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Still listening to TBEITN a lot. One of my favorite albums of the year for sure. I even like "Stay With Me" and "Wake Up." I think "Salt and Shadow" is the weakest though, but still not bad.

A couple more weeks till their show at the Observatory. Can't wait to hear the new stuff. The setlist looks solid for the most part, except for TAITA. Can't wait to hear The Window, Hoods on Peregrine, and others.




Of Dust and Nations

All the World is Mad

Black Honey


The Window

The Long Defeat

The Weight

Wood and Wire


Hold Fast Hope

Hoods on Peregrine

Blood on the Sand

Death from Above

Yellow Belly

For Miles

The Artist in the Ambulance


The Earth Will Shake

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Just sucks theyre not really changing it around after the first run when they said they would. I think its going ot take them until those last 3 so cal dates to do siff stuff cause they cant just do the same ol thing twice at the observatory, plus a tour finale so you know something will happen.

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First show of 2017 announced


House of Blues Anaheim on March 7th. Manchester Orchestra is opening.


Its the new HOB re opening, which is a bigger space. so itll be nice to see them in a semi different place in oc. Im sure a full tour is coming.

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