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  1. Trash Talk doesn't list the La Jolla date on their site, so I dunno what's up with that.
  2. Definitely hitting LA and Pomona, and really aiming for La Jolla.
  3. Tweets - @rsxsr Instagram & PSN - ramondestroys
  4. Around the corner from work. Sucks.
  5. I just picked up my first library card for the shiny new library down the street and I'm so stoked. The place has been open a year (on the 28th) and I feel dumb for barely stepping foot in there. I picked up This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz. A handful of people recommended Diaz, and I've read some stuff he's written online, so I'm looking forward to starting it, probably tomorrow.
  6. Probably gonna see your sister at some point in Vegas. Feel free to tell her to buy me a drink... you know, because I can't do that myself on Facebook or Tumblr.
  7. LA, SD, Pomona, and Las Vegas are a go for the wife and I. Wish we could swing Reno, Santa Cruz, and Portland though.
  8. MMA

    Yeah, sounds like he just wants to do "big" fights, but it's not like there are tons of those. Jones, GSP, and possibly a handful of LHW/HW fighters, I guess.
  9. MMA

    Haha, eatin' my words, for sure. I love Anderson's showboating, and honestly never thought it would cost him like that. It's shocking, but also not? I would've been MORE shocked if it happened during an actual exchange, yet this was more shocking to me than Werdum/Fedor.
  10. MMA

    Weidman is doing nothing. Silva, (T)KO, Round 2... if Silva feels like playing with his food, otherwise, Round 1.
  11. I tweeted and Facebooked about it! I think... <3?
  12. I WENT TO AMOEBA FOR THE IN-STORE, SUCKERS. They ruled. They're putting out a new album soon-ish (can't remember when), and releasing a new single or something on vinyl in the next month or two. Dannis was SUPER nice and actually talked to me about making the doc and just being happy they were around and could share their story with people who want to hear it. Bobby didn't say a word to me while he signed my album, just talked to the Amoeba HR director (or whoever the fuck she was) two people behind me. David was cool, but he was also carrying on a conversation with someone behind him, so all he really said was he appreciated me coming out to see them and hoped I enjoy the doc.
  13. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck you (Tom Waits' original version is this season's theme).
  14. My buddy had this to say on that line: "The Romans forced Sparta to join the Achaean League. They kept it 300." I fucking love everything about this album.