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Best TV 2015

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a little early...but...

MAD MEN starts today.

GAME OF THRONES next week (fuck, I need to get caught up)


Some shows already ended their seasons (Archer; House of Cards), end this week (Justified; Better Call Saul;' Shameless) with Justified closing for good, or have ended permanently (Parks and Recreation)



#1 with a Bullet : Banshee 

not even close. This show was the most fun and did the most things.
#2: Game of Thrones

Took awhile to get that 'wow' episode but when it came in 'Hardhome', it was as breathtaking as any episode or moment the show has brought. Definitely the weakest season until that point, which I'm stunned as to why critics are digging it more. Maybe the convergence of key characters finally seeing each other. 
#3: Silicon Valley/Veep

hard to put one over the other; they've been great and on another level

#4: Daredevil

best superhero show/thing Marvel has ever done. Yes, it's that good. Blow me.

#5: Parks and Recreation

Most consistent 'comedy' but I was never completely over the moon about the show. Something still felt off even if it was so good in quality, cast, writing, etc.

#6: Last Man on Earth

I don't think I've been excited for a show in awhile when this premiere happened. It declined a bit as it went on, but it's still good fun.

#7: Mad Men

had problems with most of its final season...but worth it to the end. One of the great shows of all time, but you're asking why 6 other shows were above it. Well, like with Justified, pretend that this a stand-alone show that just started this season...and, well, 6 other shows were better.

#8-the Americans


I enjoy Justified's characters/world far more than THE AMERICANS or MAD MEN, but it's not as quality as the Americans. I expect a lot of critics to have the Americans as a top 3 show, maybe #1. It's always been good, just not that good. It misses the fun, characters, and world that other shows I like more have. The finale for Justified is good/true.


#11-Better Call Saul

slow to get around to, but it turns the corner with '5-0' episode for sure.


great lead, lot of heart, good fun. My one problem would be I wish it would cut down to 10-13 episodes. Agent Carter gets that part somewhat right.

#13-Agent Carter

Haley Atwell=so, so hot and so, so good. Sad that she probably would NOT get her own movie, but her own show? Amazing.



Archer; Bloodline; Brooklyn 99; Fresh off the Boat


Empire; Walking Dead; Scandal; Arrow


Standout great

'Last Week Tonight' -noteworthy to watch since some stuff DOES happen as a result of this show

Don't Like

House of Cards; Saturday Night Live

Hard to Like: Good, but so damn uncomfortable (about a serial killer of women)

the Fall

Enjoyed but didn't finish


Still didn't catch up on

Broad City; Community; It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia; Man Seeking Woman; Workaholics


*haven't watched 'Workaholics' last 2 seasons and 'It's Always Sunny's' last 2-3 seasons

Not sure if I want to watch

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt-heard mixed things. But I didn't like the pilot or got into 30 ROCK (checked out after 1st season)

Watchable bad shows...that I could give up on and get on with my life and be OK

Arrow; Empire; Scandal; Walking Dead; iZombie; Gotham


Daily Show with Jon Stewart; Justified; Mad Men; Parks and Recreation; Strike Back


Best Episodes/Moments

-Last Man on Earth (hour premiere)

-Banshee (just about damn near every episode)

-Parks & Recreation (the one with Leslie & Ron is a standout)

-Better Call Saul ('Five-o': be patient with the show and wait for this Mike Ehrmentraut episode to happen)

-SNL (40th anniversary special)
-Super Bowl: Pats over Seahawks

-double asshole episode: "Homicide" (Silicon Valley)

-the final 20 minutes of 'Hardhome': white walkers (Game of Thrones)


Waiting for:
Hannibal (June 4th) -the best show on TV


True Detective (June 21st)

NFL season kicks off with your champion Pats hosting (September 10th)


Strike Back


Wolf Hall (stars Damian Lewis)-I only bring this up because my first cousin was the cinematographer for this show

Carmichael Show/Mr Robinson (August 5th: Craig Robinson + Jerrod Carmichael get their own shows)

the Late Show with Stephen Colbert (September 8th)


F is For Family (Bill Burr's Netflix animation show)

Pariah (Bill Burr's FX show)

Bill Murray's Christmas Special (Netflix)

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THE FLASH had a strong finale...I do wish that show would cut down on its episode count though (23-24 episodes)


I've been thinking of cutting off a lot of the TV shows I watch and only saving it for shows I dig.

After reading Patton Oswalt's SILVER SCREEN FIEND, I made some changes to my TV addiction.


Fresh off the Boat; iZombie; Orphan Black; Penny Dreadful



Arrow; Homeland


*way too many superhero shows...'Arrow' is solid with some of its cast, but could stand to be only 10-13 episodes rather than 24*

shows that ended that I loved

Justified; Mad Men; Parks and Recreation



HANNIBAL starts up next week: it's the best show on TV. I'd advise people to get on that and BANSHEE. Both are a real treat.

BANSHEE has had superior action/directing sequences, even over 'Game of Thrones' (well, that's easy this season-but it would be worthy for any season GoT has done)

but HANNIBAL is the best, darkest, and just on another level with what it's doing. It's flawless.

I will say: both shows do so, so much in each episode and don't fuck around.

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My favorite shows this year, in no particular order:

- Mad Men - Gonna miss this one

- Silicon Valley - Funniest show so far this year

- Justified - Great finale, despite some slower episodes, they nailed the finale

- Daredevil - Best superhero show by far

- Better Call Saul - Solid first season, looking forward to more

- Community - A couple duds this season, but the good episodes have been hilarious


Shows I still watch, but are kinda shitty:

- Arrow - 3rd season had tons of problems, but this show is still fun to watch

- Flash - Solid first season, but like the Arrow, just too many episodes

- Game of Thrones - Quality of writing dropped significantly this season, too many plot holes, but still fun to watch

- House of Cards - Completely unrealistic, but it's still enjoyable for me.

- Last Man of Earth - Mixed bag for me, really great episodes and some duds

- Agents of SHIELD - the Inhuman stuff was pretty decent


Shows I stopped watching:

- Doctor Who

- Orphan Black

- Penny Dreadful


Shows I need to catch up on:

- The Americans

- Fargo


Looking forward to:

- Hannibal!!!!!

- True Detective

- Strike Back

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I'm glad this thread exists so I can revisit it a couple months from now and remember the good ish from the First half of the year.


The Best



Mad Men - Pretty good final season, that just got better and better as the episodes went on. Great finale, but I think I loved the penultimate episode "The Land of Milk and Honey" even more, because it totally redeemed Pete and Betty (the two most loathsome characters on the show). But yeah, this show had the best writing of anything since The Wire. For a show with little action or major conflict, its amazing how great this show could be by just showing internal strife. Also props to the show for ending with real character growth as well.

Better Call Saul - Started reallllly slow, but got so so good. I was actually kinda mad that it ended when it did, because it kinda brought a halt to all the momentum it had just built up. The episode about Mike pretty much justified the entire point of this spinoff (and was probably the best dramatic episode of the year), and it all fits perfectly into the world of Breaking Bad. Gonna be a long wait for Season 2 :(

Daredevil - The best superhero series out there now. Perfect casting for Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk. Super stoked that they're doing a Season 2 before that Defenders series comes out. 

Agent Carter - A pleasant surprise. I was super on the fence about it until I watched the pilot. Hayley Atwell is the best. I hear the show is moving to LA next season, but I hope they keep most of the cast, especially the dude who plays Jarvis.

Game of Thrones - This is the first weak season, but it goes to show that GoT has been a step ahead of everything else out there, because I am still watching it the first thing every Sunday. The Wall used to be the weakest storyline, and now its the best. Crazy amount of storyline depth on this show, like a stacked hockey team.

Vice - I thought Season 2 kinda sucked, but this year has been better than ever. Glad they brought on more female corespondents. Funny how that Thomas Morton guy went from being the biggest punchline, to the dude who probably brings the best stories to light. I'm also happy to hear that they're gonna have even more HBO programming and eventually their own channel, though I really hope they don't fill it up with all the shitty hipster fluff pieces on the Vice website.




Parks and Recreation - May have had its best season ever, and had one of the best finales of all time. Looking back on it, the whole last season was pretty sappy, but it's impossible to not love all the characters on it. "Leslie and Ron" is definitely in the running for best episode in the show's history, simply because its the culmination of all the conflict Ron and Leslie had over the years.

Inside Amy Schumer - "12 Angry Men Inside Amy Schumer". I think this episode wins the "Dumb Starbucks" memorial "One of the best episodes of TV from a show I don't totally love" award. The show itself has stepped up its quality big time, where I don't think its just Amy saying dirty jokes over and over again. She's got legit cultural commentary now (in a way that something like Key and Peele can't come close to) and this episode exemplifies it. Go watch it ASAP if you haven't.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - Loved this first season to death. It just got better as it went along. It's still amazing that a show with such a dark premise could be so freaking hilarious and optimistic. Ellie Kemper should be the front runner for Best Comedic Actress this year. She probably has the widest acting/comedic range of anyone on TV now. Yeah there were some misfires -- like making Jenna Maroney a Native American for some reason, or for having characters disappear for long stretches at a time -- but it was probably the most quotable show this year. It also got everyone mad at themselves for burning through the show so fast. The wait for new episodes already sucks. Finally, I hope they find ways to bring Richard Wayne Gary Wayne back every now and then, dude was the best guest casting decision of the year.

New Girl - The first half of the season was better, but I loved how the show said fuck it and just had a bunch of top notch screwaround episodes, Happy Endings style. The finale was one of the best episodes of TV this year too. I'm bummed that Coach is leaving, but Damon Wayans Jr. was always too good for the show and didn't really gel that well with everyone. I am excited about how New Girl won't have Jess for the first couple of episodes due to Zooey Deschanel's pregnancy, since I'm pretty sure everyone agrees she's the lamest part of the show.

Broad City - And of course this makes the list. 2015 is already looking like the year of Female Comedy, and I think this show is responsible for making it "cool" for dudes to dig chick shows now. "Knockoffs" is one of the best episodes of the year for the pegging plot twist.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - Definitely passed The Daily Show as the best satirical news show on TV right now. And its ridiculous how much this show has generated real change and action with the stuff it highlights. That Edward Snowden episode was huge.


Pretty Good



Agents of SHIELD - Show got instantly better once Adrienne Palacki joined (she should be the real lead on the show), while Kyle MacLachlan brought the perfect amount of goofy craziness this season. But yeah, it stepped up in quality once they went full Superhero and brought in the Inhumans. It makes next season more promising now.

Justified - I kinda fell out of love with the show. I thought this season was boring because the bad guys sucked. The finale was really really good, but also super anti-climactic. I never cared about Ava that much because she always seemed to make the bad decision, and then they decided to dedicate the whole last season to her. Meh, I'm glad I just watched the last 8 episodes in a row on my DVR a couple weeks back. 

The Walking Dead - I stopped caring about the show right when it got as good as its ever been. Pretty good storyline this season, since the group itself was more of a danger to Alexandria than the Walkers. They eventually flipped that on its head in the finale, but whatevs. I have no idea if I should be excited about the spinoff happening this summer, although having Kim Dickens and Cliff Curtis as the leads is legit.




Silicon Valley - I think I liked the first season more so far, but its got time to enter the Great tier soon.

Veep - Started off really strong, but got kinda meh the last few weeks. 

Key and Peele - Each season has gotten better and better

Archer - Good season, Archer as a dad was pretty funny. I think I appreciate the show more now that there are re-runs on Comedy Central all the time now.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Some new classic episodes, especially the Birdman-esque "Charlie Work" and the show changing "The Gang Misses the Boat." 

Workaholics - Found its groove again. I thought it sucked the last few years, but this season was pretty strong, or at least it was for the first half of it. The Ben Stiller episode was the best.

The Last Man on Earth - Probably the most inconsistent show on. At times it could be legitimately great TV; at others it was frustrating as all hell. The need to find a medium between treating Phil like a scumbag and making everyone else look like assholes for being so hard on him. Can't make everyone so unlikable forever.





Orphan Black - I watched the first episode and liked it, but I just don't have any urge to keep watching. The male clones are whatevs.




Community - I hear its getting better, but I still think the move to Yahoo has been a failure because Yahoo Screen sucks and too many cast members have left.

Weird Loners - I kinda don't want them to cancel this show, it has potential. Not that great yet though.
Brookyln Nine-Nine - I know alot of you guys love this show, but I still think its weaksauce and the style was done way better on Parks and Rec and The Office. I haven't watched the last 2 episodes yet, sorry.

Ground Floor - I watched this entire show simply because I thought Briga Heelan was the hottest chick on TV now. Not anymore, because it got cancelled ha.








Don't really watch any shit dramas. I know stuff like Gotham sucks, so I just avoid it. I might watch House of Cards season 3, but I'm not gonna promise I will.




The Kroll Show - Thank god this shit ended.

The Minority Report with Larry Wilmore - Holy hell is this a trainwreck. Larry Wilmore forces everything and the panels are always, always bad. They try to go in depth into things kinda like John Oliver, but they always fall back on the same lame jokes or liberal talking points. I always get mad at myself for leaving the channel on Comedy Central after the Daily Show ends, so I'm always watching it by accident too.


Excited for: 


The Knick, Review, Drunk History, Nathan for You, Fargo, True Detective, The Brink, Orange is the New Black, maybe that Players show with the Rock


Vow to Catch Up On:


Hannibal and The Flash

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Anyone watch Rectify? That's starting up in a couple of weeks also. I'm almost done with s1. Really really good stuff.


watched the 1st season in one day...and hated myself for it.

Way too slow and 'meditative' for me.

I guess it can be 'beautiful'...but I gave up on it and couldn't take it after the 1st. 

I know the critics love it and swear it's one of the better shows, that it gets better after season 1. But meh.

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Surprised so many people love Daredevil... one of my buddies really raved about it to me, so I watched like 4 episodes before I gave up...


Wasn't bad but I just reaaalllly didn't like the second lawyer, the blonde/sarcastic guy, I hated his character and he played such a significant role that I just had to give up on the show. Plus, after having just broken my leg only two weeks prior, all the bone breaking Daredevil did would trip me out...

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Surprised so many people love Daredevil... one of my buddies really raved about it to me, so I watched like 4 episodes before I gave up...


Wasn't bad but I just reaaalllly didn't like the second lawyer, the blonde/sarcastic guy, I hated his character and he played such a significant role that I just had to give up on the show. Plus, after having just broken my leg only two weeks prior, all the bone breaking Daredevil did would trip me out...


he's not good...but...he's fucking Fulton from Mighty Ducks. I'm a Bash Brother for life and I won't give up on him.

Sorry that you needed more from this show






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Yeah, I just hate that guy, he really takes away from the show for me. Otherwise, I liked the show, but that guy just pissed me off. I couldn't handle it. Unreasonable I know, but it is what it is.

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Yeah, I just hate that guy, he really takes away from the show for me. Otherwise, I liked the show, but that guy just pissed me off. I couldn't handle it. Unreasonable I know, but it is what it is.


He was the weakest part of the show for me too, but I'd say give the show another shot.  I find him to be a bit more tolerable as the show progresses, he doesn't really play a big part in the overall scheme of things and the later stories he is involved in do become a bit more serious. 


You're really missing out on some good episodes if you give up on episode 4.  The show really builds up to an pretty awesome season overall. 

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Agree with Atila. Worst character and the pretty girl wasn't that much better. Those actors aren't ready for a big time show.

I got really bored the last few episodes. Just wanted him to put on the suit and end the season.

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hey, he was also in 'Idle Hands'


I can't believe Jessica Alba is officially a billionaire. I loved her from this movie and only watched 'Dark Angel' because she was so ridiculously hot

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Matt Soler Zeitz's best TV of 2015

-fuck 'the Leftovers': I get having "International Assassin" as a top 10 episode (was #5) but the episode "No Room at the Inn" being #1 when NOBODY likes that fucking character ARE YOU SHITTING ME?!?!?!

Still need to see:
Bojack Horseman; Broad City; Catastrophe; Inside Amy Schumer; the Knick; the League; Man in High Castle; Master of None (2 episodes in); Rick and Morty; Strike Back; Togetherness

I am lazy...there's no excuse why I haven't watched 'Rick and Morty' or 'Strike Back', which I love. Just been busy.

Saw, liked a lot, but just don't watch enough
Black-Ish; Fresh off the boat

F is For Family; Luther

1) Fargo -2 episodes left; may suffer from recency bias....but it's fucking amazing each week
2) Hannibal-bummer it ended; it's amazing and the most well-shot/looking nightmare of a TV each week
3) Banshee -most fun/best action. It's basically THE best and most fun action movie of the year each week full stop. I enjoy it more than 'Strike Back'
4) Game of Thrones -critics leave this off their top 10 lists and I don't get it. It's appointment TV, epic, and enjoyable/stunning to watch as any TV; no real bad characters either
5) Mr Robot
6) Justified
7) the Americans -better than 'Justified' but I enjoy 'Justified' far more
8) Mad Men
9) Daredevil/Jessica Jones -enjoyable but definitely could have axed some episodes
10) Shameless -hated this show at first, but it's been good
11) Better Call Saul-gets better once you reach the Mike episode
12) Show Me a Hero

1) Parks and Recreation
2) Veep
3) Review
4) Last Week Tonight  
5) Nathan for You
6) Silicon Valley
7) You're the Worst

True Detective s2

Surprise miniseries watch: don't know where to put this
the Jinx -holy shit

the Affair; Gotham; Penny Dreadful; Walking Dead
Last Man on Earth
Most Pleasant fucking Surprise
Bokeem Woodbine (Fargo)

Don't think it was for me
Transparent; Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Still watch, kind of enjoy...even if I should give up since I only find it OK
Arrow; Brooklyn 99; Empire; the Flash; Scandal

I weeped like a baby during one episode of 'the Flash'

Game of Thrones-'Hardhome'
the biggest holy shit moment. I have yet to read books 4-5, so I need to get caught up. But it sounds like book readers were shocked too.

Fargo-'Loplop'; 'Rhinocerous'
I can't get over how good this show is. All the characters are great. Just pure fun and great setting.

it could alternate as a series finale even if it wasn't, really. Amazing finish.

their 'Assault on Precinct 13'. I can't understate this enough: this show, each week, is genuinely the most fun action movie of the year

Justified-'the Promise' (series finale)
"we dug coal together". Elmore Leonard would have been damn proud.

Better Call Saul-'Five-0'   
Mike's "I broke my boy"; I was on the fence with the show...then this episode happens.

Parks and Recreation- SERIES FINALE; 'Leslie and Ron'


Jessica Jones-'AKA WWJD?' -series peaks with episodes 8-9

SNL 40th Anniversary
bloated mess, but a genuine event

the Jinx-episode 6: 'What the hell did I do?'
strange fucking guy peaks with the moment in the bathroom where he forgets the mic is still on. 

the Last Man on Earth-'Alive in Tucson' (pilot)

Last Week Tonight -Edward Snowden interview

Silicon Valley-'Two Days of the Condor'

the Americans -'Do Mail Robots Dream of Electric Sheep?'

Mad Men-'Time and Life'


the Flash-'Fast Enough' (season finale)
I wept like a fucking baby during this episode.

the Leftovers-"International Assasin"
weird episode in a purgatory-esque world...other than that, this show is fucking awful, divisive, and probably the most overrated show that critics actually like.

Most underrated show
nobody watches Cinemax shows, but they do good work (the Knick; Strike Back). This is HBO's offshoot network's best and most fun show.

Most overrated show that only critics watch
-'the Leftovers' -has an HBO quality to it...but it's poorly written/developed with unlikable characters/no one to root for, shit motivations
-'Rectify;' -too slow moving
Most overrated show that fans like
-'House of Cards' -there's no real good characters really, a slog to watch
-'Walking Dead'

Best fight scene

yeah, wasn't going to be anybody else but 'Banshee'

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Fargo is my favorite show this year.  So many great episodes and solid performances by the whole cast.  The showrunner (I'm forgetting his name) is going to be creating a TV show out of the Vonnegut book "Cat's Cradle."  I have no idea how he's going to pull that one off, but after these 2 seasons of Fargo just getting progressively better, I hope they nail that one.


I thought the Leftovers S2 was fantastic overall.  So much better than S1 (which I still liked).  It seems like a pretty divisive show, most critics either love it or hate it, haven't seen many people in between it.  It wasn't perfect, my main issues with it were some of the characters are still really unlikeable (Lori, the son, and Nora-who didn't do much besides run around from character to character).  Still, I always enjoyed picking out the various biblical and literary themes and motif's used throughout the show.  Lots of fun twists and big emotional scenes, the one thing that Lindelof can still nail since "Lost" are those super dramatic emotional gut-punches.  And I can totally understand how people can dislike a lot of his stuff, but even though some of it can be overly schmaltzy sometimes, I love the uniqueness of this show's voice and the whole feel of the show's world. 


I just finished "Man in the High Castle" this week.  Mixed feelings for me; I loved the pilot, but the weakest part of the show are the 3 main lead characters:  Juliana, Frank, and Joe.  Juliana and Joe are my least favorite characters in the show, both actors are questionable in so many episodes and the writing for them also leads to some pretty weak characterizations.  No spoilers, but it basically amounts to the motivation of "I MUST FIND OUT THE TRUTH!" to every bone-headed decision they make.  Frank is a little better, but the whole "I SHOULD BE AN ARTIST!" thing gets old quick.

But the side characters are so goddamn awesome in this show, the whole Japanese cast is great, Shang-Tsung fucking kills it in this show, as does the evil Japanese Kempetai agent.  And Obengrupenfurher (?) Smith is played brilliantly. 

The show also gets a lot better about halfway through.  The pilot is really good, but it grinds to a halt in a lot of places during the next couple episodes.  There are some interesting twists and turns, but it pace really intensifies around episode 5 or 6. 

I feel like there is the possibility of something great within the bones of this show, the world is incredibly detailed and interesting.  The alternate history is really fascinating to me, but the show often seems to use the uniqueness of the world to carry the story in the beginning.  They just need to sharpen the dialogue and really spread the focus out a bit from the weaker main characters and really explore the more interesting side characters. 


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Ones from those top 10 lists that would make mine:

Master of None and BoJack Horseman


Otherwise I'd probably include Mr. Robot, Silicon Valley, Black Sails, Daredevil, The Jinx, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Vikings, and The Brink.  It is tough for me to rank them though.


Honorable mention to Narcos and Man In The High Castle (which I still want to finish).


I really want to start Fargo, only got two episodes into season 1 and fell off.  Might go back to watch Better Call Saul.  I'm a few episodes in on Jessica Jones.  Also in the middle of Arrow but that seems to get pushed down the list every time I start something else.

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Adam Riff's Clips of the Year

they have a 'Clip of the Week' for each year: each Sunday, they do the best coverage in the best-of the week in TV IMO.

Netflix's 'Making of a Murderer' series is 10 episodes and just got released
I'm 3 episodes in and it's fucking insane and a must-watch. That's rightfully getting a lot of buzz. 
It's up there with HBO's 'the Jinx' and the footage is pretty great/unreal.

F is for Family is just OK, not great or something I would recommend. It's only 6 episodes, so it's manageable. I think it could be better.
Like Alan Sepinwall said, the opening title song is great and the best thing about the show.

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