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I'm a big fan of Strategy/Tower Defense games.


My favorites:


Towers N' Trolls

Fantasy Defense

Kingdom Rush

Bloons (any version)

Plants v. Zombies



Non TD games:


Battleheart fun game where you control 3 different characters who each have powers that cool down- you can move them around the screen and choose upgrades and weapons when you level up.


Royal Revolt- Kind of a cross between Battleheart and a tower defense, except you're the one killing the towers.  Good game for taking the bus or something else where you need quick levels.


Space Station: Frontier- you have a space station that you build up through mining and adding guns (kind of starcraft style but without units, you just upgrade and extend your base)


Angry Birds- the Star Wars editions have been my favorites, it takes the best parts of all the other games.


Clash of the Olympians- there are 3 different characters who have different weapons, and you throw those weapons at a wave of enemeies.  you upgrade the weapon as the enemies evolve.


Plague Inc.- You create a virus and upgrade it to make sure it infects and destroys the entire world.


Majesty- Kind of Starcaft ish game, but on a smaller scale.  I got stuck/there was a glitch on one level though.  I need to revisit this game.




What recommendations do you guys have?  Brief descriptions are appreciated!

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