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Found 2 results

  1. Guys, I think I make a thread about this show like every year, but you all should watch because its the coolest thing ever. Tonight, the 10 American competitors whittled down over the last few weeks on the reality show airing on G4 will attempt to defeat Mt. Midoryama in Japan. 2600 athletes over 26 seasons (13 years) have tried their hand at it, and only 3 people have beaten it (a crab fisherman, a regular fisherman and a shoe salesman no less). The finale is airing for the first time ever on NBC, meaning it should have its biggest audience ever and hopefully it will make this show a yearly phenomenon. The big news is that 6 time veteran Brian Orosco finished 11th last night in boot camp and won't be participating with the other guys. This might be OK though since he may have peaked as a competitor, as he just can't get past the early obstacles on the 3rd stage. The American contingent is also missing stud Levi Meeuwenberg, who on his first try made it farther than any other competitor a couple years back and may be the best athlete around. The other athletes left are all pretty damn good. David Campbell, Brett Stefensen, Paul Kashmir, and Travis Furlanic -- all of whom made it to at least the 2nd stage last time-- look to be the favorites to beat it all, while newcomer Ryan Stratis (big dude from the Army) may have the upper body strength to conquer the 3rd stage if he gets there. I hope you all check it out, cause it should be a pretty intense 2 hours. If someone actually beats it all, one of these average joes will be rewarded with a $500,000 sponsorship deal with K-Swiss, so that's pretty sweet.
  2. Seriously $21 shoes. I thought this warranted the attention of a dedicated thread. CODE: CREMPLOYEE Enjoy kids!