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  1. So, I bought a PS4 and started playing Destiny. I bought it about 3 weeks before The Taken King came out and I'm playing daily. Is anyone still playing? PSN: ThriceChan please add me.
  2. NBA

    I think it sucks that he wavered but I could understand if I was in his shoes. Seriously, this represents four years of his life and a person should be able to change their mind. He didn't even appear to do it for money since the 4 year contract he signed was only a couple million more over Mavs contract. That doesn't even include the state income tax which probably means he is taking less money. My main issue is he should have been man enough to call Dallas and tell them he changed his mind. The NBA may need to make some changes to their system to stop things like this. He tied up their salary cap space while every other worthwhile free agent signed elsewhere and now it looks like Dallas will struggle to make the playoffs. With that said, this was one of the best days ever on twitter. I couldn't stop laughing at all the emoji's, or Paul Pierce sending pictures, all day. Blake killed it with his picture of the chair under the door. Couple other thoughts from the last few post/days of free agency. Everyone can (justifiably) mock Kobe for killing the Lakers salary cap but Dirk took less money and it got him nowhere for the last several years. I think Mark Cuban owes him something. Cuban mentioned they would have went into tank mode if not for the DeAndre signing...this should be interesting to see what happens next. Can't wait for the Lakers Summer League team to get going. It is basically their starting team for the regular season w/o Kobe and Hibbert. Kinda sad and awesome at the same time. I hope everything goes through for the Lakers because I was happy with what they ended up doing. Young player plus Hibbert, and Lou Williams sounds like fun for next season. And if Hibbert could end up being a piece they want going forward if he ever gets his confidence back. I still don't get the Reggie Jackson signing. Didn't look like there was anyone else going for him and most teams had already used their cap money.
  3. NBA

    Well, I'm pretty ecstatic as a Laker fan. I've been praying all season they didn't end up with Okafor. I think he'll be a good player in the league but I think his ceiling is a very good offensive player that will be a net negative when his defense is accounted for. Of course, a lot of his value will depend on the teammates he has around him. Julius Randle was not going to cover his weaknesses and both guys were probably going to have issues playing with each other. D'Angelo Russell and Towns were the two guys I tried to catch on TV whenever their schools were playing this past year. After Towns was gone I was hoping for Russell or Porzingis. I'm actually more excited about Robert Upshaw playing for the Lakers summer league team than than the two guys they picked up with their other two picks (really like the Anthony Brown pick though). Upshaw is a guy I was praying for in the 2nd round. He got kicked off of two college teams and had some medical red flags but the guy might be able to have a big impact if he got his stuff together. The Lakers squad this summer should be fun. Russell, Clarkson, Randle, Jabari Brown, and Anthony Brown will all be looking to push the ball. There have been several reports that Randle has looked like a beast over the past few months. Cant wait to see him get out there this summer. Free agency is starting in a few days and I'm hoping for DeAndre Jordan above all. I know it is a long shot but it is good to hear they are one of the four teams in the initial running. After him I'm hoping the Lakers consider Khris Middleton, Danny Green, Wesley Matthews (injured but I'd take a chance on a smaller contract), and Tobias Harris. I heard LaMarcus Aldridge is a possibility but I think the Lakers are at least 2 years away from really competing and don't see how he fits when he'll be 30 at the start of next season. I'm not saying I wouldn't take him but I would like some of those other guys since I think the fit would be better. It has been so long since the Lakers had any promise and next year is looking like it should be fun...even with 50 loses. Lol at Michael Jordan falling in love with Frank the Tank and denying the Celtics a shot at Winslow. I seriously think Detroit will regret going for Stanley Johnson over him. He was a guy I was hoping for if the Lakers picked fifth. Edit: Wanted to mention I want no part of Dwyane Wade or Greg Monroe. Wade makes no sense from any angle and Monroe is an offensive center that plays no D. Robin Lopez is a guy that would be interesting. I could see him fitting in with Randle pretty well.
  4. Were you guys playing on an easier difficulty? Maybe you can bump it up to hard once you over-level the quests. I'm about 20 hours in or so (level 9 or 10). Still really enjoying this game and thinking it is my favorite game of the year. I still working my way through the Bloody Baron quest while doing side stuff. So, Fallout 4 was finally announced. I'm super stoked. Fallout 3 is one of my favorite games of all time. I'm praying they have gameplay footage and a 2015 release date during their E3 press conference.
  5. I'm also playing The Witcher 3 and loving it. This game is so random. I was in a bar when some bandits walked in but I decided to let them live and bought them drinks. Then one of them starts talking about raping a kid and I felt compelled to kill all of them. I guess they were the Bloody Baron's men and then I had some issues entering the town. I could easily see spending 100+ hours in this.
  6. NBA

    You know Blake had a triple-double, right?
  7. The Chargers continued to confuse me on day 2. They picked up an ILB and a CB. Both of the guys they picked up look like they'll immediately contribute and they needed depth at those positions. But they still have legitimate holes at several other spots and I'm not sure how they'll plug those holes with only a 5th and 6th rounder left.
  8. I'm unhappy the Chargers moved up 2 spots to grab Melvin Gordon. I think he could be good enough to make me forget what they gave up but I was hoping they'd grab an RB in the later rounds if Gurley/Gordon were off the board. I wonder where La'el Collins will end up. He tried to get out of this draft and into the Supplemental so he could clear his name. I feel bad for him if he has no knowledge about the murder. Hoping the Chargers go DL/WR/OL/LB today with adding picks being a plus. Edit: Peter King is reporting Chip Kelly never offered that crazy deal to the Titans. Quote for his article below: The Eagles, as Kelly said Thursday night in Philadelphia, never offered players as part of a package to obtain Mariota. In fact, The MMQB learned Thursday night that Kelly never offered the widely rumored packages of either three first-round picks or two first-round picks and Sam Bradford, in an attempt to obtain the second pick of the draft. I can tell you this much is true: The Titans basically scared off suitors because they continually told teams they wanted to take Mariota, and it would take a stupid offer to obtain the pick. In the end, Tennessee GM Ruston Webster and coach Ken Whisenhunt stuck to their guns.
  9. One of my favorite days of the year and I don't really feel excited. Maybe it is because I've been more focused on the NBA draft. Anyway, I'm just hoping for someone to fall to the Chargers. They need help at RB/WR and Offensive Line depth on Offense and a pass rusher or DT on Defense. I could see them taking Gurley/Gordon in that spot but I hope Shelton falls. It would also be nice if they traded back for more picks if nobody drops.
  10. 2nd part of Broke Age out tomorrow! The first part was pretty awesome so I cant wait to see how the story ends.
  11. NBA

    JR's swing kinda reminded me of Ron Artest elbowing James Harden. I'm guessing he gets 4 games (Artest got 7...both guys have history). Cavs w/o JR and Love? Yikes! I think Aldridge sticks around but Chase is right...that team will need to make some moves if they expect to be a threat to win the championship.
  12. Great pics. Do you typically get to one stage early and stay there the entire time? Looks like you were extremely close.
  13. I missed out on the pre-sale but was able to snag two during the regular sale. My friend said he tried to get tickets at 1:01 pm and ticketfly said there were no more tickets available when he got to the final screen. Hopefully they'll announce a couple more dates.
  14. Such an amazing show. I'm only about five episodes in but I'm hooked.