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  1. Still listening to TBEITN a lot. One of my favorite albums of the year for sure. I even like "Stay With Me" and "Wake Up." I think "Salt and Shadow" is the weakest though, but still not bad. A couple more weeks till their show at the Observatory. Can't wait to hear the new stuff. The setlist looks solid for the most part, except for TAITA. Can't wait to hear The Window, Hoods on Peregrine, and others. Hurricane Silhouette Of Dust and Nations All the World is Mad Black Honey Backdraft The Window The Long Defeat The Weight Wood and Wire Daedalus Hold Fast Hope Hoods on Peregrine Blood on the Sand Death from Above Yellow Belly For Miles The Artist in the Ambulance Deadbolt The Earth Will Shake
  2. Vito, you just preached. I'd plus rep you, but we're adults now. It always depresses me when I see Thrice linked with some of the artists in the above screenshot. Even with the "better" shitty groups like Manchester Orchestra, Circa, etc. Brand New's okay, I guess. I'd rank this album in the middle of their discography. I really enjoy it. A couple years ago, I would've told you IC is my favorite Thrice album, but I'd probably go with Vheissu. I don't picture myself listening to IOS from start to finish anymore though. I definitely like their current sound a lot better. To the person that said Teppei and Dustin were better musically back then... no. I'll take the subtleties of their more recent albums over Teppei's corny riffage back in the day. Although, admittedly, I was a sucker for that in like 8th grade. I just bought tickets to the show at The Observatory. Can't wait.
  3. I'm just here to say that Atila's friends sound really fucking cool.
  4. Yep. I've had Hurricane on repeat at work all day. So good, it probably makes me look like an idiot when I'm listening to it. This album makes me wanna see them live. I was on the fence. ObservatoryOC, Riley. I know you're reading this. Make it happen.
  5. After the first listen... I'm digging it. Then again, I liked "All That's Left" and "Call It in the Air." Didn't even mind the intentionally straightforward lyrics. Groupthink is a funny thing. Time for a 2nd listen...
  6. I thought it was pretty good
  7. Here's a playlist with some of my favorite stuff from 2015: My favorite albums were from Sufjan, Beach House, Tame Impala, and MIguel. Happened to see them all live in 2015 too, and they were all great.
  8. Does anyone have an extra ticket to Dustin's show tonight for a reasonable price ($20)? Maybe this isn't that much of a longshot, since this is (kind of) a Thrice message board.
  9. NBA

    Good offensive player, who's confident in crunch time. But it doesn't come close to offsetting his terrible D. Plays the "chip on his shoulder" card too much. Gets a little annoying. I wish Conley would've been named an All-Star replacement this year instead of him. Anyway, great WCF series so far. I was wrong. Might still be over in 5 games, but it'll be fun. Harden is awesome.
  10. NBA

    Damian Lillard..... wow. He wouldn't even make my All NBA 10th team.
  11. NBA

    A real bummer for NBA fans. Rockets are terrible to watch. Clips clearly the better team, but they blew it. LAC-GSW would've been so good. Warriors over Rockets in 5... or 4. At least Cavs vs. Dubs will be somewhat interesting.
  12. NBA

    If only the Cavs had Rondo instead of Kyrie... then I'd consider them the favorites to represent the East in the Finals.
  13. Definitely one of the best last lines in a series finale before cutting to black. Great show. Great finale. Some implausible stuff, but no big deal. I was gonna say the other day that it bums me out that the reason a lot of people look forward to watching television shows is the anticipation of "Who's gonna die?" To me, that's kind of cheap. Although admittedly, that's the main thought I had in mind when watching shows like Breaking Bad and The Wire. And I guess, currently, The Americans (my favorite right now) to an extent. But that's one of the things to appreciate about shows like Enlightened, Better Call Saul, Lost... and even Mad Men. Compelling and entertaining without the need for a (major) character to die. Although some idiots have said that they'd be disappointed if Mad Men ends without Don jumping from a building. PS - Ava was looking real nice in that final scene.
  14. NBA

    Groupthink is such a tragic thing. There's two things I never wanna hear discussed again: 1) The Harden trade 2) This year's "loaded" MVP race
  15. The most recent episode was so good. I think we're in for a great last 2 episodes. EDIT: And put me in the "Season 2 was good, but slightly overrated" camp. All this Margo Martindale praise was a bit too much.