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^well, Mingo has done absolutely nothing and had no real playing time on D surprisingly...even with Hightower playing through a partially torn meniscus, Collins' hip, Freeny being out for the year, Ninkovich's 4-game suspension. Pats are banged up at LB, need depth, and they need a pass rush.

so yeah, bummer of a trade. I liked Noy all right if he fell to the 3rd in the 2014 draft or whatever, but not what I expected.
Beat writers for Pats saying pretty much the same: good in college, not in the pros.

So Van Noy and a 7th for a 6th? I'm OK with that, I guess.

I think we got Akeem Ayers in 2014 mid-season too..they weren't exactly earth-shattering moves, but Ayers/Casillas were quality depth pieces (Casillas I think went on to be a captain/starter for the Giants before being hurt; Ayers got a larger contract than he deserved with the Rams or some shit). Mingo always had the highest potential/ceiling, but he's playing JUST special teams so far.

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Meh that's all the Lions got?  I was expecting like a fifth and not give up a pick...not the end of the world but I dunno if it was worth it to give him up for absolutely nothing.  He at least showed promise in college maybe you could extract it or just cut him and not end up with much less.  I was guessing Bostic might be getting activated from IR but looks like the Lions re-signed Bynes *fart noise* 

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Pats trade TE AJ Derby to Broncos for a 2017 5th rounder...rare to trade a guy to a rival. But he wasn't getting any playing time. Converted QB, showed potential in preseason as a threat in passing game. Got benched early though, even with Gronk not full-speed....So yeah, I'll take that trade; Pats could use some late round picks for all that they've given up (2017 4th gone due to Deflategate BS; Martellus Bennett; Mingo, etc)

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^Ben's favorite QB is Brady, but cool to see respect between the 2 guys. Even if I don't care for Ben's shady past of sexual shit AND constant asshole stories, he's an awesome QB. 

LeSean McCoy out for Sunday against Pats
phew...he's had a bounce back year. Bills should not have played him last Sunday.

Pats holding back a bit
Noticeable to see how the Pats are managing things and it's been pointed out by Albert Breer and beat writers

They don't want to overplay guys, are building depth (particularly at LB so as not to force Ninkovich to play at LB or force guys to play special teams)
Gronk/Bennett haven't been TOTALLY revealed (Browns/Bengals games they did; held back for the Steelers)
No real pass rush (particularly interior), but they didn't really blitz in the Steelers game
People thought Brady would light the world on fire when he came back, but they haven't really done that to the fullest extent...and Brady's been AWESOME and perfect, really, minus one bad shovel pass against the Steelers.

I say this every year: if the Pats remain healthy, they can't really be beat. If Gronk isn't injured in 2011-2013, they win in 2011 for sure, possibly more.
It's a lot of luck and football is a game of managing injuries. They got a lot of dudes they have to manage. If they can wrap up the division early and get the #1 seed, it's going to be so important. 

NFL having off year/ways to fix it
Inactives podcast talked about did others 

-trash headlining games on Sunday, Monday, Thursday nights
-no real good teams
-trash QB play
-Kaepernick kneeling (yeah, this is NOT the issue...although him declining rapidly as a player is for a team that had promise)
-Goodell as a commissioner, domestic violence, Deflategate, etc.
-inconsistent safety (Cam Newton's repeated head hits in the opener; Jarvis Landry's hit on Aaron Williams this week; Vontaze f'n Burfict!)
-NFL being the no-fun league: as if it needed more penalties, penalized end zone celebrations this year; taunting
-taking GIFS off of Twitter (WTF?)

QB Issues: who replaces Brady/Manning
-Andrew Luck is good...but his team is trash
-Carson Palmer declining; Romo being injured; Flacco/Eli being inconsistent; Cutler being an albatross for the Bears; Rodgers' Packers being unwatchable for well over a year now
-the hope is Carson Wentz/Dak Prescott are legit
-Kaepernick, RG3 were supposed to be guys that were here to stay...yeesh.
-Rivers/Brees: awesome, aging QB's playing for trash franchises...Big Ben is chronically injured, but still awesome
-the difference between a great QB and a shit QB is so apparent
-a need for a developmental league/added roster spots because the QB position is so important
-2017 draft class for QB's sucks; there's hope for 2018 though

How NHL deals with safety issues: transparency

something the NFL should do
They've been doing this for awhile

Chris Mortensen profile, elaborates on Deflategate

the NFL is so f'n lame: already been called out by Pro Football Talk how they fucked up in such a shitty way.

rainy game

RB-LeSean McCoy
WR-Marquise Goodwin (speed)

Bills' have #1 rushing offense and lead every category. So tough loss.

RB-Tyler Gaffney
LB-Kyle Van Noy
CB-Cyrus Jones (3rd game a healthy scratch: in the doghouse early)

-28-yard run by Buffalo (Gilleslie? missed tackles all over the place; Hightower nearly beheaded Gilleslie on next play; 22-yard pass to their FB (thought there was clear holding by Bills right before Taylor got hit); reverse to Tate...Pats are FRUSTRATING on D; slow starters. I can't tell what the hell they're doing with their pass rush: are they playing containment on a speedy QB OR they have zero pass rush threat....Bills settle for FG. Pats play 'bend but don't break': goddamnit, it's so frustrating to watch. It's effective, but WTF?
-Hightower hits Taylor: Dan Fouts wanted a penalty on Hightower for hit out of bounds saying it was 10 yards out-of-bounds...Dan Fouts is a cunt. Hightower started to hit him before he went out; Taylor might be hurt a bit
-Slater fumbles opening kickoff; McClellin recovered...Pats don't have a clear kick returner.
-Marcell Dareus stuffs Blount behind LOS: dude is a beast...Gronk makes a great 1-handed catch out of bounds: got 1 foot in; Edelman reverse gets blown up: VERY nearly the pitch could have been blown up; I hate the trick plays.


^Pats opening the 2007 SUper Bowl vs the Giants with a reverse to Welker: fucking stupid
Brady: 2 key 3rd down plays (James White 10 yards on 3rd & 6; Chris Hogan 16 yards on 3rd & 10; Edelman on 3rd & 2 for 10 yards; 3rd & 9 to Amendola for the TD)...4 3rd down conversions, ate up 6:30 on the clock. Pretty tough.
-Matthew Slater brings down Bush hard on the opening kickoff, knocking his helmet off; holding on the Bills too....Matthew Slater should be in the Hall of Fame when he's done. If they could create a Special Teams slot in the Hall of Fame, he'd be a lock for how amazing he is on kickoffs/punts. Just consistently amazing.
-2 AWFUL drops by Bills on 2nd drive that killed them (Clay on 2nd down; Tate on 3rd down for a would-be 30-40+ yard gain with nobody back)...Bills punt of bounds at their own 45-yard line
-Pats get reverse screen pass for 25-30 yards; called back for downfield blocking (Amednola)...holding on Bills negates possible would-be intentional grounding on Brady: got hit, threw to nobody in middle of play. Basically was a free play on that. Makes it 1st down instead of 1st & 20....Brady got lit up and nails Edelman for deep pass that gets to 1, ineligible player downfield (Marcus Cannon). Awful, awful penalties on Pats. Fucking Marcus Cannon.


Amazing play by Brady negated...HOLY SHIT!!! NEXT PLAY: DEEP PASS TO HOGAN for 53 YARDS!!! WTF?!?!? AMAZING! All-out blitz, Gilmore lost Hogan in man-to-man. LOL at his reaction before Hogan even got in the end zone, he was pissed at his own teammates. Gilmore is a moron.

^Hogan is now the 62nd different player to collect a TD pass from Brady. Passes Favre for 2nd most all time. Vinny f'n Testaverde is 1st with 70.

^I'm expecting this game to get chippy
Brady sacked by Kyle Williams on 3rd down; nothing open downfield
-Jamie Collins is limited today and might be situational only. Not really out on the playing field
-Hightower blows up the FB to stop the run. Nice play...costly penalty on key screen pass for BIlls: holding; LT held Sheard blatantly but got away with it: doesn't matter, play was stopped and there was Offensive Pass Interference downfield

^Solder allows 2nd sack of game, Preston Brown sack: helmet-to-helmet call missed; and if Preston Brown had went for ball, would have stripped Brady: Brady didn't see him from his blind side...Brady is extending plays but getting lit up (sometimes late and that's not being called). Getting kind of dangerous to try extending plays with the beating he is taking right now.

-awkward landing for Charles Clay on deep pass on his shoulder; Lorenzo Alexander hamstring injury it looks like (he leads the league in sacks, surprising since he was a 10-year vet with no sacks in his career and just a special teams guy to what he is now).
-deep pass to Justin Hunter: penalty on Eric Rowe; right call: 29 yards....Reggie Bush 20 yards: inside goal line; 12 men on field for Pats; Pats forced to call timeout after penalty on next play with 12 men on the field AGAIN. Dumb dumb dumb. 1st & goal on 4, TD next play...14-10 Bills
-Brady to Hogan 1st down: wins jump-ball battle over Darby
-GRONK GETS 69TH TD!!!!! YES!!! HAHAHAHA! Awesome play downfield for 53 yards (2nd 53-yard pass by Brady on game); gives bow...Gronk is playing in hometown Buffalo. Funny as hell to get 69th TD in hometown of Buffalo; sets Pats record for all-time TD leader. The most Gronk stat ever for that to happen. 21-10 Pats
-McCourty INT's Bills before halftime, 2 defensive penalties on play (Chung, Rowe): awful, awful D...not one fucking hit all fucking half on Tyrod Taylor either. Shitty fucking D. ...Bills miss key FG with 30 seconds left: was from the 38-yard line anyway: hit goal post/looked wide anyway the whole way
-Pats 2 timeouts to work with & 30 seconds, get in FG position at the 30-ish yard line: 2 seconds left, Gostkowski FG: 51-yard make to end half: 24-10; hit uprights at end of play: crazy ball since it looked right down the middle until the end: crosswind...Rex's reaction to FG make funny




Pats get ball to start 2nd half too.

-no real involvement for Gronk/Bennett: some targets, but not really involved.
-Pats' D not impressive against essentially a 2nd-string offense: everybody on the Bills is basically injured, even the #1 WR Robert Woods
-Pats' o-line not protecting Brady
-Bills' getting banged up in this one; Lorenzo Alexander downgraded to out

TWO key changes in Brady's game: his scrambling ability and extending plays is so apparent these last 2 seasons AND his deep pass is back (I just think it's simple: he didn't have a true deep threat or big target downfield; Brandon LaFell sure as shit was not it)

2nd HALF
-Amendola goes 80 yards, gets to 25 yard line on kickoff: had hesitation with catch bobbling ball, allowed lanes to develop; had  guy to beat, really.
-Bennett: 12 yards. Clear that his ankle is gimpy from Vontaze still....Edelman TD: extended in to end zone, elbow was down at the 1, but they should give it to him anyway: arm extended anyway. Don't think it's enough to overturn. Pats had ball for 1 minute exactly. 31-10 Pats. 1st TD of year for Edelman. Pats complete 2-for-1 situation scoring at end of half AND beginning of 1st
-stadium=silent; Brady OWNS the Bills. There was 1 bad loss where he had an uncharacteristic 4 INT's/allowed Bills to come back in, like, 2011 or 2012. Then they threw a game since they wrapped up the bye week vs Kyle Orton's Bils.
-Hightower FINALLY sacks Taylor
-busted punt play: Bills punter drops ball, Pats had ZERO rush to block him, ran for 1st fr 16 yards. Awful special teams play all-around (Mingo especially). Bills would have been pinned insdie 10-yard line easily if anybody was in there.
-Tate gets drilled by McCourty after 1st down catch: Taylor put Tate in position to get drilled immediately: clean hit to chest, in pain: McCourty didn't launch or hit him in helmet. Former teammates
-4th & 3 on 30: Taylor runs up middle and runs for 30+ yards for TD; Bills had ball for 6:03, Pats had them dead to rights; if a less mobile QB was there, he's sacked...also, Pats had 10 players on the field there. I hate this defense. Super, super disappointing this year and lucky to be playing shitty and injury-riddled teams: Bills, Dolphins, Cardinals, Browns, Bengals (Eifert), Steelers (Big Ben/DeAngelo/Martavis). I guess Collins got facemasked by #70 pretty badly on the play too. But zero containment...31-17



LOL: fan threw dildo on the field.

^you can maybe see holding on Hogan there: iffy-ish maybe but not called...not as awful as Collins being facemasked.
-Deep ball in end zone by Bills: Justin Coleman penalty brings them down far....Pats missing out on would-be sacks on Taylor: Ninkovich had his jersey; awful play by them before that pitching ball to Reggie Bush, tried throwing it downfield, threw it back to QB: could have been a turnover: both got hit...Taylor sets up WR to be DRILLED by Butler. 4th & goal: go for it...turnover on downs at 10-yard line: Clay drops it: free in back of end zone, he wanted a penalty, but there was nothing: was fighting with McCourty: petty hand fighting, not enough to make a difference.
-Brady throws deep ball: bad pass, lucky not to be INT'ed by Darby with Edelman fighting to make sure he drops it at end down sideline; BRady takes sack from behind (Shaq Lawson): Brady saw it coming. 3rd sack by Solder allowed. Nate Solder sucks: but he's the best option at LT they got. Solder's hands are slippy: he gets no grip on guys....3rd & 7: Brady launches it downfield in double-coverage. Play saved by Roughing-the-Passer on Brady: wasn't rough: just a push to the ground, but it was late by Shaq Lawson for sure
-HOLY SHIT!!! GRONK!!!! Back-shoulder throw, amazing to see him run after catch for 10+ yards pushing guys off and taking 3+ guys with him. Amazing. 100+ yards

-James White drops would-be TD pass (penalty on play for defensive holding anyway) Does not get any fucking easier or more wide-open than that on a broken play; Brady sacked by Dareus. Settle for 32-yard FG, just made it. White drop really sucked...41-17 Pats
-Chung nearly sacked Taylor on surprise blitz; basically celebrated almost...somehow escaped it with hand on ground, ran for 17 yards: Taylor is impressive; but I don't see any real weapons that he has. Collins drilled Taylor hard: clean hit. Taylor in pain a bit; Bills turnover on downs: short of 1st on catch barely
-Jimmy G comes in for Brady: Brady should have had 5 TD's if not for White drop. Solid day: concern is though he's not getting proper protection....ZERO INT's so far this season for all Pats' QB's in 8 games so far.
-Zach Brown sacks Jimmy G: pretty neat/awesome sack: ragdolled him. Great play.
-Walter Powell: great catch down sideline, gets them to 29-yard line. Took a hit, but awesome Tyree-ish catch.
-3rd flag of game on Rowe today; in end zone...Bad call by refs: should have been OPI or a non-call: receiver grabbed Rowe's hand before going in; easy TD run for Bills; 41-25 garbage-time TD & 2-point conversion with 30 seconds left.
-Jordan Richards injured on 2-point conversion: he sucks. Awful 2nd round draft pick by Pats in 2015. Fucking insane that they reached for him out of nowhere, never plays, or is even notable on special teams or any real athleticism. Legi njury.

video of Gronk's family chanting "69!" at the game is great.
-Ed Reed/Brady walk off the game together: one of my favorite non-Pats ever, he's a coach for the Bills now.


^like Thuney fine as a rookie, but he need strength at point-of-contact.

-Pats need better protection for Brady. Lot of hits/sacks.
-Pats containment/pass rush: absolute shit
-Tyrod Taylor deserves to be on a better team
-Bills: 4-4, travel to Seattle for Monday Night Football
-Pats get bye, play Seahawks (who travel East for SNF in 2 weeks and have a shorter week to work with and team coming off bye)


^scored on fumble return, hugs ref, gets penalized

Washington-Cincy game in London ends in a tie, key FG misses

21 penalties called.

Revis getting destroyed
sallowed 5 catches for 91 yards (2 drops) defending Terrelle Pryor
Revis admitted his body is breaking down; Jets overpaid him. Interesting to see what happens there.

Ryan Fitzpatrick sucking: 3-14, 30 yards in 1st half
yeah, play anybody else but him at this point.

Michael Bennett gets arthroscopic surgery, out 2-3 weeks
Pats play the Seahawks after their bye: scared of their D & still think it's easily the best, most reliable/consistent/battle-tested D in the league. So big blow for that game.

Cardinals/Seahawks lose
Seahawks/Cards beat each other to a pulp...Cardinals are awful: when they travel to the East Coast and play a 1 PM game, they cannot win. Unlucky for them, Panthers were coming off a bye.
I guess the Seahawks-Saints game had awful refereeing.

Chiefs/Texans quietly keep on winning. Texans are shit, but Chiefs are a sleeper. Chargers still seem scary as hell to me.

Jets beat Browns
Figured best chance Browns would have to not lose EVERY game would be that game.

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LOL Washington PR man.


also: mostly Pats fans in the 4th quarter in an empty stadium: pretty great eff you to Buffalo.

LOL Stephon Gilmore: said nobody got beat 1-on-1 (he did on this play) and the Pats were gifted penalties all game. Go fuck yourself.


Zach Brown basically said Gronk is nothing without Brady and that Bennett is better. Moron. He said that based off of the 1st which Gronk was targeted once and barely ran any routes and the Pats limited Brisett/Gronk.

Gronk had 5 catches, 109 yards...a 53-yard TD where he beat/outran Nickell Robey-Coleman, basically a speedy/small CB.
He had an awesome 1-handed catch...but he only got 1 foot in.
He had an awesome back shoulder catch that was made even more awesome by the RAC he had. Just ridiculous.
He's a damn good blocking TE too; and, yeah, Bennett is awesome there too: but there's Gronk at TE and then there's everybody else.

Raiders survive in OT vs Tampa Bay, go 6-2
doesn't sound like Raiders' D is all the way there, but they are winning. Game nearly ended in a tie, went for it on 4th at the 40.

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end of Cowboys-Eagles was pretty solid....Eagles' playcalling on offense was shit though. Plays behind the LOS. 2nd & 2 or so and they did a screen pass 3 yards behind the LOS to Jordan f'n Matthews instead of running it....Or a 3rd down play: they throw it to Trey f'n Burton.

Word is they are going after Torrey Smith. They might have the weakest WR weapons in the NFL.

But Cowboys are looking damn good.

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11 hours ago, Cassidy said:


Chiefs/Texans quietly keep on winning. Texans are shit, but Chiefs are a sleeper. 

Texans beat the Chiefs, tho.


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^they're getting Justin Houston back soon (top 5 Defensive Player if healthy: they were always going to struggle without him) and, if they play at Arrowhead, they are scary. I doubt they finish with a record good enough to have homefield in the playoffs at Arrowhead though....I'm not the biggest Alex Smith fan or Andy Reid (he's fine if you want to be solid though), but they are effective enough. 

Meanwhile, Texans have talent, but they have a shit QB who can't get it to Hopkins, bad coaching, no JJ Watt/Kevin Johnson...but luck out playing in the worst division in football right now. The upside to the Texans isn't as good as the Chiefs if you include having Arrowhead as a stadium you don't want to go to.

Andre Johnson retires after 14 seasons
bummer of a career, in ways: Larry Fitzgerald is having a better career than him with more moments that Johnson could have had (and they both had shit QB's)


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Pats trade Jamie Collins to Browns for 3rd round comp pick, could end up being just a 4th if Browns let him go

-came up on my phone 'Jamie Collins traded to' and I was like NOOOOOOOOOOO!
-...then I was like, 'for Joe Thomas? Terrelle Pryor? Josh Gordon?"
-...or a 2nd round pick (essentially a 1st)

No. Just a late 3rd round pick at best, which makes me HATE this trade.

I had Collins as a dark horse Defensive Player of the Year for 2016.
He missed a month last season with some weird illness; yeah, he let up 2 TD's to Owen f'n Daniels in the AFC Championship that was uncharacteristic

I figured Collins was the favorite to be locked up long-term over Hightower.
Hightower's a better player, but Collins is a freak with a higher ceiling. But this move cements Hightower basically as the choice for that. 
They still need to pay Butler, Sheard, Long, and others. Potentially Gronk. And Jimmy G.

^I really hate Pat fans who try to write off Collins as nothing special. That his play vs the Broncos cost the Pats a shot at the Super Bowl OVER their O-Line (O-Line was as bad as it gets)
Or that 'In Belichick We Trust' bullshit. He's not infallible as a GM.

Collins' play this season dipped for sure and he had a hip ailment and was limited vs the Bills...sounds like that was purposeful because they had this trade lined up for before they went in to their bye week.

Collins play on the 2nd play of the game vs the Bills early might have cemented his fate. Was a 28-yard run for a backup RB and Collins veered away from his assignment.

^basically a message to the team that it's not going to continue according to Lombardi: yeah, OK: I don't see an upgrade available to the D.


^what irks me as a Pats fan is the lack of urgency.
I think LB position doesn't have much depth: Hightower, Elandon Roberts, Mingo, McClellin, Van Noy, Ninkovich (they'd prefer him at DE). If somebody, especially Hightower goes down, they are vulnerable.
So just let Collins walk in the offseason rather than settle for nothing or a 4th round fucking pick.


Goddamit, they are so frustrating.

And I LIKE Elandon Roberts (7th round rookie) a lot...

pretty amazing, overlooked plays of power/instinct. But, again, Pats need depth at LB; just let Collins walk in the offseason if you were going to do this fucking bullshit. 


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I love Pats fans and people like Lombardi pretending that Collins is bad. Outrageous. I could probably take any good defensive player and find points where they were out of position or misread a play. Lombardi is a system guy that will never point out anything good Collins has done this year now that we gave him up. I like his insights, but only to an extent. Just look at his PFF grades the past few years. 

Sure Collins has freelanced a bit but If you want to send a message you just sit a player a game or two. He can't afford to sit games and get a contract. There is no reason to do this because of the draft pick or his salary  because we are pretty much in the same position now and at the end of the year with him.

He is just too talented and makes too many big plays to not keep when we are in the middle of a Super Bowl run. 

I think the Pats are brutal with any push back and they made a mistake here. We are too thin at LB and he is too talented. Unless something of real substance comes out against him (which won't happen because of Bill), I refuse to accept that this was the best move for the team. Especially since he is worth more than that. 

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Read everything and Belichick flat-out made a mistake.
Lombardi was overboard and ridiculous. Comes across like a cunt, even if he's mostly right. Collins does NOT suck and for for him to be slammed like that is bullshit. I can get calling out disappointing play, but it's ridiculous.

^unceremoniously too...and too soon, maybe deserved 1-2 years more.

Collins wasn't impressive and deserving of the Von Miller-esque contract Collins supposedly wanted ($114M total versus Pats offer of $11M/year)



but it didn't sound like he was a 'cancer' or anything: just a dude who freelanced a bit. Still, the Pats were cool with Asante Samuel, another freelancer, to play out his contract and let him walk.

He 'only' played 48 of 78 snaps Sunday, but he has been battling a hip injury.
They traded him to a team that will not come back to bite them in the ass this year; they should have traded him for a better draft pick or something in exchange.
Belichick should have benched him for a game OR utilized him to be a pass rusher primarily at times.

Collins SUCKED in the AFC Championship Game vs the Broncos...but so did the O-Line, the injuries at the RB position gave them nobody, Brady/Gronk were heroic but not enough, Edelman/Amendola had nothing to give, Vinatieri missed a FG he always makes at the worst possible time.

The team is 7-1, by all accounts viewed as THE team to beat, haven't been hit by the injury bug yet...and you do this? Yeah, the D blows, but I was worried about the lack of depth at certain positions if injuries hit, and LB might have been 1 or 2 (RB, WR, LB)

Tom E Curran had a decent article on Collins

I stand by this: Belichick the GM fails Belichick the coach. 
I'm for Chandler Jones being traded a year early, flipping him for what they did, saving $...but it's fun to think about what they could have been on D had they kept Chandler Jones/Jamie COllins for this year. Or even maybe an interior rusher like Akiem Hicks or Dominique Easley (they don't have an interior pass rushing threat at all). They don't have any youth coming up to replace what they are about to lose either: Chris Long/Jabaal Sheard are older.

But who knows what his attitude was behind the scenes, if he was taking to coaching, or whatever. I just think Collins is a guy you'd like to have out there: he's a freak, he causes turnovers.

There is a frustration to playing the 'bend but don't break' vanilla scheme the Pats' D employs...
-CB's are made scapegoats each week
-they don't rush the passer much

It's frustrating, but effective % wise: they give up yards, but are solid enough in the red zone. They suck on 3rd down, but they don't give up big plays. The opposing team tends to eat the clock out on themselves. But my fear is that it's just that they are playing limited teams. A good or healthy team could take advantage of this.

It's just disappointing that the Pats...
-RELEASED 2014 1st round pick Dominique Easley after 2 seasons (injury-riddled)
-traded out 2012 1st round pick Chandler Jones a year early
-traded out Jamie Collins for a 2013 4th round pick: might as well be released since they could have got that same pick anyway

They aren't doing a good job drafting and 2 of the 3 guys were 'hits'.

I thought Belichick was capable of fielding a defense like the Seahawks/Broncos with all the draft picks/free agents they made for the D. It's SEVERELY disappointing with a D that is loaded with 1st & 2nd round picks (Chung, McCourty, Hightower, Malcolm Brown, Chris Long, Barkevious Mingo, Shea McClellin, Kyle Van Noy, Cyrus Jones, Jabaal Sheard, Alan Branch; Jordan Richards; Vincent Valentine) to 3rd rounds (Duron Harmon; Logan Ryan) to busts (Jermaine Cunningham; Tavon Wilson; Dominique Easley)...and being vastly outperformed by an offense that is mostly a bunch of late round picks (Brady; James White; Edelman; Cannon) and undrafted dudes (Blount; Amendola; David Andrews).

The goal is basically the Pats' offense will beat you...and the Pats' D will let you do whatever you want sans big plays, but not enough to matter. 

But yeah, I'm bummed about Collins since Belichick himself compared him to Lawrence Taylor and a freak that just doesn't grow on trees

saw this on Pats fan forum...

"Belichick traded him because he had another Adalius Thomas situation on his hands. We all know how that season turned out right? Go watch Bill's Football Life and go to the scene where him and Brady are standing on the sidelines in New Orleans. “I just can’t get these guys to play the way I want them to" My guess is that is where Belichick was at with Collins when he decided to trade him. "

^that was an awesome/sad moment: getting blown out in New Orleans. The 2009 Pats that were covered were THE worst team of the Brady-Belichick era. No real talent, some misfits, Brady was at his worst post-ACL before he came back in 2010 and was the best QB in football from then on out again.


Norv Turner resigns as Vikings' OC
well, damn

You can see the VIkings beginning to flail: that banged-up O-Line coupled with Bradford at QB is problemati.

Edited by Cassidy

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I don't get Norv resigning but maybe it can help the Lions this weekend...haha just kidding they have no pass rush so it won't matter that the Vikings o line is trash.


I have as many sacks as Ziggy Ansah this year :(

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Ravens 1st in AFC North now over the Steelers.
Wow. Pats have the Steelers' number, but the Ravens are a tough out for the Pats for some reason. I'd like to think the Steelers healthier would be tougher, but I don't know. They just make it ugly.

Dolphins 4-4 now, Jay Ayaji coming on with 3 strong games in a row
Have to recalibrate the Dolphins a bit more now. I think the Pats lose in Miami late this year; depends upon if they have homefield wrapped up, but KC/Oakland/Denver should make it interesting. Finally, a good primetime game with Raiders-Broncos tonight: should break the logjam of 6-2 teams, so we'll see who comes out on top.

Man, the Packers REALLY suck and are mediocre as fuck if they lose to the Colts at home (was 31-13 in the 4th). THey HAVE to fire McCarthy.

^if the NFL could recreate the Chappelle Show sketch with the Haters Ball, Steve Smith would be THE angriest fucking guy...Martellus/Michael Bennett would be the cool/funny ones.

^Aaron Donald is the fucking shit

Joey Bosa=the new JJ Watt
looked that way in college, but he's a freak and instantly one of the better pass rushers despite missing the first month or so because the Chargers are petty as fuck.

Chiefs 6-2 now
Like I said and DK might disagree, Chiefs are far scarier than the Texans. Yes, Texans beat them, but Chiefs are slow-starters and you can see them coming on strong.

THey got better coaching, QB play, scarier secondary, Justin Houston coming back, homefield advantage, battle-tested in tough division (NFC East & AFC West look like toughest this year where every team keeps each other honest).

Lions beat the Vikings, might be best team in NFC North: WTF?!
Vikings' are struggling and their o-line is limited as fuck. Not like their offense is going to get better.
What a fucking way to lose at the end of regulation by them.


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NFL Draft 2017

here's a mock, lot of mocks have Pats getting Christian McCaffrey, who I've kind of soured on. I think he's closer to Amendola speed than Edelman speed. His versatility (RB/WR/KR/PR) is interesting and makes sense for what the Pats like though. But I don't think his impact hits as much as other positions of need. Pats need youth movement at RB/WR for sure though.
If the Pats are able to trade Jimmy G/possibly get an earlier pick, I'll be salivating for some guys.

WR-John Ross (Washington)-5'11'' but dude killed it; 3 TD's last night and 14 on the season


^yeah, guy's come out of nowhere to be a favorite that should rise out of the Pats' range. Can't teach speed and he would be dangerous to have.

TE-OJ Howard (Alabama); Jake Butt (Michigan); Evan Engram (Ole Miss)-Bennett is on a 1-year deal
DT-Vita Vaea (Washington)-some Haloti Ngata comparisons, which intrigue me
DE-Carl Lawson (Clemson)-becoming a favorite for some people; great against the run
LB-Reuben Foster (Alabama); Tim Williams (Alabama) -Foster is a fav on the Pats' forum. Generally, Alabama guys just are.
CB-Jourdan Lewis (Michigan)-think he's only 175-ish, but he is a playmaker

If the Pats land a top 10 pick, then holy shit
RB-Dalvin Cook (FSU); Leonard Fournette (LSU)-Fournette I love; mentored by Kevin Faulk in high school when he was an assistant at his high school. Freak.
DE-Derek Barnett (Tennessee)
DE-Myles Garrett (Texas A&M)-my favorite; Browns should take him #1 for sure, hope to suck again, land Lamar Jackson in 2018
DE/DT-Jonathan Allen (Alabama)-this dude is really jumping out on the Pats fan forum
LB/S-Jabrill Peppers (Michigan)-freak athlete/scheme-changer: undersized but ability to play in space/matchups makes him interesting
S-Malik Hooker (Ohio State); Jamal Adams (LSU)-really digging the potential safety prospects

I'd like to build up/fortify the lines. No OT is jumping out to me yet: not the 'sexy' pick, but necessary. Garrett/Allen jump out as greats though.

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Jesus fucking christ marty, you don't have to embed every fucking tweet on twitter here. Do you know how long it takes this fucking page to load because of you.


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embed my balls


dude looks like complete ass. Luckily had Demaryius Thomas save him on 1 pass he just threw up in his direction.

^eh, not really.
Guys on 1-year deals: Malcolm Butler, Donta Hightower, Jabaal Sheard, Chris Long, Martellus Bennett; Logan Ryan
Guys with contract coming up: Jimmy G
Guys who could hold out: Gronk

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20 hours ago, ignitionnight said:

Matt Prater has a ridiculous leg, glad he's still in the NFL.

He is a gem and I love him

Out of all those embeds and you don't embed Tate's dope game winner?  Cmon mannnnn

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He is a gem and I love him
Out of all those embeds and you don't embed Tate's dope game winner?  Cmon mannnnn

That fuck you we're winning flip into the end zone was fantastic.

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Notre Dame on Notre Dame crime...
I mean, I posted the link but not the gif because I couldn't find the gif.

Also, I took Derrick quoting me meant as alex loved me and I'm awesome.

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