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On 1/14/2017 at 7:51 PM, Oceanic said:

The Vikings will win the division next year if they keep Bradford as the starter and fix the offensive line.

Their team is basically complete other than the line and at RB (although McKinnon would be decent behind a average to good offensive line).

They had a bad year, but i doubt it. Again, Phil and you are the first I've heard anybody defending Sam Bradford. I think the Vikings were in contention with Teddy Bridgewater, but then he got injured and offensive line issues were happening before the season started.
Rodgers is a monster and it seems like they kind of figured it out halfway through the year, they should shore up their secondary.
Division should get harder too. Bears had 2 years where they just completely fucking tanked and they should be done doing that...unless they want to tank again in a possibly loaded QB draft class in 2018.


-cold as fuck. No wind, but cold...goddamn footwarmers didn't work. Couldn't feel my fingers as soon as I got out of the car at 4 PM to tailgate, felt my thumb immediately bruise up and prone to cuts/bleeds.
-stepped into a port-a-potty: 'GOODELL HAS AIDS' was written in big sharpie. No surprise.
-hard to notice many Texan fans turnout because they kind of wear the same colors...but I saw, like, 10 fans in all. I didn't expect to see much, but it was the lowest I've seen and I saw the Pats play the Texans in 2012. When Pats play in the AFC Championship, part of the reason why I'd prefer to play the Chiefs is because Steeler fans are everywhere and they DO turn out in droves for their team compared to Chief fans (still I expect a solid amount but not as much)

-the Pats in-game music and announcer did a HORRIBLE job. Music choices, when they used it (kept fucking up), and everything.

-section 318 (corner end zone)  in the nosebleed of the nosebleeds: usually I prefer to be high up, but it turned out to be the shittiest fan experience I've had a game over the Seahawk Monday Night game this year AND the Titan regular season game last year. Nobody was standing in our section and we looked over to other sections and EVERYBODY was standing
-we sat next to two 8-year old kids...big red flag...then  someone brought in a 3-month old newborn, I shit you not! To a max capacity NFL stadium, having to go up to the highest point of a stadium (a good 20 minute minimum experience upon entering the stadium) and doing it in a 20-degree environment. What an asshole.

...Luckily, we switched seats in the 2nd half to 202 (corner end zone opposite way same side)...
If you snuck in from the top, guys were checking for tickets so we snuck in from the bottom.
A friend was sitting over there and said basically a whole row was vacant the whole game, so we came right over.
It was probably corporate seats and nobody showed up. Strange, but awesome.

-absolute fucking party...5 girls were legit passed out/falling in the rows during the 3rd quarter: 3 girls in their 20s who were hot aaaaaand two women in their late 50s/early 60s: surprisingly, the older women were the ones mostly falling over multiple rows and kept falling over. But yeah, everybody was standing/loud. Perfect view.
-James White's TD was by us and in our corner.

the game
-refs were awful and generally one-sided. Twitter confirmed that with non-Pats fans expressing how much they sucked and that Pete Morrelli is a mess of a ref. Clueless.
-fans were upset with the refs not calling flags on guys holding/interfering Lewis/Bennett, and a late hit on Brady: but I don't think those were at all. When Brady is pissed at a defender, it's usually frustration with himself to get fired up when nothing was going. He threw 10 passes away and he took unnecessary hits late when going to the sideline to throw it away. 

Brady: 47% passing (10 passes thrown away), 2 INT's (ties amount he had in 12 games), no real chemistry with Michael Floyd...they couldn't get Blount going at all....refs fucked the Pats a bit.
At one point, Texans had the ball from, like, the 10 minute mark of the 1st half to the 10 minute mark of the 2Q: Lewis kickoff TD, Brady INT on first play of a drive deflected off Floyd. Not a good 1st half. A lot of deep balls (some great, some caught that were out of bounds) but too much.

3 INT's by 3 Rutgers players (McCourty, Logan Ryan, Duron Harmon)

before his injury where he went down, you could see him hobbling/struggling to get up after Edelman's 14-yard run end-around.

Vince Wilfork and his last game
all-time great Patriot, should be on anybody's top 5 list. He's #2 for me, Gronk (if healthy) might replace him.
Played his last game ever...crowd cheered every time they showed him. As they shoud.

He'll be in the Patriot Hall of Fame...but...he really should be in the NFL Hall of Fame.
I'd take him over Suh 100 times out of 100. Only Haloti Ngata was really up there with him the last decade and both belong in the HOF.

they could be legit someday, but I wouldn't count on it.
They just can't find a proper QB. Brock Osweiler should be fired into the fucking sun and he's going to eat so much cap space in 2017 too.
it sucks, but Watt's prime has been wasted with dogshit QB's and Andre Johnson's entire career was too. Arian Foster's short-lived greatness. Now, it looks like Clowney/Hopkins could be too.
Just a bummer: they're basically AFC's Lions with great players they've had fucking wasted (Barry Sanders, Calvin Johnson, Ndamukong Suh)...and I'll concede Matthew Stafford is better than I thought, bad luck with injuries.

At no point in the game was I worried about the Texans beating the Pats. When it became 14-13, it was just frustration/disappointment.

Clowney/Mercilus were great/terrifying...McKinney was a liability in pass coverage against Lewis as expected, but he caused an INT.

^Thuney whiffed 2x on Clowney, allowed free shots at Brady: both setting up play actions/screen. One was not this one, but trying to get to 2nd level (block LB/CB) but Clowney isn't really just any D-Lineman. He's so fucking big, athletic, and fast he just went right the fuck by him. One of my buddies I went to the game was really doesn't like Thuney, but I like him a lot and think we got a gem in the draft. He'll get better even if he now is the Pats' weakest O-Line alongside David Andrews (I think teams with BIG NT's like Wilfork/Poe can give an undersized center like Andrews trouble...and they're strong against the run and they didn't get the running game going)

Andrews said Mercilus is probably the quickest player he's seen...but not surprising: Trey Flowers gets utilized in the same kind of way on pass rushing situations up the middle.

McKinney is good, but everybody predicted before the game Pats would pick on him and be a liability against Lewis/White...


^Doug Kyed: Much better route runner than Lewis. Lewis used a similar stutter earlier, and it just gave McKinney time to catch up.
DeAndre Hopkins was ineffective (48.1 passer rating throwing to him)


Brock's one good play to Will Fuller should have been a TD....


I don't know what they do: I would probably fire Bill O'Brien and make Mike Vrabel HC for fear of losing Vrabel. I don't think O'Brien is a good HC, maybe better as an OC but I don't even know that.
Either way, zero chance O'Brien makes Brock the starter again next year. Not if he doesn't want to get fired.

16 points scored on 4 possessions where they started with the ball in Pats' territory. 


Dion Lewis: 3 TD's in playoff debut
3 TD's (kickoff; receiving; rushing)...and 1 fumble
LOVE Lewis, unlike any 3rd down RB they've had.
Glad to see him healthy...he's a lot like Thomas Davis, Sean Lee: just a guy who is chronically injured who is a game-changer when healthy.

U mad, bro?

This is the easiest schedule Pats have ever had going back to the 2008 season (Brady would have got them to 14 wins minimum easily that year over a very limited Cassel)

^NFC teams (Cardinals, Rams, 49ers) combined to go 13-34-1.
The QB's are Blaine Gabbert/Colin Kaepernick, Case Keenum/Jared Goff, and Carson Palmer who has been bit by Brett Favre/Peyton Manning old/bad QB disease.

AFC East went 10-6 against the NFC West...Seahawks beat all 3 AFC East teams: Dolphins/Bills at home, Seahawks in New England: thing is, Bills/Dolphins also nearly beat them in Seattle. Seattle-Pats was a damn good game.

I love Earl Thomas, but butt hurt. He went off on Twitter saying he owns Tom Brady. Yeah, fuck yourself, dude. Pats got beat by the Seahawks, Earl made a great hit on Gronk, but Pats offense could do whatever they wanted against Seattle until the goal line disaster (Seahawks were unstoppable against the Pats' D...but it didn't feel scary going against the Seahawks D, who was without Bennett)

Seahawks were lucky to play the Lions in the Wild Card Round...really, they should have had a 1st round bye if they didn't blow some games and play down to competition (Bucs, Rams, Cards) and just not show up at all on offense.

With that said, Pats' schedule gets REAL tough from here on out.

49ers fan on Reddit...


Ray Lewis went off too. Yeah, dude, you got away with murder/snitched on your friends AND your son is a rapist. Fuck off.

Strangely: Earl Thomas is more valuable to the Seahawks than JJ Watt is to the Texans. Without Watt, they're still a playoff team. We saw, for the first time, that the Seahawks' D is not scary at all without Earl and everything crashes to earth.

Slater downing the ball at the 1-yard line
fucking great.

so fun to yell, "SLATER!" like "SLAYER!" after that.

Pats facts
-6 straight AFC Championships: 2013/2015 squads were the most ravaged health-wise. 2012 wasn't good either with Gronk + Edelman on IR, Talib knocked out early in the 1Q 
-11th AFC Championship for Brady-Belichick. Most by any coach/QB combo is 6 going back to the Dolphins...15 full seasons for Brady.

Injuries to monitor for Pats
-Chris Hogan (thigh)-#1 injury concern on team right now alongside Mitchell
-Martellus Bennett (left leg...been batting through all year so he's going to play)
-Malcolm Mitchell (knee...could have used him over Floyd)

Great games by...
-Dion Lewis (fumble was bad though)
-Logan Ryan (7 tackles, sack on blindside blitz, INT was play of game really, 2 passes defended) -best game of career
-Julian Edelman (8 receptions on 13 targets, 137 yards receiving; 14 yards rushing; punt return duties...broke Welker's Pats' playoff record of 69 receptions; now has 76 playoff receptions)

Bad games by
-David Andrews
-Martellus Bennet (quiet: 1 catch 4 yards receiving)
-Michael Floyd (lack of chemistry with Brady)

Brady didn't have a good game for him either.


Devin Hester plans to retire
HOF should be next

uhhh...Falcons are legit
Goddamn. I stand corrected.

NFL Draft 2018?: Texas' LT Connor Williams
heard someone on the Pats fan forum say he might be best LT prospect since Joe Thomas...should be interesting to watch for teams that could use OL.
Fellside probably has more info on that guy if he ever posts on here again.

^Richard Rodgers went to high school in my town at the all boys prep school powerhouse
Said that before, but cool to see him doing shit on the biggest stage and opening TD in the biggest game of the weekend. His move on Sean Lee made that TD.

Cowboys getting their shits pushed in by the Packers



David Bakhtiari, Packers' best OL, down after Ty Montgomery's 2nd TD: got rolled up on swipedby Sean ee rolling into him. Didn't look awful as it could have been.

wow, great game this turned out to be.

Rodgers down 2 receivers going into NFCCG: Jordy (ribs last week) + Davante Adams (ankle injury getting tackled behind: didn't look good)

Green Bay's 2nd & 8 call to run it with 1:48 left was dumb. Would have called timeout; should have passed it. Looked bad pre-snap.
HOLY SHIT THAT FIELD GOAL WAS BOSS! I would not have even attempted that one from that far and give the Cowboys the ball against their D. Amazing kick by Crosby. They snapped the ball quick to Crosby too. One of the best FG's I've seen made in a pressure situation...but what helped it was a timeout wasn't called or anything; he just went in thee and kicked it. If he missed that, Jesus.

Pretty great FG's made by both sides.

Wow that pass to Jared Cook: goddamn. Great play by Rodgers, great catch/footwork by Cook.


kind of obvious Dak is the best rookie QB of all time, beating out Russell Wilson: not even close. 3 TD's most by a rookie QB in Super Bowl era.

that's an all-time great game

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Bud Dupree is pretty awesome: very comparable to Jamie Collins' athletically.

God, Andy Reid's time management blew things again...and Justin Houston covering Antonio Brown? How dumb is that shit? WIth that said, Houston HAD Brown covered on the 3rd down the whole way until Ben threw the ball toward the sideline and led Brown. Just ridiculous.

bummer of a call in situation since refs usually let shit go for interference (either way) but it was the right call.
With that said, Kelce sucked in that game. He had a dumb penalty and was lucky Maclin bailed him out.

Alex Smith is at the top of above average QBs...but you saw him cost the Chiefs with missed guys and missed throws for would-be TD's.

Packers at Falcons: 305 PM
Steelers at Patriots: 640 PM

Well, before the season, Steelers-Pats sounded predictable in the AFC. Packers? Not surprising. Falcons? Yes.
Packers-Falcons SHOULD be a barnburner.
Pats-Steelers should be great, Steelers are sneaky tough on D. They got so much better. Sean Davis is a damn good rookie.

Everybody's picking the Pats to be in the Super Bowl or win it, but Steelers are tough.

Maybe the 4 best QB's are left standing (Carr pre-injury maybe; Wilson in other years not this year)

Fellside may have a point with this and the lack of parity in the NFL...



But I'll still take it over NBA any day and the chances for any franchise to contend and be hopeful unless your franchise is colossally fucked up.

Glass half-full as a Pats fan...
-got an extra day of rest over them
-they are NOT getting back to Pittsburgh until Monday morning
-it's a home game
-KC's D is good, but they only managed 18 points even though Leveon Bell had 170 yards? Steelers SHOULD score more than that next week, but Pats should score more than the Chiefs too.

Tom Brady vs Mike Tomlin defenses
6 games (5-1 record) 71.2 completion%; 315 yards/game; 19 TD 0 INT; 118 rating; 33.3 points/game
Weird team that Brady dominates...but they got guys that people don't know yet who are due to break out (Shazier; Dupree; Sean Davis) and just all-around chippy/hard-hitting dudes....and Harrison is a freaky great player who is still somehow the fucking shit.

Glass half-empty
-Antonio Brown is the best WR in the NFL. I'll take him over Julio Jones.
-Leveon Bell is the best RB...and a terror as a pass-catcher.
-they aren't a team scared of playing away.
-they did not have Big Ben when they lost at home to the was still a game.
-again, their D is legit and scary. It's coming on strong.
-Packers/Steelers are 2 teams that are playing their best ball at the right time: both teams had to basically win out for 2 straight months to get in.
-Gronk had 4 catches 93 yards in the regular season game. He's not there.

Bright side to NOT playing KC
-Tyreek Hill
-their D can cause turnovers

Antonio Brown's live facebook video of postgame locker room: 18+ minutes uncut

-bare asses haha 
-Antonio Brown being narcissistic: not much different than I expected
-'God is the greatest' repeated at least 100 times by him
-it's harmless/inoffensive, even with Tomlin calling the Pats 'assholes'...but funny to hear Big Ben saying to not say shit on social media...and then Antonio is posting a WHOLE video

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McKinney wasn't expected to be an asset in coverage at all, so what he is developing is a bonus.  He's looking Ray Lewis-esque.  

There's also no reason to fire Bill O'Brien because the owner & GM forced a "franchi$e" QB on him.  People shat on the Texans all year about being in the AFC South and because the couple of times they were on national TV earlier in the season, they shat the bed & confirmed the narrative.  Fine.  But the NFC West is a worse conference and no one is taking anything from the 10-win Seahawks who had a shit schedule and were 3-2-1 vs division.  The Texans regular season wins include the Chiefs, Lions, and should've won the DF game against the Raiders.  If the week 17 game meant anything at all, they would've been a 10-win team, just like the mighty Seahawks.  (They were 3-2 to finish the season without Earl Thomas, but the Packers game wasn't close, so the only one he may have impacted was the L vs Arizona... and he doesn't make their spotty offense any better.)  O'Brien needs to let OC Godsey go and bring in a fresh mind to break bread about offense with, which I think will happen because he's been a broken record about the need to get better on offense lately.  I wish Mike McCoy hadn't already been snatched by Vance Joseph.  

Edited by DK.

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8 hours ago, DK. said:

The Texans regular season wins include the Chiefs, Lions, and should've won the DF game against the Raiders.


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As figured, OC George Godsey & the Texans agreed to "mutually part ways" today.  

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It's weird that they signed Brock to a deal without meeting with Bill O'Brien or anything. They might have done so anyway, but damn.

NFC West was super disappointing: it was the worst division in football until after Beastquake's run against New Orleans in 2010. 49ers' run was short-lived and Cards still need a QB, so it sucks again. I don't see the 49ers/Rams improving much next year.

It's just disappointing to see the Texans in the playoffs because of their QB situation: every time they come in the playoffs, they are one of the worst teams to watch because of Schaub, Hoyer, Brock. At least if it was, say, the Titans we would have Mariota (hope he MIGHT be good) or Colts in Luck: but I'm glad the Colts didn't make it. There just wasn't any fear that a QB like Brock could cost the Pats.

The thing is this though: if Brady was the Texans' QB and Brock the Pats' QB, Texans would have won by 14+.'/


this was a 15-yard penalty: it felt wrong, maybe should have been a spot foul if they cleared up the rules. I mean, that's a great play by Sean Davis...if he doesn't make such a dangerous hit.


I think it's got to be Kyle Shanahan then, right?
I thought McDaniels going to the 49ers would be stupid: bad ownership, little talent. Great history/city, but not a good situation.

Pats film review on Brady's 2 INT's...

-Floyd INT was more because Floyd hesitated on his route rather than continuing...but I think it's more lack of chemistry with Brady
-2nd INT was on Brady for not seeing McKinney or thinking he could squeeze it in. Either way, Mercilus was coming in on Brady.

Defenses left ranked
1. Steelers -on the verge of being close to great.
2. Pats -sneaky good, but haven't faced much competition
3. Packers -injured secondary
4. Falcons -Vic Beasley, no Desmond Trufant/Adrian Clayborn

harder to rank

Pats postgame locker room

McCourty INT and 2 near INT's by him (one in end zone, one in late 3rd/eary 4th) -pretty great game, he even helped out in causing the Logan Ryan INT.
Cushing -iffy blinside hit on Bennett far away from the play that had him on the ground during Lewis' TD.  Wasn't totally happy with that, but I've seen far worse. Mostly didn't like that it wasn't anywhere damn near close to the play and Bennett was basically barely moving.
42 minutes real time in the 1st half for Brady between having completed a single reception -yeah, it felt that bad/frustrating in person.
Lewis' kickoff TD put Texans' D back out...then Lewis' fumble and Brady's INT on the first play of a drive...Texans, particularly Clowney/Mercilus were great.
settling FG at end of half -they got to the 1-yard line on 81 second drive.
Bullshit penalties -Solder's holding penalty: thankfully Blount scored on TD...Slater negating an Edelman punt return block-in-the-back.
Refereeing crew was just mostly confused it felt like and mismanaged.
People wanted calls on Lewis/Bennett/Edelman, but Texans were in good coverage.
Rowe's pulling guy on Texans out of scrum -Butler was over aggressive on the ground, caused a Texan player to late hit a Pats player, that's when Rowe pulled a player off...Belichick was pissed at him, basically said he had to know the rules because it's crystal clear that's a penalty.
Texans went 3 & out...and that penalty saved them and they scored a FG.
Texans near TD's -Fiedowicz had 2 (with 1 where McCourty had great coverage) and Fuller's drop
-Clowney's roughing the passer penalty: dumb as fuck. Texans down 24-16 at the moment....Brady got pounded in this game a bit. Bad game by o-line...Couple times where they landed on Brady's shoulder or his head bounced off the ground...or the one where Cushing and another dude hit him.
-Logan Ryan's INT at the 13 minute mark as amazing. Play of the game/clinched the game. Best game of career for him, that sealed it. Bad throw by Brock.
-weird to see Lewis get the ball on short & goal for the TD...but Blount was sick all week and didn't practice until Friday (just basically to have Texans prepare for him). They were always going to go heavy with Dion in this game
-Edelman's near catch that was broken up by #43 Moore was great. Brady made some tight throws, some made it, some didn't.
-Brady helping to throw a block for Amendola was great. They don't get the 1st down if not for that....Lewis nearly broke it for a TD...Bennett should have been taken out earlier.  Thre a grat block to Edelman on the end-around, but he came up a bit gimpy there. So dumb he was put back out.
-Brady took forever throwing a ball out at the 7:37 mark, got thrown out of bounds by Mercilus...he joked with Bill O'Brien it sounds like about it....Brady should have thrown it away sooner....Lewis 2nd fumble, Pats reocvered (had a near 3rd fumble)

Brady's 2 INT's
first one was on Floyd, 2nd was on Brady (McKinney being in the middle w/ Mercilus coming in off the edge) and another near one was on Floyd for hesitating on his routes/bad breaks.

Basically, if Mitchell is back, Floyd might not play because Brady doesn't trust him.

Roger Goodell might be in attendance at Gillette for AFCCG
I doubt it, but we'll see.
He went to Atlanta this week probably figuring best chances would be Dallas would win. Can't do 2 weeks in a row there, right? Smart play would have been go to KC-Pitt.

Thought it was shitty of Seahawks to go low on the Falcons when they were in victory formation and just kneeling.
They did that to us, but that game was at least close and Pats were inside the 5-yard line basically.

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Dan Wetzel: Roger Goodell needs to head to New England to face the music

what a coward.
He went to 2 Pats playoffs games in 2014...but now officially has not been to Foxboro for 2 calendar seasons and now 3 playoff games. He will be in Atlanta for the second week in a row.


^Lahren was a Texans fan until, like, a year or 2 ago.

for what it's worth, this Cowboys team was likable....but fuck Jerry Jones and the fans I know around here of them.

NFL Ringer/Simmons shit on Andy Reid/Alex Smith

they're right. I don't think you can bring back Alex Smith again since he's holding the team back

-Andy Reid is a GREAT coach, players love him, he's a great offensive mind...but he has the WORST clock management of any coach for over a decade. Every postseason it turns out to be true in comical ways and it cost them again. In person for last year's divisional, every fan was laughing at KC for how slow they were moving the ball with no urgency.
-...he has to have somebody who takes away challenges/timeouts away from him. He just can't do it
-Smith cost the Chiefs with missed throws to wide-open guys
-you're at home, the other team doesn't score a TD...and you lose?

Tom Brady and his relationship with his receivers

high school to now: 25+ years

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Mike Vrabel now Defensive Coordinator of Texans, Romeo Crennel to Assistant HC

Robert Mays: the Patriots' Backfield of Forgotten Men

Tom Brady is sick at press conference
well, fuck...he's usually sick around the Divisional/Championship round every year it feels like since he started having kids. Even during the Seattle SUper Bowl.

sounds like he was sick even during the Texans game.

6 players limited in practice....
Amendola, Bennett, Bolden, Hightower, Hogan, Mitchell and Sheard

Hogan, Bennett, Sheard, Bolden were banged up in the Divisional Round.

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On 1/16/2017 at 4:42 PM, Oceanic said:

Who do you think Houston goes after as OC? I would imagine BOB calls most of the offense though, right?

Sorry I hadn't come through the see this, buddy...

I would've said ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ because all of the obvious Erhardt/Perkins OC candidates were spoken for.  I think had Mike McCoy not been scooped up with his history in Denver then he would've been the guy.  I'm jealous of Denver.  A name I was tossing around on the Texans board was Cam Cameron and blending his Air Coryell concepts into the EP system that O'Brien runs because the Texans have Air Coryell personnel.  Air Coryell needs power running game (check), WR who can win (Nuk Hopkins), good pass-catching TE (we have two), good OL (it's decent & our only real need besides QB -- that roster is wonderfully deep).  I was shot down because he "failed" in Baltimore who didn't have the personnel that his system requires, but he's single-handedly responsible for Zach Mettenberger ever taking an NFL snap and having a selfie with JJ Watt because of what he did for him in his first season as LSU's OC.

Obviously the situation is sorted out.  O'Brien named himself OC (as he did in 2014), promoted RAC to Asst HC so that he can focus on OC a little more I guess, and promoted Vrabel to DC to try to keep him in Houston.  To answer the rest of your question -- In the Sound FX for O'Brien's first ever game, even though George Godsey was only QB coach and O'Brien HC/OC, you can hear O'Brien on his headset telling George what "type" of play to call in certain situations and it was Godsey in Fitzpatrick's ear.  (Run, "take a shot", etc.)  Godsey was given the OC title in 2015, but I think it was really kind of a formality & pay raise.  At some point this past season as the offense sucked, O'Brien said he was taking over play-calling, but I still don't know how far that went because not long after that he described it as shared duty and I always saw Godsey with the play sheet.  

We'll see how it goes!  O'Brien & RAC are both bad at clock management as HCs, but maybe between the two of them they'll figure it out under this new, intriguing arrangement.    

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Tom Brady goes to SeaBass' school of German

Sebastian Vollmer did a series of getting teammates to speak German. Gronk did it before. Brady's turn now...Brady comes across real well in this, unguarded/funny/natural as you're really going to get.

Sound FX: Pats-Texans

Edelman has a great moment midway through with the ref...Edelman DID push off on a DB on a route and the commentators during the game mentioend that, but the defender engaged with him first and was playing Edelman, not the ball (it was kind of a broken play to just throw it in double coverage like that though). Interesting to hear O'Brien relay that to the refs and then for a ref to come to Edelman with that.

Brock trying to keep the team pumped and then immediately cutting to him throwing an INT is great.

I got to ask...
-if you're a Texans fan, do you want to cut Brock and pay the $25M dead cap hit or no?
That and Sam Bradford are the 2 worst moves of the offseason. At least they didn't give up a 1st? Maybe a Kirk Cousins playing 1 year on a franchise deal or the max $ would have softened the blow.

Edited by Cassidy

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Seahawks may lose 2nd round pick over not disclosing Richard Sherman injury

that's on top of losing pick(s) over practices where they hit (OTA violations)

NFL rules are lame...wish there were more practices/contact with teams/players during the offseason.
Wish teams didn't have to disclose injuries UNLESS the player isn't playing. And Sherman played in the fucking game. How fucking often do you hear about players getting surgery in the offseason and you're reaction is, "YOU PLAYED THROUGH THAT?!?!"

Sounds like it's more for gambling purposes.

Raiders moving to Vegas most likely
wish they moved to LA instead: feels like that would be the best possible LA team, if there were one.
I was for a team not being in Oakland (too close to LA)...but then you find out that it's the highest-growing city in America.  So what the fuck do I know?

Browns might target Tyrod Taylor
I actually like that movie if they don't target a QB in this year's draft, maybe look long/hard at taking one in 2018's loaded QB draft.

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12 hours ago, Cassidy said:

I got to ask...
-if you're a Texans fan, do you want to cut Brock and pay the $25M dead cap hit or no?

You know I'm more measured than most fans -- I don't really care what they do with him as long as he isn't issued a helmet.  I think whether they draft a QB and contract negotiations with AJ Bouye, along with possible restructuring of Cushing, Duane Brown & Kareem Jackson will dictate whether Osweiler is on the roster come June 1.  I don't know what it will take to keep Bouye -- He wants to stay and the coaching staff wants to keep him, but someone might pay him bigly.  And there's the chance that someone picks up Osweiler and offsets some of that $6MM bonus.   

40 minutes ago, Cassidy said:

Raiders moving to Vegas most likely
wish they moved to LA instead: feels like that would be the best possible LA team, if there were one.
I was for a team not being in Oakland (too close to LA)...but then you find out that it's the highest-growing city in America.  So what the fuck do I know?

Santa Clara (San Jose), where the 49ers play and call "San Francisco", is closer to LA than Oakland by about 40 miles.  Sidebar -- Levi's Stadium is actually closer to Oakland than it is to San Francisco if you wanna think about how fucked up that is when both teams were trying to find a new stadium -- SF argued that Silicon Valley & San Jose was their market.  And yes, Oakland is experiencing rapid growth because SF became far too expensive.  A lot of SF & SV companies are moving into Oakland as their leases are up or increase as are the educated folks who work for those companies.  

The Raiders would've been the only team that this market would really care about.  They've always been everywhere here.  Everyone wears black anyway, contrary to Hollister's marketing of what SoCal wears so they're already naturally part of the palette.  Yes it sounds a little stupid, but as phony & image-conscious as a lot of folks are here, it makes sense.  

Edited by DK.

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holy shit, Santa Clara is closer to LA?!? Jesus. I thought it would be, like, 5 hour drive minimum from there to LA.

If I were a 49er fan, I'd hate them being out of SF that far out. Silicon Valley money, I guess, right? That's what SF/Oakland is though.
I only went to Candlestick once for a Braves-Giants game when Kenny Lofton was on the Braves; definitely not a good baseball stadium, SF Giants new ballpark is the fucking best though.
But they couldn't do what the Pats did and just build a new stadium RIGHT next to old Candlestick. I felt like there was nothing else around that area when I went.

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Yeah, San Jose/Santa Clara is 5-ish hours from LA without traffic... Oakland or SF about 6.  San Jose/Santa Clara are actually a distinct metropolitan statistical area from SF/Oakland (counted together), so how on earth the more populous San Jose bent over to the 49ers without a name change I'll never understand.  

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Kyle Shanahan as HC and George Patton as GM is better than I was hoping or expecting when this offseason started.

Now, fix the roster with all that cap space, please.


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Colts fire Ryan Grigson
about time

congrats to Colt fans...that MIGHT still be here? Fuck.

I think they hire Peyton Manning in the Elway role, he just wanted to take a year off. They HAVE to give him the keys.


going to Pats-Steelers: Pats have the Steelers number and it's a home game, but I'm nervous as shit. 

Last year, Pats could have won the Super Bowl if they stayed healthy..but, really, the Steelers definitely would have won the Super Bowl if Vontaze didn't single-handedly ruin their season on dirty plays (Leveon Bell's leg in the season; Big Ben's shoulder and Antonio Brown's head in the Wild Card Round). They almost beat Denver in Denver without Antonio Brown, Leveon Bell, and Big Ben with the shoulder injury. So this year, I think I had the Steelers making the Super Bowl and maybe winning it.

Steelers have...
-the best RB (David Johnson is close; Ezekiel Elliott is the shit but plays behind the best line)
-the best and most consistent WR in the league
-an underrated offensive line (great against run; top 5 in least sacks allowed)
-an underrated D with stars that might emerge (Shazier; Dupree; Sean Davis, etc)-Dupree has been a game-changer and has Jamie Collins' athleticism

If the Pats had Gronk I'd pick the Pats and be confident. Now? it feels 50/50.

I picked the Packers to beat the Falcons, but closer it gets to that game, the more I'm thinking the Falcons SHOULD definitely be favored against the Packers.

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Colts are probably going to promote Jimmy Raye IV from within. Sounds like Pagan will be staying (thank fully for the 49ers).

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still need to watch the Falcons-Packers game: only caught the 3rd.
I didn't really believe in the Falcons (Trufant's injury; Julio Jones' turf toe; never won in playoffs before) but, man, they look for real. D is going to be good fast. Inexperienced, but they make up for it in speed.

Packers felt too banged up from what I watched (depleted WR/CB before game; OL was gimpy even in the Cowboys' game)

Pats game
-yeah, awesome crowd. Same section as last week, but people were standing. There were, like, 5 Steeler fans in our whole section, I sat next to one who looked exactly like Nate Fillion who waved a towel the whole time. I HATE the towel
-7 fucking Super Bowl appearances for Brady in 15 seasons? Ho-ly shit. No other team has 3 appearances in that time. 
-rain sucked before the game...but then it felt like the Colts' game where it rained the whole game, but you'd put your hand out or face up and you didn't feel the rain, really.
-for whatever reason, Brady absolutely dominatse and has the Steelers' number. Doesn't make sense to me since they SHOULD be better/more balanced than, say, the Ravens/Broncos, but not the case. He has not thrown an INT against the Steelers in 4,167 days.
-Steelers' secondary sucked: guys wide open, felt like Brady was unstoppable...and could have inflicted more damage than he did.
-Flea Flicker was great...I jumped up and down like a little girl. It was great.
-Hogan's thigh injury...turned out to not be a concern. Can't believe the game he had.
-I noticed Leveon Bell didn't look right getting up after one of the first plays of the game but didn't think anything of it for awhile...then I was like, 'Man, DeAngelo Williams is underrated but where the fuck is Leveon?' Go on Twitter, yeah, he's out. Bummer.
-goal line stop at end of half was amazing: I wanted Pitt to score when they got to the 1 with 1:53 left so the Pats could drive downfield with 3 timeouts left. I feared Pitt would score at the end of the half AND beginning of half. Pretty awesome.
-2nd time seeing Antonio Brown in person. He killed it in the 2015 opener with Butler covering him (and doing a GREAT job: he still lit it up). This one? He made great plays/catches, but it didn't matter. He's going to get his, but 7 catches 77 yards. Quiet
-Roethlisberger nailed some deep passes, but guys couldn't get that.
-Pats/Steelers didn't really get a pass rush. Don't think I saw Big Ben get hit all night. Brady got a couple times and 1 early sack.

-Martellus Bennett celebrating after the game was great. Bad ass/likable player. Really found the right team and right QB.

I"ve yet to see a video of Martellus running around/dancing with the cheerleaders while singing to Whitney Houston that really captured that


^playing through cracked bone in ankle and bone chips. Surgery coming in offseason
He ran around the circumference of the field and came back with the cheerleaders by himself for that song for like 3 minutes. On the big-ass screens in the stadium, it was more fun.

love that Zolak did this. He snuck the sign in and as soon as he did, the camera went away from him. Fans shown on the screens snuck in signs at the last second: "GOODELL IS A DOUCHE" got in real quick and then they couldn't have moved away faster.


-It's just difficult to not come across like a spoiled piece of shit because Brady and the Pats run is so consistent/unprecedented. They have a chance to win EVERY year that Brady is in it, DEFINITELY when Gronk is healthy (I'd argue if he's healthy in 2011, 2012, 2015, they win the Super 2015, they would have wrapped up homefield advantage and not face Denver in Denver. But injuries are shit and that's football every year for you)

Trevor Siemian=Pro Bowl QB

I kind of don't like their fans. There's more Steeler fans where I live than Giant/Jet fans combined. Every fanbase, if they're good, gets obnoxious. And they're consistently good. And they got the towel.

So while Brady/Pats have their number and I LOVE beating them, I respect them...
-Mike Tomlin can be a dick with comments towards the Pats...but I like his demeanor with his team. I don't think he's the best coach though
-Antonio Brown is my favorite WR
-Leveon Bell is the shit
-James Harrison is a 1st ballot Hall of Fame player. Find it ridiculous that isn't the case when I looked up people who don't have him in the Hall of Fame.
-Hines Ward/Aaron Smith=underrated players. Ward is basically their Rodney Harrison (guy you hate except if he's on your team)
-Troy Polamalu was my favorite safety after Ed Reed.
-Big Ben is basically Brett Favre in how erratic he is, but he's tough as fuck. Brady/Manning are underrated in their toughness (games consecutive streak), Roethlisberger likes unnecessary punishment, and always will miss 3-4 games minimum each year. But he's amazing. Clearly never looked right on the road or after his meniscus injury.

-Belichick vs Scott Piolio/Thomas Demetrioff (early Pats front office guys)
-league MVP vs greatest QB ever...2 best offenses in football
-Rodgers-Brady would have been an all-time great match-up of the 2 best QB's of my lifetime, but Packers are too banged up....and McCarthy should be fired into the fucking sun.
-Falcons SHOULD have more fans at Super Bowl: first time at Super Bowl since the Dirty Bird 20 years ago. Thing is, Atlanta as a sports town is fucking awful. Falcons could change that, but we'll see. Even if the Falcons don't travel well, the fans that do get tickets will side with them because they haven't won shit and they aren't 'known' or hated. Yet.

What gives me concern is it's hard to imagine the Pats winning a 5th Super Bowl, It makes me nervous and I can't believe it might happen.

Pats' locker room video

Annoying storyline
-Roger Goodell/Pats: first Pats game he'll see in 2 full seasons.

Been said: if Packers made the Super Bowl, it would be about Rodgers' family.

Jamie Collins -4 year $50 mill deal, $26M guaranteed
uhhhh, yeah, I would have let him walk too. 
Still surprised the Pats traded him for a late 3rd round pick in 2017 rather than the comp pick they would have received anyway in 2018. Thought they should have got something of value IMMEDIATELY.

I thought he MIGHT be the best Pats' defensive player, but he's really not that valuable. Nor was Chandler Jones.
Been kind of a running joke among Pats fans about how miserable Collins is going from Pats to a Browns team that nearly lost all their games...and Collins didn't move the needle for them. 

-Tom Brady has won more playoff games (24) than Joe Montana qualified for (16-7)
-Pats have not allowed a RB to have 90 yards or more in 25 games.
-Brady has no thrown 22 TD's and 0 INT's against Mike Tomlin's defenses...I'd say Brady just simply reads their zone defenses real well and they've only changed up that game plan once (I think in 2011) in a wild way.
-Edelman has 84 playoff receptions...Jerry Rice (151), Reggie Wayne (93), Welker (88), Hines Ward (88), Michael Irvin (87), and Andre Reed (85) are the other guys ahead of him. And, my God, Jerry Rice is amazing. Lot of great luck he had playing with Montana-Young, never getting injured until late compared to other great WR's who never had quality QB's or teams they deserved (Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson, Steve Smith, Randy Moss) and if they did, it wasn't for long (Moss, Fitzgerald)

-Pats' First Drive: Bennett gets longest catch, Edelman gets a nice YAC (Steelers' secondary cannot tackle) get in the red zone: Mitchell drops a catch he should make in his sleep, but he's knocking off rust. Felt a LOT like Floyd's drop last week: except Mitchell ran the route/was in position and didn't hesitate, just didn't make the catch...and, fortunately, the ball wasn't INT'ed like it should have been the way it was against the Texans.
Also, I hated that the Pats chose to receive the ball. That nearly cost them.
-Jonathan Jones is NICE on special teams tackling
-Steeers' First Drive: Coates should have had ball Roethlisberger threw to him on 3rd & 1
Roethlisberger was NOT bad in the game...guys really weren't open, they missed Martavis Bryant REAL bad. Guys dropped balls they should have had. THe deep balls were on point but they just couldn't come up with the ball
-Pats' 2nd DRIVE: bad/weird snap that maybe should have been penalized on 2nd down...3rd down: Thuney got blown up and let Hargrave come up the middle even though he had a RB helping out too. Thuney, I like, but he's the weakest offensive lineman right now. He has a chance to be damn good and his biggest weakness is strength at point of attack, particularly in the passing game.
-Steelers' 2nd Drive: at midfield, I think that's when Bell injuries his groin. They cut away when he was getting up slowly....Butler should have had an INT covering Brown. Oh, well
-Pats' 3rd Drive: TD pass to Hogan: great blocking by White opened that up to buy Brady time. Steelers' coverage on Hogan was so shitty
-KICKOFF: Coates got lit up/shaken up. Great hit
-Steelers' 3rd drive: Bell is out of the game at this point.

LG was tapping the Center all game for WHEN to snap the ball. Crowd was loud, but Steelers did a good job not picking up any dumb penalties/false starts.

The Brady audible 'Jordan' call where Develin/Blount split out was awesome when they were in I-formation and then just hit Hogan for 26. Steelers were in great formation on D to make the play and then when the audible came, they just weren't prepared at all. Crowd oo'ed and ahh'ed on that and you could tell Pitt was confused after that.

-Trey Flowers banged up early: he pulled up with an arm injury before the play was over....DeAngelo Williams TD: Boswel missed XP
-Brady missed Hogan on a great play-action fake where Brady maybe thought he had less time than he did to have to fire it ASAP. If he led Hogan, it might be a TD...but fuck it, they scored on this drive anyway....also, it's frustrating with some of the playcalling that the Pats usually convert on 3rd down with a 3rd & long pass. It typically always comes down to 3rd down and you just fear at some point it will cost them, but i imagine that goes dfor most teams with great QB's. It makes you nervous as hell.
-the flea-flicker: OMG, that was awesome. How calm Brady is when he gets the ball? MY God. 8 guys bit on the play, only Mitchell #23 didn't, buti t was too late when Hogan ran right by him....That and the Pats' goal line stand were the best moments.
-Drop in end zone by Cobi Hamilton: Roethlisberger had him.

Good God, Steelers' D sucked/Tomlin did not really coach/do anything.

I thought the Steelers did a good job in the game taking away the run. Runs to Blount, for most the game, were awful. Even Lewis. My brother yelled, at one point, "YOU ARE NOT LEVEON BELL!" after Blount ran nd was too decisive/slow in making a cut to holes. He's a frustrating RB: he'll lead the eague in rushes of 1 yard or less. ANd then he'll break one out of nowhere. He's fast, but it takes him getting past the first 5 yards (IF he makes it) to get the speed you'd like.

-Pats kickoff: again, hate to decision to receive in 1Q. Lot of the fans haven't got back, crowd is ALWAYS loudest at the beginning of the game no matter who has the ball. It's just excitement.
-Edelman hit to head penalty on first drive of 2nd half: didn't feel like it from the stands/came late (was first real flag of came).  On replay, yeah, it hit. Wasn't the worst.
-Brady sneak on 3rd & 1: got it good...fumbled it at end, but elbows were down. He was 'very, very, very down'. Dumb challenge by Tomlin. Desperate, inconclusive (but, again, hard to tell if you're an opposing team: home team purposely withholds replays on plays like that). But wasn't smart. Luckily, game got out of hand for Pittsburgh for the timeout/clock management thing to matter a la Andy Reid or some shit.
-damn, I think Mitchell nearly had a catch in bounds. Damn, damn close. Settled for FG.
-deep plays to Edelman, Hogan with YAC. God, the Steelers' secondary got nothing and no pressure on Brady....then Blolunt finally gets a big gain, amazing if he got into the end zone on the big run he had. Ho-ly shit. That play would have been one of the better moments of the game/playoffs if that happened and it nearly did: 20 yards plus 10 yards after contact where it was THE whole football field on him...Blount TD next play. I think that drive was the moment Tomlin knew their team was definitely not going to win the game. Pats were better on both sides of the ball.
-Bon Jovi 'Living on a Prayer' sing-along on the kickoff: awesome moment with Bon Jovi next to Gronk
-Steelers' drive: first play, pass to Eli Rodgers, Kyle Van Noy forces the fumble as soon as Rodgers makes a football move. If Alex reads this, yeah, I did not expect Van Noy to do shit, but here we are. Hightower played 50% of snaps that he usually does because his knee has been gimpy all year, but McClellin/Van Noy filled in all right..,.,,but yeah, dagger fumble.
-Sean Davis missed tackle on Edelman/allowing the sideline was fucking pathetic. I think Davis has a chance to be real good, but rookie mistake. Pats were supposed to draft him over Cyrus Jones but went before....Edelman TD wide open: 33-9, Gost missed XP

Big Ben threw the younger guys under the bus after the game without mentioning their names. It was Rodgers/Hamilton/Coates. Moment was too big for them he was basically saying. I don't know: a lot was asked of them with Leveon Bell/Martavis Bryant not in there.

also, been pointed oiut how awesome Alan Branch is. Doesn't get the stats, but when you do go out of your way to watch him, he's the shit. Pouncey had a tough time.

Pats: 175 yards run after catch to Steelers' 69 with 1:35 remaining in 3Q. Pretty much tells you Steelers didn't cover/didn't tackle.

-didn't like Steelers' playcalling; lot of run plays down in the goal line to DeAngelo Williams that just ate the shit out of the clock (90+ seconds wasted)...Hamitlon TD catch but he went way out of bounds/caught the ball. Turnover on downs after dumb ass fade route on 4th down to Hamilton and Logan Ryan in great coverage to knock ball out....Pats got ball on 2-yard line.
-Cockrell talking shit on Edelman when down 24 was dumb. POssible flag there, but refs let shit go on both sides. Was nothing egregious.
-Jonathan Jones' shoestring tackle on Antonio Brown punt return: so good/key. Brown is so damn scary.
-fist play: INT return by Eric Rowe. Just a desperate 4th quartert throw down 24 and Steelers had to make a play. Heyward-Bey wasn't really looking for ball until it was behind him
-man, didn't realize Hogan should have had a 3rd TD. There's an Instagram video that isn't loading where I shot that, but a guy's head was blocking the lower portion of the end zone....settle for FG after Brady takes 2 unnecessary hits where he had extended time to run around with nobody open at all (was hoping Jimmy G would be in at this time of game to be healthy for Super Bowl)...36-9
-garbage time TD by Big Ben to Hamilton...Brown made a good catch on this drive. Drive also ate up some time. Again, Big Ben nailed a deep pass, his throws were on point. His receiver just couldn't come up with the ball most the time or the coverage was right there. 36-17 after 2P conversion
-onside kick, going out of bounds/got slapped for good measure by Amendola and Heyward-Bey nearly could have had a play to run down the sideline with it if he was there 1-2 steps sooner.
-Blount picks up multiple 1st downs: able to do victory formation.

Was worried Steelers might do chippy shit on D...luckily, they played clean. Even Shazier's hit is shrug-worthy and wasn't intentional. Edelman was basically sandwiched by 3 guys and was so low to the ground on that one. ...Steelers didn't do any dirty Seahawk shit on the victory formation that, say, the Seahawks did when the game was WAY out of hand.

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Big Ben contemplating retirement
I doubt it given the talent the Steelers have...but he's a guy I don't expect to age well with his injuries and how much hell it is getting ready to go on Sundays.
His meniscus tear injury, I think he just trimmed it so he could come back sooner...can't be good long term.

Either way, Pats should make like the Steelers and think on finding a replacement sooner than later.

leaks about Antonio Brown from Steelers, on him demanding the ball on the sidelines even on a drive in which they scored a TD
weird to see that. Must be unhappy more than I thought after the Facebook Live tape thing.

Can't see them trading him...but if someone offered a 1st round pick and change? I could see it. I think they're pretty tight against the cap.

Brady owns the Steelers

Giants, Broncos, Dolphins (in Miami) give Pats trouble.
With that said, ALL the games they play against those teams are close.
Denver=tough stadium to play in, altitude. Good defenses.
Giants=underrated defenses. Jason Pierre-Paul, in 2011, was a beast. Justin Tuck was kind of Michael Bennett-ish as an interior threat. 

My fear: Matt Ryan is going to be like Eli Manning: an above average QB, sometimes inconsistent, and then just puts it together this year and beats Brady.

Pats practicing at University of Houston
guess that means Falcons are using Texans' facilities?

Brady to add to own Super Bowl records

when you play in 7, that'll happen
-some DL for the Bills named Mike Lodish was tied with Brady for 6 appearances.
-247 pass attempts. Next closest is Peyton Manning with 155 attempts. Jesus.
-164 completions...2nd: Peyton with 103.
-1605 passing yards; 2nd: Kurt Warner with 1156.
-13 TD passes; 2nd is Montana with 11.

Post-Super Bowl implications
whomever the winner is might just open against each other to start the 2017 season.
They did that with the Panthers-Broncos, can't see why they won't do that this time.

Pats-Steelers mic'd up

Edelman is great in this. His trash talk comeback to Artie Burns is great.


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John Lynch made GM of 49ers with 6-year deal

went to Stanford like Elway, so some ties to area...but 6 fucking years for a guy with no front office experience? WTF? Probably because no one wants to go to that team because, as it stands right now, you're set up to fail.

Josh McDaniels was offered a 6-year deal by 49ers to prove they could provide stability.

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He has no experience, so there's no way to guarantee anything about failure or success. He's not a doofus like Matt Millen.

Also, how are you set up to fail with this much fucking cap space, the #2 pick in the draft (that can be traded for more draft capital or pick a future franchise player). It's fairly clear people wanted this job, because they've had second interviews with several people and Kyle Shanahan could've withdrawn his name or gone to Indianapolis (possibly).

Lynch is going to be a figurehead and they're likely going to hire Mark Dominik and/or Mike Shanahan to run the ACTUAL GM role (Lynch has already stated he's hiring an assistant to help and knows who it is - but it hasn't been announced yet) to handle player personnel, contracts, etc. along with Tom Gamble (and Kyle Shanahan) whom they already have on staff.

It was a bold choice, but I get why it was done. Too much back-stabbing and dissonance between Harbaugh, Baalke and York in the last several years. This appears to be solely based on having cooperation all-around.

Apparently Kyle's dad recommended Lynch as a guy to be trusted and he knows the ins and outs of what makes a good football player.

Edited by Oceanic

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15 hours ago, Oceanic said:

He's not a doofus like Matt Millen.

It wasn't known that Millen was a doofus until he destroyed the Lions, he was a pretty good broadcaster and well respected around football.  They just gave him too much control and too much time even when it was obvious he had no clue what he was doing.  


I hope it works out for you, but I'm surprised how you're looking at this whole thing from a purely positive angle, especially since the same owner group is still calling the shots and it is obvious they have no clue what they're doing.

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