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  1. I'm jazzed to finally see this show get rolling next year. I know there's a lot of fans of the books here already, I'm gonna wager a bet and say this will probably be one of most watched shows by us on the Boreds once people get a chance to get into it. Winter Is Coming is the best site I've found following the show, also has a great cast list so you can see the awesome job the casting directors have done so far. Also be aware that there is a rumored preview/behind the scenes/possible trailer to come on before the True Blood finale this Sunday. Sources say to tune in at 8:40 EST to catch a glimpse, HBO also will be putting the video online after airing, so I'm sure one of us will put it up here as well.
  2. Is it only me that wants to call it "A song of fire and ice" every time? (As opposed to Ice and Fire) Anyway, I think my last post in the other thread is a good jumping off point: Spoilers from all books thrown in: