases in Tagalog you should be able to get by anywhere on the bigger islands. And assuming you're white, get ready to be the center of attention wherever you go. Not just having people cut their eyes and do double takes. Full blown yelling at you in the street and taking pictures with cell phones. .
  12. Sucks being next to crazy. Best advice I can give you is get as close as you can to the Filipino people! The lumpia, the adobo, the pancit! I live in a Filipino heavy part of Texas, even married a 1/4 Filipino girl, and absolutely love the culture.
  13. There are dozens of us!
  14. For real. Are circumstances keeping you there, or is that just the quality of apartments you find in your area? I lived in a super shitty apartment my first two years of college, but never witnessed anything like what you described.
  15. and rocking that dad bod now too. Getting old is SO much fun.
  16. I still don't know if it's a real person. Too weird to be a troll, too inconsistent to be a bot. I would visit David Gomez. I'm terrified of penwhale.
  17. I'm pretty far removed from more popular music, and this thread has provided some great music throughout the year. Here are my top 5 personal favorites from 2015 in no particular order. Hope someone finds something they like: Golden Void - Berkana Dungen - Allas Sak Baroness - Purple Tame Impala - Currents Sacri Monti - S/T
  18. Mained with Juri and played Hakan as a secondary. I'm sure I'll grab the new one when it comes out, so give me a shout and we'll see how much better you are than me.
  19. I played all of the SF4 games quite a bit, but never got good enough to play in tournaments. Went to a local one a while back, and got my ass handed to me in the first round. Hopefully 5 comes out on Steam day one because reddit hosts Friday Night Newb Fights that are great for practice and meeting people in the community.
  20. About 30 hours into Fallout, and FUCK settlement building. I do as little as I can. I just got a new ultra wide monitor, and games are ridiculous in 3440 x 1440. Ready to get home from work and see what Just Cause 3 looks like.
  21. Kinda glad this is just a 5 part mini-series. Looks sooo stupid, but if anyone can make it works it's Glaser.
  22. Watching it a second time right now. Want to just call you guys up and be like "Sup brah?"
  23. Yeah! We did shots and I feel through on some WEED! I'll try and come party with you guys.
  24. I can probably make the Dallas date. Looking forward to the new record.