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  1. I have only watched the first one so far and I loved it. Excited to watch the 2nd tonight.
  2. Yeah, I really enjoyed Neal's special. One of my favorites in a while. Super creative, great story telling, solid enough jokes. Bill Burr's newest special is probably his worst one yet. It's not bad, it just isn't as good. The special before was just fantastic too. Hopefully he has a bounce back special in a couple years.
  3. BOSTON CALLING. Wow. insane line up.
  4. There are some things I need to check out. I need to start compiling my list too.
  5. The Collins trade already looked bad. If Nink goes out and we knew that might be the case... it looks REALLY bad.
  6. I am shocked you have Hell Or High Water so low. Solid plot/story, great dialogue, wonderfully paced, amazing acting. Its right around the top for me so far.
  7. I love Pats fans and people like Lombardi pretending that Collins is bad. Outrageous. I could probably take any good defensive player and find points where they were out of position or misread a play. Lombardi is a system guy that will never point out anything good Collins has done this year now that we gave him up. I like his insights, but only to an extent. Just look at his PFF grades the past few years. Sure Collins has freelanced a bit but If you want to send a message you just sit a player a game or two. He can't afford to sit games and get a contract. There is no reason to do this because of the draft pick or his salary because we are pretty much in the same position now and at the end of the year with him. He is just too talented and makes too many big plays to not keep when we are in the middle of a Super Bowl run. I think the Pats are brutal with any push back and they made a mistake here. We are too thin at LB and he is too talented. Unless something of real substance comes out against him (which won't happen because of Bill), I refuse to accept that this was the best move for the team. Especially since he is worth more than that.
  8. A few of my favorites of the year have come out just recently. John K. Samson (The Weakerthans) - Winter Wheat: This album is just so good. He said himself it is pretty much just a new Weakerthans album. I missed this guy. New Virtue The Cat songs to break your heart. Conor Oberst - Ruminations: Stripped down and raw. Just guitar, piano, and harmonica. Some amazing lyrics. Tom Brosseau - North Dakota Impressions: Man this guy can pump out great albums. Sean Watkins produced and played on it. I think Grass Punks is still my favorite of the trilogy.
  9. So yeah... Bon Iver is probably the album of the year so far. 34 minutes of gold. Love every song. I cannot wait for NYC. Also, Hiss Golden Messenger just released a new album and it is fantastic. Americana, Southern Rock, Folk, 60-70s rock influence.
  10. haha that sucks. Royale is lame like that, but the sound there is solid. I am going to Bon Iver on Saturday 12/10 at the Hammerstein in NYC. There is a Friday date as well. I may get a ticket to that too if they are available and I can get the day off. Hopefully he comes to Boston on the tour too. I would easily go to 2-4 shows on the tour. Expensive but he is one of the best live acts ever. I have only seen him like 3 times so far, but every show is unreal.
  11. I just bought tickets to Bon Iver in New York City. So fucking pumped. Love the new songs so far. Also, I am going to Explosions In The Sky tonight, Sturgill Simpson in October, and Local Natives in October (Not big on the new album though). Good stuff!
  12. Totally agree. The pacing, acting, directing, dialogue, characters... Pretty much everything about this show is good so far. Really excited to see where it goes.
  13. Haha! Pats over Cards without Brady and Gronk... AT CARDS. Jimmy G. looked on poised. Edelman is ready to ball. Amendola shows up for key plays still. Blount took 6 people into the endzone, our D looks really solid for the most part. I felt like James White was underused in the game. Arizona is not great against pass catching backs. Oh well. I love having Ghost. Lastly, I want to give love to Larry Fitz. Unreal hands and clutch as all hell.
  14. I have been to California 2 times.
  15. Yeah I agree with those 2 for best rap albums I would put Anderson .Paak right up there, but I guess it is more R&B. I am digging what I have heard from the Frank Ocean album. James Blake is too long but has some awesome songs. I like the Chance album too, but I like the last mixtape more over-all. The BJ the Chicago kid album has some good songs. I have been meaning to check out that Blood Orage album too. Other new albums I have checked out: 65 Days of Static: No Man's Sky Soundtrack Blind Pilot - And Then Like Lions Angel Olsen - My Woman Overhead, The Albatross - Learning TO Growl