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pre-game scuffle breaks out between Pats-Bills

Pats' QB's ALWAYS run along their sideline the length of the field...sounds like Bills were upset they were on THEIR side of the field, but most teams do that on warmups. Hard to imagine the Bills would instigate if Brady was out there.
-Bills no-named safety (Robert Blanton) went out of his way and ran right into Jacoby, pushed him, Jacoby kept on moving, and Malcolm stayed behind to push him, entire Bills secondary came over.
No other Pats were on the just coaches, so coaches had to stay to protect Malcolm...and DL Coach Brendan Daly got pushed by Aaron Williams and slapped in the head when he was holding him back and had his back to him.
Also was on the Pats' sideline...makes sense that pre-game penalties could be assessed. None were though.



1st quarter
-Cyrus Jones fucked up on the opening kickoff. Was in the end zone, stepped out, tried downing it but was then at the 1. Dumb. Made it to 8-yard line.
-Julian Edelman basically goes for a 90+ yard run after catch, gets to the 1-yard line...but...holding on the play. After a play like that, he's gassed and they go 3 & out.
-Bills' 1st series: using some wildcat with LeSean McCoy. Lot of letdown on Pats' D. Penalties on both sides. Bills got away with a blatant illegal pick/block with RObert Woods on DOnta Hightower: Pats do those plays, so that just sucks. It happens....Pats have outscored opponents 34-0 in the 1st quarter. So first time they've given up points.
-Cyrus Jones: takes it out of end zone again. Doesn't get to the 15.
-Belichick not happy, slammed his tablet (either with letting up the TD and replay of that; or the kickoff return by Cyrus Jones)

-Pats go 3 & out again...Zach Brown got away with horsecollaring Edelman pretty blatantly (he let go) but was inside Edelman's jersey/shoulder pads and was effecting Edelman.
-pretty obvious Edelman WILL be playing QB at some point today with their trickery.
-2nd series: Bills doing strong...Richie Incognito postplay shove gets caught...10-0 Bills
-Cyrus Jones gets sarcastic cheer immediately from crowd for kneeling in the end zone. He's been an early goat for putting the Pats in awful field position. Loudest Pats fans have been all day probably.
-Gronk: 0 catches so far on the season; clearly not healthy...and team doesn't really trust Jacoby. Limited. Lot of trickery, runs to Blount, short passes
-lot of flags in this game early. Nearly every play.
-Bills' 3rd series: Pats coverage sucks, lot of missed tackles, penalties. Suck all around...bummer to watch. They're not getting pressure on Tyrod; think they are respecting his ability to run, so they're just containing him....Tyrod finally hit by Hightower on 3rd down...13-0 Bills
-Pats' 4th series: finally get a 1st down...they launch a deep pass finally and one past 5 yards. 58 yards to Bennett, great run after catch. Longest play of career: previous high was 43 yards 3rd passing play of game for Pats, 8 runs before that
-Pats fucked over by refs: bad ball placement on would-be 1st, makes it 3rd & 1...refs not set with Pats trying to run it (they had ample time to be set), would have had 1st...then 10-yard penalty on Pats for 3rd & 11...then Brissett fumbles it on 3rd & 11 run play with Zach Brown strip. Bad fumble, was 3 yards short of 1st....frustrating. Pats were in the goal line too. Combination of sloppy play and refereeing not helping out at all.
-22-yard play by Bills on 3rd down. Utter shit in coverage, yards after catch, containment, everything.

We'll see if they change up after the half. Not showing up today at all.
-14-yard sack by Bills: Jerry Hughes. End of half. Bills should have used timeouts after that sack. Bad clock management by Bills since Pats were inside their own 5-yard line....great punt by Pats to end the half, make sure they can't get in FG position.

-0 targets to Edelman, Amendola, Gronk (Edelman had the opening play which was called back for a penalty)
-16 1st downs for BIlls, 2 for Pats: Bills had possesion for over 19 minutes of 1st half

Still feels like Pats should get back in the game

-Pats get off hot. (3 & out for Bills), but Pats get stopped short of FG range...Edelman may have been fucked over by refs, ball deemed 'uncatchable' but felt like it was right there. Replay showed otherwise, but closer look would have been nice. Go for it on 4th, bobbled, and caught.
-Brissett slow to get up after scrambling...felt like he might have taken helmet to helmet hit. Not dirty. Just took a weird slide with a LB coming in full-speed. Not sure how Jacoby didn't go into concussion protocol immediately. Who knows?
-Bolden drops would-be TD catch. Should have had it. Brissett took hit on play. That's why Bolden is a special teamer...Pats miss FG, still 13-0. Pats just fucking up opportunities, poor play, bad protection. Pats should be up 14-13 it feels like. They are going to lose this one.
-Bills move into Pats territory, miss FG off goal post...Bills should be up by more given how poor Pats are playing.
-Solder chop block on man Gronk was blocking makies it 1st & 25. Kills drive basically...Solder may have just fell down on that one. Not sure if it was intentional or not. DIdn't look like it....Brissett runs out bounds, no penalty called for late hit.  Was the right call not to throw the flag. Zach Brown is looking good today,..Brissett misses Amendola for would-be 1st on 3rd & 19. Too high. Amendola would have had a lot of room to run after that one.
-Gronk: just blocking today
-Bills 16-0...weak roughing the passer call against Chris Long helped that drive out...Logan Ryan has 16 tackles as a CB!...still a quarter left to go.

-1st target for Gronk on day, 1st catch of season: 3rd & 8. Much-needed guy on 3rd down, red zone.
-Brissett getting laid out today. Bad blocking, holding on too long at times, missed throws, penalties...just shit...sack by Pats, nearly got stripped on sack....and penalties against Pats that whole series on every down. WTF? False start, holding, illegal formation
-Bills 2nd & 25...missed Sheard sack, big play...then 3rd down, 2 missed sacks on 3rd down. 
-turnover on downs inside 20...Pats took FOREVER on that drive, no urgency...makes sense with Jacoby. If it was Jimmy/Brady, that wouldn't happen.

Hard to imagine Bills winning this game if Brady was playing. Offense played against type...but just shit on all 3 phases.


Just a sloppy QB, Gronk/Hightower aren't healthy....refs didn't help Pats or give benefit-of-doubt or petty calls that Bills got...slow start. Gronk is just blocking...0 targets; if he IS targeted, it would be in the goal line. But Pats got fucked out of that one...and then fumbled it after being fucked over. Didn't deserve to win. Awful performance all over.

Well, figured the Pats would win this game, but oh well.
3-1 without Brady? Gronk only 1 reception through those 4 games, Highower ineffective/injured, 2 games with rookie 3rd round pick. I'll take it.

RB-Brandon Bolden (knee)-twisted down
LB-Jonathan Freeny (arm/shoulder)

RB-Legarrette Blount -groin/hamstring/leg
TE-Martellus Bennett -arm/shoulder

Bright side
Tom Brady is officially back.

Bills: 2-2, Rex Ryan's job saved after being two of the final 4 teams in back-to-back weeks
Thought he was on verge of being fired if he lost vs Cardinals or Pats, so quite a turnaround.

Fuck, I was fantasizing he'd get fired after playing us. I still don't think Bills make the playoffs though, but they'll be getting their rookies back. We'll see what happens in the AFC. Long way to go.

I wouldn't say this game is an 'upset', figured it might be close with Jacoby back there. Still felt somewhat confident, but just sloppy as hell. Pats were sloppy from the opening kickoff (Cyrus Jones fielding it/trying to down it) to the awesome opening play for 92 yards that was called back. Suck.

Falcons beat Panthers
Julio Jones goes for 300 yards against the Panthers' D? Wild.

Cam Newton: concussion

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Rams (3-1) beat the Cardinals (1-3)

wtf is happening? They've won 3 straight...but got shutdown by the 49ers?!

I guess Carson Palmer and his protection just sucks. Palmer suffered a concussion late.

Navarro Bowman carted off with non-contact injury

Chargers should be 4-0, are 1-3
Shit coach. Bad injury luck. Let Weddle go (mistreated him), should have had Bosa in mix (mistreated him as well)...and then there's the move to LA looming over everything.

With that said, Drew Brees/Philip Rivers are both QB's who deserve to be on better teams. Saints should be in rebuild mode, but aren't. Don't know how Brees can possibly win: he's just going to put up stats on a shit team.

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3 hours ago, haverchuck said:

He'd look great in burnt orange and navy blue 

The sad thing is that I would be stoked for him to join the Bears if they built a good team around him.  And they are my second most hated team (fuck the Packers).  Honestly just get Stafford the fuck off the Lions.  I can't take him yelling at all the people fucking up over and over again while they just stare at him like a mouth breather.  I wish he would get his recognition, he's a REALLY good QB.  He is just constantly let down by the team around him.  Bad offensive line for almost his whole career, bad (historically) defenses, no run game, WR drops (though dude does throw very very hard so I can overlook this to an extent)...I feel bad for the dude.  He actually seems like he really wants to win and I would be so stoked if he won in a Lions uni, but it will never happen.  He aint perfect but goddamn the Lions don't deserve him.  

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the GOAT is back from his BS suspension!

Mostly Pats fans in Cleveland in the crowd. Makes sense.

Some concerns going into this game...
-Gronk's health: will he finally be unleashed
-Edelman's foot
-Brady's rust
-defense (sucked last week)
-Blount's hip (season ended last year w/ hip injury; seems like he injuredi t last week)

Some problems with the Pats...
-Cardinals' win (missed FG with bad long snapper. Cards' look bad )
-Texans (2 fumbles on special teams. Game is different without those gifts. Watt injured. Brock sucks)
-Dolphins (whatever happened after Jimmy G went out. How the D looked in that game after Jimmy G's injury, is how they played against the Bills. Just too easy)

1st quarter
-3 & out for Browns. I guess Cody Kessler is their QB now.
-1st drive (10 yards to Edelman; hit on 2nd pass by Nassib & big 1st down to Gronk; 11-yard rush by Blount; 1 yard to Bennett; fake reverse to Edelman/screen to White: nothing; amazing Gronk run after catch on 3rd down to go, like, 50 yards to the 1; Blount stuffed; Blount TD run)
-well, 1st drive: Gronk's 1st catch is deepest route he's gone for...2nd route: HE IS BACK!
-Bennett down on the field with right leg injury: fuuuuuuuuuuuck. Such a bummer that once Gronk is back, Bennett goes down. Bennett/Gronk was most hopeful combination Pats have had since Gronk-Hernandez back in 2012 or Moss-Welker. Rolled ankle underneath players pretty badly. I doubt Bennett comes back today.
-Browns' 2nd drive: solid drive. Lot of time in pocket for Kessler. Pats' 3rd down D is bad this year. Penalties by Pats. TD to Andrew Hawkins. Easy drive.
-Pats' 2nd drive; Bennett back in the game surprisingly.
-James White big play for 36 yards: Browns players took out 2 guys on screen pass. Funny to see that.

Edelman is kicking ass blocking this year


-Bennett TD: easy. Just waked in easily on that one. 1st TD pass of season for Brady. 'Brady!' chat erupts in the crowd. Awful Gronk spike by Bennett though. It didn't even spike. It hit his own teammate like it was a pass. WTF was that?: 14-7 Pats
-Browns' 3rd drive: after Cyrus Jones gave up the TD, undrafted rookie Jonathan Jones is in...Kessler got NAILED hard, took a hell of a shot from Hightower landing on right shoulder (it's the year of AC joint injuries it sounds like). Looks like injured ribs too. Donta Hightower caused a safety.  Hightower came shooting up fast as you can. Finally, a well-timed blitz: 16-7 Pats

For what it's worth: Kessler didn't look bad.


Here's the clip

-deep pass by Brady to Hogan: 1st & goal. 43 yards...TD pass to Bennett on 3rd down from the 5 with CB draped over him. Brady (13-15, 186 yards, 2 TD's) 23-7 Pats. 
-Terrelle Pryor, not Whitehurtst, in at QB to begin. Immediately fumbles, Pats should have recovered it. Tried scooping/scoring with it.
-deep pass to Hogan on 3rd down: Hogan injured on play. Hogan's head bounced hard against the turf after the tackle. 63-yard play...Hogan was definitely NOT the 1st option on the play. Fun to see Brady improvise a bit on that one. Awesome pass. 100+ yards for first time in Hogan's career already. They were at the 1 on 3rd down. 
-4th & goal...Pats stuffed. Tried running it 3 times. Should have Brady sneaked it, tried running to outside. Oh, well. Maybe the fear of Danny Shelton.
-Butler bad penalty holding Terrelle Pryor well before ball gets there...bummer. Browns were at the 2.
-Pats' drive before half: should have used timeouts when they got 1st past the 50. Hated that. THink they were content with settling for FG. Belichick fucked up on that drive....Gostkowski misses FG past 30. Gost is really struggling ever since he missed the XP FG in the AFC Championship. Him + Blair Walsh both.


-game is slow-moving compared to last week's Bills game. That game flew by
-Pats should be up by more (weird drive at end of half PLUS missed FG; failing to score at all from the 1-yard line on 3 consecutive runs)
-Pats get ball to start the half

-pretty amazing to see Gronk catch a ball despite being held the whole way on 3rd down.
-3rd TD of game for Bennett diving for it: both Gronk + Bennett were WIDE FUCKING OPEN. Wow.  1st 3 TD game of career 126 games in. 30-7...wonder if we'll see Jimmy G. He might NOT be healthy though. 
-Cyrus Jones ejected for unnecessary roughness. Guy blocked him far away from the play and he was pissed that the block was low, late from Hawkins. Threw a punch. Yeah, Belichick is not going to be happy with him.
-Chung INT. That was on the WR....Brady then has weakest series (2 near picks; sack trying to scramble out: shoelace tackle)


-Pats offical Twitter page tweeted video of BRady to Bennett during game. Will probably be fined $100K by the league since they told teams this week NOT to post video for fear of losing viewers (been multiple reports of how much the league is using). Haha Pats were the most predictable team to do that probably this week.
-Brady dives for 1st down, gets it. Funny to see him signaling for it on Cleveland sideline. Some humor on Brady's part since watching him run is comical.


-Hogan injured after Haden diving tackle: got hit everywhere...Haden flew in low, landed hella awkwardly, hit again. I thought he was done for the year. Looked like leg, neck, shoulder, back. WHenever you see a guy come flying in full-sprint and going low, it's rough. 
-nice TD catch by TE for Browns. Jonathan Jones, Cyrus Jones' replacement, wasn't looking back for ball
-37 yards to Gronk up slot. Awesome pass.
-Jimmy G comes in for Brady (28-40, 406 yards, 3 TD's)...wasn't the best 2nd half, but they ate the clock a bit.

^Charlie Whitehurst injured. LOL. Add another ame. Hyperextended his knee scrambling while throwing ball away and got hit, should have fell down earlier. Browns just have the WORST luck in QB's. Terrell Pryor in at QB. Announcers said RIGHT after the clip above that Charlie Whitehurst could be the starting QB next week. Nope. Injuredwith 4 minutes left.

Bengals at home next week, @ Steelers week after that. Steelers game is going to be tough. I think the Steelers will win the Super Bowl this year

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Cowboys destroy Bengals
Kind of have to take the Cowboys for real now. Ezekiel Elliott is the shit and way better than I figured he might...he's doing it without La'el Collins + Tyron Smith at times too. And Dez as a threat...with the best offensive line in football/history, I figured any RB could get 1000 yards. So the #4 pick was worth it if someone special was out there, even if RB's are overvalued.




Bills go 3-2, face 49ers/Dolphins in next 2 weeks, should be 5-2 at home when facing Pats at end of month
interesting. Bad Rams' coaching though.

Edited by Cassidy

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Falcons beat Broncos

I still can't take the Falcons seriously. Just no defense, played against a weak QB/bad O-Line play.
I wanted Alex Mack/Clay Matthews in the 2009 draft before the Pats traded down. Somethign to be said about having a legit Center to solidify an O-Line.

With that said, beating Broncos in Denver is impressive. Tough place to play. I doubt they'll beat Seattle next week. That's tough and insane if they do that. Toughest places to play: KC, Seattle, Denver, New England (w/ Brady obviously), Baltimore. Vikings might be up there now.

Yeah...Seahawks, Broncos, Vikings are best defenses.
Thing is this about the Vikings: a LOT of their stars are young/unknown guys, so they aren't going to REALLY get the respect they deserve that the Seahawks/Broncos get.

Steelers/Broncos=scariest teams in AFC to Pats
Steelers can hang with the Pats' scoring: Sammie Coates makes up for the loss of Martavis Bryant (Bryant can do more with the ball), but they lack Denver's D. I fear strong defenses more against the Pats' weak-ass O-Line. But, man, the Steelers are so damn impressive...if Big Ben/Antonio Brown/Leveon Bell weren't cheap-shotted by one Vontaze Burfict, they beat Denver and maybe beat Denver.

Getting homefield advantage is so important over Pitt/Denver.

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LOL @ the Lions beating the Eagles.  The reffing was pretty atrocious with the Lions getting the benefit of the doubt more often than not, which was weird to see.  The pick that Slay had to end the game was a thing of beauty though.  This team makes no goddamn sense but I'm KIND OF bummed about the win because this looked like a nail in his coffin when yet again the Lions were leading at half but then the other team makes the adjustments at half and the coaching staff can't do a damn thing to change their own plan.

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With the addition of Boldin, Tate hasn't spent any time really in the slot where he traditionally wins.  He hasn't been terrible on the outside in the past, but definitely not as strong as in the slot.  But honestly, he hasn't really looked like he's been into the games this entire year, either he looks disinterested or actively upset.  You can see this come through in a couple dumb penalties he's taken, he's ran wrong routes (forced an INT against the Bears because Staff threw where he was supposed to go), and generally been ineffective otherwise.  It doesn't help that Marvin Jones has been getting constant separation too, so he is seeing a ton of targets which he deserves.  I think the offensive line being better lends itself more to deeper passes when compared to last few Lions years, which suits Jones more than Tate who was more of a YAC guy catching it around the line of scrimmage.


The Lions did a few different things to get him involved yesterday, including having him line up at RB for a few rushes.  He still put up a shit line, but maybe this is a sign they are working on getting him going.

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Mina Kimes' profile of the Bennett brothers turns into a mini-doc

fun watch

DT-Vincent Valentine (back)
LB-Jamie Collins (hip)
LB-Shea McClellin (concussion)-he sucks
LB-Jonathan Freeny -put on IR
CB-Cyrus Jones -interesting healthy scratch; disciliplie issues 2 weeks in a row
CB-Justin Coleman -healthy scratch

TE-Rob Gronkowski (stomach flu)
CB-Eric Rowe (active for 1st time tis season)-all Bengal receivers are over 6'1'' so makes sense to have a big CB

TE-Tyler Eifert (still out; their O-Line & him being out is why the Bengals are struggling)

-Vontaze doing something dirty. Dirtiest player in the game. Him + Suh I always expect something bad to happen when on the field.
-must-win spot for Bengals. Cowboys' loss was killer.
-Pats' LB depth: they have none

-FIRST DRIVE: TOm Brady to Gronk 29 yards on 3rd down: broken to watch Brady scramble with a bunch of time, but nobody was open. Pocket is collapsing for sure on him fast, but they didn't get to him. Got hit once before the FG attempt for 46 yards
-BENGALS' 1st DRIVE: stalls at the 50, choose to punt, ball goes to 20-yard line. It was 4th & 1, I'd have gone for it if I were the Bengals.
-PATS' 2nd DRIVE: Edelman/Gronk significant catches; Brady got hit fast and he got rid of the ball quick to Gronk...Chris Hogan: hold on Pats' drive. His hold against Buffalo 2 weeks ago hurt the Pats on their first play. So not good to have another 1st & 20, put them out of FG range....Bengals are focusing in on stopping Pats' short game effectively real early .
-BENGALS' 2nd DRIVE: hands-to-face penalty that had nothig to do with the play. Garbage call when Pats had the Bengals ready to punt....they finally get held for holding with RB tackling Elandon Roberts (Roberts looking damn good early: tipped ball, forced a penalty on would-be sack)...Mingo gives up big play to Bernard on 3rd. TD Bengals...Pats had Bengals on 2nd & 24 (maybe Pats should have taken the penalty for 3rd & 14 but they wanted Bengals out of FG range)....holy shit, Bengals got to the 1, had 1st down there, then got stuffed 4 times in a row from the 1. Wow! I mean, I like the Bengals decision to go for it and be aggressive. But just bad execution.
-...but the Pats have to basically start at the 2-yard line now....big Blount run for 15 yards gives them room to be comfortable. ...Brady sacked; Pats play conservative. Not really doing anything, but Pats haven't proved they can protect Brady or give him time
-Bengals' TD: key 3rd down deep play to AJ Green, great throw. Then a throw over the middle to AJ where he gets crushed, Dalton run for TD on option play. Awful, awful defense. No pressure on Dalton whatsoever. 3:10 left in half, Bengals get ball to start 2nd. So shitty. 7-3 Bengals, Time of Possession heavily in favor of Bengals. 
-Pats' drive before end of half: Vontaze sack of Brady makes it 3rd & 18...flag on Bengals for illegal contact (5 yards), makes it automatic 1st down. I got to admit, those automatic 1st downs for infractions of 5 yards is lame as hell. Pass Interference calls against defenses need to be changed. Pats got lucky there. But, with that said, Bengals got gifted a shit penalty call on a key 3rd down play....Brady finally gets time to throw ball, gets Hogan across middle for huge play. James White TD pass for 15 yards (White's heavily involved with gameplan early). Pats needed that one. 10-7 Pats

Cincy looks better early in all phases earlier than the Pats; dominating LOS on D, effective on offense (Dalton barely any incompletions)

-Pats' D: no pressure on QB at all, Dalton looks comfortable, hit zero times (even on his option TD run). Meanwhile, Brady's been hit over 5 times on far less plays...Pats are among the worst in the league in some stats (3rd down D; red zone). Just isn't impressive. Zero pressure on Dalton.
-Pats' D allowing 14.6 PPG, on pace to allow that through 1st half giving up 7...but still, the letdowns, time of possession, lack of pressure isn't good. It's 'bend but don't break' but it just is so frustrating to watch.

2nd HALF
-easy Bengals drive for TD
-Pats' 1st drive: 16-yard pass play to Blount, then false start by Edelman, and Brady sacked again...frustrating game on offense. Poor line protection, conservative (because of line protection), Bennett/Gronk not being thrown to at all really.
-DONTA HIGHTOWER 2nd SAFETY 2 WEEKS IN A ROW!!!!!! FUCK YEAH!!!!...Perfectly timed blitz again! FUCK YEAH! Fucking finally they get to Dalton. Came after a key penalty holding call against Bengals.
-Bennett finally targeted by Brady for a 24-yard catch....Gronk targeted: big play and big run after catch: insiddown to 4-yard line. 10 straight completions for Brady. Gronk TD next catch! First Gronk spike of the year! Amazing low catch for the big guy. Low and away so only Gronk could catch it, amazing that he did. 19-14 Pats

-Hightower's safety woke the Pats up on offense/defense...D is coming alive, but crowd is now REALLY into it. Hightower is a beast. One of most underrated, rock solid players in the NFL. Is injured a bit, but damn good.
-big play to Gronk: play-action: 5000th career completion, 4th all-time behind Favre, Manning, Brees. Big, big play brings them inside 20. Bennett next play for another 1st. ...nearly had Edelman in end zone. Fun to see Brady pre-snap for about 30 seconds holding off the Bengals inevitable blitz.  James White TD pass: 3rd TD pass of game for Brady, 2nd receiving TD for White (also Dion Lewis can come off PUP this week, but I think the Pats wait until their bye week in November to get him back): 25-14 Pats; Gostkowski misses FG, really struggling
-Gronk has over 100 yards on the day, extends Pats' record for most 100+ yard games with 22 now.
-love Brady yelling, "BRUSCHI!" as a pre-snap check.
-Butler: near INT that would have been awesome
-FG make for Bengals, Pats stopped them again inside 10.
-Gronk penalty on 3rd down pushes ot 3rd & 12; conservative playcalling again...Hogan had a would-be catch, but Pass Interference called against Pacman. Big call, Pacman went ape shit. Such an obvious call; grabbed Hogan's shoulder pads before the catch.

-Gronk makes a big catch, Pacman went low on Gronk, Pacman injured, Gronk went over after to talk shit to Pacman on the ground, Vontaze got in Gronk's helmet for doing so....Vontaze went low on Bennett injuring him earlier in the drive and taking Bennett out of the game...

^ball wasn't even thrown to him...this play is what got Gronk pissed at the Bengals and talked shit the next play to Pacman/Vontaze.
-go to Gronk next play for another 1st...Gronk talks trash afterwards to Bengals' secondary, Vonaze loses his shit, comes running in. Gronk gets called for taunting BUT Gronk/Vontaze should have been called for offsetting it goes from 1st & goal to 1st & goal to backed to nearly the 30 because of that. Lame as fuck....Gostkowski makes a FG, not by much: 27-17 Pats...should have got a TD out of that drive, but that penalty was worry is that Vontaze will do something dirty, and, well Gronk has him PISSED.
-Hightower's first good game of the year. he is the shit...Sheard/Hightower sack basically ends game for Bengals.
-Blount got away with going inside a guy's facemask. Good no-call...the guy was aggressive with Blount when he was on the ground long after he had been tackled. Ridiculous. 
-Edelman got away with hooking a guy's facemask. Both guys face-masked each other.
-Blount TD run, spikes it...called back...Brady sneak, short (purposely shielded ball in case he didn't get it and just went low)...Blout TD run, scuffle breaks out, yanks out a dude's helmet, Vontaze got thrown to the ground by Legarrette then he yanked Sims' helmet off LOL. Fuck Vontaze. How is he even in the league still? Dude learned nothing. 35-17 Pats

-Andy Dalton is NOT a bad QB. Hate myself for saying that. If he gets time, he's solid. He still has a lot to prove.
Weird NFL year (Cody Kessler is a starting QB; Jared Goff is not), all the rookie starting QB's
Panthers, Bengals struggling
-Brady/Gronk makes all the difference
-Gronk 162 yards: career high, previous was 160 in 2011.
-Hightower's safety changed the game completely. Momentum went Pats way after that. You could feel it.
-Pats have a ton of key guys up for free agency (Sheard; Hightower; Collins; Long; Bennett; Butler; Logan Ryan)...Hightower/Collins are the first 2 priorities. No movement on any of these guys yet.Also, Jimmy G's contract is up after 2017. If the Pats hold on to him, that's a significant contract to take on...But if there's a decision between Hightower AND Collins, then that's super interesting. Hightower may be better, but Collins is a freak with a higher ceiling.
-Gostkowski struggling badly this year. Consistent/reliable, but having worst year. Like I said, been struggling since Denver FG miss. Seems mental. Him + Blair Walsh haven't been the same since their playoff misses.
-teams that lose in the playoffs in HORRIBLE ways tend to struggle the year after: Bengals had such an AWFUL loss last year. Then they brought BOTH Vontaze/Pacman back AND Marvin Lewis. And, on top of that, they made Pacman a fucking team captain. PACMAN JONES! Dumb dumb dumb.
-taunting calls are such bullshit. I HATE the refereeing this year. It's over-the-top, taking fun out of the game. I get controlling games and stopping things. But, you know, just throw guys like Vontaze out of the league. Guys like him are the problem. He was involved in EVERY play where the game was out of control. No coincidence. And he injured a key play (Martellus) that was unnecessary

How do you fall behind the Saints 21-0? Nearly go undefeated last year, now they're 1-5. Yeah, Cam is injured all season, but the D shouldn't be struggling.

-Pats at Steelers next week
-Pats: 5-1, Steelers 4-2...Steelers are team I'm most fearful of in the AFC. Broncos are up there. Raiders aren't there yet....Bills are 4-2: end of month matchup should be fun. Ravens are sneaky tough. Next 3 games are interesting (@ Steelers, @ Bills, Bye, Seahawks)

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-Cowboys had ball at end of 1st half with 57 seconds left...5 plays, 34 seconds, TD pass: real shitty way to end half for Packers
-Aaron Rodgers and the Packers' offense not so secretly sucks. I don't know what it is. I'd fire McCarthy and that's been said for awhile. Haven't been the same since they lost to the Seahawks in the 2014-2015 NFC Championship game that they blew. No real separation for receivers
-Cowboys looking good is scary. Dak being this great as a rookie is freaky. No real mistakes. As they keep winning, I think you got to keep Dak. If you start Romo, he gets a short leash. It's a tough situation. I wouldn't hurry the situation with Romo to come back. Dak/Cowboys are winning without Romo, Dez.
-hate that there's no CBS game to watch. Woud like to switch between this game and watch Chiefs-Raiders or Seahawks-Falcons.
-Packers were slim on CB depth
-best play I saw Rodgers make before I fell asleep in the 3rd for a nap was him throwing an awful pass to his WR on 3rd down and Sean Lee ran into Morris Claiborne, knocking him out.

^Pats' headsets/wi-fi didn't work pretty much all day. I guess in the 1st quarter there wasn't Wi-Fi available in the stadium either 

Chiefs beat Raiders
YES! Now 4-2.

Seahawks 26 Falcons 24
Falcons are impressive...but Seahawks still legit as fuck. Guess there was controversy with Richard Sherman that wasn't called for a penalty.

...aaaand yeah, that's a penalty...blame other franchises not named the Pats for blocking the ability to challenge every call IF they have the challenges to do so. Could have helped

Vikings, Seahawks, Cowboys remain scariest teams in NFC....Falcons are moving close.
Packers aren't impressive like they should be at all.

Demeco Ryans suing Texans field over Achilles injury
I was pissed with Welker's injury there...been called out multiple times, so fun to see Demeco, a former Texan, sue the Texans himself.

also, the Texans suck. Staying out of watching the trashy Sunday Night/Monday Night/Thursday night games. Utter shit.
With that said, Bernardrick McKinney is good. Liked the pick when the Texans got him, turning into a player.

Colts-Texans suck-off...Texans come back down 14 to win in OT.
Just waiting on Pagano/Grigson to be fired...Grigson should have been fired into the sun a long time ago. Any day now.

4:56 left in 4th, Colts' win probability was 99%...and they blew it. To Brock f'n Osweiler and a team without JJ Watt, Will Fuller. But, with that said, I can't tell you what talent the Colts really have. I hate that team.

Terrell Suggs=torn biceps
Played through a torn biceps in the other arm in 2012.

Big Ben: torn meniscus in left knee...Landry Jones expected to start against the Pats
Wow...still expect game to be tough (beat Cardinals with Landry at QB last year), but that changes the matchup. If Pats win, seeding favors Pats. Bills could still potentially challenge for division lead in 2 weeks.

Big Ben=awesome QB but chronically injured. There's a running bet each year on how many games he misses and you could place it at 3-4 and most likely be right.

With that said, Wilson is tought, can't believe Flacco won a Super Bowl, Siemian is better than Peyton was last year and they won a Super Bowl. But the path to homefield advantage looks easy right now barring injuries. I'd like the Pats to be able to rest key guys before the playoffs: Gronk, Bennett, Hightower, Collins, Edelman.

But I take the view point if the Pats and Denver played in New England, Pats win. So many things went wrong last season for what could have been an undefeated Pats team if healthy (Solder/Dion/Edelman's injuries killer: Edelman returned for the playoffs but had nothing to give; Collins contracted something and was sick & out for over 1 month; Vollmer injured late). Denver deserved it and they got the job done. 2014 Pats got lucky with injuries, 2011-2013/2015 teams didn't.

I want to say I fear a healthy Pittsburgh more and I would have said going into Sunday that they are the favorite to win the Super Bowl, but man, rough year, some key injuries/suspensions. Denver I might fear more if Siemian can get back/play better. I fear teams who can play D against the Pats more.

If I had a #1 pick for 2017...
Myles Garrett would be it for me. Preseason favorite and continuing

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Bill Belichick goes out of his way to shit on Microsoft Tablets

LOL. Always finding some way to needle the NFL. Microsoft has a $400 million deal with the NFL...and he gave a fucking 5 minute 25 second monologue trashing tablets 


I hate the Bills, but that is pretty awesome.

I guess Vontaze stepped on Blount after his TD run and that's why Blount pushed him; on replay, came damn close to taking out Brady's legs when he was pushed. That would have sucked. But fuck Vontaze forever.

^video of Vontaze stepping on Blount

Pats' locker room postgame post Bengals

Love these videos and the traditional Matthew Slater leading the team with the 'HOW DO WE FEEL...AW YEAH!!!" thing at the end of each win.
Can see Captain America himself in the back of the video...along with 2 random ass kids (Make a WIsh?) in there too.

Edited by Cassidy

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On 10/10/2016 at 10:54 AM, ignitionnight said:

What's wrong with Golden Tate? I had such high hopes for him, is he still sad about Calvin or is this just what happens when the other guy isn't double teamed all game.


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9 hours ago, ignitionnight said:

My fantasy bench had a great game!

Same my dude :(


I'm pretty sure like three dudes on my bench including him put up more points than my entire starting lineup.  He looked like his old self only concern is that Jones didn't do much so I'm wondering if teams are going with an either/or situation when setting coverage...could mean that one week Tate is the man and next is Jones :(

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The NFL ref who goes to my gym said he went to the Pats' sideline to talk to Belichick...
Belichick was complaining about Vontaze Burfict stomping on Legarrette Blount or something and then the ref brought up Rob Gronkowski. And then Belichick goes, "Oh, you mean our asshole was an asshole to their asshole?"

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-Ryan Tannehill sucks
-Jay Ajayi is good. I'm mad at the Pats for NOT drafting a RB the last 2 seasons when the RB classes were loaded (2017 will be too). There was good value past the 2nd round so as not to reach. And Ajayi (2015 5th round #149) and 6'0'' 228 and David Johnson: 6'1'' 225 (2015 3rd #86). Both are big backs, Pats had to figure Legarrette Bluunt was a stopgap RB who overachieves. Pats have Blount then a bunch of 3rd down backs lately (Vereen; Woodhead; Dion Lewis; dj Foster; James White). Lewis is fucking electric but he's plagued by torn ACL's (think 4 torn ACL's since entering the NFL now). Whitef offers nothing inthe  run game: Limited player. Blount is a special teamer...Bummed by Pats NOT drafting Johnson for sure.
-no idea what Jets/Dolphins do in search of a QB: go after a veteran?...I think I'd target Myles Garrett if I had a top 5 pick.
-Bills lose because they're the Bills: have chance of going for division lead over Pats next week, blow it.

Chiefs getting Justin Houston back soon
4-2, still in the hunt as a sneaky team.

Ravens sputtering, lose to Jets.

Carson Wentz had a QBR of 13, lowest of any winning QB...only saw the 1st half; tunrovers galore,

-Pats are banged up at LB (Collins; Roberts; Hightower all limited in practice). Edelman's foot problems might be nagging (9 catches and less than 100 yards in last 3 games)
-...Steelers are having bad luck with injuries (Ben; DeAngelo Williams). Shazier limited.
-Vincent Valentine out; Cyrus Jones: healthy scratch

Brady OWNS the Steelers/Colts/Bills; has trouble with the Broncos, Giants, Dolphins in Miami (they tend to be not going 100% because they have the division wrapped in some of those late games, but it's still noteworthy). Ravens games tend to be tough.

Hope the Pats put this game away early, come out healthy, and get rest for key guys that are banged up.

-Chris Hogan: fumble 1st snap of game after 1st down. Tackled from behind...I think his knee was down before the ball came out, but kind of had to know they wouldn't overrule it. Oh, well. Great play by Steelers from behind.
-Malcolm Butler INT in end zone...awful dance celebration. Finally Butler catches a ball and it was a solid catch. Bad throw by Landry Jones. He drops so many would-be INT's that it's amazing he made te one in the Super Bowl...ANtonio Brown TORCHED him in the 2015 season opener.
-screen pass to James White for a TD: Joe Thuney key block...Tom Brady key with scrambling on two key 3rd down plays (ran 1 for 1st down; extended one to sideline)
-Offensive PI called against Pitt; feared it was going to be called against Rowe but it was obvious Heyward-Bey was holding on to Rowe.
-Artie Burns supplexes Chris Hogan: penalty tacked on to 1st down catch

-Steelers throw a dumb-ass challenge of a Gronk 1st down catch. Nothing iffy about the catch.
-Mike Tomlin is a dumb-ass for not using Blount at all. Yeah, you have Leveon Bell, but to take the load off? How did you not expect Blount to unravel by not playing him or playing him in situations where he should be playing? With that said: Blount TD run: 14-0...7th rushing TD of season, ties career-high. 
-Antonio Brown: amazing: 51 yards: Pats were only team not to let up a 40-yard play all season; had to figure that would end today...Landry Jones to Darrius Howard-Bey TD
-Brandon Bolden is a useless RB; drops wide-open would-be 1st down catch with room to spare down sideline; forced to punt, bad one, 25 yards: I know the Pats are doing directional punting and trying not to let Antonio Brown beat them, but that might just happen.
-Pats called for absolute BS unnecessary roughness call: Leveon Bell was held by Collins in the air, Hightower hit him (barely rocked Bell back). Whistle was blown RIGHT as Hightower hit him. Lame.

play looked like Hightower hit him HARD but, again, Bell barely registered the hit.
-would-be TD called back due to Collins being held by RT. So obvious. Would have been 2nd TD Eric Rowe gave up.
-Edelman drops a big 3rd down catch for would-be 1st down...would have been a penalty on offense for holding anyway. weird because Brady got rid of that fast. Brady ot hit low on that one too....Bolden fails to down punt inside 5-yard line like he should have, ball goes into end zone
-Steelers' get to 10-yard line before half, have to settle for FG...big letdown by Pats' D: Pats' O key mistakes/drops

-Pats' D is frustrating as fuck to watch, doesn't get to QB, lets up a ton of yards (Landry Jones on pace for 400 yards)...BUT....somehow teams average, like, 14 points against them. I want to say they aren't good because the red zone D lacks, 3rd downs, situational ball (letting them score before halftime), they have one of the worst sack % in the league...but it's effective. At some point, it's going to cost then.

Gronk: 1 catch, 13 yards
Bennett: 1 catch, 5 yards

-Steelers getting to Brady: even with the Pats holding all over the place. Nate Solder sucks (2 holds in a row killing the drive). 
-LeVeon Bell is killing it....Butler should have had another INT. He's had 2 dropped INT's, both ended with Steelers settling for FG's directly after. 14-13 Pats. Pats outplayed so far.
-key Blount run...great blocking by Edelman...Steelers are super physical, borderline over-the-edge (Mitchell/Shazier for sure)
-WOW!!!!!!! BRADY TO GRONK!!!...absolute perfect pass to Gronk. Pats needed that one on 3rd down. Pats relying too much on short passing game.
-Gost misses XP.....he's awful this year. It's officially a problem. 3 missed FG's this year, 3 missed XP's since to be mental. It's been a running storyline since the AFCCG, lurking, and now it's officially full-bloom. The amount of misses he's had is basically what he has over 2 seasons.  20-13 Pats
-Antonio Brown down on sideline in pain with his legs. No idea what happened...Steelers having a lot of false starts on offense
-Bell is the shit: great patience with his blocks. Unstoppable, in ways. Spins. When he gets stopped, he picks up 3-5 yards after the hit.
-Steeler have ALL day in the pocket. No pressure. #83, probably the last WR on their depth chart, killing it for Steelers with Brown out. 2 killer catches by him on 3rd & 10 plays. Not good enough. #1 problem with Pats is their lack of pressure on the QB. It's been said the Pats don't miss Chandler Jones, but they miss a guy like Dominique Easley: a speed DL who would be a threat in the interior to bring pressure. There's just nothing happening. Belichick REALLY blows at getting any significant pass rush on a QB.

-great pass break-up on wheel route to Bell by Chung. Chung is playing dinged up, but he's bringing it....Settle for FG, 20-16 Pats. 
-lot of similar plays to Edelman across middle. Key 1st down; barely got it on 1st down. 9 receptions, 60 yards....Gronk/Edelman opened up a big 1st down rush for Blount
-37 yards to Gronk: Love watching Gronk with ball. Comical. Ball at 4 yard line, Blount 2 rushing TD of game. Steeler fans have to be pissed at him. Don't. Be pissed at Tomlin. 27-16 Pats. 11:44 remaining. Career-high 8 TD's in 7 games.
-Edelman fumbles punt: had a feeling he would.He's not supposed to be returning punts if Cyrus Jones was active. Edelman had it out. 
-4th & 2, down 27-16, 8:56 remaining Steelers elect to kick a FG from, like, 60 fucking yards out...predictably miss. Mike Tomlin: dumb-ass...and he's one of the better coaches. I did NOT want the Steelers to go for it.

awful coaching right there, awful coaching all game.

-hold on Pats: 1st & 20. O-Line blows. Pats basically playing out the clock...3rd & 11, Mitchell stops a route on deep pass. Rookie mistake tere, Brady not appy.
-another great punt by Ryan Allen destroyed by Brandon Bolden lollygagging to down the ball inside the 5, touchback. Shitty game for him. Should have activated DJ Foster. Can't be worse than what he is bringing. Bolden may not be 100%.
-Steelers' end of game clock management: WOOF!

Meh game. Steelers have to be confident in a rematch when they get Big Ben, Cameron Heyward back. Even if the game is in New England
Bad coaching, QB play  had room for improvement, Leveon Bell/WR's could do what they want.


Chung was an underrated stud. Butler was fine against Butler: did as well as you could.

Bad o-line play, particularly in 2nd half protecting Brady. Bad holds. Bad drops. Bad special teams play (even before Edelman's drop). Turnover on the 1st offensive snap of the game. Bennett wasn't really used (result of ankle injury via Vontaze Burfict being Vontaze Burfict)...Brady was fine; could have used TE's more. Sloppy game though.




Chargers win consecutive games for first time since November 2014
...Chargers should be better. Rivers is a legit MVP candidate.

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Cardinals choke, lose in a tie to the Seahawks

Yes, tie game, but the Cardinals should have won

-Time of Possession: more than double the Seahawks...still only scored 3 fucking points. At home.
-blocked punt by Seattle heped tie the game via a 4-play 0 yard drive by Seattle: holy shit, you suck
-You would think these 2 teams would have good offenses, but nope.
-Michael Floyd sucks.

Awful game to watch, funny though.

-Cards get to 1-yard line, opt to kick a FG on 3rd down, take delay of game, hit goal post. Unreal. HOW IN THE FUCKING WORLD?!?!! FIRE YOUR ENTIRE SPECIAL TEAMS, ARIZONA! Bobby Wagner jumped over the long snapper perfectly too and could have blocked it: he did it earlier, but had incidental contact both times. Weird how that gets called or not.
-Seahawks theb get inside 20 yard line and you could not miss that FG worse. OMG.


I wanted both teams to lose, so I'l take that awful finish, I guess. Just wish I could have 4 hours of my life back. How are these 2 teams viewed as Super Bowl contenders? Jesus Christ

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Derek Newton tears both patellar tendons

how the hell? By all accounts, that is said to be the worst injury to try and come back from (Victor Cruz, Jimmy Graham, Jerod Mayo, etc)

Pats' locker room video after Steelers' win

team that gets along well, nice to see.

Been said, but all teams are flawed...Pats MIGHT be the best, but they've got concerns on D (zero pass rush), depth at certain positions (RB, WR), questionable pass protection (Cannon has improved though; RG play is weak; key penalties), Gost is struggling badly.

Steelers blitzed ONCE all game, still got to Brady a bit. 
Bennett looked like he was held back (ankle injury), Gronk was killer when he was used, but Pats could have been better...and Steelers, in a rematch, will be much better when they get Big Ben, DeAngelo, and Cameron Heyward back. But having homefield advantage/bye is so important.

Geno Smith starts at QB, immediately tears ACL
there's a Jet fan chanting, "ACL' 3 years ago in 2013; hahahaha...he does it immediately. God, being a Jets fan must suck.


wishes do come true...4 seasons later. haha

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Enjoy Kyle Van Noy Marty, he's looked like utter dog shit every time he has been on a NFL field.  Dude is softer than baby shit out there and has no instincts.  It is crazy because a lot of people loved the pick coming out of college.  Watch him become a pro bowler for the Patriots smdh

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