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I'd rather have Rudolph for 16 games than Gronk for 1/2 the season, yes. Otherwise, no...obviously I'm not stupid haha.

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Yeah, I get that. Some injuries were just shit luck. Breaking your arm on field goal unit...Then the pats team doctor fucking up the surgery and allowing him to come back prematurely...TJ ward being the dirty cunt that TJ Ward is and taking out his knee....The back injuries date back to college and that's most concerning of them all

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MVP: Matt Ryan
Ryan: 25, Brady 10, Ezekiel Elliott/David Carr 6
OPOY: Matt Ryan
I don't get this award. MVP is QB award basically, but OPOY should be a non-QB: I'd say David Johnson or Leveon Bell.
DPOY: Khalil Mack
OROY: Dak Prescott
maybe a surprise over Ezekiell Elliott...but I would have given it to Dak too. He's more valuable/surprising.
DROY: Joey Bosa
Jaelen is damn close, but Bosa got fucked over by the Chargers. And is already a top 5 pass rusher.
Comeback Player of Year: Jordy Nelson
Leveon would have been mine.
Coach of Year: Jason Garrett
Every year Belichick doesn't win, is moronic. When Belichick retires, award should be named after him...Garrett fucked up against the Packers.
Mike Smith + Marvin Lewis won Coach of Year before.

Garrett 25, Belichick 14, Gase 6, Del Rio 4, Reid 1
Assistant Coach of Year: Kyle Shanahan
I'd say Scarnecchia should be 2nd. Him + McDaniels equal each other out.


1st BALLOT....
RB-LaDanian Tomlinson
DE-Jason Taylor

Owner/Scumbag-Jerry Jones
QB-Kurt Warner
RB-Terrell Davis
S-Kenny Easley
K-Morten Anderson

Davis was long fucking overdue.
Terrell Owens didn't get in...he should have got in for sure though. I can get NOT 1st ballot, but he got passed again.


sideshow, but terrifying.
Team made it to Super Bowl without him....then he balled out in that Super Bowl.

Next year's Hall of Fame class
Randy Moss, Ray Lewis
Terrell Owens

Brian Urlacher?

NFC Championship Review
Falcons speed on D is pretty great to watch

-Ripkowski's fumble at the goal line: Killer. Down 10-0 at time. If Packers score there, it's a game....Falcons then score to make it 17-0 after the turnover with the D giving up/not trying when Matt Ryan ran 20 yards for a TD. Game over.
-Rodgers' 3rd & 21 desperation pass with 2 minutes left in the 1st half: basically just a punt, so not a terrible INT. 55-yard punt basically....with that said, 1:50 left and Falcons had 3 timeouts left to go 65 yards....Packers should have INT'ed Ryan in the end zone, instead 7 seconds left: TD Julio Jones: 24-0 at half, Falcons.
-2nd & 8, Julio Jones big TD. Julio lined up at slot, runs by everybody. Jones is terrifying with the ball and fast/big...but...Packers secondary is banged up, can't tackle/wrap up. Pats' secondary can all tackle otherwise Belichick has no use for yeah, 31-0 right there and Rodgers in disgust with the defense.

so yeah, that's the end of the review, really.

Falcons beat up flawed teams
-Seahawks: no offensive line, different without Earl Thomas
-Packers: beat up badly at RB (Montgomery), WR (Jordy; Davante), CB, and O-Line look hobbled against Cowboys before Lang's shit injury in the 3rd against the Falcons. Rodgers was the #1 player on the field, Falcons basically had the next 8 best players.

-Falcons beat the Rams, like, 42-0 in LA. Without Julio Jones. 
-8 straight games where they score on their first drive.

What scares me most about Falcons/Pats' weaknesses
-Against Seattle, Pats could NOT defend CJ Prosise (who had only 1 good game all year and that was it). Pats need to prove they can cover RB's in the pass game. I don't have much trust in their LB's to cover.
-Pats' pass rush: it's just nonexistant. Pats might have to create blitzes with Kyle Van Noy and test Alex Mack with Hightower blitzing up the middle.
-Pats will miss Gronk: Bennett is playing hobbled. He's a top 3-5 player, he makes that much of a difference.
-Defenses usually win games, but Falcons' offense looks like an outlier -they can do what they want, are balanced. Matt Ryan can/will throw to ANY receiver.
It's not like the Steelers game where it was basically just stop Leveon Bell (went out early) and Antonio Brown. Nobody watching the game or going in had any trust in their other weapons to do anything.
Julio Jones is terrifying: but I'm not so much concerned with him because it feels like it's everybody: I would center on Taylor Gabriel and their RB's.
-if the Falcons blitz up the middle
I would target David Andrews/Joe Thuney: Beasley should NOT try blitzing against Cannon/Solder, but I could see him blitzing up the middle with Deion Jones. Texans had success there with Clowney/Mercilus: but that was the best pass rush in the entire playoffs.

What I hope the Pats don't do
-Don't be cute with trick plays/reverses: they opened the 2008 SUper Bowl against the Giants with something. It typically gets blown up or could lead to a turnover.
-if they win coin toss, defer to 2nd half -I think Pats will want to start fast. First team that scores usually wins the Super Bowl. Pats are slow-starting on defense.
Pats have not scored in the 1st quarter of the last 6 Super Bowls: troubling stat.
-end of half Pats' defenses: they just give up dumb ass plays- Last 2 games against Seahawks (even the SUper Bowl), they just gave up shitty plays at the end of the half.
-don't give up big plays -Pats have given up the least 30-40 yard plays and they're going up against the team with the most.

What makes me feel good
-Falcons' depth on D-Line/LB: not that good-
 Pats' O-Line is improved and Blount could be utilized late in the game on a defense. I'd expect Pats to start fast with Lewis/White and then bring Blount in later.
-Alex Mack's ankle: his ankle took a good hit in the Championship Game. He'll be good to go and he got 2 weeks rest, but it's worth testing.
-Pats' D in the Red Zone: they are good situationally and Falcons are not so good's just that the Pats will allow you to do whatever you want before the 20-yard line. It is so frustrating to watch. But then you look up at the scoreboard and the other team only has 16 points. But the Pats have not faced an offense like this.

Turnover battle
-both teams are the #1 and #2 teams in not turning over the ball. So that is going to terrify me because it doesn't feel like there's an edge going against a team that isn't turnover prone the way I would with other teams.

What I want
-a blowout by the Pats: it's greedy, but I don't want to be stressed...and for once, I just want the Pats to blow out a team in the Super Bowl. The games are ALL close: combine the 6 Super Bowls, it's an average of 3.3 points in score differences. They are ridiculously close/good games. It's overdue.

Still, despite people predicting that, I don't expect that at all.

Team I would have least liked to face: Cowboys
They would have homefield advantage (Texas) and their running game/balance in their offense.
...but Atlanta has a better coaching staff and familiarity in their front office (Pioli/Dimitrioff) and Scarnecchia's son (Assistant to Head Coach) for what the Pats do. So it basically feels like a wash.

Seattle/Packers=too banged up
Giants=can't score

I don't know who wins. I've been nervous all week thinking about the game.

It's not even a reverse-jinx: I don't have any feel/read on this game. Pats feel more balanced overall, but Falcons' offense just feels like an outlier. They just aren't getting the respect that they deserve because it's so new. And their coached by Seattle's former DC and could become stars overnight (Deion Jones; Keanu Neal; Vic Beasley; Jaelen Collins, etc)

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Alex Mack to play with broken fibula

bad ass...he was the one guy I wanted in the 2009 draft. Went too soon though.

Pats keep using flotation therapy throughout Super Bowl run

I always wanted to use this Joe Rogan shit...but cool to hear about they have it at the Pats' facilities.

Pats tried trading for DeAndre Hopkins

aw, man!

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25-point comeback midway through the 3Q.

I can't get over it and can't sleep. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!!? in the best way. WTF?!


I was shaking the whole game, nervous. Thought it was over after Brady's pick-6. Definitely down 28-3.
Atlanta looked so much faster than I expected, bigger, and stronger. They were running the Pats off the fucking field on both sides of the ball (I expected their offense might; but not their defense to have their way)

Only comparable game (and it's one of the best Brady games and a super underrated one) is a loss to the 49ers in 2012 at home. They fell down and made a fucking awesome comeback, but blew it at the end (big kickoff return killed it). I mentioned that at the half when I was being VERY hopeful....but to do this in the Super Bowl? Ridiculous.

Just the best. So spoiled to be a Pats fan.

I didn't celebrate/enjoy that game until they won.

I just can't believe it

Key things
-Refs called a good/clean game. On drive where Brady threw the pick-6, they helped out with 3 holding calls against Falcons. The first one had no effect on the play.
-...but refs fucked up with Shea McClellin fucking a FG. He was over the guard, not the center. Thank God that didn't come back to haunt the Pats...
-...Gostkowski missing an XP for the 2nd year in a row at the worst possible time (cost them against the Broncos)
-they HAD to get TWO 2-point conversions. I thought that shit was absolutely impossible, so I couldn't enjoy the TD's when they happened.
-then they had to stop the Falcons before the half...
-they win the coin toss and they HAVE to score a TD against the Falcons to win. Thought they got cute on 1st down going to Bennett for the TD a la Seahawks. Thought they should have ran it with Blount. Super tough on James White's TD around the edge if he got tackled behind the line that would have been killer.
-91 yard drive to tie the game, key 3rd down pass on their own goal line to save the drive...and Edelman's catch. AND the fucking 2-point conversion.

Helpful for the Pats: they were on the field on offense FAR more than the Falcons and could tire out the Falcons: 93 offensive plays by Pats
-super helpful in a hot/closed roof stadium.
-Brady had 62 fucking passes.

I hated the Pats' playcalling: too cute at the start
-Edelman reverse
-get in FG position, Brady gets sacked to make it 2nd & 19: they went with 6 OL (Cameron Fleming) and Blount. Falcons had blitz coming. Brady did a play-action pass, Shaq Mason got blown the fuck up by Courtney Upshaw.
-Edelman pass (desperation)
-too much run plays. On drive where they got 3 points, they wasted 6 minutes 30 seconds. Very Andy Reid-esque. They picked it up after that.
-Blount had nothing to give: he's great to have if you're up and want to kill the game.

Where the Falcons fucked up on 2-3 key plays
-they tried passing too much at the end. On Hightower's sack, Matt Ryan held on too long and went for the killshot deep. Just go for a short pass. At game's end, Matt Ryan was nearly perfect completion wise. Still didn't matter
-after Julio Jones' AMAZING catch, Falcons were in FG position inside the 30. ALL they had to do was run the ball. They got too cute. They then had a sack and a penalty that took them out of FG range. They get a FG, they win.

Brady's offense and winning without Gronk
-got KILLED by the Falcons. Grady Jarrett killed it. Pressure was coming around the edges more than I expected and Brady was closed in.
-weapons weren't that impressive: Edelman/White killed it. Mitchell was surprisingly solid. THey weren't getting separation or breaking tackles when they were struggling.
-Bennett's playing with a fractured foot and bone fragments flying around. He was only going to have minimal impact.
-Lewis didn't play much and that was a bummer. Got injured at end of 4Q with fake kneel. 

3rd down backs for Pats
-Vereen had an underrated game against Seahawks in 2014 Super Bowl....Kevin Faulk. Danny Woodhead. Now James White....I was bummed when they let Woodhead go. Then Vereen. In the Pats' offense, 3rd down backs are like TE's. I LOVE having 2-3 3rd down backs on the team in case one goes down

They should have drafted David Johnson over Jordan Richards (huge bust). Tevin Coleman was also a possible target. But, man, James White saved his best game like Vereen for the biggest stage.

What concerned me pre-game was true
-Pats' LB's being able to play against the Falcons' RB's: they have no speed. I can't believe the big plays they gave up against the RB's. So frustrating.
-Pats' O-Line having their worst game at the worst possible time (2007 vs Giants; 2011 vs Giants; 2014 vs Broncos): unreal how much Brady got hit.

NFL Draft, Grady Jarrett, and Falcons' drafting
I'm a nut for NFL drafting...and many mocks had Pats drafting Grady Jarrett in 2015 in the 2nd round. It was him or David Johnson in that slot. I thought that was too rich.
...he fell ALL the way to the 5th round at #137. I was bummed Pats didn't grab him when he fell and kept falling.

I like smaller DT's (Aaron Donald; Kawaan Short) and it's just underrated how smaller guys get overlooked. He was a terror in this game.

Falcons did a great job drafting and reinventing their D: they drafted speed over size. And you could see how that maked up for their shortcomings (experience). They just flew the fuck around. Deion Jones wasn't really on my radar, but goddamn.

Pats draft returns: good
WR-Malcolm Mitchell (2016 4th): solid, broke his elbow in the preseason. Didn't have the best year since that injury hobbled him out the gate. But I immediately liked him. He was mocked to go the Pats exactly where he did and I liked that pick. He looks so fluid with the ball too when he does get it in his hands.
LG-Joe Thuney (2016 3rd): maybe the weakest guy, but I liked him fine. He played nearly every snap. As a rookie. Needs to get better at point-of-attack and get stronger in the offseason
RG-Shaq Mason (2015 4th): undersized and was always going to be bad against the pass. He got torched. Played in a run-blocking scheme. Michael Lombardi says he is a Pro Bowl player this year. Wouldn't go that far.
DE-Trey Flowers (2015 3rd comp)-Geneo Grissom got cut as the comp pick, but stuck around. Flowers got injured in 2015 and IR'ed. He turned it around at about the Seattle game. He came up in the Super Bowl.  I liked both the Flowers/Grissom picks at the time. Only 1 worked out.

Pats draft returns: lukewarm picks I am okay with
QB-Jimmy Garappolo/Jacoby Brissett (2nd & 3rd)-I mean, it's good value and good to have depth. But still, if the Pats botched this Falcons' Super Bowl, that would be wasted positions when they could have had impact on the field.
DT-Vincent Valentine (2016 3rd)-he could improve. Back injury hobbled him.
DL-Malcolm Brown (2015 1st)-not as good as I was hoping. Some flashes, but not enough.

Pats draft returns: bad to horrible
Deflategate (2016 1st): utter bullshit
DL-Dominique Easley (2014 1st)-cut after 2 unhealthy seasons, personality issue, freelancing.
CB-Cyrus Jones (2016 2nd): multiple botched plays on kickoffs/punts. Got benched and was a healthy scratch. Liked the pick at the time since Pats needed CB help and a guy who could return punts and remove Edelman/Amendola from damage. Pats lucked out healthwise there. Hope he turns it around.
SS-Jordan Richards (2015 2nd)-Pats reached with a pick more horrible than Tavon Wilson. I like drafting safeties and it's important in today's game. But Richards had ZERO athletic traits that stuck out just like Wilson. They reached 3-4 rounds too early. Again, too many guys I liked.

then a lot of Rutgers picks in the 3rd (Logan Ryan, Duron Harmon)...but it's the 1st and 2nd round picks that kill me. Mainly the 2nd round picks.

^My point is, Pats botched a LOT of 1st/2nd round picks
Ones that were successes: Chandler Jones (1st) and Jamie Collins (2nd) weren't on the team because of both cap issues and freelancing on D.
I'm just amazed they won the Super Bowl because they didn't really have superstar players when Gronk went out besides Brady.

-Edelman I love and, if I'm not sober, I might argue for him to be in the Hall of Fame. But I don't think anyone will say he's a top 10 WR.
-Amendola is limited but OK. He probably isn't on most rosters at this point. Solid though, but he'd be a #4 WR on most teams
-Hightower, McCourty, Butler are rock-solid guys I love, but not true superstars.
Blount is a stopgap RB who had an unreal season: he's frustrating in ways because he runs like Leveon Bell when he's not Bell: he leads the league of runs of 1 yards or less. But when he gets past the LOS, he can explode/do something. He just doesn't make the best choices/cuts and moves too slow at the LOS.
-Solder is the only 1st round pick on offense besides Bennett. Rest of O-line is a 3rd (Thuney), Andrews (undrafted), Mason (4th), and Cannon (5th).
-they don't have any breakaway speed or big threats downfield. That was SO concerning in this game when it felt like the Pats couldn't stay with the Falcons.

Edelman's catch...and might be a possible Hall of Famer
Ridiculous. Finally a catch on offense that wasn't against us (Tyree; Kearse). Butler's was ridiculous too.

Edelman's got health issues with his foot...BUT he's the white Steve Smith...BUT...he won't have the 'quality' of a good/long and consistently great career like Smith.
-He's going to be #2 all-time in playoff receptions when it's all said and done behind Jerry Rice.
-He's historically one of the best punt returners ever (most Avg Yards per Punt) 
-how many memorable playoff moments does he have (the pass in the AFC Championship; the game-winning catch against the Seahawks AND the catch he had he probably got knocked out on by Kam Chancellor; now that catch)

Donta Hightower's strip sack: pretty much guarantees him a bajillion dollars right there
-Hope the Pats retain him + Butler
-Logan Ryan might get paid.
-Sheard is most likely out.

Pats going to the White House
interesting to see who goes and who doesn't: Martellus Bennett already said he won't, we'll see who else doesn't. Imagine it's more split than usual.
Devin McCourty probably. Chris Long maybe.

Tom Brady=GOAT
-Greatest player ever....I would have said Jerry Rice, but this is just even more unreal.
-Only Rice had a career that was this great for this long.
-Unreal 4Q play, even in losses (2 Super Bowl losses to Giants; last year's loss to Broncos)
-But this is salary cap era, winning championships on a 2014 team where he was the only player left from 2001, now 2016 team where he is the only player left from 2006 (Wilfork gone: 2004 draft pick; 2008: Matthew Slater; 2009: Edelman/Chung; 2010: McCourty/Gronk)
-Every year, Pats got a chance to win with Brady. Can't say that about many QB's.




James White/Danny Amendola scored ALL of the TD's/2-Point XP's: ridiculous. So unlikely.


-how many of the best Super Bowls ever involved the Pats: all the games they play in end up being great (2007 Giants Super Bowl wasn't great until the 4Q). They're all close.
-yeah, they've never blown out anybody in the Super Bowl...but that 10-point comeback against Seahawks AND the 25-point comeback against the Falcons are just unreal.
-part of what sucked about Deflategate was I wasn't positive if the Pats won. Then they got railroaded by Ted Wells/Goodell and the league, science came out in their favor. I wasted the WHOLE 2014 offseason going fucking crazy/waking up early each day to see if there was an announcement about Deflategate. 

tumblr_lx84rfshA91r94sbdo1_500-142125567 I didn't get to totally enjoy that Super Bowl win. This win is fucking pure. No distractions going into the Super Bowl or during the game. 

-I can't imagine how shitty it is for the Falcons to lose the way they did. Doesn't exactly feel like a choke job: just play calls that sucked (passing after Julio Jones catch) and 1 turnover on 3rd & 1 where they wanted to do a deep pass. Lot of respect for that team, Alex Mack playing on a broken leg, Julio fucking Jones.

-Falcons' punter KILLED it all night. He had hangtime of 5.5 seconds on 2 of his punts. Compare that to Ryan Allen who had a punt go for 3.5 seconds of hangtime. Lot of Pats drives started inside the 10-yard line, one was at the 13.

-still...Pats offense: bad pass protection, dropped balls, some rattled passes by Brady, ZERO run game threat...and they still scored 31 unanswered? Jesus.

Thing to admire about Pats/Brady
-they NEVER really get blown out...I said 'at least Brady NEVER was the reason the Pats lost, threw a pick-6, or got blown out in a Super Bowl the way Peyton Manning did': I can't think of any QB who could come back, without a superstar on offense, like this. And to take hits the way he does: any QB who faces a defense like the 2007 Giants or 2014 Broncos behind an offensive line that historically gave up the TWO games with the most single QB pressures/hits in 15 seasons (regular season/playoffs), it probably is a blowout.

It's just not something I really take for granted....and it just gets more unreal the more it goes on. And he's finally winning Super Bowl(s) again.

Fuck you to HPH (may God rest his soul wherever he may be)
I said the Pats would win 5 Super Bowls when all is said and done. He we are.
Didn't think it would take this long or Brady would still be playing...but here we are.

I want to go 'Hit Em Up' 2Pac style on all you cunts. But I hope everybody gets to experience this with their teams...but...just not when Tom Brady is in the league and it's this special/precious. When you get a player this great, you don't shrug it off when you lose. Every year you feel like you can win. I don't feel that way about the Red Sox, Bruins, Celtic. Not even close for a variety of reasons. Also, when it comes down to 1-and-done games, it's just much more painful/nerve-wracking.

^wow. Yeah, I noticed that the WHOLE game: guy was coming around his edge, surprised Brady wasn't getting stripped on his throws.

^all-time great fuck you

Pats lost Gronk in week 13, still won every game without him

NEarly went undefeated. Close loss to Seahawks (shit game) and would have beat Bills with Brady at home (SUPER conservative gameplan playing with a QB with a broken thumb)
I don't think they withstand Gronk's loss if they weren't so used/prepared to him being injured (forced them to get Martellus Bennett)


Brady writes letter for Jason Taylor's Hall of Fame candidacy before AFC Championship Game


Tom Brady's greatest receivers list

Bennett, Lewis should be higher.
Hogan/Amendola maybe too.'
Edelman could be #3 over Welker and definitely Branch #4.

Overtime rules should change
-would have been cool to see Falcons get a chance to score. Just seems unfair. I dig college OT rules. If Falcons get the ball first, good chance they score a TD.

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Enjoyable podcasts...
Robert Mays (Ringer), Simmons, Burr, Pardon My Take, Barnwel

Enjoyable articles...
Bruce Arthur, Barnwell, Will Leitch, Ian O'Connor, Robert Mays, Kevin Clark, Mike Reiss, Doug Kyed, Kevin Van Vaklenburg, etc, etc

Brady going after #6...and how long he plans on playing for
he said 3-5 years, I find that to be fucking crazy. If he wins a 6th, he retires.
No arguments left for him NOT being the greatest player in league history, he was already the greatest QB after the 4th Super Bowl win.
Now, he's competing with Michael Jordan and beyond.

Win expectancy: 0.2% when the Pats fell down 28-3. Two in 1000.
ridiculous. Barnwell captured that well in his article.

also Brady got crushed most the night and kept coming...I forgot about the one where he got hit twice on their own goal line and up towards the neck area on the 91-yard drive to tie the game.

Brady giving away Super Bowl truck for 2nd Super Bowl in a row
Malcolm James White

-30 of the 53 players will be receiving their 1st ring. 14+ starters from the 2014 Super Bowl are gone (lines on both sides are just about totally revamped)


tumblr_ol0g4zbzH91qg059oo1_1280.jpg ^
^my brother and I at the AFC Championship Game at the Steelers: this was, like, 30 minute after the game was over. Crowd still packed.

-Jimmy Garappolo-will be for a 1st round pick and change. Depends upon how high.
Possible teams: Cleveland, Chicago, SF, Arizona, New Orleans, Houston
-Franchise Tag: Hightower (who is looking at Collins $ at $50 mill if given a long-term deal) or Bennett ($10M/year when he's going to be 30)
Hightower has injury issues, but he's come up big in 2 Super Bowls now with key plays. So damn good.
-Restructure -Amendola
-Retire- Sebastian Vollmer? Had hip/shoulder surgeries in offseason, lost weight. Would be a good time to leave. Due a lot of $.
-Re-Sign-Malcolm Butler, Chris Long
Long is beloved in the locker room like Bennett, but more affordable.
-Let Walk  -Jabaal Sheard, Barkevious Mingo, Shea McClellin
-Tough decision -Legarrette Blount: had a career year but has limitations. Pats need to find a better #1 RB.
Logan Ryan + Duron Harmon should figure to get interest in free agency, particularly Ryan. Might get too much. Wonder if keeping the Rutgers guys together for hometown discount could help, but I doubt it.
-More vets coming to Pats? -they got Revis/Browner in 2014, Chris Long/Bennett came this year. We'll see what they can get that I don't see coming.

Image may contain: outdoor

Man, I really loved this year's Pats team.
wasn't perfect, wish Gronk was healthy, a pass rush. But team had depth and was able to stay healthy.

2nd quarter and half of the 3rd of the Falcons game was just about the worst I've seen the Pats play since the CHiefs game.

Favorites on the Pats board in the draft

DE-Myles Garrett (Texas A&M) -untouchable but one can dream
DL-Jonathan Allen (Alabama)
DL-Solomon Thomas (Stanford) -will rise
MLB-Reuben Foster (Alabama) -can't see him falling past the Bengals at #9, one mock had him at #2 to 49ers. That's too high.
S-Malik Hooker (Ohio State)-love safeties, but more of a luxury pick. Ed Reed comparisons. Will be having surgery though.
S-Jamal Adams (LSU)

I would not target a RB, as enticing as Fournette/Dalvin Cook are. Would be a luxury to have a #1 RB though for once.
Getting a guy in the front-7 would be great.

RB-Christian McCaffrey (Stanford)-not as high on him. Just have other guys I would prefer at other positions.
WR-John Ross (Washington)
WR-Corey Davis (W. Michigan)-Demaryius Thomas-ish. Best WR in the 1st round, even though they got Clemson's WR going 1st. Davis will translate better. He is the only RB/WR I would consider taking in the 1st round, but I think he goes top 5-10. Too rich.
O-Line: C/G-Pat Elfein (Ohio State)
OT-Garrett Boles (Utah)
DT-Vita Vea (Washington)
DE-Taco Charlton (Michigan)-will rise
DE-Derek Barnett (Tennessee)
DE-Carl Lawson (Clemson)
LB-Jarrad Davis (Florida); Zach Cunningham (Vanderbilt); Hassan Reddick (Temple)
S/CB-Budda Baker (Washington) -undersized but Honey Badger-ish


2nd to 3rd Round
RB-Joe Mixon (Oklahoma)-polarizing, I doubt Pats take him.
RB-Kareem Hunt (Toledo)
WR-Zay Jones (East Carolina)
OT-Chad Wheeler (USC)-depth
DT-Vince Taylor (Oklahoma State)
DE-Tanoh Kpassagnon (Villanova)-should rise
CB-Chidoba Awuzie (Colorado); Jourdan Lewis (Michigan)
SS-Obi Melifonwu (UConn)-from town next to mine. Could rise due to athleticism. Kam Chancellor-ish attributes.
S-Tedric Thompson (Colorado)-pretty beloved as a target with advanced numbers

Late 3rd and beyond
WR-Ryan Switzer (UNC)
TE-Jake Butt (Michigan)-will fall due to tearing ACL

Pats needs
-#1 RB: Blount could be out
-OT depth for Solder/Cannon who were freakishly healthy this year
-pass rush
-LB's (holy shit was that exposed by Falcons in way I feared...but not to that extent)
-CB: Ryan could walk, we'll see with Butler. Cyrus Jones had a bad rookie year.
-Safety: Harmon could walk, McCourty/Chung are 30

I think David Andrews did a solid job, but he's an undersized Center who may have got exposed in the 3 playoff games as a weakness.
Shaq Mason/Joe Thuney could develop, but it's something to monitor.

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83x since 2001 where a team has been down 16 points and on defense with 8 minutes or more in the 4Q.
No team in those 83 instances has EVER won. Ridiculous.


Steve Sarkisian, drunk USC + Washington coach, is now OC of the Falcons replacing Kyle Shanahan.



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^Butler's foot got stepped on. Didn't notice that, thought he got juked out badly.


Julian Edelman's dad on Keyshawn Johnson "Keyshawn Johnson is an idiot...And I'm certain he squats when he urinates"
Keyshawn said before the Super Bowl that Edelman was just a system guy and wouldn't be on any other roster in the league

Keyshawn on Atlanta radio station:  "When you see guys that fail and play for other teams at the receiver position, they can go to New England and excel and everybody goes, "Oh my God, Oh my God, these receivers are top of the game.' Well, they couldn't excel with other teams because of the system. If they were on other teams right now, they probably wouldn't be on the 53-man roster."

Edelman back on Media Day:   "What'd you say? Who? Keyshawn? Wasn't he the disgruntled neighbor that was like waving down Bieber or something? Oh wow. That's cool."

Pro Football Focus' top 101 players of 2016: Brady #1

Butler #25, McCourty #29, Solder #59, Cannon #61
Cannon had a shockingly amazing season.


Falcons fire DC and D-Line coach Brian Cox

Overreaction. Their D played in over their heads, played 93 fucking snaps (twice what the Falcons offense did), was so tired out that they couldn't rush the passer as much in the 2nd half.

Yeah, the D is their weakness: but Desmond Trufant was injured midway...and they got better.
They started, like, 4 rookies and 2nd year guys.

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I keep thinking that one of these days Gronk will grow out of bring such a douche prototype, but I think I'm past it at this point.

49ers have hired Jeff Zgonina as DL coach - like it a lot. He was the Giants' Asst. DL coach last year and the Texans' Asst. DL coach for a few years prior to that.

They are also bringing over Bobby Turner to coach RBs, while keeping Tom Rathman on staff as well. Great move. Same with bringing in Jon Embree as TE coach - helped Cameron Brate look very good this past season.

I know nothing about Rich Scangarello, our new QB coach from fucking Wagner College and Northern Arizona before that (with a stint as offensive quality control assistant in Atlanta in between)...but we'll see.

Shanahan is going to be his own OC. Seems weird, but lots of coaches end up calling their own plays and just have a guy sitting there as an OC. I like the idea.

I like this coaching staff and front office set-up. Time to build the team with all this cap space and high draft capital.

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Marty, if you think Jimmy G could possibly come to Chicago, you might wanna drop that 1st round pick hope. I could maybe see them offering their 2nd and change but I sincerely doubt they offer 3rd overall for him.

I just really don't see that happening.



The Bears are trying to make me not be a fan. 3-13 season and then you raise ticket prices? Haha goddamn that's cold.

Speaking of cold, the McCaskey's that own the Bears don't want to pay nfl players full disability pay. That's the kinda shit that reminds me I'm a human being who loves something terrible for awful people to continue to turn pepole into disposable products for huge profit and makes me feel gross. Ugh, I wish I never listened to Propagandhi as a teen, or read a book ever.

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13 hours ago, Oceanic said:

Shanahan is going to be his own OC. Seems weird, but lots of coaches end up calling their own plays and just have a guy sitting there as an OC. I like the idea.

That's the Kubiak model, who basically birthed Kyle.  I would imagine he's getting just as much input from someone on his staff (QB coach?) as someone carrying an OC label would.  I think the largest role an OC ever had under Kubiak was Kyle's 2nd (and final) year after being promoted to OC because that was Schaub's best year (2009).  He may eventually name an OC after a season or two, but it's kinda just a label/favor/formality. 

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I just hope we get someone like Hoyer, Glennon or Cutler instead of Schaub if they're actually going to start. As a mentor, I'd rather have Schaub over them all. For some reason, I just think Glennon could be solid. Obviously, I'd rather have Cousins....but I don't see it happening and regardless of what the Patriots and their fans think, he's not worth the #2 pick pr anything in the top 10.

What do you know about Zgonina as a coach? He was a hard-nosed bad-ass on the Rams for a few years.

I hope we somehow hire Justin Smith as our Strength and Condition in coach...probably just a pipe dream, but I love Cowboy.

Edited by Oceanic

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0He's got the stereotype of a 'douche' but he's extraordinarily likeable/awesome. The partying is blown out of proportion completely...he's a workhorse, team captain.

It's interesting to see some DC's/OC's who coach from upstairs and others who dont. Shanahan was caling plays from upstairs and not on the sidelines. Interesting to see what the transition will be. There's just no talent at all in SF, so going to have to be real patient.

-I'd trade out Joe Staley to a contender (maybe should have been traded earlier since 49ers were rebuilding). Awesome player who deserves better.
-with the #2 pick, if Garrett falls, take him....otherwise, hope some team trades multiple 1st round picks & 2nd round picks.  If they fall in love with Jimmy G or one of the rookies, then maybe take. But I just think that QB is being set up to fail. build up an offensive line or weapons to surround that player. Nobody is worth taking that early in the draft, so trade down.

^haha Michael Schur: 'Steve Bannon took the loss really hard'
Lost $1,600 dollars.

Yeah, Falcons' playcalling fucked up horribly right after the Julio Jones' catch
the most fucked up thing was the Pats STILL had 2 timeouts at their disposal when they scored the TD with 57 seconds left in the 4th.

they had a gif that showed Matt Ryan was going to throw a TD to a wide-open WR on this play...but even if Freeman was able to block Hightower, I think Chris Long would have effected the pass in some way. Ryan would still be able to get it off, but it wouldn't be good.


Sound FX was awesome.
This leaves out pregame/postgame shit, but fuck it...

^can watch on Youtube only

^Rich Eisen has had a couple of good clips.
Brady's proven to be the best since Super Bowl 49 win over Seahawks, the 10-point comeback, and how ridiculous he was in the 4th...this game was just the biggest mic drop I've ever seen.
If the game had ended with the Martellus Bennett TD catch instead of James White, that would have been the best: they REALLY wanted Bennett to get the TD (the 2nd pass on the goal line fade was dumb). Kind of took away from my enjoyment James White getting the winning TD just because I wasn't totally sure he got in and I was worried that replay would overrule it, but they just ended that real quick, just said it was over.


Amendola: ridiculous day
-averaged 22.1 snaps per game for season including 21 vs Steelers and 21 vs Texans
-was on field for 45 snaps (helped that Pats were on field for 93 fucking snaps)
-4 receptions was the most he had in any game the whole year in week 2 vs the Dolphins....
-he had 8 receptions for 78 yards, 1 TD, one 2-point conversion, drew defensive holding penalty
-he had 23 catches for 243 yards in the regular season (he DID suffer a high ankle sprain...this injury caused the Pats to sign Michael Floyd while Amendola got healthy for the playoffs)

I did NOT celebrate ANY of the Pats' TD's or 2-point conversions until Danny completed the 2nd 2-point conversion.
I just felt fucking impossible that they would complete both. If they didn't, they lost the game. They had to be perfect and had to have so many things go right.

Amount of Pats' players not going to the White House keeps rising
RB-Legarrette Blount
TE-Martellus Bennett
DL-Alan Branch
DE-Chris Long (a white guy!)
MLB-Donta Hightower ('been there, done that'...he didn't go for Obama because he already went when Alabama won)
FS-Devin McCourty

Bennett + McCourty were always the most likely and were the most immediate in coming out right after winning: they were the only 2 players to raise their fists in solidarity with -Kaepernick/Black Lives Matter.
-Brady might not have gone to the White House because of a comment/joke about Deflategate made by Obama's White House Press Secretary. But never acknowledged it or gave any political reason for not going.
-I always thought MOST the black players on the team would not go...but it was going to be interesting because they said most locker rooms are divided and that almost all white players are for Trump. If you're from the south, I guess that's inevitable. But I think that's probably blown out of proportion and it might be more surprising than you'd think who is quietly against.

Brady's Super Bowl reaction versus Peyton Manning's says everything about the two

-Manning SUCKED in his final season and they won despite him (reverse was true until Denver's D got good: Peyton held that team up), even losing to a shitty Colts team in the Divisional round at home because of him.
-I don't think it should be forgotten how much of a shill Peyton came out post Super Bowl: immediately kissing the asshat that is Papa John and basically doing advertisements for his involvements in his comments ASAP.
-Peyton was always the #1 guy in commercials, but it was just shitty to watch in a Fight Club-esque way how over-the-top Peyton was in his final game/moment. And THAT is what he does with it.

It's just AWESOME to see the reactions of Brady's teammates when it comes to Brady: it basically felt like they were winning for Brady.
-Matthew Slater's Hall of Fame dad with his son after the game yelling out Brady being the best QB ever
-Blount's awesome moment where he interrupts Brady being emotional on the ground and with Belichick telling they are the best fucking ever
-the Sound FX just kind of leaves that out there: the faith they can win with Brady

also Brady yelling on the sideline...I think Peyton would have caved down that far. I feared after the pick-6, Brady would turn into that, but that was not the case at all.

1: Tom Brady: 9,094
2. Peyton Manning: 7,339
3. Brett Favre: 5,855
4. Joe Montana: 5,772
5. John Elway: 4,964

1. Tom Brady: 63
2. Joe Montana: 45
3. Brett Favre: 44
4. Peyton Manning 40
5. Aaron Rodgers 36

^I wondered who would be up there...should be interesting to see how Rodgers career playoff numbers do. Did not start for 3 years, but he's going to be up there.

Career passing yards
1. Peyton Manning: 71,940
2. Brett Favre: 71,838
3. Drew Brees: 66,111
4. Tom Brady: 61,582
5. Dan Marino: 61,361
8. Eli Manning: 48,214
10. Ben Roethlisberger: 46,814
12: Philip Rivers: 45,833
14. Carson Palmer: 44,269
17. Joe Montana: 40,551

-Manning played long enough just to beat Favre's record...and lucked himself into winning a 2nd Super Bowl despite being awful in 2015.
-Brees will be the #1 passing leader: might take 2 seasons to do so
-it would take Brady 3 seasons to get to Peyton; Brady says he wants to play 5 more years, team believes he can play for 3. I just hope he stays healthy and doesn't take a beating the way he did in the Super Bowl.
-Ben Roethlisberger flirted with retiring...he won't, but I don't think his career will last too long to get far past 60K passing yards

Career Passing TD's
1. Peyton Manning: 539
2. Brett Favre: 508
3. Drew Brees: 465
4. Tom Brady: 456
5. Dan Marino 420
7. Eli Manning 320
8. Philip Rivers 314
9. Ben Roethlisberger 301
11. Aaron Rodgers 291
14. Carson Palmer 285
16. Joe Montana 273
20. Drew Bledsoe: 251

-it would take, like, 4 seasons for Brady to get to Peyton here.
-should be interesting to see what Brees does and how long he plays for
-Rodgers should creep up some more

Best Pats' comebacks I saw previous to this game
-Ravens-Pats Divisional January 2015: two 14-point comebacks. Best/most fun/loudest game in person.
-24-point comeback over Denver at home in the snow (November 2013). Awful 1st quarter, then they came back. Also, it was in the snow which makes it cooler.
-10-point comeback against Seattle. Fucking wild
-near comeback vs San Francisco at home (2012)
-New Orleans Saints: game-winner to Kenbrell Thompkins. That game was over multiple times.
-comeback vs Cleveland at home

^Mike Reiss, Pats' beat writer, says this might be the best interview Belichick has done in 17 years. Different side: joy,  gives x-and-o's...and with Randy Moss, Steve Young, Chris Berman

Jimmy Garappolo compensation
I think a 2018 1st round pick and a 2017 high 2nd round pick is a possibility if you're SF, Cleveland, Chicago....Cleveland's #12 pick might be the most likely, Arizona is right around there. We'll see. 

Pats dig having/stashing away future 1st round picks...but there's going to be some needs in the top of the 1st that could be enticing. Certain guys will get paid and move elsewhere (Logan Ryan definitely, Duron Harmon probably with an expanded role, Jabaal Sheard is pretty much out), but if Hightower/Butler walk or both, it should be intriguing. 
My problem is this: the window for winning a title with Brady keeps extending when it was all but over. If they lost in 2014, it would have been dead. Ditto for this year's Super Bowl. Well, they believe now they have a 3-year window. If you believe that is so, you want that rookie to develop and be a player in 2018. You're in win now mode.

-Jimmy Garappolo to Houston Texans for DeAndre Hopkins and a 3rd or 4th round pick
God, I would love this. Texans need a QB badly. They tried trading Jamie Collins for Hopkins, which I would have turned down ASAP if I were the Texans. But for a QB like Jimmy? I don't think they would do it, but I think they would have to entertain it.

How I think Pats will do in 2017 (premature)
-they'll decline: the schedule in 2016, for the first time since the 2008 season where Brady was out, was ridiculously easy. 
-lot of cap room...but they have a lot of free agents
-what veterans will want to sign with the Pats and give up $? I don't know. Chris Long/Martellus Bennett came here and I think Long is more likely to come back. Bennett turned down $7 million/year for 3 years and he's going to be 30 this year. THey don't want him making more than Gronk AND who knows how long they intend to keep Gronk.... do you keep Gronk healthy? Do you stash him for half the season on PUP? I don't think Gronk would be okay with that, but you kind of have to. He can't play 16 full games, you might want to just have him as a blocking TE and then unleash him in the playoffs/Red Zone.
-draft: they need to get younger in the front-7
-Solder was great all year, but he was the worst player on both sides in the Super Bowl according to Greg Bedard. He graded out everybody and he was dead last. He sucked. Team was surprisingly healthy on the offensive line all year, so if a player drops at OT, it's worth entertaining as a valuable need/insurance to protect Brady.

-Kansas City -they need to replace Alex Smith. Stopgap QB, can only take you so far. He held the Chiefs back and cost the Chiefs badly at home
-Steelers -they could NOT have had a worse game plan against the Pats
-Texans -get JJ Watt back, develop Braxton/Fuller...and, for the love of God, find a QB
-Titans -they have moves to make (#5, #18 pick)
-Broncos -draft offensive line help and find a franchise QB or veteran QB (Romo?)
-Dolphins -closest competition in AFC East. They should get rid of Tannehill and draft for defense since they got exposed horribly.
-Ravens-build up the offensive line. I'd probably look at replacing Flacco with QB's to take chances on in the mid rounds.
-Bengals -should fire Pacman Jones into the sun alongside Vontaze. THey got the #9 pick and should draft Reuben Foster if he falls.

-Jags-have talent and will add more, need to find a QB
-Jets -pretty old team, need to get younger
-Bills -have irked Tyrod Taylor, so they need to get a franchise QB now.
-Browns-they tanked and now can make moves/splashes. Heading into the draft, they are in an awesome place (#1, #12, #33 pick)
-Chargers -play in a 30K-capacity soccer field is pathetic. But they should be better: Bosa is around, #7 overall pick, had a lot of bad health luck.
-Colts -man, they've fucked over Luck. Probably draft a RB (Fournette, Cook) since Frank Gore is 34 years old.

Blount: 10 of his 18 rushing TD's? Scored from the 1-yard line
No stat-padding from Brady the way I saw with could tell he REALLY wanted Bennett to get that game-winning TD as a way to go out the final 2 plays.

I think that's the awesome thing about the Pats' offense: isn't really about numbers, but it's just so consistently balanced/good. They missed having decent RB's some years when key RB's went down and forced Brady to pass (Morris in 2007; Vereen/Woodhead got injured in 2011/2012; Blount in 2015) but the numbers COULD be better and padded more with Brady, but just aren't. Closest was 2007.

Joe Montana does not believe Brady is the best QB ever because eras are too different
go fuck yourself

Brady's done NOTHING but praise Montana, even saying he'd take Joe over him with 2 minutes left in a ballgame most recently (I don't believe for a second Brady believes that, but he's too generous to say otherwise)...but Joe's been a petty fucking cunt. Dude brought up Sammy fucking Baugh and Otto Graham. FUCK YOU. It's over. Brady is better than you. He's a 1-man dynasty.

Bill Simmons' mailbag

-holy shit, I didn't realize the Goodell-Brady handshake: I thought it was Goodell pulling in Brady to make the handshake last longer...reverse was true: it was Brady pulling him back in for an 'eff you'. FUCK AND YES!

Roger Goodell bothered by Matt Patricia's clown t-shirt

yeah, fuck Goodell and the NFL execs. What did they expect would happen?



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I was calling for the 49ers to trade Staley to the Vikings for Jarius Wright plus a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick ever since Jake Long got hurt.

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On 2/11/2017 at 2:09 PM, Cassidy said:

Career passing yards
5. Dan Marino: 61,361
8. Eli Manning: 48,214

Career Passing TD's
9. Ben Roethlisberger 301
11. Aaron Rodgers 291

I hate that this bothers me so much, and I hate that I think you're omitting Elway on purpose.

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jack nicholson

nah, it wasn't intentional though but it's funny that it comes across that way
I did top 5's only...and then just cut to guys who are still active.

Inside the Pats' celebration

Peter King Podcast with Tom Brady (2 episodes)
-first part goes over the Super Bowl comeback and specific plays
-2nd part goes over Brady's workout basically 

Deadspin killed Brady for being full of shit, but that was ridiculous...
-what works for Brady clearly works and every player has rituals/things they do. It was inoffensive and it made sense (dieting; being pliable over strength, etc.)

RB Targets (1st round): will all be gone before pick #20
RB-Leonard Fournette (LSU)-Love Fournette, ridiculous feet. Mentored by Kevin Faulk while in high school (Faulk was an assistant on that team). When you have an old QB, you'd prefer to have a RB who can take the load off the way Terrell Davis did for Elway. I've never seen the Pats with a legit #1 RB. Fournette could be that.
-Dalvin Cook (Florida State)-seen some people like Cook more than Fournette
-Christian McCaffrey (Stanford)-lot of Pats fans love him because he's an obvious fit, is super versatile, and would be valuable as a 3rd down back. I could see him being super reliable as a go-to target so maybe I'm overthinking it in reasons NOT to draft him. I just prefer other areas and don't think his athleticism is ridiculous.  Lot of people have McCaffrey mocked #32 to the Pats. No fucking way he lasts that long.

I just prefer NOT to draft a RB in the 1st. Just not the best value.

RB targets (later rounds) to replace Legarrette Blount
-Samaje Perine (Oklahoma)-Earl Campbell comps. 5'11'' 236. His highlight reel does jump out.
-Donta Foreman (Texas)
-Kareem Hunt (Toledo)-probably the late favorite RB target
-James Conner (Pitt)-cancer survivor so that's a story but dude can play. 6'2'' 229.

Blount will be 30, is limited, and could probably ask for more $ than Pats would be willing to give. I thought Pats should have drafted a RB in the last 2 drafts, now they definitely need to.

WR-Corey Davis-favorite WR in the draft. Lot of posters are targeting in on others they love and have as favorites over everybody. But I just think that's because Davis is so out of reach.
TE-David Njoku -some people on the Pats forum believe he could be Aaron Hernandez-y and has a chance to be a top 3-5 player in the draft. Would be 20-21 years old to start the year, limited blocker, but could develop since he's so young....lot of people prefer/love Evan Engram in the 2nd as a WR/TE. But Pats might want to get younger and begin to move on from Gronk/Bennett.

can't see the Pats drafting an Offensive Lineman in the 1st. Depth at tackle and maybe an upgrade over David Andrews? 
John Ross would be a freaky speed WR. 

Defensive Targets (top of the 1st to #15)
Myles Garrett; Jonathan Allen; Reuben Foster; Derek Barnett; Solomon Thomas; Malik Hooker; Jamal Adams

I'd be cool with most these dudes. I just think they might be out of reach...and even if Pats do get in range via Jimmy Garappolo, they would trade out to collect more picks. Or to fuck me and trade into 2018.

I think Solomon Thomas might go top 5. Getting Aaron Donald vibes and could jump at the combine.

Defensive targets mid-1st to #32
Taco Charlton, Hassan Reddick, Takkarist McKinley, Zach Cunningham, Jarrad Davis; Carl Lawson

Tarell Basham (Ohio) is a guy that people love that is going to rise. Tyus Bowser maybe too.

SECONDARY Targets (1st)
DB-Budda Baker (Washington)-I LOVE LOVE LOVE his tape.

^I get the feeling if Pats trade up to, like, #12, they might just end up taking a CB like Quincy Wilson.

I like later targets in the 2nd round...
Chidoba Awuzhe (Colorado), Desmond King (Iowa), Jourdan Lewis (Michigan)

King should go earlier and I get the feeling Pats might get him because he went to Iowa. I prefer to draft a Defensive Back like Baker, Awuzhe, King, Lewis in the 2nd.

Will Fall because they are douchebags
QB-Chad Kelly (Ole Miss)-Jim Kelly's nephew. Has a helluva arm but big-time douche, off field issues, plus injured late. But yeah, no QB's on my mind.

RB-Joe Mixon (Oklahoma)-punched a girl. With that said, he was 18 when he did it and before college was about to begin basically. He's NOT worse than Tyreek Hill. Would be hard to root for/condone, but I can excuse it to some degree as being 18/in college and being out real fucking late and nothing good really happens. I can't see the Pats drafting him or most teams. But if they did? Yeah, I could talk myself into it. He deserves all the shit in the world...but, again, to be tarred and feathered forever because of one shitty incident when you're 18? Nah.  But very real possibility he's a big douchebag.

Guys mocked to the Pats that I'm backing out on...but could talk myself into
-LB/S-Jabril Peppers-freak real position AND he was, like, the 4th best player on his own college defense. Suspect in pass coverage
-RB-Christian McCaffrey-more comparable to Amendola than Edelman; Pats are kind of set with 3rd down RB's, RB value is too rich to take him in the 1st...also...I think he goes top 20. Some team is going to love him and overreach for him. His versatility makes him valuable. 

Binkies I irrationally like/want if they fall in the late 2nd
CB-Jourdan Lewis (Michigan)
SS-Obi Melifonwu (UConn)-6'4'' athletic freak, from town next to mine. Could maybe go 1st round depending on how he does at the combine which he is supposedly going to crush.

Schools Belichick loves drafting from
Alabama, Florida/Ohio State (Urban Meyer), Rutgers, Iowa
so that's worth monitoring

So that means guys like Ryan Anderson that aren't totally on my radar probably have to (alongside Eddie Jackson, Dalvin Tomlinson). So, yeah, mostly Alabama.

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23 hours ago, Cassidy said:

Guys mocked to the Pats that I'm backing out on...but could talk myself into
-LB/S-Jabril Peppers-freak real position AND he was, like, the 4th best player on his own college defense. Suspect in pass coverage

I'm not sure what everyone's struggle is with where Jabrill Peppers plays and who he is.  Dude is 6'1" like 205.  There's zero argument that he's a linebacker at that size.  He's a fluid, hole-shooting terror against the run, like a good strong safety.  He has aggressive cover skills to pick up slot WRs & TEs and athleticism to stay engaged, like a good safety.  Defenses are moving away from clear SS & FS roles in the NFL right now, and that's perfect for not having put an exact label on Peppers.  He's a safety with elite box capabilities who will be a massive wild card for offenses to contend with on 3rd down interesting in the way of Troy Polamalu.   

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yeah, it's where the game is going and he fits that role.
I know people are either in love with Peppers or REALLY don't want him. No real in between. I could talk myself into him easily if the Pats take him. But, again, he was viewed as overrated and the 4th best player on that Michigan D. And that, while his size makes him Patrick Chung-ish, in that he could cover TE's/WR's...his numbers that got pointed out showed that he was really bad in coverage. So that's alarming.

I just really want Obi Melifonwu and hope he falls. I figure Peppers/McCaffrey are the type of guys some team will fall in love with and pick in the top 20

NFLPA looks to ban players leaping over line on field goal
viewed as dangerous for everybody, player could land on head
Shea McClellin was wrongfully called in the Super Bowl for his call (if the Pats missed on a 2P conversion, I would have been SO fucking pissed off; coaches should have the right to review anything they want with their 2 challenges: just speed it up and have it centralized by someone upstairs)...but seeing McClellin in person do it against the Ravens and I was literally 10 rows back behind the Ravens bench right EXACTLY at the 10-yard line when he blocked the kick on Monday night was fucking awesome. Super exciting play.

Bill Polian says Randy Moss/Terrell Owens shouldn't be in the Hall of Fame
Polian is a cunt. Wouldn't be in the HOF if the Colts didn't get Peyton Manning at #1. Fuck him.
Dude lobbied for Marvin Harrison when he was a murderer. Harrison IS a Hall of Famer but reason why he wasn't 1st ballot is because of that and NOBODY mentions that ever.

Pats content with keeping Jimmy G
I find that hard to believe unless Brady's planning on retiring or they're planning on moving on from Brady after 2017.
If Jimmy/Brady are on the roster in 2018, Jimmy's getting paid nearly $25M/year if he gets franchise tagged.

Martellus Bennett, Logan Ryan, Chris Long, Jabaal Sheard, Donta Hightower could ALL be gone.
Vollmer got released today.
Blount is another who could go and might not make the roster.

-Long already announced it: wants more playing time. Trey Flowers took his playing time in the 2nd half of the season. He only played 3rd down in the Super Bowl (season-low 15 snaps)
-Bennett sounds like he wants to get paid. Pats won't pay him more than Gronk.
-Donta Hightower is looking at getting paid $15M per year, which I just can't see the Pats doing even if he's the #1 guy on the list to give that to.
-Ryan should get overpaid by some team.
-Sheard was in the doghouse in and out. Hard to see him back

Draft: looking at front-7 for sure.
Doesn't feel like the Pats can repeat in 2017 based on the cap issues with being able to retain players without fucking up your team long-term.

Edited by Cassidy

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I hope Sebastian Vollmer is healthy and comes back to Houston on the cheap because we need a RT so that all of the Patriots wannabe talk about the Texans isn't solely focused on Wes Welker joining the coaching staff.

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I LOVED Vollmer but he's a BIG man (6 foot 8), was always older (25 years old when drafted in 2009)
But coming off hip AND shoulder surgeries? I think he might retire. Heard he lost a lot of weight, but those surgeries would limit doing anything.

Jimmy Garappolo: sounds like he's definitely going to be traded and he knows he's gone
based off of his instagram post

3-way trade going down: Romo to Washington, Kirk Cousins to 49ers, Cowboys get draft picks
Cowboys win either way

Jaylon Smith's nerve isn't firing up, which sounds AWFUL since that's never really happened based off of what I heard from. So no player has had to play through some sort of brace on his foot with that issue. 
Before the injury, he was a top 3 possible #1 pick. Myles Jack is another guy who was top 10 before his injury.

Jabril Peppers
listed at 6'1'' in college, is 5'10''...he's going to drop now.

Christian McCaffrey
Doug Kyed: 'had a historically great 3-cone, almost never fumbles (one in ever 205.25 touches)...I don't think the Pats need him, but I mean, they could certainly use him somewhere'

there's certain guys/positions I talk myself out of love and don't fall in love with. McCaffrey is certainly that. It now feels impossible he falls past 20 at worst. He's top 15.
Kareem Hunt (Toledo) is a guy who never fumbles

Joe Mixon's teammate, Samaje Perine, is a favorite RB on the Pats draft board.
Fournette showed up bigger (240) and like he was out of shape...then he runs faster than everybody, really. Goddamn.

-Reuben Foster sent home after arguing with hospital worker (Hooker, Foster are guys I'm hoping fall for weird reasons: Hooker's out 4-6 months following surgery: he still goes top 5)

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LOLOLOL at Jabrill Peppers measuring at 5'10".  Talk about a freefall -- his cover skills don't play at that size.  

Trubisky is sure making me proud, though! :wub:

Edited by DK.

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