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7 hours ago, Chris Benoit said:

The video of Floyd's arrest was fucking wild.  He's pretty lucky the cops weren't super fucking paranoid with the way he couldn't follow their instructions.  

Great point.  He's lucky to be alive.

20 hours ago, ignitionnight said:

Yeah from what I understand there isn't expected to be much talent available on the free agent line this year. I'm starting to worry about Kubiak's ability to make adjustments, or at least his willingness. Siemian has been abused all season long, and rather than bringing Virgil Green in to block on the right side and assist our RT, or sending the back over to chip edge rushers, he calls the same plays. When asked about his lack of adjustments in protection he said he doesn't want to use players to block when they should be making plays in the field. What plays? There aren't plays to be made if your right tackle is bullrushed into the QB for a sack, or 3 men in the box create immediate pressure forcing a QB to throw into a backfield of 8 defenders.

Rick Dennison was my choice for head coach when we hired Fox, he's a broncos guy just like Kubiak and has denver ties going back decades. But I want him fired as OC yesterday, and Kubiak has to give up playcalling duties to the new offensive coordinator next season. This season has been a waste and it hurts me to watch this defense get no help from our offense.

You sound a lot me during the 2nd half of the Kubiak years in Houston.  I'll save you plenty of time, keystrokes & thought -- He doesn't make adjustments, period.

I think the play sheets will have to be pried from his cold, dead hands.  He's not giving up those duties.  Do you know the whole reason why Peyton didn't end up in Houston in 2012?  Because Peyton couldn't fit into Kubiak's system -- Not only wasn't he physically able to run the PAs & boots, but Peyton runs basically his own  Erhardt-Perkins offense where he constantly makes pre-snap adjustments while Gary Kubiak makes one call and the QB is nothing more than a cog in a machine.  In 2012, it was commit to Kubiak and "his guy" (Schaub, who was extended while still injured with the lisfranc!) or get a new coaching staff around Peyton Manning -- for a franchise that just had its first playoff appearance ever.  (Not gonna happen.)  In 2015, you had an exceptional case of Kubes putting down the play sheet when Peyton was in and letting him run his offense, but Kubes running his offense when Osweiler was in.  (And that got Osweiler paid, because he obviously can't run an EP offense like Houston has, but I'm not on their payroll to tell them that.)   

What of Rick Dennison's career made you want him as a HC?  I looked at his 3 seasons as OC under Shanny after Kubes left and they were 9-7, 7-9 & 8-8 after 10 & 13 win seasons.  Plummer went from resurgent in Kubiak's last couple of seasons to replaced & retired by the end of 2006.  He was fired and then took a position as OL coach under McDaniels in 2009?  I know you said he needs to not be the OC, but he doesn't do anything as the OC that I was ever aware of in Houston so I'm tapping you for some insight into what you've seen that makes you believe he's HC material?    

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2 hours ago, DK. said:

In 2015, you had an exceptional case of Kubes putting down the play sheet when Peyton was in and letting him run his offense, but Kubes running his offense when Osweiler was in.  (And that got Osweiler paid, because he obviously can't run an EP offense like Houston has, but I'm not on their payroll to tell them that.)   

What of Rick Dennison's career made you want him as a HC?

Even with Peyton we were still running a bastardized Kubiak/Manning offense that was far more Kubiak than it was Peyton. Putting Peyton in the Pistol was a terrrrrible idea, it nerfed the passing and the running game.

I think he'd be a better head coach than he would be a coordinator. I view Head Coaches very differently than I think most people do, I think a lot of people expect head coaches to be offensive or defensive masterminds, or have a unique coaching system that sets them apart from other teams. To me all I really want out of a head coach is a good manager, a person who runs the team professionally, and gets the best out of his team by motivating them and putting them in a position to succeed. The first reason I liked the idea of hiring Dennison is that he was a Denver guy. We were just getting out of a bad situation by paying McDaniels to leave so we had to get a guy who knew the team culture and could restore us back to a respectable organization. It's not like there were tons of other options, and I realllly didn't want to hire Fox who was the only coach that did worse than McDaniels did (I love Fox now). He was my first realistic choice, I wanted the Broncos to throw all the money at Bill Cowher, but that was never gonna happen. (Also not on their payroll to tell them that.) 

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23 hours ago, ignitionnight said:

 To me all I really want out of a head coach is a good manager, a person who runs the team professionally, and gets the best out of his team by motivating them and putting them in a position to succeed. 

Word... I totally agree with you on this one.  

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Speaking of RT's being fucked....
The Cowboys-Bucs game, the Irving dude the Cowboys got from the Chiefs' practice squad was a wrecking ball no matter who/what they put against him, even with double-teams. It was ridiculous. That was empathy I felt for how 

-Lockett's leg snapped in half. Still made the TD catch. 

More it goes on, more it seems like Cowboys-Giants will meet. Both are terrifying, but there's zero clear-cut favorites entering the playoffs.

AFC South
Texans will get in, which is good and bad...
Good: because they are the team I am least afraid of and are just boring: Savage could impress and bring life to DeAndre Hopkins that's been missing all year, but still: no JJ Watt, Clowney's going under the radar...Bad: Titans would be more fun, the real/true wild card, throwback playing style.

Mariota got banged up and they got knocked out of the playoffs. Ditto for the Colts right now: I don't give a shit about them. Just like them to get blown out in a must-win game.
Jags? Jalen Ramsey and their ceiling is interesting, Bortles sucks, but we'll see where they go from here. I wouldn't draft a QB, I'd let Jonathan Allen fall and pick him. That D would be fucking terrifying.

Jets' Sheldon Richardson calls out Brandon Marshall after loss

I thought after Richardson's rookie year, he'd be a potential DPOY. He's just a big character issue, but so was Brandon Marshall earlier in his career. Just seems like being on a losing team brings out the worst....2nd week in a row Pats have beat a team and then issues brought up between offensive/defensive players of that team after the win.

Martellus Bennett had issues with Brandon Marshall when he was with the Bears...stemmed from the practice fight where Marshall took the side of the defensive player.
Now again, with another Marshall's defense, he REALLY looks like he has given a shit in ways.

I just think the Jets checked out a long while ago.


Finally a blowout. Could have been way more. Edelman got held in the end zone on one play, Pats relented a bit. Quality win. Nobody got hurt that I know of.
Hightower got held out of the game to prepare him for the playoffs since he's been playing on a bum knee all year...Malcolm Brown was weirdly benched for most of the game.


Butler had his best game of the season (had his worst game of the year at the Jets last time they played). Jets had zero turnovers in that one, this was the kind of game I was waiting for and expecting from them.

Dolphins-Pats next week
Dolphins are officially in the playoffs...and Matt Moore could be the starter. I don't think there's much of a drop off between Tannehill and Moore. Glass half-full for Dolphins: zero pressure to re-sign Tannehill.

Pats need to beat them to get homefield advantage or a Raiders loss vs the Broncos: I wouldn't count on the latter happening. Pats will play starters. Was hoping for rest, oh well.

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Raiders' Derek Carr can't put any weight on right ankle

I mean, I don't hope for injuries for anybody but Vontaze Burfict/TJ Ward/Incognito/Suh, but NFL basically is a game of that and they make me feel better about chances...but goddamn, that's so disappointing. 

DIvisional Weekend is THE best weekend of the year for sports for me...I thought AFC was going to shape up to be unreal potentially (Steelers, Pats, Chiefs, Raiders) but Carr's injury is a game-changer.

I don't want the NFL to add an additional game for the regular season: I can get behind an additional playoff game in each conference and only one team getting a bye maybe, but I don't want that. I want 2 bye weeks per year for the regular season to extend the year by 1 week.

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I fucking hate football right now.

My solutions (I guess):

1. Fire Baalke (I don't think he's as awful as a lot of people, but he's gotta go).

2. Keep Ponder and ditch Gabbert and Kaepernick.

3. Sign Cousins, Cutler, Glennon or Matt McGloin (depending on how he looks in their playoff start - he was solid the one year he starter for them).

4. Depending on how young the QB is we sign, draft a QB in the 2nd - 4th round.

5. Sign Alshon Jeffrey and Jabaal Sheard

6. Re-sign Jeremy Kerley

7. Go hard after one of Eric Berry, Truman Johnson, JPP or Lawrence Timmons

8. Focus on offense (COREY DAVIS PLEASE) and defensive depth on the draft (need to draft another RB to back-up Hyde since he gets hurt all the time)

9. Fire Jim O'Neil and replace him with Gus Bradley, Mike Smith, Adam Zimmer (MN LB coach), Pepper Johnson, Bill Kollar, one of the NE DB coaches or Nick Rapone (AZ DB coach)

10. Publicly lash yourselves for hiring him in the first place.

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Pats offensive line issues in 2015 versus 2016

39 different line combinations in 2015 VERSUS just 9 o-line combinations


Pats had the easiest schedule this year and the most favorable bye i(mid-season). Thought it was the most favorable schedule since the 2008 season (a then weak as it gets AFC West/NFC West).
Next year's, on paper, looks ridiculously tough: Bucs trending up, Saints tough at home. Broncos away game for 4th time in a row (3rd regular season game in a row) Raiders most likely in Mexico.
Chargers should be better/healthier (and maybe actually be playing in LA and have a 'home')


Steelers clinch division, come  back on Ravens

wow...basically, if Antonio Brown doesn't reach the ball into the end zone, game is over: Steelers can't set up/spike the ball. So he fought off Eric Weddle/CJ Mosley both to get in and reach over just in time before being pulled back.

Then there was Sean Davis stripping the ball on a would-be Ravens' TD and Ravens had to settle for a FG: Davis came in on the last second (shades of Sterling Moore stripping the ball out last-second on a would-be catch in the end zone in the 2011 Pats-Ravens AFCCG)

It has to be said: Tyreek Hill, despite beating his pregnant girlfriend, is fucking amazing. 11 total TD's and counting on the year, have to game plan him in different ways whenever he is on the field.
Damn good rookie class.



DRAFT 2017

DL-Jonathan Allen (Alabama)
DL-Myles Garrett (Texas A&M)

neither should fall out of the top 3.

Best case scenario: they trade Jimmy for a 1st AND trade down to pick up TWO 1st round picks (2017 & 2018)

MID-ROUND-guys i worry jumping out of reach
WR-Corey Davis (E. Michigan)
WR-John Ross (Washington)
TE-OJ Howard (Alabama)-Broncos should target a TE, I don't know if he's maxed out in size though
DT-Vita Vaea (Washington)
DE-Carl Lawson (Auburn)
ELEPHANT-Taco Charlton (Michigan)
LB-Reuben Foster (Alabama)

RB-Joe Mixon -in an absolutely fucking loaded RB draft with 4 RB"s most likely due to go in the 1st round, he might be the 2nd best. BUT...he punches women. He's basically Leveon Bell. And he looks like LaDanian Tomlinson.

I mean, I'm interested in him: he was 18 when he did it, nothing good happens when you're out at 2-3 AM, and I think it was RIGHT before college started. But I think he had TWO incidents. He was punished for a season/suspended already...but, when he comes into the league, he's going to have a BIG target on his back for ALL opposing defenses and he'd be a difficult guy to root for unless he really turned it around.

CB-Jourdan Lewis (Michigan)-favorite CB prospect. He's small, but he lines up great against anybody, highlight reel is great.

Budda Baker looks like Honey Badger a bit, very fluid. i could see Seattle targeting him. Maybe. I think Earl Thomas comes back though.

TE-Evan Engram (Ole Miss)
ELEPHANT-Tanoh Kpassagnon (Villanova)
SS-Obi Melifonwu (UConn)-6'3'' 220, 4.4 40. Also, grew up in the town right next to mine. Due to be a freak at the combine.

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17 hours ago, Oceanic said:

3. Sign Cousins, Cutler, Glennon or Matt McGloin (depending on how he looks in their playoff start - he was solid the one year he starter for them).

9. Fire Jim O'Neil and replace him with Gus Bradley, Mike Smith, Adam Zimmer (MN LB coach), Pepper Johnson, Bill Kollar, one of the NE DB coaches or Nick Rapone (AZ DB coach)

Cutler would be fun in that system.

I don't think Bill Kollar is leaving Denver unless that staff is turned over.  He was the only position coach retained from that staff in Houston when O'Brien took over (because Watt fought hard for him to stay), but then asked to be released when Kubiak/Phillips got the job in Denver because his grandkids live in the area.  (Denver is actually slightly closer to Houston than SF -- call it even -- if you're thinking along those lines.)   I think he's really a line rat -- I don't see him as a DC.  Fucking hard ass -- Watt hated him his rookie year, but now they're really good friends.  Their first exchange at a train station outside the 2011 NFL Combine went like this, and Watt figured the Texans weren't going to draft him...

Kollar: You think you play hard, don’t you?
Watt: Oh yeah, I think I play pretty hard.
Kollar: I’m going to tell you right now, you’re one of the laziest players I’ve ever seen.

Start at 8:15 for that exchange with Kollar

4:45 is a fun place to watch a couple of minutes -- they let him read his draft profiles

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goddamn this made me jump off the couch. One play of the game that made me REALLY do that. Clean, legal hit too.

-Pats kept in their starters the whole game until the last drive. Thought that was dumb as hell. Field conditions were awful. Kind of a statement game to finish business for 60 minutes
-Dolphins got a lot of talent: they got to get rid of Tannehill. He's worth too much $. Solid line (lot of 1st rounders), Ayaji, 2 damn good receivers (Parker + Landry)...I don't know if they get Romo, Tyrod Taylor, or what.
-Dolphins' passing game really got going at last drive at end of half and opening drive: they did a lot of underneath plays in the passing game.
-Suh is a cunt. Refs sucked...I don't know why they give benefit of doubt to players that do not deserve it (Suh; Burfict). Anybody could see Suh was going to do shit with Blount, should have been offsetting. Did a couple things in the game that made me chuckle. Luckily, they play the Steelers next week and you can probably count on him doing shit.
-Edelman was great; Brady is the shit.


MVP? I don't know who wins. Brady's the best QB in the league, did it without Gronk, TD:INT ratio is best ever. But I wouldn't give it to him: had the Pats beat the Seahawks at home, I think he wins it. Maybe Matt Ryan. Dak/Zeke split the vote: Dak is more valuable than Zeke though.

Playoff Scenario
-I want Pats to play winner of Oakland-Houston (so that means Denver/KC would have to win and they did) and just let KC-Pitt destroy each other...I can't believe Houston has a legit shot at beating Oakland. What a shitfest that game should be. Carr's injury is such a bummer. I imagine Houston-Oakland is the early game on Saturday because it is fucking unwatchable.
-...either way, Miami/Houston/Oakland would be starting a backup QB and teams that don't play well in the cold. Pats avoiding having to play BOTH the Steelers and Chiefs back-to-back would have been tough.


MVP (QB award): Matt Ryan over Brady, Dak, Rodgers
no real runaway MVP this year. Rodgers was too inconsitent.
OPOY: David Johnson over Leveon Bell/Antonio Brown/Zeke Elliott
OROY: Dak Prescott over Ezekiell Elliott, Tyreek Hill
DPOY: Von Miller over Khalil Mack
DROY: Joey Bosa over Jaelen Ramsey
Best Unit: Cowboys' O-line
Comeback Player of Year: Cameron Wake over Nate Solder
Coach of Year: Bill Belichick
Jason Garrett will probably win, but it's dumb every year that Belichick doesn't win. Pats' coordinators did a solid job and Scarnecchia made a BIG difference.
Best New Coach: Adam Gase (Dolphins)
Dumbest Move: Vikings panicking after Bridgewater injury and giving up a 1st round pick for Sam f'n Bradford
Best Offseason Move: Falcons signing Alex Mack
Dumb Offseason Move: Panthers letting Josh Norman go for nothing at all
Least Valuable Player: Brock Osweiler
when Tom Savage, who sucks, comes in and immediately makes DeAndre Hopkins look serviceable again, you REALLY suck.
Blake Bortles is up there for a player who isn't good enough for a team that should be better.
Should Retire sadly: Darrelle Revis; Carson Palmer
rooting for Revis to keep that $ and eat that Jets' cap.

Most disappointing/underachieving teams: Cardinals, Panthers, Bengals, Bills
Rex: 'we won the offseason' then everybody got injured/suspended. Yeah, had to be fired.
Teams that started out the gate fast then flailed: Eagles, Vikings
Overachieving: Titans, Dolphins
Should be better with talent on team: Jags
Worst team/franchise to be a new coach of: 49ers
If you were a new head coach, what franchise would you want: 1. Denver  2. Chargers  3. Jags  4. Rams 5. Bills  LAST. 49ers
Houston/Detroit/Saints could open up too....Harbaugh should stay on in Baltimore. Could be a lot of HC vacancies and not enough head coaches to go around.
Rams have no picks, Goff sucks, and Donald might be the only asset they have.
Jags having THAT defense and then being able to add Jonathan Allen maybe could be insane. But they need a QB.
Chargers/Jags is a toss-up...but Chargers have Rivers (aging but still) and a damn good rookie class and moving to LA is better than Jacksonville.
are what they are: Browns; Colts
No QB and team collecting assets...and a team with a QB and nothing else at all.
Bad luck: Chargers (bad injury luck, meh coach, shit ownership, verge of moving so no homefield advantage)...Saints (no defense/cap room)

LOL Bills

1st BALLOT HALL OF FAMERS (slam-dunks)
HC-Bill Belichick
QB-Tom Brady; Aaron Rodgers; Ben Roethlisberger; Drew Brees
RB-Adrian Peterson
TE-Jason Witten; Antonio Gates
LT-Joe Thomas

OLB-DeMarcus Ware
CB-Darrelle Revis

K-Adam Vinatieri

WR-Steve Smith; Andre Johnson; Larry Fitzgerald
TE-Rob Gronkowski*
RG-Marshall Yanda

OLB-James Harrison

KR/PR-Devin Hester

*Gronk's career will probably be cut short, but most dominant TE ever. His career dumbers dwarf Witten's in half the time.

RB-Frank Gore
WR-Anquan Boldin
LT-Jason Peters
C-Nick Mangold
DE-Julius Peppers; Dwight Freeney
OLB-Terrell Suggs; Clay Matthews

QB-Russell Wilson
WR-Antonio Brown
LT-Tyron Smith

DE-JJ Watt
CB-Richard Sherman
FS-Earl Thomas

QB-Eli Manning; Philip Rivers

K-Stephen Gostkowski

QB-Dak Prescott; Cam Newton
RB-David Johnson; Le'Veon Bell; Ezekiel Elliott
WR-Odell Beckham; Julio Jones; AJ Green

DL-Aaron Donald
DE-Khalil Mack; Justin Houston; Joey Bosa
MLB-Luke Kuechly*
CB-Jaelen Ramsey
S-Landon Collins

K-Justin Tucker

*worried about Kuechly's career being cut short by concussions

NT-Vince Wilfork; Haloti Ngata
ST-Matthew Slater

QB-Andrew Luck -bad franchise

QB-Tony Romo
WR-Brandon Marshall; Jordy Nelson
NT-Ndamukong Suh
DE-Robert Mathis

QB-Peyton Manning
RB-LaDanian Tomlinson
WR-Randy Mioss
TE-Tony Gonzalez
DE-Jason Taylor
MLB-Ray Lewis
DB-Charles Woodson; Champ Bailey
S-Ed Reed; Troy Polamalu

QB-Kurt Warner
RB-Terrell Davis
WR-Calvin Johnson; Reggie Wayne; Wes Welker; Terrell Owens
G-Steve Hutchinson; Brian Waters
MLB-Brian Urlacher
S-Brian Dawkins; John Lynch

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On Monday, December 26, 2016 at 4:27 PM, Oceanic said:

I just hope we don't fire Chip this early. He isn't the problem. He's no Harbaugh, but he's a helluva lot better than Tomsula.

Welp - fuck me, I guess

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^yeah, San Francisco is one of the best places to live if you can afford it...but they are now the worst organization.
Hard to say he was given a fair shake when there is no talent on the roster I'd like to have other than Joe Staley and Carlos Hyde. They got nothing to build a team around.

^^post locker room celebration after Dolphins game

^German announcers call the Floyd block that sprung Edelman loose for the 77-yard TD. 
That play is THE best Patriots play of the year.


Matthew Slater wins Bart Starr award, phone call with team present

Pats' superlatives

Pro Football Focus All-PRo team

6 Pats on it: Brady, Develin, Cannon, Hightower, Butler, McCourty

Cannon=surprisingly great turnaround for a player who was one of the worst in the league at his position last year.


Giants 24 over PACKERS 17
Giants are better all around even if they haven't scored over 20 in 6 weeks...but Packers' secondary is awful. I can see the Giants making the Super Bowl, but not the Packers.

TEXANS 16 over Raiders 13
Dogshit game. Texans are awful (Schaub, Yates, Hoyer, Brock) and I was hoping any other team in the AFC South would make the playoffs. Game isn't fun now that Carr is out. I don't know who wins this one.

SEAHAWKS 31 over Lions 16
Stafford's fucked-up finger against Seahawk D? No chance.

STEELERS 38 over Dolphins 17
Dolphins have no D, Steelers should send a message that they can light it up.

Malik Hooker declares for draft, I think he goes top 5-10

I think 2017 draft class could rival 2011
Weak at QB, but Kizer could compare well to Newton.
D-Line edges are solid.
Loaded RB draft, so I'm fine with guys being picked (Fournette; Dalvin Cook; Christian McCaffrey) early.

TJ Watt, JJ's brother, enters draft too

DE-Myles Garrett (Texas A&M)-if Cleveland is smart, they draft him #1 and get a QB like Garappolo: the Raiders move....but he'd be my #1 and I can't see the Browns trading down from #1. I think Garrett is basically DeMarcus Ware/Julius Peppers.
DL-Jonathan Allen (Alabama) -would be a beast on the D-Line/interiors. Pats need interior line help; they don't have when they cut Easley and Akiem Hicks left for the Bears, but to pair a guy like Allen up with Malcolm Brown would be something else. Would open things up for the DE's.
MLB-Reuben Foster (Alabama) -plays well in space. Pats need LB depth; think he goes top 10 though. I dig Alabama LBs.
S/DB-Malik Hooker (Ohio State)-Ed Reed/best safety prospect since Earl Thomas. Only 1 year at Ohio State, really.

Would be great if the Pats' defense, for once in my goddammn lifetime, could get a legit freak pass rusher...but I think Pats will target edge guys, nickel CB/safeties, interior D-Line, OT depth (Vollmer will retire; Solder/Cannon need backup guys)

WR-Corey Davis (W. Michigan) -over John Ross of Washington. Broke college records. Good size, good highlight reel.
DT-Vita Vaea (Washington) -space eater, Ngata comparison is there

TE-OJ Howard (Alabama)-think he goes earlier, but if he's available, would be interesting: like to protect Gronk/Bennett and roll with 3 TE's.
CB-Jourdan Lewis (Michigan)-undersized like Chris Harris, but can play against anybody. Might have a higher ceiling.
DB-Budda Baker (Washington)-moves like Honey Badger a bit, playmaker ability. Belichick loves to have safeties, could replace Duron Harmon. Nickel CB's are starters in the NFL and he'd be great there.

Vaea might stay, but he'd be up there for me.

WR-Ryan Switzer (UNC)-fits the type of WR Pats like
CB-Chidobe Awuzie (Colorado)-makes too much sense, been mocked to Pats for a long while.  Nickel CB role.

Tyreek Hill types
ATHLETE-Adoree Jackson (USC)-a guy who can play CB, but could be used as a weapon on offense teams would have to game plan against. He'd be available in Round 2 at the latest.

Youth Movement for Pats
RB (Blount is 30)
WR (Edelman/Amendola over 30)
TE (Gronk's health, Bennett 30)
OL (rock solid...but would like depth, particularly at OT. Versatile interior guys sometimes fall)
D-LINE (Sheard is a FA, Long should be back, Branch is over 30)
LB (Collins is gone, Hightower could use someone on his level)
SECONDARY (Chung is 30, McCourty is in his prime now, Cyrus Jones might be a bust'[]h')

After Myles Garrett/Jonathan Allen, Hooker would be my favorite target for the Pats if he somehow slides out of the top 5-10, which I doubt. I'm interested if the Pats get a 1st for Garappolo like they should. Teams might be weary after Brock, but Jimmy is legit and looks far more natural than Brock. I like to build up the lines, but can't go wrong with Hooker to fortify the secondary and get some youth back there. He's got good Ed Reed comparisons. It's a loaded safety class (Adams, Peppers, Budda Baker, Desmond King are there in the 1st too).

RB-Christian McCaffrey (Stanford)-like his talent, but just not in the 1st.
LB/S-Jabril Peppers (Michigan)-like his athleticism, but can see him sliding a bit. He might be the 4th best prospect on the Michigan defense.

TE-Jake Butt (Michigan)-tore his ACL in a Bowl game. I'd take a flier on him in the mid-rounds (3rd-4th) should he fall that far. I'm cool with PUP'ing dudes or just giving them a redshirt rookie year when they fall.
ATHLETE-Adoree Jackson (USC)-bad legi njuryy, possible torn ACL. Leg went out.

think if I'm rebuilding, I wait for 2018 to get a QB (Sam Darnold; Lamar Jackson; Josh Rosen)

If Darnold was in this year's draft, he might go #1. He's got a weird throwing motion/windup though.

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JJ Watt is the best defensive player I've ever seen, but he just isn't the most 'valuable' defensive player to his team. 
Earl Thomas looks like he's far more valuable to the Seahawks...and that's a fucking loaded D (Wagner, Sherman, Kam, Bennett, Avril, etc): Wagner might be the 2nd best player on that D right now. We've never seen what Seattle looks like without Earl, really. D just isn't the same.

Clowney's come on strong...but I still don't like the talent on that D. Nor did they really improve (Brock=significant downgrade from Hoyer if you look solely at how bad he is at getting their #1 offensive player, Hopkins, involved versus ANY other QB who has come in the last 2 seasons)

With that said, I would KILL to have a player like Von Miller/Khalil Mack on this Pats' D over anything else. Pats need an interior and exterior freakish edge threats, but edge threats scare me more.


Clowney is RIDICULOUS to watch now that he's healthy.
Took a cheap shot late after his INT (nearly had won on the 2nd play of the game)


Raiders=fucked without Donald Penn and Menelik Watson out there.

I really can't decide who I'd rather play: Houston or Oakland. I don't want to play Miami again because Suh is dirty as fuck and division familiarity.
I'd probably say the Raiders so they can get used to playing against a team with an awesome O-Line should they go up against the Cowboys. And a team with a good special teams. But they are awful with Connor Cook at QB. And now they're down 2 OL, so that's moot.

Houston: Pats shut them out and blew them out with Jacoby Brissett.
Watt had nothing to give in that game and went to IR.
Griffin, I think, was the only guy Brock was able to target. and the Pats wanted them to do that. Could not have played any worse on both sides of the ball.

Pats-Texans is what it looks like unless Dolphins upset Steelers
All right!
If that's the case, horrible mismatch.


I got tickets to both Pats playoff games over a week ago, so fuck yeah to that.



-Lions didn't get much help from the refs. Some borderline calls they didn't get but the Seahawks did.
-Lions' WR's dropped all their balls or made them unnecessarily difficult
-can't believe the Pats lost to the Seahawks at home coming off a bye. They don't look good without Earl Thomas. And CJ Prosise was a 1-game wonder with 130+ yards in that fucking game. They don't have that. Rawls ran for 150+ on the Lions and they still barely scored anything until the 4Q against a severely flawed Lions team.
-Tavon Wilson gave 3 good hits: Jimmy Graham (looked late or high, but it wasn't and was clean; shoved Baldwin out of bounds; roughing the passer penalty that wasn't to the head or late, but was just around the shoulders). He sucked with the Pats and was a reach in the mid-2nd round that I hated. I wanted Lavonte David over him (a lot of good players around that pick). But he never got a fair chance after his rookie year with McCourty at FS, Chung came back at SS from the Eagles and was the player he should have been basically...he gave up a BIG long play at Seattle: Russell Wilson to Sidney Rice that blew the game and was his only fucking job: Pats gave up a lot of 30-40+ yard plays in 2012. So that sucked. Was Sidney Rice's only good moment in Seattle basically.


Falcons get rematch against Seahawks: that should be cool.

NFL Draft shit

Derek Barnett (Tennessee) is intriguing and a riser as an edge rusher...basically the angles he takes and how his foot moves reminds you of a freak like Miller/Mack possibly


-Solomon Thomas (Stanford) is drawing JJ Watt comparisons...but my criticism of that would be he's like 3-4 inches smaller. So maybe Bennett for an undersized dude?

^jesus christ

-Mixon declared for the draft. IN a loaded RB draft, he might be the best RB (Leveon Bell comps). But he's going to drop because he beats women. My one defense was he WAS punished a bit and he was 18 years old and hadn't yet really started college yet. Still, incredibly dumb and hard to root for.

-Alabama's D is probably the best defensive team in college football in a long while. It's just so fucking loaded with talent.


Targets for Jimmy Garappolo trade
-Arizona (Palmer is old and sucks)
-Chicago (he's from there)
-Cleveland (they have 2 1st round picks: safe move would be take the best player, Myles Garrett, at 1 and trade the #12 for Jimmy rather than draft a suspect QB)

If Josh McDaniels leaves, that could be interesting

Early 1st (if trade up for Jimmy G): Myles Garrett/Jonathan Allen/Malik Hooker/Reuben Foster/Derek Barnett/Solomon Thomas
Late 1st:  Budda Baker/Jourdan Lewis
early-mid 2nd: Jourdan Lewis
3rd: CB-Chidobe Awuzie
3rd-TE-Jake Butt (soon as I saw he tore his ACL, I wanted him in the 3rd. OJ Howard is probably the best TE, Evan Engram too but as a Hernandez type)
3rd COMP-RB-Mixon (def won't last that long. I doubt the Pats would take a chance on him for the legacy of Myra Kraft and post-Aaron Hernandez). Might have to draft him a round earlier.


#1-Browns-DE-Myles Garrett
Wouldn't trade down, they already got assets...unless they got multiple 1sts & multiple 2nd offers. Still, with that said, Garrett is a guy they have to take.
trade down, collect assets
#3-Bears-Jonathan Allen
I don't think he's explosive, but like I've heard people say on the Pats forum: he is the most impressive player out of college they've seen at the LOS for how much of a tactician he is with everything he does, is physical, a boxer.
#4-Jaguars-DE-Derek Barnett
Would help their D. Other thing would be to get Jaelen Ramsey some help. Myles Jack Year 2 could be interesting, would open things up for Malik Jackson too.
#5-Titans-S-Malik Hooker
take best player available.
Wouldn't take a QB when 2018 draft class looks interesting. They are an old team and they got to rebuild everywhere.
#7-Chargers-S-Jamal Adams
need to replace Weddle. I could see the Chargers being good in 2017 if healthy. If Hooker falls, I would take him in a second here.
#8-Panthers-RB-Leonard Fournette
Cam relies on the run threat and could use a young RB. Or OL help.
#9-Bengals-LB-Reuben Foster
Replace the cunt that is Vontaze Burfict in the smashmouth division.
their 2 defensive picks didn't get off the ground due to injuries.
#11-Saints-DE-Derek Barnett
Saints got to build up their awful D.
#14-Colts-RB-Dalvin Cook
They need talent everywhere, but I'd look to surround Luck with help/weapons.
#14-Eagles-WR-Corey Davis
My favorite receiver in the early part of the draft over Mike Williams and John Ross. Eagles have the worst WR corps in the NFL.
#19-Bucs-WR-John Ross
Would pair well with Mike Evans, help out Jameis.
Help out whatever young QB they eventually get. Could use help on D though too. I'd kick Tannehill's ass out the door while i'm at it.

Packers, Raiders-CB's
Seahawks, Broncos-offensive line
Steelers-defensive end
Lions: defense (LB or just front-7)

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THANK YOU! So sick of seeing mock drafts having us take a QB at #2. This class sucks for QBs in the first round.

Need to trade down draft a DT and WR OR use the 2nd first rounder on Jimmy Garappolo (if possible).

However, I have to disagree with you on Joe Mixon. I think Dalvin Cook and (especially) Leonardo Fournette are better.

Edited by Oceanic

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I think why partly why people are high on Mixon more is because Fournette/Cook are SO out of reach and people HATE the idea of drafting a RB in the 1st round, especially near the top. It isn't the best value unless you have such a ridiculous offensive line (Cowboys) it makes all the sense in the world (and, also, you luck out with Dak Prescott or some shit too).
They like that Mixon doesn't fumble, good size, compares well with Leveon Bell, and is only 20.

I'd love Fournette: mentored by Kevin Faulk in high school (think Faulk coached at that high school in New Orleans after retiring), some injury issues are there, but I dig him.
I'm souring on McCaffrey and think he might be overvalued. I like him, but again, it's the needs/value thing.

I hate putting QB's in mocks to teams (every mock I looked at had 3 QB's picked in the top 15, even had up to 5 and some people I've never heard of). It just isn't the smartest move....if Myles Garrett was available at #2, you probably have to take him. Otherwise, just collect assets and fleece teams that want a QB. I wonder if teams will do that after Goff, Wentz, Mariotta, etc: those teams haven't exactly moved the needle/made the playoffs...and still lost assets to build up their team (Titans thankfully got those assets back for Goff and are back in good position)

If McDaniels goes to 49ers, he would have to take Jimmy, right? Why would you fuck yourself over in that situation without a QB to believe in.
I wouldn't do it...Pats' head front office dude alongside Belichick, Nick Caserio, turned down the 49ers interview. Kind of clear if he did that, that might have to be the least attractive job for McDaniels. I'd say Jags job looks the best if you can get a QB. 

With Garappolo: I obviously would not trade him for anything less than a top 10-20 1st round pick: I'm content with franchising him, so be it.
If I were a team that needed a QB, I would pull the trigger (Browns especially with their 2nd pick in the 1st) rather than take a chance on any of the QB's in this draft
...but if McDaniels leaves the Pats, goes to a team like the Jags/Bears/49ers and keeps the 1st round pick and gives up a 2nd rounder for him? That's hard to turn down. Particularly the Jags job: that team has interesting pieces.
But the Browns make the most obvious fucking sense in the world to draft Myles Garrett and trade for Jimmy. I think they could be a borderline .500 team in a tough division, at worst, and have the 2nd best QB in the division instantly. Corey Coleman was never healthy this year and he flashed when he did. Terrelle Pryor looked good without any QB's. Just a shame Joe Thomas isn't young.

With that said, Chargers/Broncos jobs would appeal to me the most. I hate the Chargers' ownership/cheap GM, but they have a good roster. If they could get a 1st rounder for Philip Rivers, I would do that and get Jimmy G in return. Just rebuild in LA. Can't see that shit happening. Josh would never get a 2nd chance in Denver though, but he might be better this time around. But it might be his last time if he fucks up again. He's been patient.

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His off the cuff comments on his stream of he and Bert Kreischer watching the Orange Bowl are hilarious.

He's so good

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I need to watch the video for that one. Either way, they're available online afterwards.

Antonio Brown is the fucking shit: fucking ridiculous. Fact that they have Leveon Bell too is just unfair.

Donta Hightower retweeted this...

NFL hypocrisy and clear that I think players might want more practices.


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Vance Joseph doesn't deserve any interviews for a HC gig. They look terrible and have been mediocre to below average all year.

Josh McDaniels is still who I expect to be our HC, but I think Riddick becomes our GM. I'd be OK with that, but would rather have Caserio or Wolf.

I'd be OK using a 2nd 1st round pick for Jimmy G if we were able to get one. However, I'd also be fine signin Glennon or getting Matt Moore to holdover the job and draft a rookie QB in the 2nd through 4th rounds. Mahomes II would be my guy.

Edited by Oceanic

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man, Matt Moore got fucking annihilated

here comes TJ f'n Yates

this game is going to get dirty on both sides. Steelers' Mitchell is not so secretly a chippy dude and instigating. Shazier. Suh.


and how the fuck is Moore coming back in? Jesus.

I think targeting can be iffy....but college rules get some shit right in ejecting guys for some hits.
I wish there was a penalty box for football and guys could be suspended 1 quarter or a half. The box is at the top of the stadium and they sit there in their full pads. They then descend down like Katy fucking Perry at the Super Bowl when they come out of it. Dumb, but it makes about as much sense as to how uneven these rules are.

Edited by Cassidy

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man, Mitchell destroyed Ross Cockrell, his own teammate. Just crunched him trying to get a WR who was already going down Goddamn.

James Harrison strip sacks Moore before the end of the half. Killer. Dolphins' LT Brandon Albert left Harrison unblocked. Unreal fuck up.

Here's the video for Burr/Kreischer watching Orange Bowl

will be watching that later

Edited by Cassidy

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-Matt Moore didn't play too good, but better for a guy who probably got a concussion
-Steelers at Chiefs should be a GREAT game. Chiefs are kind of early 2000s Pats-ish: good in all 3 phases, Tough place to play, no idea who wins that one. Want to say Steelers, but can't underrate Chiefs. Big Ben can turn over the ball plenty and the Chiefs can force turnovers: hoping both teams hit the shit out of each other there.
-Steelers' D is underrated good: Bud Dupree finally being healthy is dangerous. They are physical (Shazier, Dupree, Mitchell, Harrison) and guys like that are guys you need.  Tough run D, Jay Ayaji couldn't do dick.
-Dolphins can't win in the cold.
-Leveon Bell, in one career playoff game, has more rushing yards than any Steeler RB ever. How?
-Steelers could have won by more probably, but they didn't unleash Antonio much after his 2 TD's.
-...still, a better team would not have made the mistakes Dolphins made on offense with the turnovers. Nice veteran move by James Harrison on the strip sack blitz, but should have been spotted by the stationary Dolphins' O-Line on the left side. Could have MAYBE been a game then.

I'll take Steelers over KC probably...I think KC will be able to force turnovers, so that makes it dangerous. I just think healthy Antonio/Leveon is hard not to pick.

Texans at Pats, 815 PM
Pats open as 16-point favorites
Might be Vince WIlfork's last game...and it'll be in NE.

-double Clowney, prepare for batted balls
-watch out for Mercilus
-don't turn the ball over, and it's an easy win...Brock sucks. They're conservative on offense so just stop the run and they're one-dimensional. Brock had 168 yards passing, 1 passing TD, 1 rushing TD...and Pats have a much better D. Raiders never stood a chance with Cook back there in his first NFL start. Could tell that from the opening drive.
-...just come away with healthy.

I'd be nervous against the Steelers/Chiefs. Pats should be favorites and they have their numbers, but they're tough.

Pats-Texans preview

Pats did not have Brady, Hightower in that game...and Gronk was just a blocking TE until Brady came back.
Clowney's damn good against the Texans, but he was going up against a backup LT. And Connor Cook. And Raiders' Center was injured mid-game.

RB-Dion Lewis -hasn't really broke out way he did in 2015 pre-injury, but goddamn
DE-Trey Flowers -has a chance to be more dangerous than Chandler Jones. Doesn't play as much, but he flashes.

I don't know how much Floyd plays, but his PT should go down with Malcolm Mitchell/Danny AMendola.

Edelman is on pace to break records (needs 2 receptions to break Wes Welker's record for postseason catches). At 68 right now. Will potentially be in top 10 in postseason catches. Will be Edelman's 13th career playoff game, Welker played in 9.


Jordy to locker room on cart after that. Bummer.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie thigh isn't good either.

Rodgers sucked in the first half with 2 plays that took them out of FG range (took a 12-yard sack...then intentional groundng) then he makes a play out of nothing in the pocket avoiding pressure for a guy who is not open at all, really. Great play by Rodgers, great catch. Lot of 10-second plays in the pocket.

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that 4th & inches call on the 40 was so dumb...Giants' D is ridiculous. Love Landon Collins. If it was on the other side of the 40, sure.
Giants should have gone for 2 though.

pretty ridiculous stat when you look at QB's in the game close to Brady now that Peyton is out (and even then, not close). I'd expect Russell Wilson/Aaron Rodgers to make it closer.

Then Bill Simmons with this....
Tom Brady: 22–9, 11 byes, 2 misses — 33–11
Ben Roethlisberger: 11–6, 3 byes, 4 misses — 14–10
Joe Flacco: 10–5, 1 bye, 3 misses — 11–8
Russell Wilson: 7–3, 2 byes, 0 misses — 9–3
Eli Manning: 8–3, 1 bye, 7 misses — 9–10
Aaron Rodgers: 7–6, 2 byes, 1 miss — 9–7
Drew Brees: 6–5, 2 byes, 9 misses — 8–14

the 11 byes is ridiculous and something I overlook.

Packers won but pyrhhic victory....
-Jordy Nelson hit to unprotected side of ribs by helmet 
-Ty Montgomery no weight to knee: him going to RB was a big reason why they turned the tide at end of season. GOt stuck, pinned, twisted backwards while knee was underneath defender.



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Well that really sucked.  Lions did not deserve to win that game at all and were obviously the worst team on the field, but man that reffing was something.  If the NFL doesn't fix their officiating overall, it isn't just against the Lions and there is no conspiracy (lol at whoever thinks that, as if someone needs to undermine the fucking Lions), then I can't see myself being very into the NFL anymore.  It just really detracts from the game, and with soooo many boring ass games this year along with the no fun rules I just can't be bothered to care much.  I've already sworn off spending any nfl related money until the Lions win a playoff game, so that means I will never spend another dollar on the nfl again.

Sports are the worst.

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Didn't you have a lot of injuries on defense?

PLUS Stafford's finger injury clearly affected him. I think if the Lions were healthy they could have had the game...or it would have been more competitive.

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