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  1. News: Heading into Week 1 against the Browns, the Bucs offense appears to be riding heavily on the legs of Cadillac Williams, who was healthy through last season (211 carries, 823 yards) after surgeries to both knees. "(Williams) looks like he's ready for some good things," coach Raheem Morris said. Williams has never faced the Browns, but Cleveland ranked 28th in the NFL against the run last season, allowing 144.6 yards per game. They allowed 15 rushing touchdowns in 16 games. Hope he finally gets things going this year, loved this kid.
  2. Ok, so we know most drugs are performance enhancing (Dock Ellis can speak for LSD, Ross Rebagliati for THC, not sure if Maradona was really helped with his love of cocaine though), especially steroids. But in some sports, things like cortisone (a form of steroids) shots are used to help players deal with injuries during the game. It may not seem like that steroid hormone is really doing that much help, but reducing inflamation, swelling, and pain from someone is helping their performance enhance. So where do we draw the line? I honestly don't understand the NFL's "illegal substance" stance on marijuana (I have to assume it's simply because it's illegal in the country, not because anyone thinks Ricky Williams will have better vision out of the backfield while stoned off his ass), but as I'm starting to get older and know more about steroids I don't really seem to give a shit if Brian Cushing or Shawne Merriman wants to get jacked up. In fact, it makes for faster plays and harder hits, which I (selfishly due to the the higher chance of player injury) find more entertaining. I don't know, I just remember a lot more people caring about baseball when Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds were dinging 70 homeruns out of the park thanks to performance enhancers. I'm not sure where it all came down on the "did they do it?" thing for Roger Clemens and ARod, but they seem to have done okay for themselves and probably could have done even better if we didn't care about their want to put steroids into their body. I think really one of the only sports where it wouldn't be that useful would be soccer, but even then we've seen suspensions from players who want an upper hand. in short: steroids in sports, you for 'em? why/why not?