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NBA contracts really insane, more than I thought they'd be.
I wouldn't even pay a quarter of what some of these guys, borderline backups got.

Al Horford got overpaid, but I'm cool with it if helps land Durant.
If not, the Celts should win 50-60 games and lose to the Cavs easily in the Conference Finals.
Also next year's draft is loaded...hopefully it ends up being a franchise player.

I think Durant should stay in OKC for 1 more year, play with Westbrook, and go out together...even if they win it all, just leave afterwards.
But I doubt he comes to Boston either way, but best chance is he stays and then comes.

Golden State is interesting...but I just find it weird for him to go the #1 rival.
To me, it's obvious that he's going to stay in OKC for 1 more year, but the thought is nice.

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I'm so ready to tank.  The majority of this city would cheer for Dirk wherever we trade him (preferably not San Antonio).  I'd be happy to end up with Josh Jackson, Harry Giles, Dennis Smith or Lonzo Ball.  Any of em.

We offered Harrison Barnes a max contract, but Golden State will match unless they somehow get Durant.  Once they don't, we move on to plan D.

Cuban, however, will just sign some half decent starters to one year deals and go for the 8 seed yet again.

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Durant to Golden State

holy fucking shit...best possible move, but I figure he would give OKC 1 more year (scary if either he or Westbrook got hurt)
This is the kind of team that LeBron thought he was getting when he signed with Miami...or KG/Pierce's Celtics: except everybody is in their prime rather than past it. 

They could really win for, like, the next 6+ years.  Kind of a bummer for parity of sorts because it just feels so futile to watch with Curry, KD, Klay, Draymond Green, Iguodala on the same team. 
Durant is a massive upgrade over Harrison Barnes. His team SHOULD have beat the Warriors in the Conference Finals and maybe posed a greater mismatch for the Cavs too.

It was a nice thought that maybe Durant would come to Boston...a dumb one, but it was nice to have hope for the first time in years with the Celtics. Maybe I'll have it again in the lottery, but not holding my breath.

^Simmons retweeted that...I remember him saying that 6 years ago and was my #1 reason for why he would not go to an established team/rival.

LeBron must be shitting his pants....
Dirk going to Cleveland would be interesting. But why?

Yeah, getting Harrison Barnes kind of sucks.

I don't know what DIrk does now or who he joins up with.

Westbrook's leaving 100% now...so who does he get traded for and where?
Steven Adams was a player who became big?

LOL Billy Donovan
Sam Presti?

That's just a franchise that completely falls apart right now.

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Thought he opted out to leae. Maybe it was just to make more money...but your post made it sound like you would be content if he left...if these moves are for dirk, they've been awful. It's a bummer to watch for a guy who deserves better after 2011. Would like to see him get an opportunity to show what he has left. He's one of the best ever but his team wont matter

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He doesn't want to play on a lottery team. This roster probably isn't a lottery team.

Bogut - Hammons

Dirk - Powell

Barnes - Anderson

Matthews - Curry Lite

Deron - Harris - Barea

They probably make one more signing.  We aren't a contender but Dirk can move up the scoring list and play in another playoff series I guess.  He loves Dallas and Dallas LOVES him so whatever.

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Draymond Green arrested for assault

probably takes him out of the Olympics, not sure about the NBA season too

Duncan retires
best PF of all time and greatest player of his generation

1. Duncan- Any argument for anyone else is dumb dumb dumb. Duncan lucked out falling #1 to the Spurs who were a 50+ win team before him (even if David Robinson was at the end of his career), but Kobe had Shaq from the get-go....Just consistent and the only answer for the guy you'd want to build a team around for 15+ years and be your #1 teammate, really. Just a winner. No flash to game, Spurs got LATE love in 2010s and glad he got that. As close you can get to winning a championship but not ('16 Warriors; '09 Celts) if not for Ray Allen's Game 6 shot....Popovich remains my favorite coach...you just aren't supposed to win in smaller markets like San Antonio, but Duncan's Spurs did 5 times. Because of Duncan.
2. Kobe -great player, but he was a cancer, all-time awful teammate, hated the way he played the game. But undeniably good. Kobe/Garnett were the fiercest competitors....I liked Kobe better as a sidekick to Shaq during the 3-peat run. Thought he was overrated without a definining moment during the 2 title runs with Pau Gasol.
3. Shaq -most dominant when on his game...but never maximized his career
4. Garnett-bummer of a career, in ways. He wasted 13 fucking years in Minnesota who got dicked over by the Joe Smith thing (JOE SMITH!). Stern punished them too harshly with 5 1st round picks taken away. By the time he came to Boston, was out of his prime, but that 2007-2008 Celts were unreal... The 2008-2009 team was better and would have won it all if not for KG's leg failing him in Utah. They could have 3-peated if not for that injury probably. Best defensive player. Very divisive personality: basically the Draymond Green of his generation OR Draymond is the KG of his generation: an all-time great teammate, but an all-time motherfucker to hate if he's not on your team: all attitude, trash talk, and punk-ishness.
5. Dirk -Dirk could be above KG and I'm cool with that. He basically won 2 titles as the best player and was more of an offensive weapon than KG. Dirk's career was vindicated with the 2011 Mavs title run; pretty great team/ball movement all with guys who were written off (Kidd; Peja; Marion; Tyson Chandler, etc). You could switch KG with Shaq or Duncan and those teams would still be fine....his only good coach was Tom Thibodeau.
6. Dwyane Wade -would be higher if not for injuries...was better than Kobe at his MJ impression, really. Got hate over winning a championship didn't deserve over Mavs, but was really awesome....not much of a shooter.
7. Kidd -underrated now, I would say. One of rare players who developed a shot REAL late in career.
8. Pierce -peaked before the Celts got KG. Had more athleticism earlier on that people forget; game was herky-jerky-ish, but effective as hell...Nets/Wizards fans got to see him make big shots even though his legs were fucking dead. That's as exciting as those franchises have ever really been, sadly (well, Nets in early 2000s with Kidd)...a motherfucker, but an absolute baller with supreme confidence to take the big shot.
9. Iverson -flawed as hell, but amazing to watch. I can't defend it and his downfall was inevitable and sad. Still, exciting as it gets. I think Bill Simmons listed his as top 30 player of all time, but the more time goes on, the more he drops because of his flaws. But it's SO easy to be tantalized by how fun/unreal/cool he was to watch.
10. Nash-Suns revived his career. MVPs he won were ridiculous, but he made game more fun; you can see a lot of influence of his game on today's too with what the Warriors are doing.

HONORABLE: Ray Allen, Pau Gasol, Tracy McGrady

LeBron's generation a bit after

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If it,makes you feel better, out of everybody, I'd take him before Kobe definitely, Maybe Shaq, as a teammate I'd like to have after Duncan and KG. So he could for sure move up.

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