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Best Games of 2013 / Most Anticipated for 2014

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I haven't played much from this year (playing Bioshock Infinite at the moment, and probably Tomb Raider next), but I am interested to know what others have played and what people think are the best of the year.



Most Anticipated of 2014


South Park: The Stick of Truth - This looks like it could be the best game based on any franchise ever. The look, the humour, it's all pretty spot on.


The Witness - The guy who made Braid made this game, and it looks really good. I'm a sucker for puzzle games in general, but puzzle games with a strong narrative are usually my favourite games.


Mirror's Edge 2 - Probably not coming out next year, but really looking forward to this. I liked everything about the first, including the cheesy story (but especially the cheesy music)


Oculus Rift -  Not a game, but who cares. This'll be the most exciting thing of next year.

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Favorites of 2013


- GTA5: I enjoyed this one a lot more than GTA4, so many improvements and an overall really fun story.  I liked the inclusion of multiple characters and the heists were pretty damn fun.  I thought I would have been more into the online portion, but I lost interest pretty quick.  I think it might have been that I only had a couple friends that played the PS3 version and rarely got a chance to all play together.  Still, it was a ton of fun overall.


- Final Fantasy XIV:  I still play every once in a while, but it was the first MMO in a while I got into.  Well polished, interesting class system (one character can be every class), and a true Final Fantasy story that felt like a rebirth of an old school story (fun, over-the-top villains, plot twists, cool side-characters).  I tend to get bored with MMOs after a while once I reach the highest level (I'm not a fan of constant raiding), so I don't play much anymore, but for those couple months, this game was a ton of fun.  Nothing really revolutionary in what they set out to do, but goddamn, they took what works well in MMOs, polished the shit out of it, and made it work.


- Bioshock: Infinite: I absolutely loved the story in this game. That aspect was very well done, but I did grow a bit tired of the shooting/magic mechanics after a while.  I thought the one aspect they really dropped the ball on was the fast-travel rail system/shooting.  I wish that aspect of the game was more fleshed out or got more use out of it.  Because it ended up just feeling a bit tacked on, they could have really done some crazy sequences with that stuff.  Overall, a very solid game though, my complaints are rather minor in the overall scheme of things, I enjoyed this game a lot.



2014 Games


- Star Citizen:  I don't think the final release will be in 2014, but we should get a solid Beta build for this game.  I have been following this game since the kickstarter, it's going to be so completely fucking awesome, it makes me giddy.  And considering they have just reach $35 Million dollars from just crowd funding, a lot of other people are too.  If you guys haven't heard of it, it's a Space Combat Sim from Christ Roberts, the guy who created Wing Commander, Freelancer, Starlancer.  They are doing a AAA-Quality single player campaign as well as free-roam MMO-style open world.  There are also letting people set up private servers and create mods (if the mods are good enough, they will bring them into the main server).  You can be pretty much anything you want, military fighter, transport driver, racer, salvage, information runner, pirate.  You can steal huge capital ships, with 20-50 people in your guild running all the turrets/piloting/ect. 


It's PC only with perhaps the highest quality graphics in development (for those that love the shiny things), incredibly deep and open world gameplay, and over seen by pretty much the Godfather of every good space game ever made. 


- The Witcher 3: I hear it's suppose to be a lot more open world, like a Bethesda game.  The Witcher 2 was so well done, CD Project RED is pretty much the gold standard in RPGs these days, completely dethroning BioWare (or what they use to be at least). 


- South Park Game: I have high hopes for this one too, the 10 minute preview looked awesome, it's like just playing an episode.  It sucks it got delayed again, but it sounds like Trey and Matt wanted to polish it more, so I'm all for that.


- Dragon Age 3: The devs keep saying they learned their lesson with the mistakes of DA2 (the lack of customization, re-use of maps, waves of enemies, choices didn't matter, and a lack of a proper ending).  This is also suppose to be a more "open-world" game and finish off the trilogy.  I'm a bit skeptical to be honest, I LOVED Dragon Age 1, DA2 was a huge letdown for me, so we'll see.


-Fallout 4:  Rumors are it's gonna be Boston.  There was an elaborate faked website that got everyone's hope up over on Reddit, but they are definitely making this.  There have been some confirmed leaked scripts for the main character (apparently the main character will have a voice this game) and the whole Bethesda crew was caught spying for many weeks around MIT and in the Boston area.  So, there's a chance we might get this at the end of 2014, but 2015 might be more likely. 

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Best of 2013


The Last of Us - Ok, I admit that I haven't finished this game.  I anticipate finishing this within the next 2 days.  Great story and the gameplay is fine.  


Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons:  This is game is worth playing.  It is relatively short and can probably be finished in 1 sitting.  I had a strong emotional connection to this game.  There aren't 10 games better than this ;)


Bioshock Infinite - Damn good game.  Looked great on the consoles and powerful ending.  


Devil May Cry - This game won't get the props it deserves but it is worth the money.  Pick it up if you can.  Good game with some tight gameplay.


State of Decay - Not everything I hoped but a great start.  I'm hoping they continue making games like this.


Call of Juarez - Close to done with this as well....interesting story telling.


Games I still need to play or finish


The Stanley Parable - I need to check this out 


Gone Home - Still building a PC...can't wait to check it out.


Papers, Please - Dito


Beyond Two Souls - I enjoyed Heavy Rain and can't wait to play this.


Assassin's Creed 4 - I skipped 3 after playing through 2 and Brotherhood.  I think I'm ready to jump back in.


Anticipated games for 2014

Transistor - Bastion was my favorite game of 2011 and this is Supergiant's new game.  


Dying Light - I enjoyed Dead Island...I'll check this out.


Walking Dead: Season 2 - My favorite game of 2012.  First episode recently came out but the season will wrap up next season.


Destiny/Titanfall - I stopped playing FPS games a few years ago but I did play the Defiance demo and saw the potential in a FPS with MMO elements.  I'm more excited for Destiny of the two.


The Division - I'm more excited for this one than Destiny/Titanfall.  I can see myself purchasing this day one.


South Park/The Witcher 3/Random Indie games


Fallout 4/More Mass Effect - I'd love to have some of this for next year.

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I forgot about Beyond: Two Souls.  It got so many mixed reviews, I thought it was brilliant.  I am a big fan of David Cage (the guy who was the lead producer in this).  Heavy Rain was a lot of fun, but his first game on the PS2, Indigo Prophecy, was one of my favorite games of that generation. 


I'm planning on doing a second playthrough of Beyond pretty soon.  I know some people hate games like this, where it's more just an interactive story rather than a game, but I thought it was extremely well done.  The world they create in this game is so damn cool, I would love to see a sequel to this, whether it be another interactive story or something more action-gameplay oriented.  Definitely worth it for me, I thought it was a great game.

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