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  1. I've recently gotten into Last Podcast on the Left and I love it.
  2. Fight me. Remember that one time I called you?
  3. Duuuuuuuuuude, we may be sorta neighbors in the next few months, Matt. I'll be applying at Mayo soon.
  4. Titanfall 2 is awesome. I also just played a bit of Doom again and it's still incredible.
  5. The Avs are bad and they should feel bad.
  6. Your hat is gross, Matt.
  7. Phil, you're always invited to everything. You never joined me at A Wilhelm Scream show on Friday, though.
  8. Me, but I know you guys won't invite me because Alex hates me. Also, the missus and I will be driving from San Diego to San Francisco the week of Memorial Day 2017. I might try to bug you two to see if you want to go to another sketchy Mexican restaurant.
  9. Are there any other creepy podcasts like Lore or Sword and Scale?
  10. DK lives in Yemen but I think he once visited California. Alex lives in California.
  11. My wife and I live relatively close to Nashville and like to go there because it's a cool city and to watch a couple Predators games each year. I'm so stoked that one of my favorite players will be there.
  12. Lmao....different dog or just not as special (so special) as you thought? Her "special need" is that she has seasonal allergies. She also had bad, neglected ear infections (she'd been abandoned) that resulted in the dog equivalent of cauliflower ear, so she has small ear canals. She can hear just fine, and I don't really think she's special needs, but they might have had to write that on her bio for legal reasons. I don't know, but she's been great.
  13. Doom is everything I hoped it would be. It's just like the original two with new technology.
  14. Weber's advanced statistics are also, at best, even with Subban, but the majority of them are inferior to Subban's. People just hear about Weber's size and shot and assume he's the far better player. Montreal's GM and, especially, their coach, didn't like Subban's more upbeat, "flamboyant" style. There's also potentially a racial aspect to it because of Montreal's management's old school nature, but that'll never be known for sure. I love Subban, personally, and hope he excels in Nashville.
  15. Montre-lol