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Bill Burr's new special

I swear to God, his special was good to go in May 2015, DEFINITELY November 2015 when he was at Madison Square.
Not sure how he waited a year and how it could get better, but he doesn't want to be Louis CK: just wants to take time and release one every 2 years.

Jokes kept in from 2 years ago....

-the dream with the little girl

-the cruise/popuation joke: pretty on point

-the secret board room of evil
He left out shitting on the Nestle guy HARD for the 'water is not a human right' (he has since gone on to buy water in Flint like a cunt)...but he shit on that guy more in May 2015 and had his voice as THE evil voice in the secret board room....then in November 2015, that was now the boardroom instead of the Nestle guy.

-his Kanye West "thank God he was born a black guy" bit
Man, when he did that at Madison Square Garden, it was obviously better: because he doesn't say SHIT about Kanye or preface the joke. He just starts the joke immediately yelling, "THANK GOD KANYE WEST WAS BORN A BLACK GUY!" and immediately had people on edge, all the ushers at a packed Madison Square. I wish that could have been captured somehow in ways that won't on an album but on a recording.

DId that.

-the zoo/Gorilla bit
Highlight of Burr working on using body language to tell a story. That one REALLY progressed when I saw him between May and November 2015.

-Deflategate (that was obvious). Some is captured on his podcast, but it's funny the way he imitates Belichick doing a press conference. Wish that was captured.

-Airplane bit
I figured this would be cut since, 2 weeks after his special, I saw him Boston do 15 minutes and did the airplane turbulence bit.  IT HAS TO BE DONE AND SHOWCASED SOMEWHERE! He did it in May 2015, November 2015 (Madison Square), and then a year later. That bit is as good as anything any comic will say/do all year. It is non-stop laughter, the fake pilot voices, everything. If it were on the special, it might be the best thing on it. It's such a bummer that this was left off.

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Neal Brennan's "3 mics" is one of the most interesting,  honest, and hilarious (at times) stand up I've seen in forever.


He was a writer for Chappelle show and Half Baked, good friends with Dave and one of the most interesting characters I have read on.



Hilariously enough he touches on a joke I've been using for years and now feel like I can't say cause of the parallel thought. If you guys have ever heard the clip I posted years ago and watch this you will know exactly what I'm talking about.

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Yeah, I really enjoyed Neal's special. One of my favorites in a while. Super creative, great story telling, solid enough jokes. 

Bill Burr's newest special is probably his worst one yet. It's not bad, it just isn't as good. The special before was just fantastic too. Hopefully he has a bounce back special in a couple years. 

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^My friend didn't like it and I could see it not translating that well.
When I saw him, it was the best stand-up I've seen both times...I just don't think it translated well, the crowd didn't seem into the material, beginning/ending didn't work, he didn't find the gorilla sign language bit to work.

And, again, he left out the airplane turbulence bit.

late pass: saw Tom Segura's special. It's solid.
Joe Derosa's is solid too.

I heard mixed things about Brennan's special (mainly being the 3 mics idea didn't totally work), but I'll check it out this weekend maybe.

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I got to back Phil a bit on Neal Brennan's '3 mics'
-I don't know if the 3 mics thing worked totally: 1 mic is for telling jokes you'd see on Twitter and he reads it off notecards; 2nd mic is a straight-forward act 3rd mic (the middle) is for BRUTAL, awkward honesty without trying to be funny). 
-you can kind of tell the BRUTAL honesty one in the audience that people might feel awkward listening to it...and want to almost walk out. It's uncomfortable with how brutally honest and open it is. But it does end up being the most interesting. I think in American comedy, it's true, people want the quick joke...and having a story that builds and leads to something funny isn't something people are patient enough for. And in Neal's 3rd mic, sometimes the story doesn't build up to anything funny at all, just harsh truths.
-I've listened to Neal on a couple podcasts throughout the years and used to listen to his podcast with Moshe Kasher (who is really fucking awesome)
-he still doesn't come off as a natural comic but he's getting better from what I remember seeing him on George Lopez or some shit. 
-...and yeah, I definitely laughed out loud at his special as much as anybody's I've seen in awhile.

and no, nobody remembers the joke you told years ago. Why the fuck would they?

angry fuck you go fuck yourself

With that said about Neal...
-his special translated his act well. It's a honed act of stand-up with a clear, thought-out plan to it. I think you're going to find Mike Birbiglia's special is going to REALLY kick ass and be better than you'd think (said it before: he's from my town, but it took me until, like, 2012 to think he was even a little bit funny and then seeing him live a couple years ago for the special that's coming out this month that he's been working on for, like, 4 years sealed that). I still don't think his movies totally work and are overpraised a bit. They got heart, which makes up for it.
-...point is, Birbiglia's 'one man show' and Neal Brennan had an Off Broadway feel to it that I think works well for specials

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I think you gotta think of 3 Mics as more of a one man show than a traditional stand up special. It was originally a theater show, kind of like an off broadway thing. I thought the middle mic was the most interesting.

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5 hours ago, ignitionnight said:

I think you gotta think of 3 Mics as more of a one man show than a traditional stand up special. It was originally a theater show, kind of like an off broadway thing. I thought the middle mic was the most interesting.


That's what I came around to. It was an adjustment.
Middle/3rd mic was definitely most interesting, but BRUTALLY uncomfortable. and you could sense it. Also, knowing how he's coming out of the shadow of Chappelle has haunted him (or would anyone) is awesome to hear about in the most prepared way possible.
Something I really haven't seen...but 2nd mic, I enjoyed the most/laughed with (that's the traditional one).

-Doug Stanhope's album was really good

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Mike Birbiglia-'Thank God For Jokes'
Yeah, saw him do this twice (well 1 and a half)
First time I took this girl to comedy shows a lot, but she was driving me mad because she was always late as fuck. Say, "Meet me at 5 PM for a 7 PM show, we can get dinner before the show" and she'd arrive at 745, 45 minutes into Marc Maron's set (who she said was her favorite comic and even made some art gift to give to him). She had done this a couple times before. 
So to course-correct, I bought tickets for a 10 PM showing of Mike Birbiglia thinking, 'there's no way you can show up late to this' even though she was coming to Providence, I got a hotel room so that we could just drink/hang overnight, whatever since it was a Friday night on Valentine's Day weekend. Nah. She shows up just after 10 fucking 30 PM, I scramble to meet her at the Wilbur. She says she's late because she heard last-minute at her college (Rhode Island School of Design) that there was a grant available to possibly go to Israel and some other Middle East countries and that the deadline was that night (uh, fuck off). So basically you're leaving at 930 pm for a 10pm show from Providence? WTF?!

So I am pissed/disgusted because I've never seen Birbiglia before, I got a hotel room for $400 (no expectations of sex or anything which she immediately shot down cold in a weird way: we went to high school together: she moved from Russia to here, she had a crush on me, I just wanted to be friends so we were and then we started hanging out again, like, 7 years of not hearing from each other), doesn't really apologize much, and I just lie down dead and pretend like I'm fine...but I know I never intend on hanging out with her again after this, right?

I mean, favorite comic is Marc Maron: she shows up late.
A pretty big comedian who happens to be from our town and she seems to love him more than I do (I was slowly warming up to him after not finding him funny until I saw him live)...and she shows up late.

 So we arrived 20 minutes late for Birbiglia, awkward as fuck to walk into midset in a darkened/packed/tight comedy club where the chairs are shit/packed together like sardines to squeeze in/step on the joke for other people.

So I wanted to see what I missed and took my brother...
-the opening joke is about Late People vs Early it's funny as hell that I missed that.
-basically did the set verbatim

I thought his set was tighter seeing it live than seen in the special
-he ends it with 'we're married' or something...but in the special, it was a quote from Nathan Lane who he went over the joke about David O Russell that KILLS with saying basically, "If it's funny, you got to tell it" and then the lights go dark.
-...a lot of the stuff added in was Charlie Hedbo...crowdwork he did NOT do, so that woman cop thing was not there...the music at the end/playing church music wasn't there.

But yeah, special was good. I think you'll like it. If you like Birbiglia already, you'll love it. It's him at his best. He's far better than I thought he would be when I didn't care for him.

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Kurt Braunohler's stand-up special is pretty solid (Comedy Central)
He co-hosts a podcast with Joe Derosa (Emotional Hangs)

Dave Chappelle's got 2 specials coming out on Netflix on March 22nd ('Deep in the Heart of Texas'-Austin; 'the Age of Spin'-Hollwood Palladium LA)
Louis CK in April.

-Amy Schumer (march 7th)
-Jim Norton (March 14th)
-Chappelle: 2 specials (March 21st)
-Louis CK (April 4th)
-Tracy Morgan (May 16th)

-Jerrod Carmichael (March 8th)

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Jerrod Carmichael-8 (HBO)

didn't really laugh, but it had some moments.
Weird audience (circular stage, everybody dressed up in suits in the audience)...and he has a weird delivery, at times, enhanced by Bo Burnham directing it: his eyes/face deliver the material like he's saying something REALLY painfully serious, but then ends up telling a joke.

Didn't like his last special that, I think, Spike Lee directed (it did, however, have an all-time GREAT promo video in LA City Council or some shit promoting it)

Amy Schumer-'Leather Special' (Netflix)
awful. one of the worst and least funny stand-up specials I've seen. I think I tried paying attention to moments where jokes or something funny happened, but didn't feel like it. She can sell it though and be confident as shit for sure though. But I don't want to feel like I could go up on stage and doing/telling something funnier than she is doing.

I like her fine enough, defend her from being hated, and I listened to her audiobook which had its moments. But watching this could DEFINITELY justify that. It's that bad.

Her last special she got some shit for doing a Patrice O'Neal bit at THE very end. And she said she had no idea. When I watched the special, I didn't hate on her for doing it because I feel like that's a bit that you a comic can do and I thought maybe she was paying homage. But then she went on Opie/Jim or Joe Rogan or some place and said she had no idea that Patrice did that (who she was familiar with)...I find that difficult to believe. Didn't get mad at her, but just found it weird.

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Brian Posehn-'25x2'
Enjoyed it: typical Posehn, definitely laughed here and there...only listened to it on audio, didn't see what he did on SeeSo or wherever he was on.

Jim Norton's special 'Mouthful of Shame' is on Netflix. I'll check that out at some point. His 'Despicable' album was genuinely great.

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Jim Norton's special was okay. Has its laugh-out loud moments, some of which I've heard before.

Dave Chappelle

ho-ly shit

1st special is definitely better than the 2nd: I like the directing of it too, felt a lot like 'For What It's Worth', in a way, and in the way he's able to move (like a tighter version of Jerrod Carmichael's recent special...except in a room with ACTUAL fucking people and not people who dressed up like they were at an opera)

I saw him live in September or October 2015 in Providence (horrible fucking date, I think I went over what a disaster it was)....but yeah, the same moment that killed is captured so well live where he goes through American history in a serious way....and then perfectly sets it up just to finally talk about Bill Cosby.

Yeah, Dave is still effortlessly funny/great and as good as it gets. Best special I've seen this year.
Neal Brennan's made me laugh, but it didn't flow so well with the 3 mic idea and it had awkward moments that were obviously meant to be: it was a stage play. Chappelle's was natural, which I dig more.

It's a bummer that Chappelle was gone for over a decade, but I'm glad he's back. Still has it. Glad there's going to be more coming out.

Netflix is fucking killing it with stand-up specials and it's so awesome. A killer one seems to be coming out each and every week. Nobody but Netflix really knows how they afford it or what the numbers are. But Chappelle got a $60 million dollar deal.

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