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there isn't really a place on here for long-form articles (magazine; online)

and putting in the Miscellaneous section would make it go to the bowels.

^longreads=good place to find long articles with good writing/stories.

there's a ton of shit from magazines and online that you can put up here that others might be interested in.

How the CIA used a fake sci-fi flick to rescue Americans from Tehran

AKA what the upcoming movie ARGO with Ben Affleck is based on

it's a quick read

Is he coming? Is he? Oh, God. I think he is." the Anders Behring Homveik Norway Massacre Story

What happens when a 35-year old man retakes the SAT

the Loneliness of the American College Transfer Student

the latter of the 2 stories on Deadspin is basically how college was for me.

Drew Magary is, by far, my favorite online writer.

Obama's Way by Michael Lewis

took me 2 hours to bang out (I'm a slow reader and it'll take you half that time)

It's an amazing and revealing profile on Obama

the Apostate: Paul Haggis vs the Church of Scientology

Yeah, this is a really long fucking read

but I will read anything/everything about Scientology

There's a recent Vanity Fair piece about Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise, & Scientology: I bought that (it's the one with Michael Lewis' Obama profile) so you bet your ass I'm going to read that one.

an Oral History of the Malice at the Palace

Ron Artest storms the stands and the aftermath


GQ posted an oral history of CHEERS today

oral histories are always awesome and there's a ton on TV shows (Party Down; the Wire; Sopranos; Friday Night Lights, etc)

I'd check that out if I had ever seen Cheers.

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this thread didn't really go anywhere, so I'll try again


China's Army unit is seen as tied to hacking against U.S.


ever since the movie HACKERS came out I am real interested in hacking.

so this is an awesome, terrifying story.


Can the Republicans be saved from obsolescence?


I thought this was funny.

It's take on the Romney-Obama campaigns and part of the big reasons why the Republicans are losing and can't attract young people.


You Blow My Mind, Hey Mickey!: a Rough Guide to Disney World


John Jeremiah Sullivan released a book of essays called PULPHEAD in 2011 that got rave reviews

never read anything by him before this

but holy shit


basically, if you want to read about a parent who goes to Disney World with his friend who is a stoner

and they want to stave off having a shitty vacation

so they smoke pot and they locate places on a map of where to get high



AKA the Masked Man on WWE, Glenn Beck & the Tea Party


totally don't give a shit about wrestling but found this intriguing


...a couple I've been saving myself for...


Oral History: the Making of PULP FICTION


oral histories: oh, ol' reliable.


the Man who killed Osama Bin screwed

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When the Beautiful Game Turns Ugly by Wright Thompson


Italian soccer + racism + hints of fascism

it's a super fascinating read. I don't give a shit about soccer, but this blew my mind.

You can see the parallels between their immigration problem and ours...except theirs has taken a drastic/ugly turn backwards to the country's own troubling history


Mark Bowden: the Case of the Vanishing Blonde


Mark Bowden: the Body in Room 348


if you're a fan of true crime whodunits, Bowden's pieces are good.

They both follow the same PI


Bowden=wrote Black Hawk Down; Killing Pablo, etc, etc


Eli Saslow: After Newtown shooting, mourning parents enter the lonely quiet


absolutely fucking devastating read that focuses in on one family that lost their youngest child, a son, in the shooting.

it focuses a bit on the gun issue...and even that ends in heartbreak/tragedy

the photos are great/heartbreaking

the breakfast scene will destroy you


David Simon: the Wire Bible


fun PDF file to read through David Simon's pitch for the Wire, how he set up, and how things may have changed in the pitch

it's a fun insider look

I'm halfway through reading this one and it's good to re-live a series I plan to re-watch many, many times more but haven't in years

Edited by Cassidy

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^ha. thanks. but nothing really stand-out, fun, profound or illuminating about that interview.


the Runaway General by Michael Hastings


Hastings died at 33 in a car crash in LA last night.

the above 2010 Rolling Stone piece that infamously got Stanley McChrystal fired by Obama for trashing him.


I highly highly recommend reading Hastings' the Operators, which blows out the Rolling Stone piece above into a full book.

I worried it was going to be a bullshit book in which he blew something out of proportion.

but I was wrong.

It might end up being one of, if not, the best book written about war.

It's like ALMOST FAMOUS except instead of following a rock band it follows war generals/operators of the war. Except more fucked up...but still really fun.


It's a really great war/journalism movie waiting to happen.


His obituary is here

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Jeff Bauman: Beyond the Finish Line


on the recovery of the most famous Boston Marathon bombing victim

the photos accompanying it are great


JANET REITMAN: Jahar's World


the Boston bomber getting the cover was bullshit.

but it's a worthwhile article


Reitman's written some really awesome articles before for Rolling Stone (Mexico; Dartmouth hazing; Scientology, etc).


Wesley Morris: 

Strange Fruitvale The eerie intersection of Trayvon Martin and Fruitvale Station


"More than ever, we live in a time of racism without racists, just racist laws, racist policies, and racist ideas."-Wesley Morris

great read that is worth your time.


GQ Profile of VP Joe Biden


Vice fucking president of the United States. You get the feeling Joe Biden would love to put it that way, to stand in a crowd of thousands in his aviators and say, “Yo, I’m the vice fucking president of the United States, y’all." Which he has never said. But you think he might. That’s what’s funny. It’s a comfort level, and a mocking, and a kind of affection wrapped warmly into a knowing joke. Joe Biden. The tipsy uncle who actually doesn’t drink. He’s always dancing there on the edge of embarrassment. He’s that guy. He might put a lampshade on his head.



fun read

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the Believer: 'If He Hollers, Let Him Go": Searching for Dave Chappelle 10 years after he left his show


really enjoyed this one.


David Grann: 'the Brand' (the New Yorker; 2004)


Grann is awesome.

His piece is on the Aryan Brotherhood in the prison system. It is fucking frightening.


GQ : 'the Elvis Impersonator, the Karate Instructor, a Fridge Full of Severed Heads and the Plot 2 Kill the President" Remember that crazy story about the dude in Mississippi who mailed ricin to Obama and then tried to frame some other dude in Mississippi for the crime? Well, as Wells Tower discovered when he traveled to Tupelo and started poking around, the story is a thousand times crazier than you thought

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Nightmare in Maryville: Teen's sexual encounter ignites a firestorm against family


this is a really fucked up story involving an open-and-shut rape case that was slowly covered up.

It's got signs of Steubenville, in ways, except I don't think the football team looms as large.

In some ways, it's more fucked up.


the girl who was raped in the story above is coming forward: Daisy Coleman, wrote a post on XOJane


really brave since, as a teenager, she has EVERY right to hide her name from the public record even as the other people are charged.

I know the girl in the Steubenville Ohio case....her name was never released except to those who did leak her identity, but it was protected.

Her? She's coming out because her hand was forced when the case was covered up.


It's hard to know what to believe actually happened and damning pictures or a youtube video ('Michael Nodianos' laughing at a rape victim and making lame crude jokes when a crime so obviously occurred) . But it's a ton of shit.


Cord Jefferson: Kanye West knows you think he sounded nuts on Kimmel


Really dig Cord Jefferson and where he's coming from on this.


as I said in the Kanye thread,  I just think people's problem with Kanye is that he's arrogant, selfish, delusional, humorless, tone-deaf, and ridiculous.

but he's smart and ambitious...and unapologetic about that.

Also talking about fashion just makes people laugh...and the idea that he believes his wife Kim Kardashian, a joke, deserves a star in the walk of fame.

He rambled on, drowned out the 'conversation' he could have had with Kimmel, and it went beyond what is normally seen on late night show.

It was entertaining, but you walked away feeling like Kanye was rambling and being ridiculous....while rightfully angry at other things.


But where Cord goes at it is the perceived slights that black people feel and they can't exactly PROVE it.

You do get the sense that Kanye was rambling at something bigger that was important...but the other shit he was rambling on about was just lame.


Boat Owner seeks to clarify record on Tsarnaev capture

(the owner of the boat behind where the Boston bomber was found)


kind of a quick piece, but still interesting...he's an 'incidental hero' 

they'll inevitably shoot a movie about the whole Boston bomber thing, but I do find the guy interesting and how his home/street has become a hot spot for curious tourists...and how they don't want the attention. Nor do the neighbors.

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read the 7 greatest stories in the history of Esquire Magazine in full


they also recently did an annotated version of 'Frank Sinatra Has a Cold', that is one of those 7 stories

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Nah, I'm healthy as an ox (knock on wood). 


I can't even remember why.  I think I was just mulling over gonzo journalism or journalism then vs. today or something.  I might've been thinking about the poet Thomas Sayer Ellis too.  He was hired by (i think) Rolling Stone magazine to travel with George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic and then write a long feature article about it, but instead he just wrote a bunch of poems about the experience and the editor was none too pleased.  He ended up having to repay the magazine for the stipden he'd received, but the poems ended up getting published, and they're a lot of fun.  So maybe that got me thinking about different types of journalism, and dealing with unexpected speedbumps.

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GQ: the Year of Living Carlos Dangerously:Sexting, Anthony Weiner on the campaign trail and after


Jay-Z Has the Room


kind of him about to begin his undertaking of being on tour and the sports agency he is serious about. Just him being a good businessman


THE NEW YORKER: David Sedaris: 'Now We Are Five: a Big Family, at the Beach


David Sedaris' youngest sister commits suicide back in May of this year and the family comes together shortly thereafter.

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Mike Tyson: My Life as a Young Thug


the opening of the story is pretty fucking awesome and it continues from there


We were beefing with these guys called the Puma Boys. It was 1976, and I lived in Brownsville, Brooklyn, and these guys were from my neighborhood. At that time I was running with a Rutland Road crew called the Cats, a bunch of Caribbean guys from nearby Crown Heights. We were a burglary team, and some of our gangster friends had an altercation with the Puma Boys, so we were going to the park to back them up. We normally didn’t deal with guns, but these were our friends, so we stole a bunch of shit: some pistols, a .357 Magnum, and a long M1 rifle with a bayonet attached from World War II. You never knew what you’d find when you broke into people’s houses.


So we’re walking through the streets holding our guns, and nobody runs up on us, no cops are around to stop us. We didn’t even have a bag to put the big rifle in, so we just took turns carrying it every few blocks.

“Yo, there he goes!” my friend Haitian Ron said. “The guy with the red Pumas and the red mock neck.”


When we started running, the huge crowd in the park opened up like Moses parting the Red Sea. It was a good thing they did, because, boom, one of my friends opened fire. Everybody scrambled when they heard the gun.


I realized that some of the Puma Boys had taken cover between the parked cars in the street. I had the M1 rifle, and I turned around quickly to see this big guy with his pistol pointed toward me.


“What the fuck are you doing here?” he said to me. It was my older brother, Rodney. “Get the fuck out of here.”


I just kept walking and left the park and went home. I was 10 years old.



I think Spike Lee wanted to make his life into an HBO series.

And I'm not the biggest fan of Spike, but it would be awesome if done right.


Wesley Morris: 'the Song of Solomon: the Cultural Crater of 12 YEARS A SLAVE'


really great film criticism


this is 5 pages long if you print it out compared to the nearly 30 pages that is this one...


DAVID GRANN: Rodrigo Rosenberg's Murder in Guatemala


best thing I read all week. Easily

the story 'details corruption and a series of high-level murders in Guatemala that reached all the way to the country’s president. The whole thing broke open at the funeral of Rodrigo Rosenberg when a videotape was circulated that implicated the president, his wife, and other close aides in the wealthy businessman’s killing.' (

Matt Damon is set to direct this as his first movie with the screenwriter from Argo adapting it. David Grann reported this story back in 2011 (murder happened in 2008). It is an all-time classic long piece. I need to start reading his books (Lost City of Z: a Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon; the Devil and Sherlock Holmes). I had zero knowledge of this story beforehand so I was shocked and stood up in my seat while reading it. Like Argo, real life stories can be better and more bizarre than anything movies could dream up.

Grann's story 'the Brand' on the Aryan Brotherhood is ridiculous. I linked to that a couple posts back. Grann is the shit.

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LONGREADS: an excerpt from 'League of Denial' book


from guys who did Barry Bonds BALCO book 'Game of Shadows'

I missed the PBS special.

to be honest, a lot of this stuff I've read about it here and there and from Chris Nowinski...but not the parts where the league actively covered it up, which is interesting.


Mark Bowden: 'the Killing Machines: How to Think About Drones'


from the writer of 'Black Hawk Down' and 'Killing Pablo'

whenever he writes a long magazine feature, I perk up. He's awesome.

I'm not AGAINST drones...but this makes a compelling pro/con thing and the future of it.

It's a polarizing issue, but I am kind of with Bowden the most overall.


GQ: Confessions of a Drone Warrior


a personal look/confessional from a guy who piloted drones from here in the States...and how he suffers from PTSD.

unique/interesting account...still dig Bowden's story overall, but this adds a touch you don't see.


Tom Junod: 'the Lethal Presidency of Barack Obama' on drones


this is all con against drones pretty much.



NEW YORKER: Dexter Filkins: 'the Shadow Commander'

Qassem Suleimani is the Iranian operative who has been reshaping the Middle East. Now he’s directing Assad’s war in Syria.


real interesting look at a guy who is viewed as the most powerful/shrewd dude in the Middle East...that nobody talks about. Bad ass.

and he's definitely a villain towards America.


LA Magazine: 'the Old Man Next Door' Whitey Bulger in LA

Saddam had his spider hole. Manson had Barker Ranch. For James “Whitey” Bulger, the anonymity of advanced age provided ample cover for him to hide out 16 years in Santa Monica, a stash of blood money stuffed in the walls and guns at the ready. The last days of America’s most wanted mobster

a really great movie is going to be made about Whitey Bulger if in the right hands (hopefully not Barry Levinson...someone like Matt Damon/Ben Affleck hopefully)


I've yet to read this one. I'm just posting now.

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GQ: Oops, You Hired the Wrong Hitman


pretty awesome read of a 'fake' hitman drawing in people hiring hits only to use it against them


Grantland: 'Stranger in a Strange Land': Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game, its controversial author, and a personal history


the Most Embarrassing Private Jet Flight of all time


this isn't a long read so much as it is one of the funnier things I've read in awhile.

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Chris Jones in Esquire: the Nation's leading expert in picking up pieces


pretty awesome read on the lawyer who is assigned to help victims get compensation in basically every major mass tragedy (Agent Orange in Vietnam; 9/11; Newtown; etc, etc) as well as the key consultant. 

He's like the James Andrews of that world, I guess.


Drew Magary profile on Duck Dynasty


favorite writer

I guess this caused a shit storm.

I'm planning on reading it tomorrow

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well, haven't updated this in awhile...

Sean Penn interviewed El Chapo before he got arrested

planning on reading this because it's being mocked so hard by comedians/journalists. 
I read some select passages and it's unreal/stupid.

the Really Big One: the Earthquake that will destroy the Pacific Northwest

yeah, I figured living in Seattle/Portland area would be cool. But I don't know if I would even travel there.
Ridiculously awesome, scary read. Super relevant read.

I don't think Chase posts on here anymore, but I figure he's already read it. I think it was chosen as the #1 longread of 2015 by longreads.

I'll probably post some more after I read them.

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