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  1. I recently uploaded an old Thrice set performed at Cal State Fullerton. I can't remember the year. It was definitely early 2000s. I want to say 2002/2003. I originally got these videos around then from an OLD Thrice board member. I just watched them all and it's crazy to think how far they've come. They were so young in these videos. There's some gems in this set too; Eleanor Rigby, The Red Death, To What End, As The Ruins Falls, That Hideous Strength, In Years To Come . . . . Also, you see the ol' DOOM ball in The Red Death video Check it out and enjoy!
  2. All these defy and zac posts on nonsense are very off putting. Please continue with more Strawberry Girls talk. THANKS
  3. Hahahahahahaaha
  4. Congrats Jimmy!!!
  5. Mother of god.
  6. Just so everyone knows, the double post was NOT a mistake.
  7. Fuh
  8. I still fucking love all of this. Hell yeah Zac!
  9. Well, that's what Chase said. I am qualified for community service and educational positions (instructional aide, tutor, recreational leader, etc) How is that job market?
  10. Damn. Everything sounds perfect but a terrible job market means no. UGH. I JUST WANT TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA NOW
  11. Did you end up moving to Portland Foofaraw? If you did, I would love to hear your transition into the city and your experiences thus far. I've started looking into moving up to Portland. Southern California is too expensive overall and there's simply not much holding me down at this point. The only real issues are finding a job and a place to rent in Portland. If not Portland, what other cities come to mind that are close seconds? Any other thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated too. Thanks guys!
  12. I am so fucking weird. FML
  13. So, you guys remember me freaking out about the drug test I was going to have to take? Well, it's been two months later and I am barely going to be taking the drug test in 3 days. There was a delay in the hiring process by the city and everything got put on hold. At this point, I would assume that I am beyond clean and should pass with flying colors. I haven't smoked since January 1st but I can't help but feel like I might not pass because of the couple of months of heavy use before then. FUCK. We'll find out!
  14. Bad? Let herself go? Are you guys kidding me??!?!