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The northeast is a really white place to go.

yeah, that it is...the girl I was with is from one of the VERY few black parts, so she said she's going to see it again there with her people. and now I'm incredibly sad that I saw it with my people.

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DK, what was that story that came out that Foster put a huge bet on insurance for himself in the event that he was gonna get XXX amount of injuries or something? I basically remember it as he was betting against his ability to see a lot of field time/expecting a lot of injuries moving forward and was gonna get paid if he got injured.


Can you explain it again?

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DK, what was that story that came out that Foster put a huge bet on insurance for himself in the event that he was gonna get XXX amount of injuries or something? I basically remember it as he was betting against his ability to see a lot of field time/expecting a lot of injuries moving forward and was gonna get paid if he got injured.


Can you explain it again?

I think he got paid an upfront sum of $10MM by this company called Fantex in exchange for 20% of his future earnings from salary, endorsements, and I think other business ventures.   "Fans" could buy shares of Arian Foster, but I remember the company not seeming to outline any sort of dividends.  It was fucking weird -- he was their first athlete, I think.  

I just searched to see if it was still around and it is, and apparently working.  Foster's deal seems to have never gone through because he got injured halfway through 2013.  (I think I remember this surfacing mid-Oct 2013.) 
Here is who they trade:

"Knowing" Foster, though, he's probably well-insured.  He's a pretty simple guy in terms of his "wants" -- modest rides, rents his home, etc.  

Edited by DK.

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Sooooooooooooooooo we still got spots in our Boreds Fantasy League. Still gonna do that $50 buy in, which we can all send in on draft day. Who is interested? C'mon Atila and Fellside and Chris Benoit and HpH. 

Draft is scheduled for Sunday August 30 at 7 PM PST

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If someone pays my league fee I'll join.  Otherwise I already have my bankroll tied up in my normal league (which upped their buy in already, fuckers), MFL Draft Only, and my Draftkings account for the season.


Some dude in my MFL Draft Only league drafted Kelvin Benjamin this very morning and homie tore his ACL today... I bet he is stoked!  I was close to drafting him this morning too.

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Why Your Team Sucks: Buffalo Bills

amusing with all the comments about the bathroom situation...or lack thereof.
I remember my brother saying Wrigley Field was kind of OK but I would hate it. I asked why and he basically said, "The bathrooms. You just pee into a trough." Well, that's ol-timey and fucking ridiculous. Sounds like the Bills have that shit too.

Eli Manning contract
I don't know if he is asking to be paid like the highest QB...but the Giants should let him walk depending on how he does this season with Cruz/Beckham and a maybe somewhat decent O-Line (high draft picks in Flowers/Richburg).  Maybe the Texans can target him if the QB situation isn't up to snuff. 

Dez Bryant getting punched in the face with his helmet off

haha what a dumbass
This is Dez Bryant

Brian Cushing on HARD KNOCKS
the title of today's Inactives (my favorite NFL podcast) is "Brian Cushing is awful" and how is the stereotypical 80s dickhead jock
Yeah, if he was my teammate, I'd want to kick him in the cunt.

My brother's friend, Mitrowski, was a wrestler in high school and he would walk around in his leather jack and shit-eating grin...and there were these 2 hippie twins with long hair, boyish faces, that were 2 years younger than him...these poor kids didn't even know Mitrowski...but he would go out of his way to check them into lockers. Not run into them full speed, but go out of his way to just bump/shoulder into them. And just move on with his shit-eating grin...those hippie twins sucked. Ho-ly shit. But it gave me 'Nam flashbacks to my high school days.

But yeah, Mixhail/I were talking and he's basically Thad on Blue Mountain State or Rooster on 22 Jump Street.

Kelvin Benjamin non-contact torn ACL
bummer...I didn't think the Panthers were going to make the playoffs this year, but this confirms it for sure.
Man, he was damn good and looked to only get better in a ridiculous 2014 draft class for WR's.

Saints-Pats joint practice
-Saints practice in Greenbriar West Virginia...said to be beautiful there and an 'oasis' in comfort compared to Foxboro MA, according to Greg Bedard
-New Orleanis is unbearable this time of year, so the Saints go to WV

Michael McCann: takeaway from court

gives insight into case and the lawyerly/law shit. Steph Stradley is unbelievable too

injunction seems like most logical step to be made by the deadline if no settlement is made between NFL/NFLPA...I'm hoping that Brady starts opening night. And that this BS is resolved, but this fight will keep on continuing. The ultimate battle is bigger than just Tom Brady. NFL wants to have maximum power...and it's obviously ridiculous and the NFLPA will fight that come next lockout. NFL keeps losing big at each step in each legal battle. This is the most pronounced one besides Tagliabue stepping in for the Saints and overruling Goodell...on top of other ones (Ray Rice; Adrian Peterson, etc)

Dan Wetzel: Deflategate judge hammers NFL's case against Brady; 'Your Honor is spot on', crows Brady's defense lawyer

Dan Wetzel: Colts did better against the Pats than the NFL did today against Jeffrey Kessler. Judge didn't sound impressed by league arguments in Brady case.

Nash (NFL Lawyer): "Brady wasn't just generally aware. He was involved." Judge Berman: "Why doesn't it say that?"

Judge Berman: "I don't understand the thinking to not allow Mr Pash (NFL head lawyer) as a witness. Who else but Pash had the opportunity to edit the Wells Report?" (Wells noted that Pash personally edited/gave notes on the Wells' Report and was informed as the process went on; it can viewed as crossing the line of fairness/due process)

So Mike Reiss out lined why Pash is THE best case for Brady to win. Big fuck-up for the NFL

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If we don't get more than 6 people there is very little chance that I am paying 50 bucks for a 6 person league. I would maybe pay 10-15 because it could be entertaining having 6 stacked teams. 

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^ I'm definitely on the same boat, don't worry. If we get to 10, we're good. DK still hasn't signed up. We'd just need 3 more.


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How about, instead of a fantasy league, we just have an NFL picks game? Easier to manage.

Dan Wetzel: Deflategate is rotting Roger Goodell's spoils of lockout victory

the judge ABSOLUTELY killed Goodell and the NFL at every turn...but that doesn't mean he'll side with Brady; the NFL's case is that it has ABSOLUTE power and nobody can overrule them, no matter how unfair they are, lie, smear, and otherwise. Fucking hell. So the judge might be reluctant to side with the NFL...but he HATES everything about the case, the lack of evidence, producing witnesses, smearing, conveniently leaving out information, etc, etc. You don't have to try very hard to see how awful the NFL has been and to make them look like the bad guy.

haha and ESPN's legal expert, Lester Munson, is a dope.

Sally Jenkins: Roger Goodell's insistence on acting as emperor makes NFL vulnerable to a legal smackdown

absolutely torches Goodell and the NFL offices.

Mike Reiss: Do unique circumstances trump legal precedent?

2 of 68 cases get overturned in NY.

Why Chris Borland is the most dangerous man in football

^from the guys who wrote about BALCO/Barry Bonds and have been mostly blocked by the NFL on documentary about concussions

Eli Saslow: Adrian Peterson's suspended reality

heard tidbits about this...and ESPN got Eli Saslow to write about it. His piece for the Washington Post on Newtown parents/families is devastating.
Peterson is so awesome to watch play football...but he's one of the worst human beings in football. He's got a charity that funds orgies and is a false front, for fuck's sake.

haha WTF

Rob Gronkowski is retro commercial paying homage to the Ultimate Warrior...

OK, why aren't NFL players becoming pro wrestlers?
-Rob Gronkowski would be #1...and you get the feeling he might actually eventually do it for real post-NFL
-JJ Watt
-Brian Cushing looks like a dumb, meathead villain.
-Clay Matthews with the long hair....and championship belt
-Richard Sherman: has the talking down pat

the kid I went to high school with who is on Colts' practice squad looks like he could be one (bodybuilding type)
Chandler Jones wants to fight his brother, Jon 'Bones' Jones (won't be allowed to) but it would be something to see.

Ray Lewis feels like an obvious one that should have been...and he was a state wrestling champion in Florida anyway.
Stephen Neal, former Patriot who never played college football, beat Brock Lesnar in college.

Tony Dungy: Colts sweep for bugs when playing Pats

haha Dungy is such a cocksucker. Love the Pats' hate

ESPN apologizes to Pats and makes a correction...on a 12:20 AM Sportscenter

ESPN/NFL are in cahoots. ESPN had to get permission from the NFL to finally make this correction...still waiting for them to correct Chris Mortensen's false report.
But they've kept on reporting some of the worst Spygate misinformation recently and blowing it up to something worse.

RG3 getting killed by offensive line...and stupidity in the pocket
the concussion shot he took didn't look bad (elbow to the helmet) or one to the shoulder post-fumble...but that clean shot hit he took was fucking massive
this should be his last year with Washington. Not sure if he's out of the league next.

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I've watched the GIF of RG3 getting lit up by Levy at least 50 times.

Terrell Suggs, one of the league's dirtiest players, going low on Sam Bradford's ACL on the opening drive...

typical Suggs: looks worse on the regular camera view you get of the whole action.
He's a very likely candidate to end some dude's career with a dirty shot to the knee.

Albert Breer: Eagles LT Jason Peters asked if he thought Terrell Suggs' hit on Sam Bradford was dirty: "I think so. ... I think he planned it."....Asked Peters to expound on Suggs planning hit on Bradford, he said bc they practiced together, Suggs knew he'd get a shot on read option.

and the timing of the hit compared to where the runner is

Certain guys you worry when playing against for fear they'll do some dirty shit/antics or something borderline: Suggs, Richie Incognitio, Ndamukong Suh, Brandon Meriweather, Vontaze Burfict, Bernard Pollard, James Harrison, Steve Smith

I love Steve Smith...I just think his being dirty comes from him playing so hard that he'll lay dudes out/talk shit to start something.

-ugly 1st half for Pats on both sides: no one was good except maybe Garappolo/Harper, Dion Lewis, Malcolm Butler, Jabaal Sheard maybe...and the Saints didn't have any of their starters in the secondary
-painful thing to watch w/ Pats: they are such slow starters...and their D almost always gives up the opening drive TD. It ALWAYS looks like they don't know they're in a football game.
-I think the Pats had 11 carries for 0 yards; Brady 0-5 on trying to get a single 1st down so far: finally had his regular O-Line (sans Stork AND an actual LG since Shaq Mason is learning)...but they're still without Gronk, Edelman, LaFell. So it's ugly to watch
-Brandin Cooks is looking what people thought he would look like his rookie year: so if you have fantasy, then look into getting him.
-Jimmy Garappolo is looking good...some mistakes here and there. Raw, but fun to watch him get playing time.
-Logan Ryan can be tough to watch. Has only got worse since his rookie year in 2013
-Malcolm Butler: looks legit and is, by all accounts, the #1 CB on the team: before his SB game-saving play, I'd have said he has a high motor, plays hard every play, willing tackler, super physical, has the attitude/ego of a CB in the NFL (he's not a dick though, but it looks like he is when on the field at times)...looks better in coverage. But man, can he tackle and lay out.
-interesting wrinkle entering season: I think the Pats are going to line up 3-4 safeties on the field at a single time. They'll line up guys like McCourty (started out as a CB before he sucked in 2011-2012 at the position), Tavon Wilson, and others out all at the same time. They're deep at safety. At CB? Outside of Malcolm Butler, I don't know what's going on.
-James White (2014 4th round pick) looks interesting and flashes for sure. I like having TWO 3rd down backs as insurance. I liked the combo of Vereen-Woodhead. Losing both sucked.
-Cameron Fleming playing guard: not looking too good. He was said to be working on his footwork in the offseason. I think they tried Cannon/Fleming out. They're going to need it.

Brady was said to have DOMINATED the joint practices between the 2 teams in West Virginia with Jerry West/Randy Moss looking on and played the best he played all training it's disappointing to see them suck live. But it's preseason.

I don't know what to make of Dominique Easley. He's not 100%. At this moment, I wish the Pats got Joel Bitonio instead like I thought they might last year.

RB-Dion Lewis (Colts; Browns; Eagles)-hasn't stayed healthy in his previous stops. Travaris Cadet has NOT been healthy and I think he'll get cut.
WR-Chris Harper (California; undrafted)-skipped his Senior year; looks legit. I don't care for Aaron Dobson at all.  Tyms sounds like he is going to IR. Tyms: can play special teams. Dobson: can't play ST, he's just viewed as 'potential': can't stay healthy
WR-Brandon Gibson (Dolphins)-like Harper, just looks like someone you can rely on consistently. Can't say that about Dobson/ injured late in the 4th with a legi njury that had him limping pretty clearly. We'll see. He looks like the #4 option. Pats beat writers have liked watching him each day in training camp.
TE-Jimmay Mundine -interesting practice squad candidate. Athletic guy, interesting college highlight. If any TE gets injured, he's worthwhile to have around.
C-David Andrews (Georgia; undrafted)-most likely undrafted player to make the roster. Been given lot of PT at Center.

LB-James Morris (Iowa)-4th LB/depth/ST
CB-Daryl Roberts (Marshall)-got dinged up in 1st game, but was a standout guy...and Pro Football Focus had him as one of the top draft day steals

WHAT I HOPE TO TAKE AWAY FROM TRAINING CAMP (besides figuring out positions, being healthy, getting mistakes out of the way)
#1-OFFENSIVE LINE-the main reason why the Pats struggled in their first 4 games was their O-Line. And Gronk not being 100%. I don't know who is playing LG with Connolly retired. Ryan Wendell looks like he'll start the season on PUP.
#2-SECONDARY -who is playing opposite Malcolm Butler? and at the slot? They got rid of everybody.
#3-3RD DOWN RB-the safety valve of the Pats' offense, really. The guys they got are inexperienced.
#4-THE WR's -I was hoping the Pats would address it in the draft maybe, but they didn't. They need some youth at the position eventually, but they've failed in the draft since Edelman (and before that Deion Branch/David Givens). LaFell's got a banged up foot since the end of last season. Amendola/Edelman take big hits.
#5-PASS RUSH-I generally like what they have for depth. But, with a questionmark for how good the secondary can be, the pass rush needs to be there. I'm banking on Dominique Easley being legit in the long-term alongside Malcolm Brown. But I feel safer about Jabaal Sheard being the #3 DE.

Edited by Cassidy

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Reggie Wayne might be signing with Pats after taking physical last night
WRs Brandon LaFell (PUP), Julian Edelman (believed to be leg-related), Brian Tyms (foot), Aaron Dobson (hamstring) have all been sidelined....and then Brandon Gibson got dinged up last night.

FitzyGFY: Reggie Wayne could provide several things I love; a reliable target for Brady...veteran leadership...and a chance to make Colts fans sick.

Welker wanted back with the Pats...but they have Edelman/Amendola. One of them would have to get injured. Even then, every team is aware of his head

I've long been a fan of Wayne. Pats wanted him last time he became a FA. I don't know what he has left in the tank. He'll be 2 years recovered from his torn ACL; he got injured immediately in the first game with an arm injury or some shit.

Belichick has long loved Wayne...I'm just surprised no team has really gone after him. I figure some team would if injuries happened in training camp OR during the season. It just matters how much $ he wants too.

Steelers C Maurkice Pouncey got his ankle rolled up on from behind by Ha-Ha Clinton Dix...walked slowly, getting carted off to locker room
-worth monitoring if you're targeting Leveon Bell in fantasy
-Pats play the Steelers Week 1
-looks like high ankle sprain; I think he previously broke his ankle anyway

I guess Jordy Nelson landed on his knee funny too...but I didn't see that one.

2nd year player, Stephon Tuitt, just got carted off after a friendly fire roll-up from his own teammate. Got ankle rolled up on, but Pouncey's looked way worse

Steelers will already be without Leveon Bell for the opener...Pats are without Legarrette Blount, possibly Tom Brady (injunction or suspension being vacated possible), Wendell, possibly LaFell, Hightower, etc

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Jordy Nelson=torn ACL

fuck...I don't know about the Packer fans that are on here or even bother still posting on here (Vince; Adam). But that blows.
Luckily, the guy they drafted last year is awesome. Richard Rodgers might be better
TJ Lang also suffered a concussion.

But yeah, big blow for a team I had as the #1 team to win the Super Bowl

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FALLGUYGATE: watch Cris Carter/Warren Sapp tell NFL rookies to 'get a fall guy'

haha this is from 2014...and Chris Borland talked about in the ESPN article. Now, it's an ESPN employee (Carter) and a guy who is a fucking shady psycho (Sapp). Sapp's got crazy eyes.

NFL pulled the video from their website just today, over a year later...yeah, it still happened you morons.

Packers fan reacts to Jordy Nelson tearing his ACL

I laughed...probably old, but I never saw that before

play on which Jordy tore his ACL

yeah, doesn't even look like it considering how fast he got up, ran off, and everything. Bummer.

Steelers/Packers wrecked by injuries: Maurkice Pouncey will require surgery too....and it appears to be another broken bone in ankle for him
Steelers & Packers were the healthiest and 3rd healthiest offenses in the league last year.

Joe Thomas backs Brady, rips Goodell an asshole

I don't know what the fuck the NFL is trying to do, but Joe Thomas hits the nail on the head that the NFL aspires to be a 365 day/year business, always be in the headlines, and just be about entertainment on top of the product. It's insane.

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Pats officially sign Reggie Wayne to 1-year deal
glad to have him and it's a nice eff you to the Colts
Wish it was before his torn ACL when they had interest in him.

Wayne wanted the Packers to show interest after Jordy went down, but they showed none...Pats are more depleted (forgot that Edelman has been out for about a month with a lower leg injury too)
Kind of Wes Welker-y too if you're a vet who wants to win a Super Bowl: you want to play with a great QB. I think Welker had more left in the tank, but his head injuries always were inevitable.

I'm far more excited about this than Ocho, who always seemed like a dope. I never imagined he would have struggled as badly as he did...but Wayne is one of the best WR's I've seen. Definitely not what he was, but 20-30 snaps/game? I'll take it.

Pats place Brandon Gibson on IR after knee injury on last catch of game
Mike Reiss: Brandon Gibson was making charge for No. 4-5 spot on WR depth chart. Carried himself as true pro. Tough blow for him, given past knee injury

he looked like he belonged out there. Chris Harper is another guy I'm excited about.
We'll see.

Peter King apologizes for false PSI report and that the NFL never bothered to correct it

haha ESPN also apologized for Cris 3 AM in the fucking morning.

Edited by Cassidy

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Jordy Nelson=torn ACL

fuck...I don't know about the Packer fans that are on here or even bother still posting on here (Vince; Adam). But that blows.
Luckily, the guy they drafted last year is awesome. Richard Rodgers might be better
TJ Lang also suffered a concussion.

But yeah, big blow for a team I had as the #1 team to win the Super Bowl

Mixhail is a Packers fan until ESPN covers the Texans.  Then he's a Texans fan for a couple of days before reverting to the Packers. :)

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^ I'll allow it. 

Poor poor Jordy. Oh well, at least they have Devante Adams waiting in the wings to breakout. Thank god they re-signed Cobb too. Also nice timing with them drafting Ty Montgomery (he was dope at Stanford). Plus they have Jeff Janis, who is basically another version of Jordy, albeit shittier.



Anyway, I'm gonna delay this Boreds fantasy draft another week to see if we can get more teams. C'mon you guys, joiiiiiiiiiiiin.

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Goddamn the Broncos for signing Evan Mathis. I figured the Seahawks might sign him too. Went for less than I figured too, so that irks me that the pats didn't pony up the cash

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Hard Knocks ep 3

JJ Watt's fumble...
.@NFLFilms didn't include the best part of the Watt forced fumble: O'Brien sort of taunted him back out bc he left after a pass. One of the best plays, considering his coach just called him out, I've ever seen at an NFL camp practice. Otherworldly.

-did they seriously show JJ Watt catching balls for, like, 1 minute? haha

Mixhail: Damn, I did not know about Bill O'Brien's poor kid. This is sadder than learning bout the new JV coach's paralyzed kid in Mighty Ducks 3

saw this tweet and was not prepared. I think I kind of heard about the situation, but it was far worse than I imagined it would be seeing the way his son was strapped and incapable of doing anything at all.

Orlando Scandrick=torn ACL
not good for a meh defense...Byron Jones also got a shoulder injury; those don't go away. He had banged up shoulders in college. I think ultimately Jones might move to FS a la Devin McCourty, but we'll see.

Junior Galette=torn Achilles
teammates were excited about a pissed off Galette...but fuck that guy. And fuck this franchise.

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Martavis Bryant facing 4-game substance abuse suspension, under appeal

-I had the Steelers sucking this year once I saw their schedule...but I kind of talked myself into their offense being explosive
-...but their defense blows
-Maurkice Pouncey is having ankle surgery; Stephon Tuitt injured
-Leveon Bell suspended first 2 games

so yeah, brutal schedule...I got the Ravens winning the division.
Bengals being a dark horse although Andy Dalton still sucks (got back Michael Johnson AND a comp pick; got guys I liked in the draft in Marcus Hardison; addressed Offensive Line; Paul Dawson; Josh Shaw; get Marvin Jones/AJ Green back; Geno Atkins 2 years removed from ACL injury; Vontaze Burfict healthier but still a dirty douchebag). With a mediocre QB, they'd be a Super Bowl contender. With Dalton, they're a non-threat.

So yeah, I feel content with the Pats playing them on opening night and beating them with or without Brady being there along with LaFell, Edelman, Hightower, Wendell, etc.

dude who punched out Geno Smith got catfished by a dude...who is now a preacher

holy shit at this story leaking out I can't stop laughing

BobbyBigWheel: Geno Smith would make a joke if his jaw weren't wired shut

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Broncos add Dan Light at TE

went to high school in my town, so some mutual friends.
Same high school as 2014 3rd round pick TE Richard Rodgers (Packers/California) and 2014 6th round TE Rob Branchflower (UMass; Steelers)
James MacGillicuddy went to St John's (starting OL at Stanford for Andrew Luck)

yeah, Saint John's is the all-boys prep powerhouse for my area of central MA forever that attracts all the top talent.
Hard to compete with that in your own town.

Nick Haag of Colts
from town next to mine (Grafton; same place as former HC of Rams in Steve Spagnuola, who I think is back as DC for Giants)
went to Assumption College in Worcester (went to camps there growing up) which is where Notre Dame HC Brian Kelly went to (random fucking college since their college sports teams fucking blow)

I think the dude from my high school/town got released by the Colts (blew out his ACL last year)

Sounds like he's sticking with football...but I doubt he'll make it since only more and more guys are coming into the league and he hasn't latched on totally yet. If it doesn't work out, I see him being a bodybuilder. Would be interesting if he got into wrestling. He's got the look/body type.

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