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  1. I prefer Desiigner's shit to the other new weirdo kids like Yachty, Uzi Vert, Kodak and Savage. I'd put him somewhere between RHQ and Young Thug (Thugger is on top). Seems like a good kid, and he's not bad, but he sounds like literally every other 20-year old rapper biting Future's sound. People can say hip-hop has always had a uniform sound on the radio but Big Pun and DMX didn't get famous literally mimmicking JAY Z's voice. Plus, the fake southern accent is so cringeworthy from a Brooklyn dude. I think GOOD Music is a good fit for him and the interludes on his tape would suggest he has a better ear for music than most trap rappers, but until he shows he can do something outside of this sound, I'll stick with the original. On to other shit: Kanye and Q have the best rap releases this year, imo. I usually hate long albums but they both killed it. Everyone keeps telling me YG outdid his last album but I haven't checked it yet. I'm incredibly excited for Isaiah Rashad's album next month. I love the R&B/pop shit I've heard this year. Anderson Paak, gallant, Nao, dvsn, Tory Lanez, Beyonce, Rihanna all killed it. I'm late to Bryson Tiller and Hiatus Koyote's releases from last year but they're great. I still have to give James Blake, JMSN and Frank Ocean proper listens. Still waiting on a proper release from Moses Sumney. As for bands, it's probably been Thrice, Western Settings, Run River North, Radiohead, and Deftones for me so far.
  2. I went to the New York show. I wasn't impressed with their openers, but Thrice hasn't really toured with bands I've liked in almost 10 years, so nothing new there. The guys put on a great show still, aside from pulling out a few records I couldn't have cared less about (Daedalus, Backdraft, IYTC). Also, what's their love for Silhouette? It's not bad but I feel like they've played it at every show -- festival, club or otherwise -- since TAITA. I get that they wanted to play the new shit and chill on the old predictables like Betrayal or UAKM, so switch out those songs I mentioned for like, Come All You Weary, Living Dance, Talking Through Glass, and Blur and I would've loved the show a bit more and would've kept the energy up during the new songs that nobody cared about. Marty, there were no black people at the show you went to because there's like 37 black people in Boston and 11 of them are Celtics.
  3. Anderson Paak put out a great album. The new Rihanna is surprisingly good. The new Bas is good. Kanye's album could've been 3 tracks shorter and he should've kept Sia and Vic Mensa on Wolves + scrapped the first verse of Father. Great otherwise. Kendrick's unreleased demo EP > most rapper's real albums. I love Burr, but he's a 45 year old white guy. There really is no debating Kendrick's greatness. If you don't like at least some of his shit, rap just ain't for you. Outside of Kanye, there isn't a rapper alive who is can convincingly pull off as many styles as that guy. He's not just dabbling, he's legitimately do the best version of every style of contemporary rap right now. Does a trap song with Gunplay? Flawless. Pop record with 2Chainz and Drake? Owns every club in america for a year. Experimental jazz with FlyLo, Thundercat, Kamasi and the singer from Sonnymoon? Grammy. Rap over J.Cole's beats? Best westcoast gangsta rap since 2Pac. The guy's unfathomably good. I haven't listened to any new guitar/rock music in forever but i just downloaded Savages, Run River North and Western Settings so I'll probably listen to those this week. Flatbush Zombies, too. I'll get around to Animal Collective and Explosions In The Sky at some point, I guess. I don't know what's coming out this year outside of Thrice. Kari Faux's album is out in a week but I heard that weeks ago.
  4. me and my boy serge will be there. might convince my other buddy to come but he has a serious day job and doesn't go out on weekdays. i havent seen thrice in a proper club show since before vheissu came out. everything since then has been festivals for me. i'm hyped.
  5. for the record, our collective fan bodies are not, nor will they ever be, ready for "fitzmagic" fuck football
  6. NBA

    I'm sure Philly knew about Embiid for a while. That's why they drafted Okafor.
  7. NBA

    the entire nba salary structure is going up next season. it's not that big a deal. and for the record, i don't have any problem with old superstars taking "career appreciation" money at the end of their careers when they've already won titles and made billionaires richer. i don't have any more respect for tim duncan or dirk because they value the "chance" at a banner more than their bank account.
  8. NBA

    lebron is pretty much the perfect teammate for a guy like kyrie. this game is hard for little guys who aren't great passers. but since lebron is the defacto pg on every team he's on, that leaves kyrie and everyone else on the cavs to take whatever shots they want. would've been nice if kevin love could've figured out how to fit in with them. would've been nicer if we were watching andrew wiggins on this team right now. oh well.
  9. i don't watch college football at all, so i have no read on who the jets have drafted, but i guess i like that we took two receivers so far... the jets will have a great qb before i die. hopefully.
  10. NBA

    just got home from the game. i'm on such a high right now and i have no voice and i gotta be up for work in 5 hours but it was worth it. atlanta is eternally fraudulent.
  11. wish they were on governor's ball out here, because going all the way to skate & surf in asbury park when i only wanna see one band probably isn't going to happen.
  12. pretty much how i've described it when talking about those two. anthony is as fast, sharp and clever as any comedian they would bring on the show and he can take/give a ball-busting with the best of them, but he's almost a caricature of a stereotypical racist gun nut. without opie around to change the subject/play devil's advocate/steer him more towards humor and away from ranting, he's unlistenable. opie doesn't have a funny bone in his body, can't take a beating, and in general kinda seems like a phony. he NEEDS to be surrounded by comedians because without them he, like ant, is pretty much unlistenable. it's crazy how much these two need(ed) each other. anthony would've never been able to make it in radio without someone like opie to keep him in check and opie would've never been interesting to listen to without someone like ant being as funny as he is. it's kinda depressing to see them try to keep going without the other.
  13. NBA

    i saw rembert browne at the bar yesterday. he had on a hawks hat, saw my nets hat, and laughed. he was right. hawks over nets in 5 raptors over wizards in 6 bulls over bucks in 5 cavs overs celtics in 5 warriors over pelicans in 5 blazers over grizzlies in 7 spurs over clippers in 6 rockets over mavs in 6 hawks over raptors in 5 cavs over bulls in 6 warriors over blazers in 5 spurs over rockets in 5 cavs over hawks in 6 warriors over spurs in 7 warriors over cavs in 6
  14. NBA

    kenny anderson came to chill with our group on friday. he's filming a documentary. he was wasted. the 40/40 "club" in barclays center is the most underratedly strange nightlife experience in nyc
  15. ^it's everything i expected.